Upsetting the apple cart Part 5

Upsetting the apple cart Part 5

Steve drove home and collapsed on his large leather sofa. He was absolutely knackered, his cock and balls aching from all the amazing fucking he'd done.
He had known he would get to fuck Jane's mum without her putting up more than a token resistance, she was so sexually frustrated he could smell her cunt as soon as she opened the front door.
She was desperate to be fucked good and hard, even if she couldn't admit it to herself. It was hard to believe she had got to thirty nine years of age without anyone pressing the right sexual buttons that released the Lyndi Loo hidden inside her.
Sandra turning up was just too good an opportunity to let slip. It was a calculated guess that she would share the same traits as Lynn and Jane, plus the fact she was recently divorced, with all the sexually inferior head fuck baggage that comes with being spurned for another woman.
It had to be a spur of the moment, thinking on his feet encounter, if he'd not took his chance and instead tried to plan it for a later date, it might never of happened.

Steve was was snapped out of his thoughts by the ringing of his mobile phone, it was Jane.
"Hello my sexy girlfriend, what can i do for you ", Steve answered.
"I can think of lots of things you could do for me. How about instead of going out tonight, you take me to your flat and we cuddle up and see what happens ", Jane suggested in a provocative sexy voice.
"Well if you're sure your gonna be woman enough for me, i'm sure it can be arranged ", Steve taunted her.
After another ten minutes of back and forth teasing, Steve told her he would pick her up at eight.

Steve soaked in a nice hot bath with a nice cold beer for company as he planned out his weekend.
He had already called his flat mate Rob telling him he could fuck Jane later, Steve would start her off and finish her, giving himself a well earned rest, he wanted to be fresh for tonight and the weekend with Jane and Lyndi Loo.
As he soaked he was trying to come up with a plan to fuck mum and daughter together.
Steve new Lyndi Loo would be easy to coerce into a threesome, Jane on the other hand wouldn't be so easy, she was the one that needed careful manipulation to consent to him sticking his cock in her mum in her prescience.
Should he get them involved in a drinking game, followed by a strip poker and dare game. Should he let Jane catch him fucking her mum and then try and win her round to joining in.
Ultimately, Steve thought the best way would be to let Jane notice her mum spying on them as they fucked and getting her to feel sorry for her sexually unfulfilled mother, letting him fuck her out of pity, an act of kindness and loving generosity on her daughters part.

Lynn had frantically cleaned the house, removing all the evidence of the daylong debauchery that had taken place, first with Steve and her, then the threesome with her sister. She just had time for a quick shower and fresh clothes before Jane arrived home.
Lynn found it hard to look her daughter in the eye as flashing images of her betrayal with her boyfriend kept running through her mind.
The bliss and ecstasy of being properly fucked to countless orgasm's, replaced by shame and guilt. The pleasure that had so overwhelmed her breasts, anus and vagina, replaced by painful aches and soreness caused by never having been fucked so hard and long before.
Jane could sense the tension in her mother and went up to her room to get ready for her first time at her wonderful boyfriends flat.

As Jane entered her bedroom she noticed her quilt cover was missing, she became mortified as she remembered the flood of Steve's cum oozing out of her well fucked arse and her orgasming cunt emptying its contents to combine with his on her quilt cover.
'Oh god, there was so much of it, how could i have been so stupid and forgotten about it ' Jane thought, 'no wonder mum was so moody, there's no way she wouldn't have noticed it as she made my bed, she'd only changed it for a clean one the other day'.
Jane knew her mum would come to the only conclusion she could, her daughter was no longer a virgin and had been having sex with Steve while she and her husband slept in the room next to hers.
How was she going to face her, she couldn't avoid her forever.
Jane decided honesty was the best policy.
Jane took a deep breath and went downstairs to confess to her mother.

