Mandy loves to cook

Mandy loves to cook

Mandy and I have been married for about twenty-four years. She's a gorgeous 45 something-year-old brunette that is 5'6" 130 lbs. and has a perfect 34C - 24 - 35 figure. After the birth of our only child, Mandy put on about 25 pounds, but in all the right places, her amazing ass and an increased bust line. Considering our twenty-four years of marriage, our sexual activity has settled into somewhat of a once a week or so and most often consist of Mandy requesting, I perform oral sex before we do anything else. I have always enjoyed licking and sucking her tight little pussy and I gladly dive between her legs when I get a chance.

During Mandy’s time volunteering as a member of a cooking committee for her company’s sponsored employee organization, she often came home with an obvious air of having consumed an acholic beverage. When I commented about the apparent acholic beverage smell, she said all the members of the committee had a drink or two while they were preparing the dinner meal and no one ever over indulged. My wife said she always limited her participation in the pre-dinner cooking activity to a single Harvey Wallbangers. Alcohol has always lowered her inhibitions about sexual related comments and early on in our marriage seems to have allowed her to accept my suggestion to try oral sex. My wife is in her middle 40’s and is allowed to leave work after lunch time to travel to the company recreation retreat site to assist in the preparation of an evening meal. This is a company sponsored activity that consisted of a monthly meeting of all first line supervisory personnel.

Prior to one of the scheduled monthly supervisory meetings, Mandy’s car was having air-conditioning problems and had to be dropped off the day before at the car dealership for repair. With each of needing a car for transportation purposes, this created a major problem. I was under a deadline to complete a major systems project that reqruied me to be at my work site until 7 or 8 PM that evening and Mandy needed a vehicle to travel to the monthly dinner meeting site right after lunch time. Mandy said she would get a ride to the evening dinner meeting and back home that night with one of the committee cooking members. AS I dropped Mandy off at work that morning, Mandy said she might be late getting home because this was the annual election of officers meeting and the dinner meeting would probably be a long meeting. This would be fine with me because I had a major systems project that was going to require some late-night work.

Today had been part of a long week of a lot of late-night work trying to resolve several problems with a new mainframe computer system that my team was installing and we were running at least 15 days behind schedule. After what appeared to be a successful test run of the new software around 8PM that evening, I stopped off at the local quick shop and purchased a six pack of Bud Light and headed home. As I stumbled in the carport door, I kicked off my shoes and opened the first cold Bud, I switched on the TV just in time to catch the beginning of the third quarter of a Dallas/New York Thursday Night game. Celebrating a Dallas come back, one Bud followed anther Bud until the six pack was gone and I fell asleep on the couch.

I don’t know how long I’d been asleep, but it could not have been too long. I was awakened by the sound of the carport door being closed and as tired as I was, I didn’t even open my eyes or move my tired body. We have two couches in our great room that face each other with a coffee table in between. I slowly partially opened one eye just a little and to my surprises there sat the head cook of the cooking committee, Bobby. Bobby was a family friend, who was in his early 60’s, and was the Alpha male of the cooking committee group. The football game was over, and the TV was loudly playing some war movie. Mandy came in the great room with two drinks, handed Bobby one drink, and sat down on the couch next to Bobby. I continued to be stretched out on the other couch, and slowly closed my eye wishing he would hurry up and leave so I could go to bed. Bobby and Mandy were talking softly as they shared several more drinks and I continued to pretend I was fast asleep.

They continued to ignore me and assume I was asleep. Bobby told Mandy how pretty he had always thought she was and how lucky that I was to have her in my bedroom. She slurred a thank you to him and commented something about the lack of activity in our bedroom as she gazed into his eyes. He put his right arm on top of the couch behind her. He continued moving closer to Mandy and complimenting her about her young sexy appearance. Mandy beamed like an infatuated schoolgirl and unknown to me she had always secretly admired Bobby’s good looks and his muscular body. He slowly dropped his hand to her shoulder, pulled her towards him and kissed her on the lips. Mandy hesitated for a second and then slowly returned Bobby’s kiss ever so lightly. She brought her hand up to his chest and slowly began to rub lightly over his muscular chest. Mandy pulled away for a moment looking over at me on the other couch.

Sensing her hesitation, Bobby said, “If he finished off that six pack of Bud, he is out for the night. I don’t think you have to be concerned about waking him up.”

