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The Beginning Of A Great Summer Part 4

* We last left off with Jeff and Mike going into the house for some fun. This is a shorter story but I am not sure if im going to continue it. Maybe if I get some ideas on how to continue it comment with ideas!* I was walking up the stairs when my cock started to swell. I was so hard thinking about pounding my cousins manly hairy hole. He was pretty mature for 14. I walked to his room and entered when I saw him spread out across the bed. His hairy legs were such a turn on for...


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After the gym

Sweaty After I finished class for the day, I went to the campus gym. Normally I hate working out but I’ve managed to find some extra motivation lately. I did my normal routine, spending thirty minutes on the treadmill before moving onto one of the resistance machines to work my legs. Nothing too strenuous but I worked up a nice sweat. In fact, working up a sweat was the main reason I was there. When the work out was over, I sent a text, then stretched a bit. I smiled when I got the answer then left the gym. I grabbed...


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Meg’s Second Business - Pt1

I’m Meg… I’m married to Paul, we’ve have been enjoying our Lifestyle for a couple of years now. Recently I decided I needed more than being a at home mom. I felt I was getting ‘stale’. After initially striking out on my job search, and getting no place, I asked Ed for advice. Two weeks later, Ed offers me an account executive position, working directly for him. I worked my butt off, learning the ropes and taking on more and more responsibility. My reward was a being assigned to manage a new account, a small company, employee wise, but financially, it’s...


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Naruto: Lost in the Forest of Lust chapter 7

Naruto was shocked when he saw what was in the basement of the Tower. I mean, who would expect a sex dungeon? But then again, he never expected to have sex with several people and some of them he didn’t even know! Hinata, who was right behind him, noticed there was something new since she was last here a few hours ago. In the middle of the room was a large heart shaped bed that could easily hold several people. She hoped that Anko wasn’t bringing in more people. “Sorry I’m late,” came Anko’s voice from behind them. The two genins...


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Last one to know, Chapter Five_(0)

LAST TO KNOW, CHAPTER FIVE I thought I was dreaming. My cock was hard and something was griping then releasing it. I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was not dreaming. My hard cock was still wedged in the cheeks of Beth’s ass and she squeezing them together then relaxing them. I moved a little and Beth giggled. Mom ask “what are you two kids up to”? I snickered and told her Beth was teasing me. Beth told Mom it was not her fault, I had my hard cock wedged in the cheeks of her ass. I heard Tammy laugh...


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Cabin Break-In

People often had the wrong impression of Ted because of his height. His ancestors came from Norway and he was 6’-4” tall and was very muscular from hours spent in the gym, so many people thought he was not that intelligent. His father was actually a well-known scientist and patented several inventions that resulted in very profitable products. After Ted’s parents passed away, he inherited their sizable estate, and after completing several degrees, he had the ability to indulge his passion, which was writing books. He wrote mainly about technical and historical subjects, but also wrote a few romance novels under...


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The videotape

This is a hard one to admit even though I can do it anonymously. This happened a few years ago and it took some time to understand all that happened and how I felt about it. Here goes: My wife Niki and I were in the habit of walking around our neighborhood in the early evenings after work. We would usually stick to one of 3 routes. We would keep track of the appearances and disappearances of for-sale signs in the neighborhood, especially ones within 3 or 4 blocks of our house. We had noticed a house about 4 blocks away...


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Bayonetta's Abuse - Chapter 08 - Lurid Revelations

James' eyes opened for the first time in what felt like days, his pupils slowly adjusting to the light. He began to take in his dismal surroundings and immediately his memories flooded back. His kidnapping, the battle with Jeanne, and being hauled away by the mysterious colleagues of his lover and dominatrix, Bayonetta. He examined the small room from the top bunk of a prison bed and found his dark seductress sleeping soundly in the bottom bunk below. It was mostly quiet in the cage of cement and steel, though the chatter of other prisoners and the clang of metal doors...


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Upsetting the apple cart Part 5

Steve drove home and collapsed on his large leather sofa. He was absolutely knackered, his cock and balls aching from all the amazing fucking he'd done. He had known he would get to fuck Jane's mum without her putting up more than a token resistance, she was so sexually frustrated he could smell her cunt as soon as she opened the front door. She was desperate to be fucked good and hard, even if she couldn't admit it to herself. It was hard to believe she had got to thirty nine years of age without anyone pressing the right sexual buttons...


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