"Mum, i'm sorry about the quilt cover, i didn't mean for you to find out that way, i know you're upset with me. Can we talk", Jane asked sheepishly.
Lynn was taken by surprise, she too had forgotten about the quilt cover, she had meant to have it washed, dried and back on her bed before she had gotten home from college.
Now Jane knew that she knew she was no longer a virgin and was having sex with Steve. 'At least Jane thinks it was her fault for my moody behaviour when she came home from college and not the fact i'd cheated on her and my husband with Steve'. Were Lynn's thoughts as she answered Jane.
"I suppose it was bound to happen one day, i just hoped you would be married first. What about protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases". Lynn asked, now having the mother, daughter conversation she hoped she would never have to have.
"Times have changed from your days as a young woman, no one waits until they're married now. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just different.
I love him mum, he's special. He agreed i should be safe and go on the pill. Steve wouldn't sleep around and catch anything, you don't know him like i do, he cares for me ". Said Jane.
Lynn thought 'If only you knew what a cheating, scheming, cunning rat he really was '.
" I just want you to be happy, sex isn't anything special ", Lynn told Jane, knowing that statement would have been the truth a few days ago. Now they were just empty words hoping to make Jane think less of Steve, in a vein attempt to plant an element of doubt in her daughters mind.
' Nothing special, are you kidding, he's blowing my mind with that amazing cock of his. If only you knew what it was like to be fucked by him, instead of your boring sex life with dad, you wouldn't be saying it's nothing special then'. Jane thought.
" We love each other and it feels very special to us". Jane told her mum, adding " I just want you to be happy for me, i don't want us to argue or fight about my relationship with Steve. I love you too much for us to fall out over him".
" I know that's what you think you're feeling, i just worry that you're still so young to be in a sexually committed relationship ". Lynn told Jane.
"I know you worry, it's only natural for a mother to protect and guide her daughter but you've got to come to terms with the fact i'm a woman now, Steve just helped me blossom from the shy, self conscious girl i was, into the confident young woman i am now ". Countered Jane.

Lynn had seen the change in Jane since meeting Steve. Her words a testament to just how much she had grown as a woman and grown in confidence. She had become more of an equal, more like a sister than a daughter.
Lynn worried where it would all end between the three of them. One thing was for sure, it wasn't going to end soon and when it did, it would probably end in tears.
"Okay Jane, i love you too and i want to you to be happy. I want you to be safe, so if you feel the need to have sex i won't stand in your way". Lynn and Jane hugged, it felt like some sort of landmark moment for the both of them.
"Thanks mum, you know i love you, Steve and i would do anything to make you happy, he thinks the world of you too". Jane told her mum, giving her another hug before adding "I'm going round Steve's flat tonight, not sure if i'll be home tonight ".
Lynn felt the familiar pangs of jealousy rise knowing her daughter would be getting pleasured by his beautiful penis that had belonged to her all day. Lynn wondered when she would get to have her turn again, missing the blissful feeling that came with being stuffed full of the hard, pounding, fat cock she longed for.
"Okay, i'll be alright all on my own, it will be a nice change to have the whole house to myself ". Lynn sighed.
"Oh mum, i forgot dad and Tom are away all weekend. I'm sure Steve won't mind coming back here. Will it be ok if Steve stays the night with me if we do ". Jane asked, testing the new understanding between them.
Lynn thought about the situation she found herself in, torn between the loving bond she had with her daughter and husband on the one hand and craving the bliss she could only achieve by betraying them both and letting Steve fuck the shit out of her. She was even using Steve's crude descriptions.
"Look i'll be fine on my own, but if you want to both come back and stay the night in your bed then i'm fine with that too, it's up to you. Mind you i don't know how your father would deal with this arrangement if he was here, if you intend to make a habit of it, then that's something you'll have to discuss with him in the future ". Lynn said, torn between wanting Steve to come back, knowing he'd find a way to fuck her again and not wanting the temptation of being an unfaithful, cheating slut.
With a final hug and kiss Jane went back up to her room to get ready.