I guess I should have stopped this before it started but I wanted to see what might happen next. My cock was beginning to get hard, and I wondered how far Mandy would go. Through silted eyes, I watched as his left hand drop to her legs while they continued to make out like she was his high school girlfriend. His left hand slowly began to fondle her exposed inner thighs. Mandy made no move to stop Bobby, and she slowly began to spread open her legs.

Bobby continued to slowly stroke upwards. Her dress was getting pushed up to where you should have been able to see her white panties. I could see she didn’t have any panties on and could only guess Mandy had anticipated the lack of panties might encourage Bobby to see how far Mandy would go. She parted her thighs slightly to accommodate his fingers and Bobby found her naked pussy. The alcohol was providing the excuse to allow Bobby to play with her pussy and possibly to allow Mandy to find out if all the rumors about Bobby’s “magnificent large cock” was true. Bobby smiled when he found Mandy wasn’t wearing any panties and realized just how wet her pussy was when his first finger slipped between her pussy lips.

After a second finger slid into her wet pussy, she moved her hand down to his and pushed it away panting, “We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m married and my husband is right over there….”

Instead replying to her comment, Bobby boldly brought his lips to hers and soon they were kissing passionately again. Closing her eyes, Mandy thrust her tongue into his mouth like a snake. Then Bobby did something that I thought took real balls with me “sleeping” just eight feet across the living room. He quietly unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge semi-hard cock. I thought when she sees this, this is going to be where she stops.

Mandy was so wound up kissing Bobby that she didn’t even notice that Bobby had taken the time to release his large semi-hard cock from his pants. He started again to stroke her inner thighs very gently. When she reached down to stop his advance up her legs, Bobby grasped her tiny hand and guided it to his semi-hard cock. When her hand contacted the hot flesh of his semi-hard cock, she pulled her hand away and stared at his large semi-hard cock. Suddenly the realization of what was in front of her brought a new wave of moisture pulsating in her pussy and replaced resistance with desire and awe. You could see by the look on her face that she had arrived at the moment of possibly enjoying the magnificent large cock that one of her girlfriends had heard a lady in the company restroom talking about.

“It’s amazing, I’ve never seen one that big,” Mandy whispered, “it is so big around and so long.”

“Stroke it a little and see how much bigger you can make it grow,” he whispered encouraging her to touch his semi-hard cock.

“Oh, I shouldn’t be doing this. You should really put it back in your pants,” Mandy replied as she continued to stare at his organ. There was no conviction in her voice.

“You make me so horny. You don’t know it, but I have admired your body and been wanting you for so many years and now is your chance to enjoy stroking a real, man-size cock,” he cajoled her. “Do you want to find out what at real cock feels like? Just touch it for a moment.”

“I really should stop now…” she panted. Her eyes were still glued to his cock as it slowly began to increase in size.

Bobby reached down, stroked his cock about twice causing large cock head to begin swelling up even larger.

“We don’t have to do anything…” he whispered, “Just feel it, I know you want to see what it is really like. I bet your tiny hand can’t reach all the way around it.”

“I don’t know…. What about him?” Mandy motioned to me on the couch.

“He’s out like a light. I don’t think he’ll wake up if we continue to remain quiet,” he told her, trying to be convincing. “Just slowly stroke my cock and see how big it will get. We really don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” he continued to persuade her.

“I really shouldn’t….” she stammered as if in a trance. Her willpower faded quickly as she gazed at his impressive and ever-growing cock.

For a few minutes Mandy continued to sit and stare at the ever-hardening cock trying to convince herself that she wanted to stop. I guess she was hoping that I wouldn’t wake up and see her with her hand on Bobby’s cock. She couldn’t keep her eyes off it. She had been drinking more than a few Harvey Walbangers and I’m sure that she was thinking about all the rumors her girlfriends had told her about Bobby’s skill with his large magnificent cock.

They say, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I saw her resistance fade totally away before my squinted eyes as she leaned against his chest and her small hand slowly began to get familiar with the “delightful magnificent cock of rumors”. She reached out and lightly caressed the flared head and it resulted with a jerk from his cock. She tentatively slid her hand slowly down his shaft and grasped it just below the huge head. Her hand looked tiny on his huge cock. Her fingers barely circled his cock halfway around. She slowly pulled the foreskin up and covered the head. She gasped and began to slowly pull the foreskin down from over the flared head.

