Games The Gods Play three

Games The Gods Play three

What happened to Lord Yu can happen to any Goa'uld System Lord that keeps the same host to long. When a Goa'uld symbiote takes a host their minds mingle and become as one so when the sarcophagus could no longer rejuvinate Lord Yu's host due to extreme age ( Over 10,000 years ) and the host became senile it effected Lord Yu, this is why Lord Yu couldn't take a new host so as long as I keep switching Human hosts every 5,000 years I will be young and healthy forever.

Even if I took a Wraith as a host I would still need to use the sarcophagus, the Wraith don't age and as long they feed they can live forever but Goa'uld symbiotes have a lifespan of 2,000 years. Unlike Human hosts I could keep the same Wraith host forever plus if my Wraith host feeds on a Human and kills him or her I can place that Human in my sarcophagus where that Human will be ressurected and rejuvinated and my Wraith host can feed on him or her again and again and again.

Sitting on my throne behind the forcefield in the secret, sound proof room in my temple I'm watching the 3 Una's brutally gang rape the Human female that doubted my power. One Unas is laying on his back, the female is on top of him, his huge Unas cock is deep inside her pussy, a second Unas is behind the female, his huge Unas cock is deep inside her asshole and the third Unas is in front of the female, his huge Unas cock is deep down her throat.

The forcefield isn't for my protection, I used the blood of Sokar on the 3 Unas in my secret room, they will never attack me or try to escape, they will never kill and eat the female. The forcefield is there to keep the female away from me, watching her bang on the forcefield, begging me to help her, calling my name and begging for my forgiveness before she's dragged away and brutally gang raped by the 3 Unas gives me so much pleasure.

While watching the 3 Unas gang rape the female I noticed that the female's legs are starting to get a little hairy. Sure I'm an evil, egomaniacle alien with delusions of godhood but even I know it's a turn off, apparently the 3 Unas don't mind at all. Fortunately I have just the thing for situations like this, leaving my secret room and entering my room I grab a small container and then leave my room and enter the secret room.

The 3 Una's have finished gang raping the female and are now drinking from the fresh water fountain in the back of the room. Lowering the forcefield I walk towards the female, after that brutal gang rape she's exhausted and is sleeping, Unas sperm is leaking out of her pussy and asshole. I place the container next to her and open the lid, thousands of genetically modified lice swarm her body, I designed these lice to eat all the hair on the female's body. After eating all the hair on the female's body the lice enter the container and I close the lid, the female is completely bald.

My secret room is very big, the only door is on the right wall close to my throne and the celing is 20 feet high. Unlike the showers, toilets and sinks I installed in all the cabins my Human worshippers live in I installed a hygene pool for the 3 Unas. The hygene pool is parralel to the right wall, its 10 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep. There's a small drain and a small hole on the bottom of the pool. Unas piss, shit, sweat and sperm enters the drain, all waste is eliminated, the water is purified and sent back into the pool via the small hole.

Along the left wall of my secret room are three large torches, these torches keep the room very well lit and warm. The fresh water fountain is close to south wall and there's a huge circular fire pitt between the fresh water fountain and the right wall. The fire pitt is 10 feet long, 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep, when I order my guards to bring a goat to my secret room for the 3 Unas to eat, the Unas cook the goat meat ( After killing it ) over the fire pit, when the 3 Unas finish eating they throw the broken bones of the goat into the pitt, the 3 Una's sleep close to the fire pitt.

Apparently all that Unas sperm keeps the female well fed and hydrated but even if she did die from starvation I can easily ressurect her using my sarcophagus. Now completely bald I grab the females leg and drag her towards the hygene pool, easily lifting her off the ground I throw her into the pool, she wakes up screaming as the hygene pool cleans the sweat and Una's sperm from her body.