As Steve was driving over to pick up Jane he phoned Sandra. "Hi Randi Sandi, you free to talk?".
A flustered Sandra walked away from the lounge and headed for the privacy of her bedroom, answering tersely. "Yes, what is it?".
"That's not a very warm greeting, considering the good fucking i gave you earlier ". Steve goaded.
"Sorry, you just caught me by surprise. I didn't expect you to call". Sandra nervously replied.
"You can expect me to call a lot more, i'm not through with fucking that sexy, housewife cunt of yours ". Steve told her.
Sandra felt her pussy pulse and moisten, knowing she wanted more of the great sex he had to offer.
"We can't, it's so wrong". She lied, with the pretence to taking the moral high ground.
"Look Randi Sandie, you know you want to get fucked again and i know you want to get fucked again, so don't pretend to be the virgin Mary. You're already thinking of being pounded in your cunt and arse by my big fat prick , right?". Steve said, calling her bluff.
"Yes". Was all Sandra could reply.
"Right, now that's understood i want you to take Lyndi Loo shopping tomorrow morning. The kids are old enough to look after themselves and you two sisters need some quality time together after our intimate threesome earlier.
It's my treat. I want you both to buy some sexy, slutty outfits, shoes and lingerie. I'm trusting you with the task and if you want more cock you better not disappoint me.
Oh, one more thing, send Lyndi Loo into the sex shop to buy a big fat lifelike 10 inch dildo. No arguments, make her do it and i want you to film her as she does ". Steve ordered her.
Sandra was both shocked and turned on at his demands, what woman didn't like shopping. It was just what they would be shopping for that shocked her.
How was she going to convince her church going prude of a sister to buy a dildo. Then again, she had never believed her sister would turn out to be a cheating, unfaithful slut, taking part in a threesome with her and Steve.
"Er okay " Sandra responded.
"Phone her to let her know you'll be round at 10oc tomorrow morning, don't mention the dildo, save that little surprise until last.
I'll give you the money when you pick Lyndi Loo up. Bye beautiful ". Steve said ending the call.

Steve knocked on Jane's door and was greeted by Lynn, Steve followed her into the kitchen, watching her sexy arse as she struggled to walk normal.
"You walk like a woman that's had her back doors smashed in recently, Lyndi Loo". Steve told her grinning.
"You should know, you was the one doing the smashing " Lynn laughed back, pleased to be alone with her amazing young lover again.
Even if it was only for a few minutes before her daughter was ready and came to reclaim what rightfully belonged to her.
Steve pulled her into a tight embrace, sliding his hands inside her loose jogging bottoms and knickers, firmly gripping her bare arse cheeks, her big tits squashing against his chest, her hands tangling in his hair as they kissed passionately. Both of them fuelled by the excitement of knowing Jane could discover their betrayal at any moment.
Lynn no longer attempting to deny her need to be dominated and used, to be fucked by her daughters boyfriend. She had been shown what a proper fucking was like earlier that day and Lyndi Loo wanted a lot more of the same. Fuck her daughter, fuck her husband, Steve was her lover and Lyndi Loo was prepared to do what ever it takes to get his beautiful big cock inside her.

Steve broke the kiss and looking in her eyes told her, "It seems Jane and i are coming back here to spend the night in her bed. I'm gonna fuck her and you're gonna watch, you're good at that aren't you ".
"Yes " Lynn whispered, a mixture of jealousy and excitement flowing through her body.
"Good girl, if you follow my lead, you will get a good fucking too, understand ? ". Steve said, holding her in his glaze.
"Yes" Lynn replied, scared and intoxicated at the implications of his instructions.
Steve removed his hands, cupped her pussy and said, "Til later, keep it warm ".

Jane entered the kitchen a minute later.
Both their mouths dropped open as they took in the sight Jane presented.
She had her hair done in two ponytails, a white silk blouse, knotted just above her naval with the top three buttons undone, showing plenty of cleavage and the top of her lacy black bra. A small red tartan skirt to mid thigh. White hold up silk stockings and bright red stiletto shoes. Even her makeup was amazing without being over the top.
She had clearly done some shopping of her own, Steve approved.
"I'm ready ", she announced.
"You certainly are. did you go to St Trinians before college ", asked Steve.
"Oh my", was all Lynn could utter.
Jane kissed Steve then her mum saying, "bye, won't be too late".
Steve gave Lynn a peck on the cheek before following Jane out, thinking, ' Rob's in for a treat, hope he doesn't blow his load too soon '.
Lynn felt double jealous as she watched them leave. Jealous her daughter was going to be fucked instead of her and jealous of the fact she would never be able to compete with her daughters youthful body and looks.
Lynn, alone at last made her way upstairs to attend to her totally unsexy pubic hair and then a nice relaxing hot bath to soothe her aching and sore body with the promise of being fucked later.

Steve found it hard to concentrate on his driving as a rampant Jane teased the fuck out of him. She was pinching his nipples, sticking her finger in his mouth to suck on, tracing the outline of his hardening cock with her fingernail .
She stuck her tongue in his ear and whispered seductively, "I'm going to ride your big cock with my wet horny pussy".
Steve made the journey to his flat in record time.