“I have never seen one with a foreskin. Just how big will it get?” she whispered.

“Just keep stroking it and you will find out,” Bobby replied.

I didn’t think that it could get any bigger or harder but as she slowly continued to stroke his ever-expanding cock, but it kept on getting bigger and bigger. This time she didn’t resist when he ran his hand up her skirt to explore her exposed pussy as she stroked his cock. Her hairy snatch and engorged pussy lips were in full view as he fingered her. She kissed him again as he started to slowly tease her clit with his thumb, then a second finger joint the first finger buried in her moist pussy. Then Bobby added a third finger in hopes of stretching Mandy’s pussy enough to accommodate his cock now that it had reached the full ten-inch lenght.

Bobby was driving her wild with his three fingers inside of her and his thumb caressing her clit. She was on the brink of first orgasm when he backed off and removed his hand from her soaked snatch. He ended their kiss and commented how beautiful and moist her pussy was. He brought his fingers to his lips and licked them. He told her she tasted as good as she looked. He said that his cock needed some relief and wanted her to kiss his cock like she had been kissed him. I could see that his words were making her hot with lust and small her hand began to stroke his cock a little faster. I wondered if he was going to make her beg for it.

Mandy looked down at the large cock that she was slowly stroking. She laid her head on his chest as she began to stroke his large cock more enthusiastically. She had a look of amazement and lust on her pretty face as she stroked his huge cock. It had to be at least ten inches long or maybe longer. Not only was his cock long but it must have been at least three inches across. Mandy was clearly turned on by his large stiff cock and the fingers that had been buried in her dripping pussy.

He began to run his left-hand fingers through Mandy’s cascading brunette locks. Bobby quietly moaned over and over to let her know that she was stroking his cock just the right way. I didn’t realize it, but he was slowly, but gently pushing and encouraging her to move her face closer and closer to his huge cock. He was clearly excited about the prospect of Mandy wrapping her luscious full lips around his cock. Her head moved slowly, but surely downward toward the ever-growing hard cock as she continued stroking his cock. Her lips were only an inch away when a large drop of pre-cum oozed out of the cockhead slit. She quietly moaned and her tongue slowly slid from between her pink lips to silently lick away the drop of pre-cum.

Bobby knew it was now time to start slowly feeding Mandy some large hard cock. I don’t think that she cared what I thought because she never even looked over at me as I continued to pretend to be fast asleep. A lustful desire to taste Bobby’s amazingly huge cock had taken over and she had clearly lost all control. He gently clasped the back of her head and slowly forced her full lips onto the head of his throbbing cock. Her lips lingered as she licked the flared head and began to let saliva flow down the shaft of the throbbing cock. Mandy shook uncontrollably from an apparent orgasm created just from the taste of Bobby’s magnificent cock. Simply licking around the head of his large cock with the foreskin pulled back had given her a small but pleasant orgasm. My wife had her lips around the head of his cock, and I lay on a couch only eight feet away from them. I never thought that I’d be this excited to see my wife licking another man’s cock, and I found it very hard to control my breathing.

She licked her way down the shaft of his cock and caressed his hairy balls. She carefully pulled his balls to her lips and licked them all over bathing them in her saliva. She began to lick up and down his hard cock bathing it in her saliva like I had never seen her do before. She had never showed this level of excitement or lust with me at any time in our marriage. She continued to lick and suck at its entire length, bathing every inch with saliva and licking it off.

Slowly licking her way back to his flared cockhead, Mandy began to feast on the buildup of pre-cum that was slowly leaking from the cockhead slit. Bobby began to softly moan as Mandy flicked her tongue in and out of the tight foreskin she had pulled back from his large cockhead. Up and down his shaft her tongue traveled as she bathed his huge cock with her saliva moistened tongue. She licked her way back up to the swelling cockhead and swirled her tongue around and around the flared cockhead making his moaning grow louder. He obviously wanted to bury the full length of his hard cock in Mandy’s moist, hot mouth.

Grasped Bobby’s large cock by the root, Mandy plunged the entire length of this quivering cock into her hot, moist mouth and proceeded to try and suck in down her throat. This was the event Bobby had dreamed about, a hot, lust filled blow job from Mandy! He slowly closed his eyes, threw his head back and his hips jerked upwards involuntarily. Slowly she began ravenously consuming his cock like he had never known before by any other women. Down she went, licking and sucking, deeper and deeper sucking him like a real professional.