During my daily worship in my temple one of the Humans cut his arm pretty badly so using my hand healing device I heal his wound. My Nerothians see me as a kind and loving god which is exactly what I want them to think, they have no idea that there's a female in the secret room a few feet away from them. I order two of my guards to approach me, I order one of them to stand on my left and the other to stand on my right. All 10 of my guards wear Jaffa armor but no helmuts, they're all armed with staff and zat weapons, pressing the button on my ribbon device which activates my personal shield I order my guards to fire their weapons at me.

My Nerothians watch in shock as my shield stops every single staff blast and zat shot, my guards keep firing their weapons at me for about a minute until I stand and order them to stop. I can hear one of the Humans say " Not even the weapons of the gods can harm him ", another Human says " He's invincible ". My eyes glow orange and speaking in my Goa'uld voice I say " These 10 guards are not here for my protection, they're here to keep the peace and sovle any disputes you may have with your fellow Nerothians ".

With the 3 Unas in my secret room and Richter killing an Unas every month in the arena I'm running out of Unas but that's not really a problem. What no one knows except me is that the top of the cage in the arena can move and that there's transportation rings in the ceiling of the arena. The room above the arena is where I keep my cargo ship, the same ship I used to transport 100 Humans, 100 goats, 50 Unas and tons of fresh water for drinking, hygene and gardening.

After abucting more Unas I can move the top of the cage in the arena remotely from my cargo ship and then use the rings in the cargo ship to transport the Unas directly into hell and then close the cage. I call the fourth part of my city hell but that's just to scare my Human worshippers, hell is exactly like my sectet room in my temple only much, much bigger. It has several large torches along the left wall, these torches keep hell very well lit and warm, there's a hygene pool parralel to the right wall. The hygene pool is 20 feet long, 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep, there are 2 fresh water fountains near the south wall and a very large fire pitt near the south and right wall.

The fire pitt is 20 feet long, 20 feet wide and 5 feet deep, the Unas living in hell use the fire pitt to cook the meat of goats and Humans before eating it. After eating they throw the broken bones into the fire pitt, they also use the pitt to burn the bodies of Unas killed by Richter in the arena. There's a vent in the celing ( 30 feet high ) that constantly pumps fresh air into the fourth part of my city.

My room is also very big and is divided in half by a wall, the left part of my room is a lot like my secret room but except for a hygene pool I have a shower, sink and toilet just like in the cabins I built for my Nerothians. My bed is parralel to the left wall underneath the 3 large torches, the right part of my room is my lab, this is where I keep all of my Goa'uld technology and my sarcophagus, this is where I genetically modified those hair eating lice, only my personal guards and I can enter the right part of my room.

After my daily worship I enter my secret room but I don't see the female, the 3 Unas are pointing at the hygene pool, looking at the pool I can see the female at the bottom of the pool. It seems that being brutally gang raped by 3 demons from hell several times a day every day for 1,000 years was to much for her and she killed herself by drowing. My eyes glow orange and I start laughing, I order one of the Unas to pull her body out of the pool and give her body to me. Now in my arms I carry her out of the secret room and enter my room, moving into the right part of my room I place her in my sarcophagus where she will be ressurected.

The sarcophagus opens and the female see's me looking at her, she screams " NO I WAS DEAD, I WAS FREE ". My eyes glow orange and speaking in my Goa'uld voice I say " You don't have my permission to die ", easily lifting her out of the sarcophagus I carry her out of my room and into the secret room. Now in my secret room I throw her towards the 3 Unas and sit on my throne and raise the forcefield, she's banging on the forcefield begging me to help her, screaming my name before being dragged away by the 3 Unas.

Watching the 3 Unas brutally gang rape her, listening to her screams turn into gagging and knowing that I get to see this everyday for 1,000 years makes me so happy. When the 3 Unas die of old age I'll just get 3 more from hell, use the blood of Sokar on them and then watch them brutally gang rape her again and again, I'm the last Goa'uld worshipped as a god and I have all of eternity to enjoy it.

The end

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