First swing poker game

First swing poker game

About two weeks after that hike we were invited over to Jim and Marilee's house for a BBQ and to play card that evening, I brought a bottle of Southern Comfort for the girls and a bottle of Tequila for Jim and me. We spent about two hours playing Spades and drinking . We were all getting a little wasted drinking shooters with Jim and I and the girls were drinking Southern Comfort and Squirt, I was bartenting. Jim and I ran out of Tequila and took a break from the cards and ran up to the Liquor store for another bottle. On the way I suggested to Jim that we could try swapping wives if he was ok with it. He said sure but I don't know if the girls will go for it. we decided that when we playing cards again I would try playing with Marilee undder the table while he did the same with Connie and we would be able to see it take it further and see how they reacted. If they didn't complain then we could take it further. Jim thought that was a good idea and wanted to try it.

I mixed the girls another drink and we sat back down at the dining room table for anothe round of spades. As we played I let my knee move over and rest against Marilee's knee. She didn't react for a while so I kind of rubbed my knee up and down against hers. She reacted to that in a hurry and slid down in her chair and spread her legs so I could get higher. I got hard imediately and rubbed up and down inside her thighs. She just looked at me and smiled. I looked over and saw that Connie was sitting as close to Jim as the table would allow, Jim had his hand under the table and Connie looked like she was getting hot. I dropped a card and when I bent down to get it I reached up inside Marilee's knees and slid my hand all the way up to her pussy, she was soaking wet andd she just moved a little up and down on my hand. I looked toward the other end of the table and saw that Jim had his hand in the middle of Connie's thigh and she was turning towards him trying to get it higher. I suggested that we play a new game kind of like poker but I would deal the girls 5 cards and then deal Jim and me 5 cards we would play it like 5 card stud. Then the high had girl goes with the hight card guy and "make out" for a set amount of time. The girls said it sounded like fun.

Both girls wanted to go to the bathroom to "freshen up" leaving Jim and I at the table waiting. While we waited I stacked the deck giving Jim and Connie winning hands and Marilee and me losing hands. The way the amount of time for play was determined by drawing a card. Number cards indicated that play would last the number of minutes equal to the number on the card. Jacks, Queens and Kings were all 15 minutes and Aces were 20 minutes.

The girls came back and asked me to mix another drink for them before starting the game. I mixed a couple of fairly strong drinks for them and then acted like I was shuffling the cards while the drank them. I dealt out the cards Connie got her cards first then Jim and them Marilee and me. As the cards were shown Connie had a pair of 10s and a pair of 4s Jim hat three jacks and Marilee had a pair of 2s. I had only a king high hand with no pairs.

The table got a little quiet as the girls gave thought about what was happening, and asked how we would start it.. I shuffled the deck again and had Connie draw a time card and she drew a King. She looked at me and asked what the limits of Play were and I told her " no limits" the girls could let it go as far as they wanted but if they said stop it ended there.

Connie was a little reluctant getting up to go to the other room and Jim got up to help her and she was still a little slow getting up. He reached under her arms and grasping each breast helped her up...she didn't resist. Connie and Jim went in to the dark living room for their make out session and Marilee and I stayed in the dining room. As soon as Connie and Jim were out of the room Marilee came over to me and started kissing me and reaching down to stroke my hard cock thru my pants. I returned the favor by rubbing her pussy thru her pants...we did that for about 5 minutes and she took me by the hand and led me thru the dark living room to a bedroom. As we move quietly thru the livingroom we could hear Jim was already fucking Connie and her moans and she kept saying "oh oh fuck me" over and over. When we got to the bedroom Marilee started striping and I did the same to her, As soon as we were both naked Marilee laid back on the bed said "please I need you to fuck me" I reached down and rubbed her pussy and found it soaking wet, I went down and started kissing and licking all that sweet juice . She started doing a lot of "OMG"s and making little whimpering noises I did that for little bit but I needed to get my cock in her. I slid up and she grabbed my cock and started rubbing it against her pussy and then guided it into her smoking hot tight pussy. We fucked like wild things and both of us came pretty fast. Marilee went down and started sucking my cock and licking my balls. As we recovered we could hear Jim and Connie in the other room talking and then Connie started making her sex sounds a Jim started fucking her again...Marilee and I went into the living room with them and laid next to them on the floor she and I did 69 for starters and found that we needed to fuck again. We laid next to my fucking her husband while I fucked her. We had orgasms that were unbelievable and we fucked all night until the sun came up.

When it came time for Connie and I to go home we hugged and kiss Jim and Marilee good bye and set up a card game for the following weekend.

We met often after that night until Jim got transferred out of state for his job.

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