I was totally amazed at her ability to take more of him into her mouth than I thought was humanly possible. Almost immediately at least half of his full length had disappeared into her mouth. She then slowly continued to swallow another couple of more inches of his throbbing cock. Her throat appeared to slightly bulge but she didn’t gag a bit, and I wondered where she had learned to do this. She certainly was turned on and went wild for his large cock.

As Mandy continued to apply her oral skills to Bobby’s large cock, she gracefully slid to her knees between his legs. In this position Mandy could looked up at him with lusty filled eyes and see Bobby’s reaction to the blow job she was delivering. Mandy had become a lust filled, enthusiastic cocksucker. I couldn’t believe it. My wife was blowing one of her cooking committee friends right in front of me without a care in the world!

Bobby stroked her head, ran his hands through her hair and guiding her head up and down the length of his saliva-soaked cock. He was really into my wife sucking his large cock as I could see by the look of ecstasy on his face. She continued to stroke and suck his cock simultaneously without ever taking her eyes off his wrinkled, sun burned face. She moaned softly around his cock as she bobbed her head up and down, over and over, gently sucking his cock.

He laid back and closed his eyes. Her ass occasionally appeared to twitch, rise and fall with brief orgasms as she sucked his large cock. His hand and fingers played in her hair as he guided her head up and down his large cock.

Mandy had worked on his large cock for at least ten minutes hardly stopping to breathe. If she had attacked me like this, I would have blown my wad in a minute or two. Her work was finally beginning to bring Bobby to the edge, and he was trying to stifle his moaning to make sure that he didn’t wake me up. His hand clenched her long hair and began to thrust his large cock deeper into her throat. Mandy slid her mouth up to where the cock head was just inside of her mouth, she began swirling her tongue around the large cockhead, and at that point Bobby lost all control with an “Ohhhh!” He began to pump his large load of cum into her waiting mouth.

At this point I knew she would back off his large cock since she always said she didn’t like the taste of my cum. I was totally surprised that she began greedily swallowing all his cum as it spurted forth from the large cock head. She hand milked his shaft for at least three minutes after his orgasm had ended and then continued to lick up any cum that had accidently spilled from her mouth. She did it with apparent relish. It appeared that Bobby had fed her a very large load of cum and she had swallowed it all. She wouldn’t need breakfast tomorrow with all that protein that she had just swallowed.

Mandy continued to lazily stroke, lick and suck Bobby’s semi-hard large cock even after he had provided a large load of cum to Mandy’s moist mouth. He smiled down into her hazel eyes as she continued her lustful worship to his large semi-hard cock. I was most apparent Mandy had just found a cock she could love forever. As for me, I continued to pretend that I was fast asleep, and I was hoping my aching hard cock would not betray me.

Mandy looked up at Bobby with a quiet, contented look and said, “Your cock is so wonderful, I’ve never felt this way before. I have never got off without even being touched. Please, just this once, I have to have that large cock inside me before you can leave tonight.” and went back to sucking his semi-hard cock. I could hardly believe what I just heard. She had sucked him dry and now she was pleading with him to fuck her. I really didn’t believe it was possible for Bobby to stuff his large cock into Mandy’s tight little pussy.

“It might take a little while to get this old cock hard again, but if you keep sucking me like that…” he chided. His cock was still at least seven inches long and almost three inches across, a lot bigger than my five-inch cock. As Mandy returned to sucking, Bobby’s cock was slowly coming back to life given her continued attention.

“Mandy, we need to move to a little more private place. When I start fucking you, you won’t be able to keep quiet” Bobby stated as a matter of fact.

She raised her head and told him that the bedroom in the downstairs would offer a good place where we wouldn’t be heard. Mandy got up, pulling Bobby by his semi-hard cock and took him to the top of the lower level stairway. She told him to go down, get comfortable in the downstairs bedroom, she needed to use the bathroom and freshen up a bit. After a few minutes, I heard the water running and thought she might be taking a quick shower. I lay quietly with my eyes closed even after I heard the water stop running because I didn’t know if Mandy had gone downstairs yet. Suddenly, I felt Mandy gently shake me to see if I continued to be sleeping, and I didn’t move at all.

