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The Abduction Part 1_(0)

The Abduction Part 1 Chapter 1 Sandra’s long red hair blew in the wind as her small white convertible barreled down the deserted highway. She was particularly happy with her weekend getaway, driving her convertible to Las Vegas for the weekend telling her fiancé that she was having a girl’s weekend. In reality, she was prowling the bars for young guys. She caught more than one. She did this now and then as a way to prove to herself that she has still had “it”. Sandra was beautiful. She had just turned thirty, she had silky porcelain skin was blessed with...


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Incestuous Intentions part 1

This is based on a try story, it has been altered a little and names and locations have been changed. Also I realize my spelling and grammar isn't perfect, but if you notice something major I need to fix then please let me know. Enjoy! I lost my virginity when I was ten years old. My step brother Devin showed me a new “game” while our parents were away. We were young and didn’t fully understand what we were doing. As you can imagine for the next five or so years there was an awkwardness between us. We never spoke of...


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After the gym

Sweaty After I finished class for the day, I went to the campus gym. Normally I hate working out but I’ve managed to find some extra motivation lately. I did my normal routine, spending thirty minutes on the treadmill before moving onto one of the resistance machines to work my legs. Nothing too strenuous but I worked up a nice sweat. In fact, working up a sweat was the main reason I was there. When the work out was over, I sent a text, then stretched a bit. I smiled when I got the answer then left the gym. I grabbed...


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Meg’s Second Business - Pt1

I’m Meg… I’m married to Paul, we’ve have been enjoying our Lifestyle for a couple of years now. Recently I decided I needed more than being a at home mom. I felt I was getting ‘stale’. After initially striking out on my job search, and getting no place, I asked Ed for advice. Two weeks later, Ed offers me an account executive position, working directly for him. I worked my butt off, learning the ropes and taking on more and more responsibility. My reward was a being assigned to manage a new account, a small company, employee wise, but financially, it’s...


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Running Into Taylor Again at The Park

It had been several month since Taylor and I happened to be drawn together, and as time went by, I ended up seeing my old girlfriend. I was trying to put the experience behind me, but whenever I had sex, I always seemed to end up thinking about Taylor. I was obsessed with her, to the point where I would drive by her house, desperately hoping I might run into her. I had started to realize I’d never see her again, but I continued to take my dog for walks around the lake everyday, sometimes even twice. Again, I never expected...


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Last one to know, Chapter Five_(0)

LAST TO KNOW, CHAPTER FIVE I thought I was dreaming. My cock was hard and something was griping then releasing it. I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was not dreaming. My hard cock was still wedged in the cheeks of Beth’s ass and she squeezing them together then relaxing them. I moved a little and Beth giggled. Mom ask “what are you two kids up to”? I snickered and told her Beth was teasing me. Beth told Mom it was not her fault, I had my hard cock wedged in the cheeks of her ass. I heard Tammy laugh...


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Cabin Break-In

People often had the wrong impression of Ted because of his height. His ancestors came from Norway and he was 6’-4” tall and was very muscular from hours spent in the gym, so many people thought he was not that intelligent. His father was actually a well-known scientist and patented several inventions that resulted in very profitable products. After Ted’s parents passed away, he inherited their sizable estate, and after completing several degrees, he had the ability to indulge his passion, which was writing books. He wrote mainly about technical and historical subjects, but also wrote a few romance novels under...


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Dawn's enslavement.

This is my first attempt to write erotic stories so feedback would be welcome. Let me know if you want to here more of this story. Prologue: I opened my own law firm about a year ago. Two months ago I had more work than I could handle so I hired Dawn she was a law student and she seemed to be working out well. Dawn was young and beautiful! She has 34D tits, long platinum blond hair, she stands about 5 foot nothing and weighs about 120lbs with an ass to die for, and if that wasn’t enough she has...


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First BBC

It started on craigslist, as most of my sexual adventures have. I had posted an add looking for someone to treat me like the slut I wanted to be. There were a few responses, but only one really stood out to me. He was a 43 year old man with a picture of a nice thick black cock. My mouth was watering as I responded. Being he was downtown and i was a couple miles away, we agreed to walk towards each other and meet up. I was so excited the entire time, I couldn't stop messaging him. Asking me what...


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