Rob heard them drive up and took to the cupboard and switched on the camcorder.
Steve gave Jane a quick guided tour of his flat, leaving his bedroom to last. Saying, "This is my bedroom, if you come in here you might not be safe".
"That's fine by me, i'm so fucking horny, safe is the last thing i want to be". Purred Jane, skipping over to the bed and climbing on, adding "Come and take me big boy".
Rob's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he got his first proper look at Steve's girlfriend. ' Fuck me, she's fit, look at those tit's'. He thought, gripping his rapidly hardening cock through the only piece of clothing he was wearing, his boxers.
Jane knelt on the bed seductively playing with her blouse covered tit's, watching her boyfriend slowly stripping off his clothes, biting her bottom lip as his beautiful cock came into view.
Rob was struggling to keep the camcorder steady as he watched his naked flatmate climb onto the bed and crawl up behind her. Steve replaced her hands with his own, teasing her tit's for the benefit of the hidden camcorder.
First Steve undone the knot, then the three buttons of her blouse as he nuzzled her neck, licking and planting tiny wet kisses.
Next he unclipped her bra clasp and removed her bra by sliding the shoulder straps down her arms inside her sleeves, over her hands and back up, allowing him to remove it while leaving her silk blouse on.

Steve returned to playing with Jane's gorgeous big tit's, using the silk to glide across her rock hard protruding nipples, driving her crazy.
"It's a good job you're so horny, i've got a surprise for you. If you want me to fuck you, then you're gonna have to put these on". Said Steve, pulling the handcuffs and blindfold from under the pillow and showing them to Jane.
Jane creamed her tiny panties and her eyes lit up. Saying. "Oh goodie, you won't need to blackmail me, this is so hot ".
Steve laid her down on her back and straddling her head fed his hard cock into her eager mouth, leaning forward he removed her panties and began eating her soaked pussy.
Within a minute Jane was already on the verge of her first orgasm and when Steve pulled her arse cheeks apart and attacked her shithole with his tongue, Jane exploded into bliss, squirting her juices onto the underside of Steve's chin and neck.
Her screams silenced by the thick slab of cock meat wedged firmly down her throat, her lips mashed against his closely trimmed pubes and her nose embedded in his ball sack struggling to get the oxygen needed.
Steve pulled out of her throat, allowing her to breathe and enjoy her climax. Steve swapped ends and kneeling between her legs entered her tight, dripping, but very accommodating cunt. "Now my beautiful cock hungry slut, hold out your hands and let me put these fluffy handcuffs on those dainty wrists". Steve told her.
Jane complied excitedly, wanting to be at his mercy, helpless to stop him ravishing her body. She watched him lock the two sets of handcuffs to her wrists, then attaching them to two lengths of chain that was already secured to the tubular brass headboard, affording her plenty of scope to move positions.
"Time for the blindfold sexy ". Said Steve, fitting it snuggley over her eyes and freeing her cute pigtails.
"You're all mine now, i'm gonna fuck every hole in that sexy slut body of yours ". Steve told her as he grabbed her arse cheeks and edged himself backwards, taking Jane with him until her arms were stretched out above her head.

Steve signaled for Rob to come out of his cupboard as he began to fuck Jane's defenceless body.
Rob filming with one hand, while removing his boxers with the other, kicking them under the bed. The sight before him so fucking hot. Jane had her legs wrapped around Steve's waist, the most amazing pair of tit's he'd ever seen bouncing and wobbling wildly as his flat mate pounded her cunt. She really did have the most glorious, big juicy nipples, he couldn't wait until he'd be giving them a good chewing.
Jane was in heaven, this new sensation of being handcuffed and in a blindfold was so erotic, she could feel herself building to another massive orgasm. "Oh god, this is sooo fucking hot, i'm gonna cum sooo fucking hard, dooont stop, fuuuuck yooour bitch haaardeer, poooound my cunt, ooooh fuuck, give meee thaat big haaaard beautifuuuul cock, aaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh fuuuuuuuuck, l'm cuuuuuummmmmiiiiiing".