I mumbled incoherently but never moved a muscle, faking deep sleep and then I heard her gentle footsteps going down the downstairs staircase. She left the TV blaring to mask any anticipated noise that Bobby might draw forth from her in some lust filled orgasmic state as he administers his large cock in her tight, young pussy. I couldn’t believe I had just watched that my sweet wife sucked off one of her friends that was 20 years her senior and was now headed to our downstairs bedroom to fuck him and had pleaded with him to fuck her. I could understand why Bobby wanted to have sex with her because she was truly a beautiful young woman. Now, downstairs in my house Bobby was going to enjoy having sex with Mandy. My small cock ached in anticipation of what was sure to happen next, and I just had to see this for myself.

We have a small sitting room, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a large bedroom for guests in a downstairs apartment. Along one wall of the bedroom there are two large full double tinted windows, with a king-size bed located on the far wall side of the room. We also have a TV and a few other small pieces of furniture. From the bathroom hallway at nighttime the tinted windows on the opposite wall acts like a mirrow and you could see everything that happens on the bed by looking at the windows. Anyone lying on the bed can not see you standing in the bathroom hallway unless they look at the windows on the opposite wall.

I waited a few minutes to allow Mandy to get down the stairs to the bedroom without her seeing or hearing me follow her to the bedroom. I got down the stairs and moved silently to the bathroom and paused in the bathroom hallway. As I stared at the tinted windows, I could see the reflection of Bobby’s back as he sat on the side of the bed. Mandy was standing facing him and she was wearing a sheer nighty that open on the front. I could see Bobby sitting edge of the bed and it appeared he was totally naked. Because of the darkness in the bathroom hallway behind me, neither of them could see me as I stood leaning against the bathroom doorway. The small bedside table lamp provided enough light enabling me to see everything in the bedroom.

Bobby’s ever hardening cock looked bigger now that he had no clothes on. Mandy stood in front of him still covered in her flowing sheer nighty and her eyes appeared to be feasting on Bobby’s semi-hard cock. She opened the front of her nighty and allowed it to fall from her shoulders. He looked at her beautiful diminutive body with firm full breasts, tiny waist and heart shaped ass and smiled. Bathed by the small table light and in the full glory of her nakedness, she stood there still gazing at his ever-stiffening cock.

“You have a beautiful body. You’re truly a pure naked goddess,” he whispered ever so softly to her as he extended his hand beckoning her to join him in the bed.

Reaching out, Mandy grasped his hand as she slowly kneeled between his outspread legs. She looked up into his eyes and gently grasped his cock. She began to slowly lick it from the base to the cockhead. Over and over, she licked his ever-growing cock, occasionally stopping to swirl her tongue around the flared head and taste the drops of pre-cum that leaked out onto the flared cockhead. With every lick of pre-cum that passed Mandy’s lips, a small moaning sound escaped out of Bobby. Mandy continued her worship of the large cock that had previously given her such pleasure and so many orgasms. She continued her worship of his huge cock with such commitment that Bobby thought he might not have any cum left to bury in Mandy’s young, tight pussy. The large veins running alongside of this twitching cock pulsed as Mandy slowly ran her tongue up and down the full length of his now hardening cock. She looked up into his eyes and smiled as she returned to taking the full length of his ever-hardening cock deep in her throat. His cock was throbbing, and Bobby expected the cum boiling deep in his balls was about to burst forth into Mandy’s amazing mouth. I could tell that Mandy was totally captivated with Bobby’s magnificent cock and I didn’t know if she might never stop desiring Bobby’s cock.

Mandy slowly released Bobby’s cock from her mouth, got up, and sat down beside him on the bed. Bobby turned toward her and kissed her deeply. She couldn’t keep her hands off his cock. She was totally infatuated with it and slowly began stroking it again. Bobby pushed her back onto the bed and began to kiss his way down to her firm breasts. Her nipples were stiff with excitement as he kissed and licked her round mounds. Bobby closed this thumb and forefinger around her stiff left breast nipple and began to gently twist the nipple as he nibbled on the right breast nipple.

