Vanessa's New Life Part 12

Vanessa's New Life Part 12

This is part 12 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and never had so much pleasure.


Saturday July 31

A busy morning and I was glad when it was lunchtime. Debbie and I both had the same lunch break so we went to the coffee shop down the road. She asked again if I would permanently remove her pubic hair for her. I said yes and reminded her to be at our house early on the Monday morning. Debbie told me that she’d been saving up to buy herself a car and would be glad when she didn’t have to rely on buses. She said that she had just about got enough money dependent upon how much discount she could get with her ‘pussy power’. I told her that I would like to help her with that and said that, “Two pussies are better than one.” As we were laughing about that one of the other girls from the salon joined us so the conversation got boring.

In the middle of the afternoon the manager asked me to wax a ladies legs. She looked slightly older than me and as we went upstairs she quietly asked me if I would trim her hair ‘down there’. At first I didn’t realise what she was wanting and I just said, “Yes, sure, no problem.” It was only when she lifted her skirt up and took her knickers off that I realised what she meant.

She sat on the reclining chair with her legs up waiting for me to get the wax strips sorted out. As I was ‘doing’ her legs she was telling me all about the new love of her life. When I’d finished her legs she told me that she wanted to be left with just a heart shape of short pubic hair with the bottom of the heart starting at the top of her slit. As she was telling me this she opened her legs wide and ‘drew’ the shape of the heart with a finger. I though that I’d trim away most of her dark brown bush and then use an eyeliner pencil to mark out the heart on her skin.

She was talking all the time that I was trimming her hair but most of what she was saying didn’t make any sense. I guess that she was nervous. It only took me a few minutes to do the trimming but by the time I’d finished her pussy lips were swollen and open and her juices were starting to seep out. She seemed a little embarrassed so I said, “You know, by this stage a lot of women have had their first orgasm.” That seemed to make her relax a bit but that distinctive aroma of a woman’s pussy was filling the room. She jumped a bit as the eyeliner pencil touched her skin but she settled down as we agreed on the shape and size of the heart.

Next came the painful part as I got a couple of wax strips and put them on either side of her pussy lips. I didn’t ask her if she was ready, I just did it. She screamed as I ripped the first one off. I was stood beside her and as soon as the first one was off her hand went round my leg and up my dress. She was looking waiting for the second one to come off and as it did her hand went up the inside of my thigh and grabbed it just below my pussy. That second strip missed a few hairs and I told her that I’d come back to them.

The next 2 were up the sides of the heart and were easy to do. Just before each one came off her hand started pushing up against my pussy. By that time I think that my pussy was just as wet as hers was. When they were off I had to go over to the table to get some more strips. I pulled away from her and she let go of me but as she was letting go the pressure made the 2 bottom fasteners on my dress come undone and for a second she could see that I was naked under the dress. She just smiled and said, “I thought so.”

We were alone in there with the door shut so I didn’t bother fastening the dress and when I went back to her to do the top of the heart her hand went straight up my dress and round to my pussy. As I was delicately cutting the wax strip to the right shape her hand was playing with my pussy. As I pulled that top strip off a finger went inside me, and she came. She shuddered and moaned for ages as her finger pushed hard into me. I was glad when her orgasm started to subside as she was starting to hurt me.

There was just one more strip to go to remove the few stubborn hairs on the left side of her pussy. She was so wet that I had to dry her with a tissue before putting the strip on. As it came off her finger shot into me again. I’m sure that if there had been any more to do then I would have cum as well.

After that there was just the final trimming of the heart to do and then the inspection. As I was holding the mirror for her to see herself she said, “Look at me, I look like Ken’s just cum inside me and it’s starting to leak out.” “You look perfectly normal to me.” I said. She then said, “I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve got your labia pierced, would you mind if I had a look, Ken’s talked to me about it and I’d like to see what I’d look like.” I didn’t mind so I pulled back the sides of the dress to show her. I wasn’t thinking about how much pressure was needed and the rest of the press-studs popped open and I was left showing the whole of the front of my naked body. When she said, “What does it look like from underneath,” I opened my legs wide. She got off the chair, stood in front of me and put a hand on my pubes with her fingers pressing into my hole pushing part of the chain in as well, and said; “Very nice, I bet your boyfriend loves it.” “He does.” I said, and backed off.

There was something about her that I didn’t really like, I can’t put my finger on what, but I wasn’t going to let her do more to me than was necessary to get my job done. I know I was getting a bit sexually excited by it, but it just didn’t feel right. I fastened my dress as she put her knickers on and she followed me down the stairs. As I gave her the change at the till she gave me a £10 tip and said, “Thank you, you were wonderful.”

Nothing much happened after that and Jon picked me up at 5 o’clock and took me home.

Jon didn’t fancy going out that evening so we had a quiet night in front of the TV.

Sunday August 1

A boring day, nothing exciting happened. Jon spent most of the day either watching motor racing or working on his PC while I soaked up some sun.

Week commencing August 3

Monday - Debbie surprised us by arriving just before Jon left for work. Jon greeted her at the door saying, “You’re keen aren’t you, can’t wait to get rid of all that horrible hair then.” Debbie looked a little bit embarrassed as Jon said good-bye and left. We had some breakfast and then I said, “Come on then girl, get ‘em off.” We both laughed as Debbie whipped off her top and skirt. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear. The no bra had been obvious but with a lose skirt it’s never easy to tell.

Debbie was now as naked as I was and I invited her to come and have a look at the punishment room while I got the Sonique depilatory machine out. When Debbie first saw what was in the punishment room she just stopped dead in her tracks and said, “What the hell’s all this?” I explained it all to her but she said that she couldn’t understand how the ‘fucking machine’ worked. I told her that I guaranteed that it did and that I’d show her it in action after we’d got rid of all that hair. As I said that I lightly ran my fingers over her pubic hair. The next question was where were we going to perform the operation. I suggested outside on the grass but Debbie said that it was a bit ‘fresh’ for her at that time of the morning so we settled for the conservatory. I got lots of cushions and put them on the floor for her. Debbie had trimmed her pubes so that they were all about a quarter of an inch long, which made it easier for me. I suggested that I started with the hairs inside and round her lips saying that I wanted to get them out before she got too wet. Debbie said that she wouldn’t get wet, but I just said, “You will girl.”

I must say that it took a lot longer for me to see and smell her juices than I’d thought. It was about an hour, just before I was ready for a break. Debbie has a nice pussy, not a very big clit though and just to let her know that I knew she was ‘warming-up’, I quickly slipped a finger in and then out of her hole and then said, “Told you so, come on, let’s have a coffee.” Debbie had gasped a bit as my finger went into her and then she looked a bit embarrassed as we got up and went into the kitchen. Nothing was said about it over coffee but when she got back onto the floor and spread her legs I could see that her natural chemistry had taken over and all her pussy lips very wet.