Rob captured every moment of her spectacular orgasm. Her tit's undulating as she shook uncontrollably, her face contorted in rapturous pleasure as she spouted obscenities, he even switched ends and got a close up of her spasming cunt, forcing her fluids past Steve's tight fitting, thick girth.
Rob filmed Steve slowly retreating from her clinging cunt, as his bellend emerged along with a flood of her cum juice, her pussy gaping, pulsing like some underwater sea creature you would find clinging to the barrier reef.
Steve moved up her body, straddling her chest he told her. " Suck your cum of my cock, you dirty little whore, taste how sweet that fountain of a cunt is."
Jane licked, slurped and swallowed, taking all eight inches repeatedly down her throat. She had developed great technique in such a short period of time. 'One of life's naturals' Steve laughed to himself.
When he was satisfied he retreated from her and the bed, telling her, "Now get on all fours, i'm gonna fuck you like the dirty, whore dog you are. From now on i'm gonna be silent, you've got to do the talking, if it's not filthy enough to keep my big cock rock hard, i'll leave you chained to the bed while i watch t.v. Got it slut"?

Jane was so turned on, her senses heightened by the blindfold and verbal abuse, she quickly rolled over and assuming the position, provocatively wiggling her cute little arse saying. "Fuck yeah, stick that beautiful big, fat cock in my whore cunt, ram me full of throbbing meat, make me cum, treat me like a slut that deserves to be punished, come on, fuck me hard".
As she verbally begged for cock, blind to the fact that Steve had taken the camcorder from Rob and silently high fived him.
Moaning loudly as two hands gripped her arse cheeks pulling them apart and a mouth clamped onto her sodden cunt, feasting on her sweet nectar.
" That's it baby, tongue fuck my cunt, lap up my juice, don't forget my dirty shithole you dirty bastard". Jane said, loving being able to give a non stop recital of her innermost desires.
Rob could have spent all day eating her beautiful cunt and reaming out her cute puckered arsehole but he was desperate to bury his painfully hard cock inside her. He rose to a kneeling position, lined up his tool and thrust hard, driving it to the hilt in one go.
'God that feels good ' he thought as he started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts, each one meet with a backward thrust of her own, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh resonating around Steve's bedroom .

Steve filmed in silent admiration as he watched his once timid, virgin, goody two shoes of a girlfriend getting fucked by his best mate. It was hard to believe she had transformed into a totally uninhibited, dirty, filth spouting sex goddess. He was truly impressed by her metamorphoses and his own conquering prowess.

Jane was revelling in her new found sexual freedom. Being on the pill gave her a liberating freedom and her recently lost virginity seemed another lifetime ago.
Alone at last with her boyfriend, the sexiest man on the planet. The fear of being caught having sex by her family or members of the public removed.
She did miss the special exhilaration that the fear of being caught gave her, but this privacy gave her the opportunity to express herself, especially as Steve had told her to talk filthy to keep him fucking her.

" Oh fuck, that cock feels so good fucking my slutty cunt, fuck it good and hard, stick your thumb up my arse, make me cum you dirty bastard". Jane cajoled, blissfully unaware her so called loving boyfriend had borrowed her to his best mate as if she was no more than an old tee shirt.
Steve filmed her secret humiliation without so much as a twinge of jealousy or guilt.
He was grinning as he watched Rob pull her arse cheeks apart, bend close and spit a mouthful of sylvia, scoring a bullseye on her brown eye. Steve zoomed in as Rob's thumb pressured her gob covered sphincter until it surrendered, allowing the spit covered thumb full access .
Jane let out a satisfying grunt as she felt the invasion of her anus, The sensation pushed her into her third climax in thirty minutes. "Sooooo gooood, sooooo niiiiiceeeee, cuuuuumiiiiing agaaaaiiiin". She purred.

Rob vacated her holes and manoeuvred her onto her back, lifted her legs onto his shoulders and slammed back into her cunt.
Now it was his thrusting cock that caused her beautiful, big tit's to flop about wildly not Steve's.
Rob smashed into her as hard as he could, mesmerised as her jug's wildly danced to his tune.
All the time Jane vocalised her approval between grunts. "Arrgghh, that's it, aarrgghh, fill my cunt aarrgghh with cock, aarrgghh, fuck meee hard, aarrgghh, slam my cunt aarrgghh you bastard".
After a few minutes Rob lowered her legs, Jane wrapped them around his waist. Taking his weight on his elbows Rob leaned in and went to work on her amazing tit's with his hands and mouth.
Steve had told him, she liked them being treated rough, especially her big nipples. Rob wasn't disappointed, the more he squeezed, lightly bit and slapped her tit's together, the harder she fucked back at him. When he pulled, twisted and chewed on her succulent nipples she went up another level, letting him know exactly what she wanted.
"Chew my big nipples you bastard, fuck my cunt you dirty fucker, i want you to fuck my arse and make me cum, fuck me harder and squeeze my tit's".
Steve filmed as Rob's cock slide from Jane's cunt and without too much resistance disappeared up her arsehole.
Jane was was close again, loving the feeling of fulfilment that only her gorgeous boyfriend Steve could give her.
"Oh god Steve, what are you doing to me, it feels sooo goood, you're sooo biiiig, soooo haaaard, fuuuuck meeeee i'mmmm sooo cloooseee, oooh fuuuck heeeree it comes, it's heeeree, fuuuuuuuuuuk, aaaaarrrrggghhh"

