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Karen and Michelle_(1)

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 10 By Redlegtiger Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave. Chapter 10, Karen’s Home Town Humiliation Continues at Keplar’s Meats Karen’s mind was reeling from all that happened as she left Marta’s and walked down half a block and across the street to Keplar’s Meats. As she walked, tears...


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Dawn's enslavement.

This is my first attempt to write erotic stories so feedback would be welcome. Let me know if you want to here more of this story. Prologue: I opened my own law firm about a year ago. Two months ago I had more work than I could handle so I hired Dawn she was a law student and she seemed to be working out well. Dawn was young and beautiful! She has 34D tits, long platinum blond hair, she stands about 5 foot nothing and weighs about 120lbs with an ass to die for, and if that wasn’t enough she has...


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Ghost story for halloween

P_l_e_a_s_e _ d_o_n_'_t _ s_h_u_t _ m_e _ o_f__f_. I_'_m _ n_o_t _ a _ v_i_r_u_s_. _ I_'_m _ a _ g_h_o_s_t_. L_o_o_k _ a_t _ t_h_e _ k_e_y_b_o_a_r_d_. _ _ T_h_e _ k_e_y_s _ a_r_e _ m_o_v_i_n_g_. C_o_u_l_d _ a _ c_o_m_p_u_t_e_r _ v_i_r_u_s _ m_o_v_e _ t_h_e _ k_e_y_s _ o_n _ y_o_u_r _ k_e_y_b_o_a_r_d_?_ Good, you believe me. That makes things a lot easier. And, no, you don't have to type, I can hear your thoughts. That would be a dog. As I said, I am a ghost. I know that, for the past several weeks, you have...


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Is it so wrong

Is it so wrong? …Kitty asked herself. Is it so wrong that I want to be surprised in the middle of my routine and raped? She blushed, feeling ashamed to want forced sex from a stranger. The blush got deeper when she wondered out load, “hmm, from a stranger, or… strangers.” Her throat betrayed her with an involuntary chuckle. She wanted to open her front door when she was home alone and be surprised and thrown back into the house and fucked, mercilessly fucked. Sometimes she walked around naked on the first floor of the house; the front door window had...


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Dance With A Concubine Part One

There was a time when magic and witches were of the norm, when enigmas of the mystical terrorized the earth. I once regarded them as fables, tales to be told to rock children to sleep, however as it turns out it was far from it. My story begins on a day like any other; I woke up to the sound of my phone alarm screaming away the words to my favorite song, ‘Feeding the undead’ by Bloodbath. I am a metal head, go figure. I hit the snooze button and dozed off for like 15 minutes before I realized I was...


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A very Non PC Delivery

I have always enjoyed the charms of an older woman, but meeting Michelle changed my mind about younger girls. She was 22 about 5’2 barefoot, about a size 12(uk) long dark hair and dark brown eyes. She wore baggy clothes and glasses, to be honest not a girl you would pay much attention to if you saw her on the street. i was working for a large computer shop at the time, spending my days off milf hunting! i was 35 and the only women i was interested in were late 40’s to late 50’s. there’s just something about an older...


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My Confession_(1)

This is my entry in the Calling All Writers - Chapter 6 challenge on the Sex Stories forum on (That's for those pricks who steal stories and post them elsewhere.) The theme of this challenge was to write a story about unrequited love, referencing the song All I Have to do is Dream, popularized by the Everly Brothers as a hit single released in April, 1958. There's a catch: writers who entered the challenge were to write from the point of view of the opposite sex. I'm a man, so I had to write as a female. PLEASE NOTE: This...


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Skull-fucking my Coworker_(1)

Let me just say that I am a married man. I have a lovely wife with one caveat - shortly after we were married I found out she was gang-banged by a few of her guy friends back in high-school. Let me assure as well that this didn't change the way I felt about her, only my commitment to staying monogamous. In other words, I get my fuck on when my wife ain't looking. I'll be brief, because this is a true story, and such stories are always brief. There was this slutty, Jewish girl at my work. I know she...


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Phsychological warfare

The voice came through the door. Aversion therapy is where you make someone stop an undesirable social behaviour by making them associate it with something negative... i knocked on the door interrupting. For example. David has just arrived late. talk amongst yourselves for a moment. there was a pause and she opened the door, stepping into the hallway. I looked her up and down. she was a very attractive woman. She was slim, but not skinny, and definitely not fat. Her body was well proportioned, with at least C cup tits, and a nice ass. She was maybe 5ft 6 to...


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Nineteen and Counting.

Nineteen and Counting. -------------- Her delicate left hand was travelling erratically over her own soap drenched body, while her right was applying flat, concentric, experienced motions over her puffy engorged pleasure center, radiating its exaggerated sensitivity to her whole submissive crouch, lower belly and upper thighs. The warm water of the little three bedroom house’s shower was amplifying the masturbation induced heat of the young 19 year old. Jessie had now lost control of the pace of her own breathing as she struggled to maintain the involuntary moans to a level barely audible and well camouflaged by the beating shower cascade...


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