As I started with the machine again I told her all about my last trip to the doctor’s when there had been the couple of student doctors there and I’d cum in the middle of being examined. Debbie (and me) was laughing about it but at the same time her pussy was getting wetter.

By late morning I’d just about got all round her lips done and had got some of the front done. My back was aching and I needed a break so we went for a walk round the garden then upstairs to the punishment room. Debbie asked where it got its name from so I climbed onto the ‘whipping-T’ and put myself into the position that I was often in. Debbie said that the ‘fucking machine’ part now made more sense but that she would never let anyone beat her like that. She couldn’t understand when I tried to explain that although the pain was bad, it really tuned me on and that I often had an orgasm just through the pain. When she said that she still couldn’t understand I offered to let her watch the next time Jon punished me. I told her that I was sure that Jon wouldn’t mind, but she wasn’t sure. We went back down to the conservatory to start again but it was so hot in there that Debbie asked if we could move out onto the patio.

We’d been at it for about an hour when I heard the side gate open. Trevor had come to cut the grass. Debbie was startled and tried to get up until I told her that it was only a young man who had come to cut the grass. I think that her state of sexual excitement had a bit to do with it and she quickly relaxed as I told her about the times that Trevor had seen me naked and perhaps done things to my body without me knowing who was doing them. Debbie said that I had an amazing life.

Trevor got on with his job and I got on with mine. There was very little conversation with Trevor (probably because he couldn’t get a word in with Debbie and me rabbiting on) but whenever I looked at him he seemed to be looking at us. It took Trevor twice as long to cut the grass as it used to take me but there again what would you expect from a young man in that situation.

It was the middle of the afternoon when I finally finished and let Debbie examine her now permanently bald pussy. She said that it reminded her of the times she’d had to use communal showers at junior school and there had only been one or two of the girls who had had hair by then. We both laughed and went for the martini bottle.

After a couple of drinks I asked Debbie if she wanted to have a go on the ‘fucking machine’. She said that she wasn’t sure so I said that I’d show her how it worked first, and then let her decide. We took our glasses and the bottle and went upstairs. I got a couple of chairs and rigged everything up and switched the motor on. I then climbed up, strapped my wrists together and hooked them onto the rope. My arms were going up and down, but my legs were supporting my weight and keeping my pussy above the dildo. The anticipation had lubricated my pussy so I didn’t have any problems as I lowered myself onto the dildo as I looked at Debbie. Her face was a picture of fascination and envy. She was already holding a hand on her pussy.

On one up-stroke I lifted my feet off the chairs and let them hang down. The motor was now doing all the work and I was just taking the pleasure. It didn’t take long before I started to feel an orgasm building inside me and within about 10 minutes I was cumming. As I calmed down I saw that Debbie’s hand was busy working on her pussy.

I lifted my feet onto the chairs and lifted myself up so that I was off the dildo, then asked Debbie if she wanted a go. “You bet!” was the reply and she was helping me untie my wrists in seconds. As Debbie lowered herself onto the dildo she let out a big gasp and it took a few seconds before she got into the rhythm of the machine and lifted her feet of the chairs. When she did I moved them out of the way and told her to relax and go with the flow.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning and sighing and within about 5 minutes she was screaming, “Yes, yes!” as she came for the first time. As she calmed down I asked her if she wanted me to put the chairs back so that she could stop. As she said was, “Don’t you dare!” Just as she was cumming for the second time Jon walked in the door. I hadn’t realised what the time was. He didn’t waste any time in telling me to get on the ‘whipping-T’ and strapping me down. Debbie was facing the whipping end and my head was very close to her bald pubes as she went up and down. She’d seen Jon come in but hadn’t said anything, I guess that she was too interested in the pleasure she was getting to care.

The moans from Debbie made me believe that she was about to cum for the third time but they stopped when Jon landed the first stroke of the cane. As I said, “One, thank you Master” Debbie went all silent. By the time I got to, “Ten, thank you Master” Debbie was moaning again and I was getting close to cumming. Jon landed the next 3 so that the cane end whipped round and hit my clit (he’s getting very good at doing that). I came on the 13th stroke and Debbie came shortly after that.

Jon stopped after that, switched the motor off with Debbie in the down position, and then dropped his trousers and fucked me from behind as Debbie looked down at us. After he had cum he pulled his dick out of me then pulled his trousers up. Debbie was silent as Jon undid the Velcro fasteners and let me get down. I put the chairs in position and helped Debbie lift herself up. When she was on her feet she said, “That was just amazing, I’ve never felt anything like that before, and never seen anything like that before. Did you really enjoy that Vanessa?” “I came didn’t I” I said.

Debbie and me went to the bathroom to get cleaned-up and then went down to join Jon. Debbie got her top and skirt and put them on. As she did Jon said, “Your bald pussy looks good Debbie.” For some strange reason this embarrassed her and she went all red. I got us all some tea and then Debbie said she had better be going but not before she asked if she could come again and if we would help her buy a car. When I explained what she was talking about Jon said that he would be happy to give some cars the ‘once over’ for her, then stand back and let us girls manipulate the salesman.

The rest of the week wasn’t anything special, nor was work on the Friday. The paperboy came for his money on the Thursday evening, but he’s seen me naked that often that it doesn’t do anything for me anymore.

Saturday August 7

Saturday wasn’t too bad. Had a chat with Debbie who asked if we would help her buy a car on the Sunday.

Sunday August 8

Jon took me to the gym and really made me work hard. I had to wear my white Lycra shorts and bikini top AND my Ben Wa balls. It wasn’t long before my pussy was soaking the shorts and I was glad that I didn’t have any pubic hair to show through the then near transparent Lycra. When it came to the exercise cycle Jon set the saddle quite high and I had to slide from side to side on it. Just as I was getting on a youth of about 16 or 17 came into the gym and started working out just in front of me. Within a minute of getting on the cycle I realised that Ben would be working overtime and that it wouldn’t be long before I had an orgasm. I started sweating a lot more and I wasn’t sure if it was because of the exercise or from my attempts to not cum.

I couldn’t help it; I let out a slow moan that attracted the attention of the youth. He asked me if I was okay and then kept watching me after I managed to say, “yes - thank you.” The orgasm was coming and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. I tried to pedal faster to try to hide my shaking as I started to cum. The expression on my face must have been amazing. The faster I pedalled the more I came. In the end I just stopped pedalling and collapsed onto the handlebars gasping for breath. The youth asked me if I was okay again. All I could manage to say was, “Oh yes.”

