She was wearing a black shirt of mine, high heels and her favourite perfume.

The shirt was sitting on her shoulders and completely open showing her lush body and erect nipples.

She had her magnificent legs wide open as she pleasured herself with a vibrator at my request.

The look on her face showed that she was obviously enjoying herself as I watched.

The previous day she had phoned me asking if I had some jobs she could do for me to help pay some bills.

In the past she had made similar requests and I had paid her for ironing and cleaning.

This time I told her I would be happy to help her out with some money.

“You can give me a blow job with all the bells and whistles.

“And as a bonus I will pay you extra if you masturbate for me while I watch.”

I had watched her masturbate before and she was awesome and very exciting to watch.

An absolute turn on as she slowly turned up the vibrator speed and hovered close to orgasm.

And then exploded.

Very exciting, especially with her persona.

She arrived a little late the next day.

Part of her ‘bells and whistles’ and tease.

“Have I got bells and whistles for you,” she grinned determined to take control and seize the moment.

“Do you like my full length coat?

“Guess what I am wearing underneath?”

Before I could guess she opened the coat, legs akimbo, with one deft movement.

Breathtakingly naked under her coat with an all over suntan, accentuated by her high heels.

And those legs. To die for.

“I love a challenge, especially one I am being paid for.

“Let me have that black shirt of yours I like.

“I am very horny and what you are paying me to do is making me even hornier.

”Sit and watch me masturbate.

“Take all your clothes off so I can see how much I am turning you on.

“Do you like the way I am wearing your shirt?

“I am going to tease my pussy lips with my vibrator for a while.

“Then I am slowly going to insert it in me as far as it will go.

“I want to build up to a huge orgasm before I give you your blow job.

“Are you looking forward to your blow job?

“I like the thought of being paid for it.

“I have often fantasised about being a well paid escort.

“Do you like watching me fucking myself?

“It feels really good.

“Really, really good.

”Almost orgasmic.

“And I love performing for you.”

By now her voice had a distinct timbre to it.

“I am getting close baby.

“Really close.

“Tell me you are loving this.”

“Just look at how hard my cock is.

“Rock hard.

“That’s your answer.

“Make it last baby.

“Tease both of us.

“Keep teasing.”

I watched her body tense and then explode as she orgasmed.

As hard as I had ever seen her orgasm.

Is there any better foreplay than that for a man?

“When I get my breath back I will start on you.

“If I make you cum in less than seven minutes, I expect a bonus.

“I am going to take your rock hard cock in a position I think you will enjoy.

“I am going to lie face down on your bed.

“And I am going to prop myself on my elbows.

“You are going stand in front of me while I suck you.

“You will be able to look at my arse while I am sucking you.

“Looking at my arse in that position has always turned you on.

“One day when I was sunbathing nude in that position in the garden you came home early.

“You were like a raging bull as you fucked me that day.

“All you could mutter as you fucked me was, “That arse, that glorious arse. So big. So good, so fucking good.

“So tell me how much you like my arse today as I suck you orgasm.

“Don’t forget the early finish clause,” she whispered as I watched in awe as she took my cock between her lips.

“You really are rock hard.

“Are you desperate for it?”

Her arse had never looked better.

I wondered why she had a bowl with ice blocks close by.

Then she put a few of them in her mouth.

The effect of her lips and ice blocks on my rock hard cock was electric.

Hot and cold for contrast.

“Put some ice in my bum crack,” she ordered, “I love the feel of it in my arse crack and running into my clit.

“It turns me on even more.”

“Tell me if you like me sucking your cock.

“Am I good?

“I need to know.”

“Baby you are the absolute best.”

“Am I going to get my seven minutes bonus?”

“Suck me even harder and you will.

“I am almost there.

“Don’t hold back baby.

“Love looking at that glorious arse while you suck me.

“Baby you are the best,” I screamed as I orgasmed, “worth the money, especially the bonus.”

Liz is a Libra and the sexist woman I have ever known with brilliant thighs and as I have told her countless times, ‘the world’s best ass’. Forty-three inches of magnificent dimple free beautifully proportioned and formed flesh.

I used to love watching her shower and admiring her naked body before I helped her dry off. Sometimes I would kneel in front of her and lick my way up her inner thighs before licking her cunt lips. She used to especially like having her clit stimulated.

The very last time I had her the sex was absolutely magnificent. I watched her shower and admired her naked body from all angles before I helped her dry off. After some wine and a meal I vividly recall her dressing in just a short kitchen apron and sitting on a chair side-on to me.

“I absolutely adore you Liz, why can’t you be like this all time,” I asked as my body ached for her.

I placed a towel on my leather couch and led her to it as I removed her apron and sat her down. “I am going to fuck you with my tongue baby, make me work for it,” I told her as I licked her nipples in turn. Then I licked my way up her inner thighs with my hands supporting her glorious ass.

We were so comfortable with each other as my tongue found her cunt lips, then her clit. “I love pleasing you,” I told her as she soaked up the sexual pleasure as I swirled my tongue on her pleasure zone.

“Put a finger in me. Two fingers,” Liz told me after what must been ten minutes as she was pushing the back of my head into her so my lips and tongue were providing maximum pleasure to her cunt lips. From past experience I knew she was close to orgasm as I manipulated my tongue for her pleasure. Very satisfying for me to please my wife like that, especially knowing I was about to fuck her hard, very hard with my roaring erection.

As we moved to the bedroom she deliberately flaunted her glorious forty-three inch ass for me. “That ass is so good, I love it,” I told her as I kissed both sides of it. I learnt shortly after I first met her that she loves being fucked from behind, something I love doing to her. This time was no exception as I gripped her ass cheeks and slid my rock hard cock into her.

“Fuck me harder, harder,” she groaned as she could feel me tensing ready to orgasm. And I did.

An extra turn on for me when I went to bathroom afterwards was watching her pee with a very sexy smile on her face as she flaunted her naked body for me. Her hips looked sensational sitting like that. Sadly that was the last time I saw her naked or at all before todays tryst.

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