Rob could feel Jane's cunt spasms as her arse clenched and unclenched on his rock hard cock, he looked at Steve with an expression that told him he couldn't hold out any longer.
Steve gestured to Rob to fuck her tit's and cum over them and her blindfolded face.
Jane slowly returned from heaven and feeling her boyfriend making his way up her body begged him to let her suck his cock.
"Oh god, put your cock in my mouth, let me taste all my cunt and arse juice. Make me swallow your beautiful big magic wand. Fuck my slutty mouth and let me feast on your lovely hot spunk".
Rob felt her amazing big tit's flatten under his arse cheeks as manoeuvred his cock to her lips, lifting her head, he pushed all the way to the back of her throat, amazed at the relative ease she managed to swallow his not inconsiderable seven and a half inches of fat sausage.
' Steve had trained her well', he thought, easing out of her throat, allowing her to go to town with her lips and tongue.
Once his cock had been expertly cleansed of her bodily fluids and replaced with sylvia , Rob knew he was on the brink, he retreated from her gorgeous, wet, slurping lips and reversed down her body, her magnificent tit's appearing from underneath him.
Rob wasted no time as he gripped them, pinching her rock hard nipples. Placing his throbbing meat between them proceeded
to fuck her slippery cleavage for all he was worth, which amounted to thirty seconds before he gripped his shaft tightly and wanked his cock furiously shooting rope after rope of thick clinging jizz over Jane's tit's, nipples, neck, lips and mask covered face.
Jane felt such pride as each spurt cannoned onto her flesh. " Oh Steve, i love it that i get you so excited, making you cum so much. Cover your dirty little whore with your hot spunk, paint my face and body with your lovely cum".

Steve had planned to unload the contents of his scrotum to add to Rob's massive deposit. Changing his mind, deciding to keep his already depleted supply of powder dry, in anticipation of events he hoped would unfold later.
Steve looked down at Jane laid out on her back almost fully clothed, her small skirt around her waist and blouse open, her shiny red stiletto shoes and silky white hold up's.
She would have looked very angelic if it wasn't for the fact she was handcuffed to the bedstead, blindfolded and her tit's, neck and face covered with Rob's spunk. Steve filmed one more close up of his betrayal of his girlfriend, before handing over the camcorder to Rob who retrieved his boxers and retreated back into the cupboard.
Steve coated his cock with sylvia and climbed back on the bed saying,"You're such a gorgeous little slut, let's get these handcuffs off you, so you can clean yourself up ".

Steve freed her from her restraints and blindfold, "Oh my god, that was so sexy. I loved the feeling of being at your mercy, helpless and completely in your control, knowing i could trust you because you care so much for me ". Jane told Steve, marvelling at his now semi flaccid, glistening cock.
"You're not finished yet. Clean all the cum of your tit's, lick what you can reach and scrape what you can't with your finger. That goes for your neck and face too, i want to watch you swallow every drop ".
Rob had the perfect view to film Jane, as she put on a sexy show by lifting her beautiful tit's to her mouth, licking, slurping and moaning as she licked his spunk off them.
She payed special attention to her nipples, continuing to lick, suck and gently bite them for a full two minutes after she had cleansed them of Rob's sticky jizz.
Steve offered up the mask, telling her. "Don't forget to clean this, we might need it again".
After she had finished with her tit's and mask, she seductively used her finger to scrape the remaining globs from her neck and face, making exaggerated slurping and swallowing noises and actions, telling Steve, "I love feeding on your beautiful baby juice, this load tasted even saltier than usual ".
"You look so hot putting on a show like that, especially dressed like a school girl slut. Now i want you to finger ur sexy cunt until you cum. Then we can go back to yours and i'll fuck you all night long ". Steve told her.
Jane arranged his pillows and sat back against the headboard drawing her knees back and wide apart, her small plaid skirt around her waist, giving Steve and Rob a perfect view of her neatly trimmed bush and well fucked puffy cunt.
"I'm only doing this cos i love you sooo much and you fuck me soooo good ". Jane teasingly told Steve.
Jane seductively sucked on two of her fingers and proceeded to put on the most sensual masturbation show the pair of them had ever seen.