That was one of the best orgasms that I’ve ever had. Getting myself off like that with a young man stood just in front of me, watching me, really turned me on. I don’t know if he knew what was going on but the bulge in his shorts told me that he’d enjoyed it. I decided that I’d try to remember to wear Ben every time that I go to the gym. When I’d calmed down I looked over to Jon who was also watching me and smiling.

From there we went to the pool where Jon told me to take Ben out. I’d never thought about taking them out under water. It wasn’t as easy as when I’m stood on dry land and it was fortunate that there were very few people in the pool.

I was glad of the cool water though it really made my nipples stick out. We didn’t stay long there and went home to wait for Debbie. As we were driving to the first car showroom I told her about the gym. She’d never heard of Ben Wa balls so Jon promised to buy her some.

The first car place wasn’t very promising. Firstly there weren’t any cars that Debbie liked and secondly the salesman was an old man that neither Debbie nor I fancied flashing our pussies at. We’d arranged it so that Debbie and I would go in and have a look round then come out and tell Jon which car(s) she fancied. Jon would then go in and have a look at it / them and then come out and tell us what he thought. If he was happy then we’d go back in and start working on the salesman. Debbie wore a loose blouse and a short tight skirt. I wore my baggy cheesecloth dress. Not a piece of underwear between us.

At the second place we struck lucky. It was a big place and there were quite a few cars that Debbie fancied. Also, most of the salesmen were in their twenties and there were a few that were quite dishy. As we looked round we saw a few of them eyeing us up and 3 of them came up to us and asked if we needed any help. Debbie finally decided on 2 cars that she fancied and we went out to where Jon was and told him which ones.

Ten minutes later Jon was back saying that both of them looked okay to him but reminded us to ask about warranties. Within seconds of us starting to look at one of the cars one of the salesmen pounced. Debbie asked him to tell us all about the car while we listened and looked.

Debbie was the first to flash her tits at him as she bent-over to look at the engine. He was stood at the other side of the car and I saw his eyes open wide as her blouse fell away from her chest. I got into the driver’s seat and adjusted my dress while he was still looking at Debbie. When he turned to look at me he was staring right at my pussy. I’d sat with my knees open so he could see the lot. He was mumbling something and looking a bit red in the face when Debbie asked him if there was much room for the passengers to get into the back (it only has 2 doors). “Let me show you,” the salesman said as he went round to her side and held open the door. Debbie bent over to climb in but stayed half in and half out with him behind her. He must have had a fantastic close-up view of her pussy. I could just see round part of Debbie and could see the bulge in his trousers.

After what seemed like hours Debbie finally climbed right in and flopped down with her legs at his side and her butt at the other side. Even if her tight little skirt hadn’t ridden-up he would have been able to see all her pussy. As it had ridden-up he could see the bottom half of her naked stomach as well. After a couple of seconds Debbie said, “Shouldn’t really wear short skirts when climbing into the back of cars should I?” “Oh, I’m not complaining,” said the salesman. I said, “Neither am I.” That made him turn to me with a puzzled look on his face.

“Right then, let’s have a look at the red one over there.” Debbie said.

As we followed the salesman over I whispered to Debbie that it was my turn to get in the back. “Spoil-sport” was all she said.

The salesman went on about the history of the car or something but I wasn’t really listening.

Neither was Debbie and we kept asking him what some bit was or what something else did. Each time we either bent over so that he could see down our tops or up our skirts. At one point I saw that another of the salesmen had got into the car next to us and was pretending to do something to it as he looked over to us.

I made sure that the other salesman got a real good view of my ass and pussy as I got in the back. I bet that he’d have a hard-on for hours after we left. Debbie had climbed into the driver’s seat and was asking the salesman to explain what each of the “knobs and dicks” did. At least I think she said ‘dicks’ and not ‘sticks’, the salesman took it as ‘sticks’ because he quickly said, “and this stick controls the indicators.”

As I climbed out of the car backwards to give the other salesman another look Debbie asked, “Was there enough room to have a bit of hanky-panky in the back Vanessa?” I finished getting out then got back into the front seat and said, “I think so, do you want to try it now?” “No, sex isn’t quite at the top of my list of priorities at the moment,” was the reply.

After that we got out and Debbie told him that she like both cars and that she wanted to talk about money and discounts. The salesman asked us to follow him into a building where he offered us a seat at one side of a desk while he sat at the other. Both our chairs were not close to the desk and I’m sure that he was looking at my un-crossed legs and up my dress. When Debbie asked about discounts the salesman said that he’d have to go and talk to his boss and he left us. When he was gone Debbie said, “Don’t you ever cross your legs?” As Jon won’t let me, I said, “Never.” After a few seconds Debbie said, “I know, remember that film with Sharon Stone in it?”

Nothing else was said but when the salesman came back we were both sat there lounging back in the chairs with our knees a few inches apart. When the salesman saw us he went red again and as he sat down I noticed that the bulge in his trousers was still there. Debbie is quite good at haggling and managed to get the price of one of the cars reduced by quite a bit more than I would have thought was possible. As we walked out of there and round the corner Debbie clenched her fist and said, “YES, see what pussy power can do for us women.” Jon over-heard her and said, “Yes, you women can just about get whatever you want - if you go about it in the right way.”

Jon took us to a pub for some lunch and Debbie insisted on paying.

Back home Debbie was still quite pleased with herself and asked Jon if she could use the ‘fucking machine’ again. Jon gave the impression that he wasn’t too keen on the idea so Debbie said to him, “I’ll let you fuck me first.” Jon’s reply was, “Your pussy power won’t work with me but if you can make love to Vanessa first then you can use the machine.”

Without any hesitation Debbie turned to me and started French kissing me. She caught me by surprise so I looked at Jon who just shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room.

Debbie is quite a good kisser and while I was enjoying that her hands were easing the top of my dress over my shoulders and down to the floor. As her hands came back up my body they stopped at my breasts and she squeezed my nipples between her fingers. They went rock hard and I moaned a little. Debbie backed-off, lifted her top off over her head and unfastened her skirt. After a little push it fell to the floor leaving us both naked.

Jon came back in at that point and told us to go outside into sun on the grass. Debbie grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. She gave me the impression that she was in some sort of hurry but that went away when she told me to lie on the grass and then she started kissing me all over. It was very sensual, she started at my feet and went all up my legs. She by-passed my pussy and kissed all over my stomach and chest, but not my breasts. She then started on my face then neck. It was so relaxing it was amazing.

