How it all began with the BBC search..

How it all began with the BBC search..

This is how it all stared with the five horniest women I have ever met..

This girl Marie who was my fuck buddy introduced me the her friend the preachers wife, Pam.. From there I met Marie's friend Julie who had a serious marital problem because of he husband's 16" cock which hurt really bad ever time that tried to have sex.. As a result she had never had an orgasm during sex which left her very frustrated..

Then I met two of Pam's son's classmates who it turned out was as horny as Pam an Marie..

When I was about 25 or 26 I fooled around with a 20 year old wife while her hubby was working.. she told me that a friend of hers who lived down the street who was a preachers wife wanted to meet me when her hubby went to seminary for two weeks, He has to go every year for a refresher course and is normally in the summer during spring break. He always takes their son to summer camp for those two weeks so she's home alone and very horny. Hell I was always horny lol so I took her up on it just to see if it was worth it, It was, She was a gorgeous mid thirties and horny was an understatement.

My friend Marie had already told me she was doing her sons classmates so I ask her if it was true which she said it was.. Her son was 18 and so was his friends.. She said it all happened by accident the previous year the Monday after her husband and son left for the two weeks. She said she was sitting on the patio about 9am having a glass of wine when two of the boys came into the back yard which was normal, They always came over to play video games with her son but forgot he was at camp..

This time it was a bit awkward because she was still in her sheer baby-doll PJ's. They apologized but she said it was ok an ask if they would like a soft drink or some juice which they accepted. she said that with the naughtiness of it all she was getting a tingle so she made an effort to walk back sexually.

One of the boys made a comment about how hot she looked. After a bit of small talk on of the boys got bold enough to ask her if her boobs were fake which she assured them they were real. Then he ask if he could touch one to see. She thought a min then said if you touch me I get to touch you, Fair? She said their hands were shaking like a leaf when they put them on her breast and it kinda made he quiver also.. Then she got bold and ask if they would like to touch them without her top on. Of course they said yes so she pulled her top off and they went nuts.

After a bit of fondling she said OK it's my turn, Drop your shorts, Which they did and of course they were both sporting respectable hardon's She took each of them in her hands and stroked gently. One of them cum almost immediately. The other needed more coaxing. They began to kiss her nipples, After a couple min of this she said ok you kissed mine so I get to kiss you and dropped to her knees and took the second boy in her mouth, That's all it took he filled he mouth full.. She then took the first boy into her mouth and he lasted longer this time but soon enough he too gave her a huge load..

Now it was game on, no turning back. She took them into the house and fucked both of them for what seemed hours. each of them cuming 5 times including the bj and hj.. She said she lost count on how many times she came but it was surely a record for her. she prepared lunch for them and gave each a bj sendoff..

Next morning bright and early the doorbell rang and it was the boys, This time they brought their friends, three more of them.. She said there was no pretense today because she knew what they came for so she simply invited them in and dropped to her knees giving each a fabliaus bj, To her surprise one of the boys (Bobby) had a huge cock, At least 10" and fat as her wrist. She said she fell in love with that cock the first time he fucked her, Bo that that cock never got soft..

Later she prepared lunch for them and after started all over again.. She said mid afternoon she was doing this one boy reverse cowgirl for about fifteen min when another started rushing him because he was ready again, She told him there was room for one more so hop on. She had her first double vaginal but definitely not her last.. By the end of the day she had fucked each of them four times before they left..

About 6pm the doorbell rang and it was Bobby. He fucked her for two solid hours and left for home with a hard on..

By this time she was really sore but said that she would gladly spread for him again if he was there.

For the next two weeks there was at least one horny boy at my door every morning and most of the time more than one but never all five again.. Even during school days they kept me busy they just couldn't stay as long..

This year Marie has been coming over for a couple hours and we both fuck them silly. She can't stay long because her hubby is home babysitting. Since her hubby works nights Bobby has been going over to her place a couple nights a week.. Between the two of us he stays pretty busy.. LOL

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