Leaving her heaving breasts, Bobby continued down her belly and to the top the bush covered pussy. Moving over and positioning himself between her outstretched legs, Bobby began to kiss and lick her inner thighs. His teasing was starting to frustrate her, and Mandy was needing some attention for her moist, hot pussy. Moving lower, Bobby’s probing tongue found her moist pulsating pussy and snaked his way just inside her quivering pussy lips. Mandy moaned slightly and quickly clutched his head holding it firmly to her pussy. Bobby knew he was well on his way to sliding his huge cock in Mandy by the way she was reacting to his pussy eating. First, he slid one finger in and out of her gushing pussy as he licked her clit, and then a second finger was added to loosen up Mandy’s tight pussy. All the clit licking, and finger fucking had produced the desired effect. Soon he had three fingers in her to “loosen her up”. She was moaning, her hips gyrating above the bed.

As I stood there in the darkness of the bathroom hallway. I began to ease my cock out of my shorts. I was afraid to stroke my cock because I knew I would instantly shoot cum all over the carpet. As I continued to watch, Mandy was moaning, panting, and appeared to be having multiple orgasms. After about her fifth orgasm, Bobby slid up her body raised up on his knees making his cock accessible to her head so that she could get his cock in her mouth.

“Lick it and make it good and wet. I want this to be good for you,” he said.

She didn’t have to be told a second time and wetly devoured his massive cock. After about minute, Bobby pulled his cock from her mouth and moved down between her parted legs rising up on his knees. Placing Mandy’s legs over his shoulders, he lined up the flared head of his massive cock with the mass of wet pubic curls covering her juicy pussy hole. Taking hold of his huge cock by the root, Bobby began rubbing the flared cock head up and down between the moist lips of Mandy’s pussy. He took hold of his pussy pleaser and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. As the pink of Mandy’s pussy pealed back to allow the flared cockhead to begin stretching her young moist pussy, the thought of this scene being in a pornographic movie flashed in my brain. Nothing I have ever witnessed could have been more exciting or sexually arousing than what was before my very eyes! This was the best sex I could ever have dreamed of experiencing.

“Be gentle…” Mandy whispered.

“I’ll go slow. I promised you the greatest sexual orgasm of your life, and what my cock promises, he delivers.” Bobby replied.

After several long moments of stroking her moist pussy slit with the flared head of his hard cock, Bobby began to feed an inch or so of hard cock into the moist pussy. Slowly rocking back and forth, adding another inch or so, Bobby’s large cock eased deeper in Mandy’s welcoming pussy. With patience, perseverance, and continuing to slowly rock back and forth, the massive hard cock continued to sink deeper. With each stroke, Bobby found penetration became easier as Mandy was starting to go crazy under him raising her hips to meet his thrusts.

“Oh god, your cock is sooo huge! You’re filling me fuller than my husband ever has.” Mandy moaned, “I don’t know if I can take anymore”.

“I’m only halfway in. Just wait until I get it all of it inside of you.” Bobby replied.

Bobby started to take short strokes in hopes of opening her formerly tight pussy to take all his huge cock. I didn’t think that she could take it all, but Bobby kept pushing more and more hard cock into Mandy. Finally, with his big hairy balls coming to rest in the crack of her lovely heart shaped ass, Bobby had buried his huge cock balls deep in Mandy’s now well stretched pussy.

Returning to taking short, slow strokes, Bobby began to stretch Mandy’s pussy to fit his ever-growing cock as a great load of big boy cum was beginning to build from deep in his big hairy balls. Bobby never gave any thought to Mandy’s birth control measures, but he knew he was going to shoot a large load of cum deep in Mandy’s moist pussy. Mandy began to pant, gasped for air and moaned as he steadily slid his cock in and out of her moist pussy. Mandy’s heart shaped ass wriggled and writhed as he started to pound her with longer, deeper strokes. Mandy seemed to have an orgasm with each stroke and pulling Bobby’s ass closer to her and pleaded with him to fuck her harder. Bobby pounded her so hard that I thought I would see his cock fly out of her mouth! Bobby continued to pound Mandy for what seemed to have been half an hour.

“I can’t believe you’re fucking me sooo good…I could do this forever…. Ohhhhhh!” she panted, “Harder, harder please, harder.”

Bobby began to stretch Mandy’s pussy wider, and wider to the extent I could see a large wet spot beginning on the bed sheet. The harder Bobby pounded; the more Mandy raised up her pussy to meet his every stroke. I could see the sweat begin to trickle down Bobby’s back and it appeared Bobby plunged his cock as deep as he could, filling Mandy’s womb with his hot seed. As both trembled in a final orgasmic embrace, Mandy suddenly wrapped her legs around Bobby and held him tight while they both came. He continued to shudder and finally collapsed on Mandy. They stayed like that for quite some time. Mandy rolled Bobby onto his back slowly allowing his ever-shrinking cock to slowly slide from her now cum dripping cunt. Mandy’s pussy lips were swollen and red, her pussy hole stretched to a gaping hole. Immediately, Mandy slid down Bobby’s body and began to lick and such that magnificent cock that has just yielded her so much pleasure.