Next she opened my legs wide then knelt between them and leaned over and French kissed me again. This time her hands started massaging my breasts and nipples. At one point I thought that I was going to cum and she hadn’t even touched my pussy. She then started kissing and licking my stomach. This time she went to my wet, aching pussy and started playing with my clit with her teeth. I could feel an orgasm building but still managed to see that Jon had come outside and was standing just above my head. He was naked and had a big hard-on. Debbie saw him too and stopped eating me long enough to say, “Please fuck me.” Jon (calm as ever) said, “Are you sure?” Debbie almost screamed, “Fuck me, now.” Jon went round behind her, grabbed her hips and entered her. As he did he pushed her forward and her face pressed hard against my pussy. It hurt a bit and straight after she pushed her tongue inside me. It wasn’t long before I came and as I calmed down I saw the expression on Jon’s face. He had cum as well.

We all kept still for about a minute before Jon said, “Right, straight upstairs and onto that machine.” He had us run upstairs and while he set-up the wrist straps, ropes and motor, I got the chairs and got Debbie up and ready to be lowered down onto the dildo. Jon did a quick check round then told Debbie to lower herself onto the dildo. As she went down she let out a big sigh. Jon switched on the motor and when Debbie went up I moved the chairs. After watching her go up and down a couple of times Jon told me to clean his dick (with my tongue). As I was doing this I could see Debbie out of the corner of my eye. She was staring at us with a glazed expression on her face.

I’d just about got Jon’s dick clean when I heard Debbie start to moan. Jon sat on one of the chairs and lowered me down onto his Dick that had got hard again. We watched Debbie go through 3 orgasms before Jon decided that she’d had enough. By that time Jon had cum in me again, but I hadn’t cum again. I was a bit disappointed when Jon told me to get off him. We had to help Debbie get off the machine because she was totally knackered and we left her on my bed to recover. When she eventually came downstairs she was dressed. Jon has also got dressed and was working in the garden. I got Debbie a cup of tea but she was still too tired to talk. All she really said was, “That’s one hell of a machine you’ve got there girl.” Jon took her home leaving me to get some food ready.

Week commencing August 9

Quite a quiet week really, nothing exciting happened. Even the eclipse of the sun wasn’t worth the effort of looking at.

When I went to work on the Friday Debbie told me that she’d collected her car and that there had been a bit of a reception waiting for when she’d arrived. Four of the salesmen were there, all wanting to show her every bit of the car. Of course she’d had to bend over a few times and there had always been one of them behind her and in front of her waiting to get a glimpse up her skirt or down her top. It had only taken her seconds to realise what was going on so she’d decided to milk it a bit and had managed to get them to fill up the petrol tank (they paid) for her before she’d left.

Saturday August 14

Early afternoon Jon came into the salon and stayed just long enough to give Debbie a little box. I kept watching her and when she went to the loo I followed her and asked her if she was going to put her new friend Ben Wa to work. At first she wasn’t sure but in the end she did. I watched her for the rest of the afternoon, it was quite interesting and watching her made me get all damp. Twice people asked her if she was all right and when it came to going home she said she just had to go and take them out. She said that there was no way that she could have walked to her car and then driven home with them in.

Jon took me into town that night and round some of the livelier pubs. No one gave my ultra-short dress a second glance and most of the girls were wearing skirts that short. I wonder just how many of them weren’t wearing what I wasn’t.

Sunday August 15

After the newspapers it was straight to the gym and a workout. I wore my white Lycra shorts, bikini top and Ben again. I hadn’t intended to put Ben in but when I saw the same youth that was there the previous week I changed my mind. Needless to say that he smiled and said hello when we walked in and he kept looking over towards me all the time. I’m sure that he saw the outline of my rings and chain AND the wet spot on my shorts when I used the machine that stretches your legs wide open. His face went all red and he looked away for quite a while. I’m sure that he was waiting for me to use the exercise cycle, I know I was.

Ben had been working before I got on the cycle but as soon as I started the cycling movement with my legs Ben really earned his keep. I pedalled faster and faster as I tried to hide the building orgasm. I don’t really know why I pedalled faster because there were only 3 people in that room and all 3 knew that I was getting off in front of a man that I didn’t know. Jon was quietly getting on with his weight lifting and the youth and I were staring at each other. I’m sure that he knew exactly what I was doing.

I slowed down when I came but didn’t stop pedalling until I was something like normal. I got off the cycle with sweat poring off me (and a very contented look on my face). The youth was still staring at me right up until I looked directly at him and said, “I needed that!” The poor lad came back to earth again and started using the rowing machine again.

We went for a swim next and as we walked to the changing rooms Jon told me to leave Ben in and to change my shorts for the rest of the bikini. In the pool there were a group of about half a dozen teenagers, boys and girls. As I walked from the changing rooms the boys saw me and stared at me. I wondered if one of my pussy rings had ‘escaped’ from the confines of my bikini bottoms but I just ignored them and jumped in after Jon.

We did a few lengths and the movement of swimming made me cum again, then we went into the Jacuzzi. We were the only ones in there to start off with and Jon told me to take my bikini off and put it on the tiles at the side. This didn’t bother me for 2 reasons, firstly I would be below the bubbles and no one would be able to see me even if there had been anyone there; and thirdly, I enjoy the feeling of the bubbles on my naked pussy.

I was laying back end enjoying the experience for about 5 minutes when 2 of the boys came and joined us. No problem as I was below the bubbles, except that one of them was looking at my bikini on the tiles outside the water and then looking back at me. He nudged his mate and they were whispering to each other.

A couple of minutes later there was a problem, the bubbles stopped (the last few times that we’d been there the bubbles were on all the time). After about 10 to 15 seconds the water was calm and very clear. The boys could see everything that I’ve got. I looked down and with me being sat at the edge of the underwater seat I could see all my pussy and jewellery. If I could see it then they could. I looked at Jon who said, “Young lady, do you often take your swimwear off in a Jacuzzi?”

It took me a few seconds to think of what to say then I said, “Where I live people don’t normally wear anything at all.” “That’s not the done thing here so I suggest that you leave. Better still I’ll take you out.” Jon replied. With that he grabbed my arm and pulled me up out of the water and then the Jacuzzi. I just managed to grab my bikini as Jon pulled me by my arm right round the pool to the stairs towards the changing rooms.

I didn’t make it up the stairs before Ben took me over the top again. The fast pulling that Jon had been doing brought on a strong orgasm and I just couldn’t move. Jon saw what was happening and let go of my wrist. I leaned against the wall while I shook as it arrived with force. As I started to calm down I looked round the pool and saw that everyone in there was watching us.