Jane fingered here sopping cunt and flicked at her clit with her thumb, letting her little finger tease her arsehole. She used the other hand to play with her tit's and engorged nipples, occasionally lifting them to her mouth to use her lips, tongue and teeth.
Jane pleasured herself the same way Steve pleasured her. She was loving the sensation and thrill of pleasing her amazing boyfriend.
As she moaned at the self inflicted bliss, she began to tell him her thoughts. "You've got my cunt so horny, fucking me with your beautiful, big cock, you fuck me soooo good. I love the way you spray your gorgeous hot spunk over my tit's and face.
I'm gonna suck and fuck you stupid when i get you back to my bed. I don't give a shit if my mum hears us, she knows we're fucking anyway. I'm so fucking horny for your big cock, i don't care if i scream the house down".
Steve and Rob watched as Jane built towards her crescendo.
Rob struggling to keep the camcorder steady as the amazing show unfolded. He knew he was going to have a great wank once they both left, while he watched all the great footage he and Steve had shot.

Jane was getting close and pinching her nipple hard and frantically thudding her pussy, she ramped up her vocal commentary as she was about to explode. " Oh fuck, oh shit this feels sooooo good, oh god my cunt is on fire, aarrrrgggghhhh fuck i'm sooo wet, i'mmmmm gonna cuuum, gonna cuuuum, cuuuuuummmmmiiiing, fuuuuuuuuuuck".
The both watched as Jane buried her two fingers into her cunt, her little finger up her arse and pinched her nipple as hard as she could.
Her whole body stiffened and ten seconds later started shaking as her body succumbed to her beautiful orgasm. Her mouth fell open, her pussy emptied it's juices over her fingers and thighs.
Thirty seconds later she slumped back, totally spent, her fingers exiting her pulsing pussy and arse. Her other hand releasing her nlpple and falling to her side.

Steve let regain her composure in beautiful silence, before telling her. "That was amazing and beautiful babe, let's get you home. I want to fuck my amazing girlfriend in her own bed".
Jane asked him."Can i have a shower first ".
" Have one at yours, i love the way you smell with your shower gel and shampoo. Also you can do your makeup and change clothes. I want to fuck you when you're all fresh and wearing a different sexy outfit ". Steve told her as he helped her off the bed.
Jane retrieved her bra and panties and sat on the bed to put them back on.
Steve stopped her, saying, "Leave them off babe, i want to see your hot fuckable body right up until the point you disappear for a shower ".
"What about my mum, she'll be shocked if she sees me in this state. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw me dressed like this when i had a bra and panties on. She'll faint seeing me without ". Jane questioned.
"Leave your mum to me, i'll have a talk to her. She needs to understand you're a grown, sexually active woman, with the right to express your feelings the way you choose. Let her see you've been well and truly fucked, it's the only way make her realise you're an equal with the same right to get fucked as she has. Do you trust me? ". Steve challenged her.
"Of course i do. I know you care for me and have my best interests at heart. I know you would never do anything to hurt me or betray my love for you. It would be good for you to talk to my mum, she'll listen to you, i know she thinks the world of you. I don't know how you've managed to gain so much of her respect and trust in so short a time". Jane reassured Steve.

Steve chuckled to himself, it never ceased to amaze him how gullible women are, all it takes is a big smile, a few choice words and a good fucking to wrap them around your little finger.
Jane knotted her silk blouse and did up a couple of buttons.
Standing up and inspecting herself in Steve's full length bedroom mirror, she smiled, almost relishing confronting her mother with her new found lust and sexuality.

Steve dressed and Rob heard them both leave the flat.
Steve sinisterly grinned to himself, his plan was coming together beautifully. A few more cunning manoeuvres and his goal of fucking mother and daughter together would be magnificently achieved.

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