“What do you think you’re doing”? Bobby quietly asked.

“You’re going to fuck me one more time before we’re done,” Mandy demanded, “I am captivated by your cock. I just had a half-hour of almost continuous orgasms and I want it again”.

“Easy girl. I wish I could get it up once more. Even if you just use that magic mouth of yours, I don’t think I have one more hard cock in me tonight. I will say. you have to be the best cocksucker in the world,” Bobby said.

Thinking this might be the end and I didn’t want to be discovered, I eased back upstairs and back to my place on the couch. Hoping I had positioned myself in the same way as when she last saw me, I closed my eyes and listed to see how this night would end. I heard them come up stairs and it sounded like the carport door was opened.

“I’ll see you later,” Mandy said quietly.

“I can only hope…” he replied.

The carport door closed, and I suddenly felt a blanket covering me. Then I heard the shower start running Finally I was at ease to grasp my hard cock with my right hand and then came a shower of cum after only a couple of strokes. I guess Mandy will be seeing a lot of Bobby soon and I only hope I have the good fortune to be able to watch.

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JJ: Reuniting With daddy

He was watching a movie in the basement, the flickering blue light making his face look a little alien. Mom had sent her out of the family room, she was having some sort of wine night with her friends. Daddy usually liked to be left alone on Mommy’s wine nights...something about estrogen levels being too high. She knew he was a little grumpy today, but it had been so long since he paid attention to her. Her friends were at summer camp and she was bored and lonely. She came up to the couch and leaned against the back of it...


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My Confession_(1)

This is my entry in the Calling All Writers - Chapter 6 challenge on the Sex Stories forum on (That's for those pricks who steal stories and post them elsewhere.) The theme of this challenge was to write a story about unrequited love, referencing the song All I Have to do is Dream, popularized by the Everly Brothers as a hit single released in April, 1958. There's a catch: writers who entered the challenge were to write from the point of view of the opposite sex. I'm a man, so I had to write as a female. PLEASE NOTE: This...


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Carol's Christmas Story - Part 1

December 24th Carol... Carol Johnson walked into the crowded mall on a Saturday, surrounded by her friends. They were talking loudly, mostly about guys at school, as most freshmen girls do in high school. Carol normally wouldn't have come to the mall on a busy day like this, since she hated large crowds of people, but she still needed to get a gift for her mother. She and her best friend Lindsay broke off from the main group and headed toward a small jewelry store. On the way they saw Santa's village, with the fat man sitting in a chair, talking...


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My First MILF_(2)

Every word of the following story is true, the woman I shared this experience with was absolutely wonderful, both in and outside the bedroom, and still is to this day. I'm Stan, 22 and a white college student 6'2 155lbs, short brown hair, pretty tan, and athletic. She's Lori, 45, around 5'8 a bit on the chubby side but hwp, black, a beatuiful round ass, gorgous smile, and what I would later find out to be 36DDs. her personality is what always caught me attention: laughing, great conversationalist, confident, and sexy. She's a friend of a friend and out of the...


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Open Minds leads to Open Hearts 2

Part 2 Chapter 1 Kyle and Bella did reduce their time together, since their morning on his couch when she showed up with the damning report and pictures from the private investigator. About the only time they spent together was when they went over plans for the remodel. It was killing them that they couldn't touch or show any affection towards each other. But it was for the best. Kate took the news well. She was glad, in fact, because she had started hating her father, with her birthday being the final straw that broke the camel's back. Bella and Kyle...


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Oh how Love Has Sharp Claws Part 3

I stared at him with confusion spreading across my face before I said, “You are a what? Darren gave me a Cheshire cat smile as he replied, “I am a Lemurian.” I crinkled my eyebrows as I frowned at him. With that grin plastered to his face, I could tell he was loving every minute of my confusion. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and had to ask, “What the hell is that?” That smile of his grew bigger into a 'I have a dirty secret that I want you to guess' smile as he replied, “Oh this is going to...


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