Outside the changing rooms Jon laughed and said, “Good reply, I’m glad to see that you didn’t tell any fibs, otherwise I would have had to punish you. Go and get dressed, we need to be back at home.” As I walked into the changing room I said, “Must remember to tell a fib next time.” I just heard Jon say, “I heard that.”

Back home we both stripped off and I got us some food then Jon settled down to watch some motor racing. I’d just finished clearing up when the doorbell rang. It was Debbie; she was out for a drive and had called to thank us (again) for helping her buy it. She didn’t look at all surprised when she stuck her head into the lounge to thank Jon and saw him naked. We went into the kitchen and no sooner than I’d got us a drink than the doorbell rang again. This time it was Bridie and she was upset. I took her into the kitchen and poured her a drink as I introduced Bridie to Debbie.

As Bridie sat down she said to Debbie, “I know you don’t I?” After a few minutes of working things out it turns out that they went to the same school and that Debbie was in her last year whilst Bridie was in her second year. Debbie couldn’t remember Bridie but Bridie certainly remembered Debbie because of all the gossip about her. Needless to say that Debbie (and me) wanted to know what everyone had been saying. It turns out that all the kids knew that Debbie shaved her pussy and that she used to sit at the front of the class so that she could flash her pussy to most of the teachers. Bridie said that she had been amazed by it all at the time, but now she’d wished that she’d had the guts to do it, especially when Debbie told her that it got her lots of A+ grades.

Bridie had come round because she was upset - she’d just bust-up with her boyfriend. He’d started getting all possessive about her and wanted her to wear underwear all the time. Now that Bridie had discovered the joys of being knickerless there was no way that she was going back to sweaty crutches and not having any flashing fun. Well not when the weather was reasonable. After a couple of drinks and lots of talking we all made a pact never to wear knickers again.

About an hour later (and most of a bottle of martini) Jon came in to get himself a drink. He hadn’t heard Bridie arrive and was a little surprised to see her. When she saw his lack of clothes she said, “Well if both you two are starkers then I might as well be as well.” As she stood up and started taking her top and skirt off, Debbie stood up and said, “What the hell!” and off came her dress as well.

There were now 3 naked, shaved, women and 1 naked, shaved man in the same room. I guess that most men in that situation would have had a raging hard-on and be wanting to screw all 3 of them but Jon was so cool about it. He just said, “Cheers!” took a mouthful of his drink and walked out. I suppose it must have been something to do with the fact that he could probably have any one (or all 3) of us anytime that he wanted.

The 3 of us took the bottle into the conservatory and it wasn’t long before we were talking about sex. Debbie was telling Bridie the truth about what she got up to at school and how she used ‘pussy power’ to get things that she wanted. She also told her that she’d flashed her pussy at the salon owner to get her the job, and that she still did it sometimes if he’d asked her to do a job that she didn’t want to. I made a mental note of that in case there came a time when I was asked to do something that I didn’t want to.

We spent the next couple of hours finishing off the bottle of martini and telling each other about the ‘exploits’ that we had been up to in the last few months, and the next thing that I knew was when Jon came in and told us that we were all drunk. He brought us another bottle of booze in and left us to it. I know that we went on talking for ages but the next thing that I really remember was that it was getting dark and that Jon was carrying me upstairs.

Week commencing August 16

Monday - I woke up next morning in Jon’s bed with both Debbie and Bridie next to me. We were all still naked and they were both fast asleep. I don’t remember anything happening between us.

Jon had slept in my bed and he was trying to wake us all up so that Debbie and Bridie could get to work on time. He finally managed to get them up and away then he told me that I couldn’t go back to bed because we was taking the week off and that we were going for a walk to clear my head. He told me to put just a dress and trainers on and we went off towards the open country.

I have to admit that even though my head hurt it was quite nice walking through the fields at that time of the morning; everything was so quiet and fresh.

By lunchtime I was back in the land of the living and Jon decided that we’d go and play tennis in one of the local parks. He told me to wear just trainers, one of my very short, thin ‘A’ skirt and a crop top that is so short that you can see the lower part of my tits. It’s quite a loose fit and every time that I lift up an arm it rides-up over my breasts. Sometimes, if my nipples are hard it gets caught above them and leaves me exposed when my arm comes down. When I was putting it on I was thinking that playing tennis would be quite ‘interesting’, especially when I serve. As we were driving down there I hoped that there wouldn’t be any young kids there.

We got there and as we were hiring the court the old man was looking me up and down. He looked what I imaging the typical ‘dirty old man’ to look like, shift eyes, eyeing me up and down, and wearing shabby clothes. I’ve had more than my share of men staring at me over the last year or so, so it didn’t bother me in the least.

The court we were given was a grass one in the middle of a few of them. There were a couple of teenage girls playing on a court to one side and 2 teenage couples playing doubles on the other side. We were about half way through our first game when I noticed the 2 girls talking and looking over towards me. My little skirt was still covering my bum and pussy but my right breast was uncovered. The action of serving had caused my top to ride up and my bullet like nipples were stopping it going down again. When that volley ended I went up to Jon and pointed-out my predicament. At first all Jon said was, “Yes, nice isn’t it.” “Master,” I said, “those girls are staring at me and they now know that I know that I’m exposed.” “Okay,” Jon said, “at the end of each volley you can pull your top down. That way it will look as if you’re not doing it on purpose.” “Thank you Master.” I said, and we restarted the game.

Needless to say that as soon as my right arm stretched to hit the ball my boob popped-out again. Then when Jon won the volley I pulled my top down again. This went on for ages until Jon won the first game. In the second game Jon had me running around more and a couple of times when I had to turn or run quickly I tripped-up and went flying headlong onto the grass. As I got up the second time I noticed that we (or should I say me) had an audience. The 2 girls and the 2 couples AND the old man of an attendant were watching me. Not only that, when I came to get up I saw that my top was above both my boobs and my skirt was nearly up round my waist. No wonder I had an audience.

At the end of the next game Jon told me that we would play one more game the leave. After a brief rest (where the others started playing again), Jon told me to walk back to the other side of the court scratching the top of my right cheek - under my skirt. He said that he’d once seen a very sensuous picture called ‘The Tennis Girl’ where a girl had been doing just that. The last game was just as energetic as the previous one (for me anyway). The teenagers had given up looking and were getting on with their game but the old man was still there. Half way through Jon told me to stop adjusting my top and we played the rest of the game (Jon won again) with me virtually topless.

When it came time to go we collected the balls but we were one short. After a couple of minutes Jon said that he remembered me hitting one right out of the court. We went looking for it and eventually Jon saw it stuck in a branch about 4 metres up a tree. The old man had come over to help us look for it and kept saying that we’d have to pay for it if we couldn’t hand it in.

There was no way that we could shake it down so Jon said that I’d have to climb up and get it. “Besides, it could be fun.” For him and the old man he meant. The last time I’d climbed a tree was when I was a kid but after a few seconds working-out how, I started to climb. As soon as I lifted my foot of the ground I realised that the old man was going to get one hell of a view of my pussy. When I got onto the first branch I saw that the 2 couples who were playing doubles had stopped and all 4 of them were up against the fence watching me.

I made it onto the next branch then I had to stretch right across to the branch that the tennis ball was stuck on. ‘What the hell’ I thought as I virtually did the splits above Jon and the old man. I glanced down to see Jon smiling and the old mad drooling. The branch that I stretch out to wasn’t as solid as it looked and my legs opened even further. I started to fall and my arms grabbed out for anything they could find. They found the branch that I was trying to get on and I just saw the tennis ball get shaken lose and fall before I lost my grip and started to go down. As I went down I saw my thin ‘A’ skirt blew up round my waist.

I deliberately rolled over on the grass to break my fall and when I came to a stop I was on my back with my skirt still round my waist and my legs reasonably wide open. The worst (or best) part was that I was about 2 meters from the fence where the 2 couples were watching me, and my feet were facing them. I just lay still for a few seconds getting my breath back then I saw Jon and the old man come over to me. Jon knelt down beside me and as he was asking me if I was okay I saw the old man appear at my feet. Guess where he was looking? I was winded and I tried to tell Jon that I was but the words wouldn’t come out. Jon said, “Stay still and I’ll check you over.”

Jon then started to slowly run his hands all over me to see if he could find anything out of place or anything that hurt when he touched it. Fortunately nothing hurt but he did find something out of place. My skirt was still round my waist and my top was round my neck. As Jon moved down my body he lightly ran his hands over my breasts. This made my nipples stand to attention. As his hands went down up one leg then down the other he pressed the side of his hand onto my pussy. I let out a moan that made the old man jump a bit. As Jon reached my other foot he said, “Nothing seems to be out of place, does it hurt anywhere?” I waited for a few seconds thinking what to say, then said, “I’ve got this burning feeling between my legs can you do something about that please?” Jon said, “There’s nothing wrong with you get up and cover yourself up.” As I got up I saw that the old man’s face was a picture.

We didn’t go directly back to the car; we went for a walk round the park. There was no one in the kids play area so we went and had a go on the swings. As Jon pushed me higher and higher my skirt blew up. It was a good job that there were no kids there. After that Jon told me to climb over the climbing frame. When I got to a sort of arch in the frame Jon told me to hang upside down by my knees. Of course my skirt was round my waist and my top was round my neck and my blood was rushing to my head.

I never heard them approaching but I definitely saw the 3 young teenage kids when they stopped their bikes just in front of me. I started to pull myself up but Jon said, “Stay!” After what seemed like an eternity where I could hear my blood pounding in my head Jon finally got hold of my body and lifted me off. As my head slowly cleared I saw the lads sniggering then biking away. Jon had to hold me a bit as we walked back to the car. I enjoyed that.

Before he would let me into the car I had to take my skirt off and we drove home with me wearing just my trainers and skimpy top. Not one person gave any indication that they’d noticed.

Back home Jon and I packed the car. We were going camping at Blackpool for a couple of days.

Tuesday - We set off very early and got to the Manchester area before we hit any real traffic problems. We got held-up in a traffic jam just before we needed to turn off the M6 and it was late morning when we finally found a campsite. As we entered the campsite I remembered that I was wearing my favourite cheesecloth dress and that I’d have to bend-over and squat down a lot to put the tent up then get everything into it. I felt a bit disappointed when there was no one around the area that Jon decided we’d use.

After we’d pitched the tent we went for a walk round. The site was a little self-contained village with its own little shop, café and bar. Jon decided to give that a miss and we walked onto the main road and got a bus into the centre of Blackpool. We walked along the beach and I was glad (I think) that I was wearing my cheesecloth dress rather than the skirt and top that I’d worn the previous day. At least the dress dropped back down into place after the wind had blown it up, the skirt was so light that it would probably have stayed up. I got a few people looking at me when the dress did blow up.

We had some ‘typical’ British Fish and Chips for lunch, I thought that they were all right but Jon said that he’d had a lot better. On the walk back to the campsite we stopped at one of the hundreds of amusement arcades along the seafront. Jon gave me some coins and I spent ages dropping them into one of those machines that slowly push the coins over the edge. I think I just about broke even by the time I’d finished.

Near the campsite was a bit of a fun fair that we had a look round. We had a go on the bumper cars, that was fun. Jon had a go at rifle shooting and won a big pink teddy bear that he gave to me. For a laugh we went into this hall of mirrors. There were hundreds of them on the walls and ceiling. They really did distort shapes. There were a few other people in there as well, quite a laugh. At one point I saw a lad of about 14 who didn’t seem to be enjoying himself. After a few seconds I realised that he was looking at a mirror on the floor, one that I was stood on. Guess what he was looking at. What the hell I thought; I’ll give him something to have a quiet wank about in bed that night so I looked away from him and opened my legs. After a couple of minutes Jon came over to me grabbed my arm and pulled me away saying, “Stop it,” you’ll drive the poor lad crazy.

Back at the campsite I made a cup of tea on the little camping stove. We didn’t have a table with us so I was doing everything down on the grass. At first I forgot that with me being squatted down with my dress not covering all my legs that my pussy would be on show for everyone to see (if they looked). It was only when I saw some young lads playing football in the area in front of our tent spend a lot of time on the grass looking over towards me that I remembered. Too late by then so I just stayed there letting them get educated.

Before we went out that night we went for a shower. The ladies shower block backs onto the men’s and there was a hole in the wall at the back of the shower cubicle that I went into (the only one free). I couldn’t be sure but I’m think that there was someone looking through it because I kept seeing light coming through it, then it going off. Anyway someone watching me take a shower isn’t going to upset me. I made a point of standing where whoever would be able to get a good look at my pussy. And I frigged myself to a quick orgasm just for the fun of it.

It was a bit windy that evening so Jon let me wear a sweater over my dress. That didn’t stop the skirt part blowing up, but at least I was a bit warmer. We walked to a pub on the seafront that was full of young people. Nothing exciting happened other than that we had a good time watching everyone get drunk.

Both Jon and I climbed into a double sleeping bag that night. Jon fucked me from behind and I went to sleep with Jon still inside me.

I woke up at about 4:00 o’clock in the morning dying for a pee. I climbed out of the tent and squatted down behind it. I hadn’t bothered putting any clothes on as it was dark and quiet but when I was in mid flow I was lit-up by someone shinning a torch at me. Everything was still quiet and the beam was coming from a tent a short distance away. The torch beam stayed on me as I finished off then stood up. When I was upright the beam was on the lower part of me so I could see where it was coming from but I couldn’t see a face. After a few seconds of trying to see I gave up and went back into the tent. The beam followed me all the way.

Wednesday - Next morning I was up early and in the shower before Jon got up. I checked the showers and found that the cubicle that I’d been in had the smallest hole in the wall. All the others were bigger and one was so big that I thought that I’d be able to get my hand through. The wall wasn’t very thick either. Anyway I decided to have my shower in that cubicle and half way through I saw the light in the hole go a bit darker. I made sure that whomever it was got a good look at my pussy and jewellery then I bent over so that my bum and pussy was close to the hole.

The next thing that I knew was that something was just touching my bum. I looked round and saw about 2 inches of this dick sticking out of the hole. It was circumcised like Jon’s but I don’t think that it was his and I wasn’t going to let it fuck me. I thought about backing onto it but I decided against it. What I did do though was to grab it and wank whoever until a whole load of his cum shot into my cubicle.

After that I decided to get out and quickly get dried in the open area, wrap my towel round me and get back to our tent. Fortunately I didn’t see any men around as I almost ran back to our tent. Jon was still in the sleeping bag when I got back and when I went into the tent he got out of the bag and told me to sit on his morning erection. As I sat there I amused him by telling him what had happened.

I wore my dungaree dress and a short crop top that day and I had the expected problem (ha) of my pussy showing as I cooked some bacon and eggs for us. As I was doing that 2 youths got out of the tent where torch had been shining from when I’d got up for a pee. Both of the youths stared at me as they walked passed us.

After breakfast we walked away from the centre then turned round and ended up back at the fun fair. Jon was in a bit of a daft mode and we had a ride on a roundabout. Jon told me to ride on a horse while he got on a motorbike. That plastic horse was cold on my bum and anyone who was looking must have had quite a sight when I got on and off it.

As we got off I said that I remembered that last time that I was on a horse, in Tenerife. It brought back some nice memories. Jon said that we could go horse riding there; he’d seen an advert back at the campsite. I reminded him that I’d only got dresses with me but all he said was, “so what? “Before I knew it we were back at the campsite telephoning the riding school and booking a session that afternoon.

When we got there this young girl looked me up and down and said, “Haven’t you got any trousers?” before I could say anything Jon said, “It doesn’t matter, she can ride like that.” The girl gave me a funny look and then turned away. There was another couple who arrived about the same time as us; they were in their early twenties. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and she looked as if she was wearing black tights under a T-shirt. When she got on the horse they gave her I’d swear that I could see her pussy. It was just a quick flash but I couldn’t see any trace of any knickers and I’m sure that it was her hairy pussy that I could see through the stretched material.

Jon got on his horse then it came to my turn. They put the horse next to a big lump of concrete so that it was easy but as I swung my leg over I saw that all the others were looking at me. By then they must all have seen my jewellery. As the horses started to walk out of the yard 3 other girls on horses joined us. Two of them were only wearing bikinis and the third a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Those 3 were obviously experienced riders and they were galloping round the fields as soon as they got the chance. The rest of us stayed at a walking pace. One of the girls has big breasts and a lose fitting bikini top. As soon as she started galloping I wondered how long it would be before that top came off.

We all started going a bit faster and I was starting to enjoy the feeling of the leather saddle on my pussy and between my legs. We went from the fields and down onto a quiet stretch of beach. The 3 girls were riding up and down the beach at the waterfront. The 2 girls in bikinis were both having problems (not that they looked as if they minded). The one with the big breasts had come out of her bikini top and both Jon and the other man were watching the bouncing. The other girl’s bikini bottom had turned into a wedgie. She looked as if she was wearing a thong.

The girl from the stables stopped us then told us that we could ride up and down the beach for a bit. While we were doing that she said that she was going to join the 3 girls who were racing up and down. As we set off I looked back and saw that she had got off her horse and was taking her T-shirt off (she had a bra on). I kept looking and watched her take her jodhpurs off. As she pulled them down her knickers came down with them. She pulled the knickers back up then got back on her horse and was off.

The 4 of them came passed us a few times and all of them looked as if they were in some sort of trance. It was obviously a happy trance as the all had a grin on their faces. I don’t know why I didn’t twig, but it was Jon who said, “They’re getting off on that aren’t they?” The other man heard him and said, “Yeah, great isn’t it?” He turned to his woman and said, “Why don’t you have a go?” With that she was off, not as fast as the others though. Jon turned to me and said, “You have a go.”

I’d never ridden a horse fast and was a bit nervous but I wanted to have a go. I’d already got a wet patch on the saddle and my pussy was telling me that it wanted more so off I went. As the horse started to gallop I was scared at first but I managed to get into some sort of rhythm bouncing up and down. I don’t know if I was doing it right from a horse riding point of view but the bouncing up and down on the saddle was doing my pussy the world of good. I think I was starting to realise why so many girls like horse riding. Maybe the material that jodhpurs are made of is so thick because it needs to absorb all that pussy juice.

Anyway I was off. My dress was up round my waist with all the bouncing up and down and I was starting to get close. I turned (somehow) the horse and started back. It wasn’t long before I was cumming and I was still shaking as I went past Jon and the other bloke who were both trying to watch all of us at once. When it came to the turning point I got the horse to slowly walk back with me squelching as I gently bounced up and down on the saddle. My dress was still up when I got back to Jon and the other man who just couldn’t take his eyes off me. Jon said, “Good was it?” All I could manage was, “You bet!” as I swung one leg over and slid off the horse. As I stood there my dress slid back down to cover my bum and pussy.

After a few minutes the other girls came back over to us. They were all wet and I’m still not sure if it was with sweat or spray as they rode through the waves. Four of them had their bottom halves lost into the cracks of their bums and the girl with big breasts hadn’t bothered to cover them. All 5 of them had nipples that were sticking out, and the girl with the man had her tights looking as if she’d sat in a bowl of cum. She looked quite silly really.

When the girl from the stables got her breath back she put her T-shirt and jodhpurs back on then said, “That was good, let’s start back shall we?” She didn’t wait for an answer, but I heard the other man say to Jon, “That was one hell of an experience there’s times when I wish I was a woman.” Jon just said, “Yes” and came over to help me get back onto my horse. Needless to say that as I got my leg over (no pun intended) everyone could see my jewellery again.

The walk back to the stables was uneventful and we left as soon as we got back. On the way back to the campsite Jon decided that he wanted to go for a walk on his own so I decided that I’d walk back into the noisy part for another look around. I walked along the beach and then up towards the crowds. I was busy looking at something up on the road and lost my footing on a rock near the steps. Over I went twisting my ankle as I went. Fortunately I landed on the sand and didn’t hurt anything other than my ankle, which hurt like hell. A middle-aged couple saw me go over and not get up so they came over to help me. When I told them about my ankle they helped me up and over to a first-aid point.

It wasn’t long before 2 first-aiders were administering their skills. They’d told me to lie on this bed while they slowly removed my shoe then prodded and poked my foot to see what the damage was. At first I was more interested in my ankle to realise that the men were lifting my leg up and out a bit. I guess that they were expecting to see a pair of knickers, or at best a hairy pussy. One pair of eyes lit up when they saw my jewellery.

“What the hell,” I thought, my priority was my ankle and whatever they were doing was helping. I didn’t care about the little modesty that I still have. One of the men eventually told me that he didn’t think that anything was broken and asked me if he could spray something on my ankle. I haven’t a clue what it was but it was amazing, one minute my ankle was throbbing and the next it was nearly normal. With most of the pain gone I decided to have a bit of fun and sat up, bent my knee and brought my ankle to my lap so that I could rub it.

After a couple of seconds I looked at the men, both sets of eyes were riveted on my pussy so I stopped and pulled my skirt down so that they couldn’t see it anymore. As I did I said, “Whoops, it was such a nice day that I didn’t bother putting any knickers on, hope you don’t mind.” After a couple of seconds as their brains realised that the show was over one of them said, “Not at all young lady, we’re used to it.” The bulges in their trousers told me that they weren’t used to it. I thanked them and left.

I took the tram back to close to the campsite and was having a lie down when Jon got back.

After an uneventful shower Jon told me to put my best dress on and we got a taxi into town. I’d put my silky dress on and as I got into the taxi the driver watched my every move. Because I had to bend over to get into the car I’m sure that he was getting a good view of my breasts.

Jon took me to a big hotel and the taxi driver watched us walk up the steps to the main entrance. I knew that he was watching so I bent forward a bit so that he got a good view of my bare ass. We had a fantastic meal but no dancing; my ankle was still hurting a bit so Jon agreed to let me stay sat down. Didn’t have any fun with the waiter, it was a girl and she seemed more interested in Jon than in me.

Thursday - Got up early and the weather wasn’t too good so Jon decided that we’d pack up and head for home. We took a detour and drove through part of the Lake District. Very nice, but as the weather was dull we didn’t bother stopping anywhere. On the drive down the motorway Jon told me to take my dress off and ride back naked. The only people who seemed to notice were a couple of lorry drivers that we passed. I think Jon deliberately slowed down and crawled passed them to let them have a good look at me.

Friday - Wasn’t really looking forward to work but it wasn’t too bad. I did notice Debbie giving the Manager a quick flash up her dress. I wonder what she was after. That night Jon took me to our local pub, I noticed a couple of men looking at my legs but the place was too crowded for any real fun.

Saturday August 21

Work was OK. Had lunch with Debbie and asked why she was flashing her pussy at the manager. It turns out that she was trying to get a pay rise but the manager didn’t want to know. She said that she was beginning to wonder if the bloke had decided that he was gay. She wasn’t too happy when I suggested that perhaps she’d flashed him so many times that it had become the norm and it didn’t do anything for him anymore.

Just before closing time I got a really awkward customer. She really pushed my patience to its limits and I was still mad when I got home. I did something stupid in the kitchen and Jon told me off. Instead of apologising I answered him back so I got punished. I know that I like Jon’s punishments but at the time I wasn’t thinking about that, it was that stupid woman at the salon.

Jon’s immediate reaction was to tell me to ‘assume the position’. It had been a while since Jon had told me to do that and I was a bit slow in reacting. He left me like that for about 30 minutes before marching me u

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My apologies for mis-posting the first Chapter 3. I'm gonna have to quit doing that in the wee hours of the morning. To make up for that fuck-up, I'm working on a fourth chapter, which I'll post as soon as I can. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Ranchland - (The real) Chapter 3 It was late in the afternoon when Ben and Amy arrived back at the Ranchland house. Amy had applied more of the anti-itch cream that had given Ben some relief, and combined with many cool baths to reduce the heat in his burned skin, his sunburn turned to become the dry and...


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Fbailey story number 213 Streetwalker My wife and I enjoy a little roll playing in our marriage. My two favorite roll-playing games are the “Little Catholic Schoolgirl” and the “Streetwalker.” I love it when my beautiful wife puts on a “Catholic Schoolgirl” outfit that she got at a yard sale last summer. Usually I’m the “Head Mater” and have to punish her for something. She really gets into it too. It sure makes for some really good sex afterwards. Now the “Streetwalker” allows my tall slender wife to shop for things that she would never wear normally. At one yard sale...


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My First Gay Experience_(2)

Intro It was Friday night and I was sitting at home looking at porn like usual. When I decided to look at Craigslist which I usually did because I would get so turned on by all the cocks out there that needed sucking. Tonight would end up being a little different then most nights though. I ended up having a few to many drinks and posting my own add which I had never done before. I posted my add saying that I was 26 white good shape and looking for a nice big cock to suck. Now at this point in...


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3 evil sister

Suddenly three special letters came into my head. W.T.F rashly was in the shower with me and my mind raced to what izzy said before we had dinner. -if you get so much as even a blowjob of rashly i will tell everyone in that room what you did with that women- shit i mutterd Max i know your mad and im sorry. I know what i did was wrong but im sorry. I've been driving myself crazy thinking if you and i hope you will forgive me.all of a sudden memories of that night when i found her scared to...


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Wife and sister fucked hard

This is Ali. I am a 32 year’s old married man. I am married and my wife Niha is 28 and she is a housewife. She is a beautiful lady. Where ever she goes, the guys around won’t take the eyes away from her. I am very lucky to have her. Her size is 36-28-40. She has a nice and firm breast and round bubbly ass which swings while she walks and many persons around the street waits to watch the moment of her ass while she walks for the nearby market. She always wear Sari and sometimes in home, like...


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