Jill's new boyfriend

Jill's new boyfriend

My ex called and invited me out for a drink after work. We were friendly so this was a huge surprise but unusual. After a few drinks, she finally admitted why she wanted to talk. She wanted to tell her current boyfriend about our sex life. When we split up, we agreed to not tell anyone about our life in the swinging community and that I can sometimes be a bisexual slut, without permission from the other one. We talked about the pros on cons of telling him and eventually I agreed she could tell him everything.

The next day, she called again. This time she invited me over to her house for a few drinks. She said her boyfriend wanted to meet me. This was strange, but I decided to stop by after work. I arrived and we went out on the back patio and had a few drinks. He asked about swinging. I explained that it was an opportunity for both of us to explore in a safe way that did not feel like cheating. I said I liked watching her with other men, and she quickly added that she liked watching me with other men also. This lead to more questions where I admitted that I loved sucking cock and could be a total cum slut.

He suggested that we continue the conversation in the hot tub and started pulling his clothes off. We all got naked and got into the tub. After talking about some of our experiences, he said that he had never done anything with a man and was not sure if he could. I told him that a mouth was a mouth and as long as it sucked well it did not matter if it was on a woman or a man. I then said that he should sit on the edge of the tub and close his eyes. Jill and I would take turns sucking his cock. He would not know who was sucking and either way, he would get his cock sucked. After thinking it over for a few minutes, he agreed.

He sat on the side of the tub and his cock was already hard. She licked his cock and gave it a couple of kisses. I know that she sucks at sucking cock and I am great at it so he would quickly tell the difference. After a few licks, she moved over and I took him in my mouth. I immediately took him completely in my mouth with my nose in his pubic hair. I then began sucking up and down his cock. After a few passes, I took his cock out of my mouth, licked down and began kissing and licking his balls. I licked my way back up and began slurping on his cock as I worked my head up and down his cock. He was moaning his pleasure.

I kept sucking, determined to impress him. After just a few minutes, he grabbed my head and began fucking my face. He had to have known it was me as soon as he grabbed my head. I kept sucking and let him shove his cock in my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. He said he was about to cum. I sucked harder and began swallowing as I sucked. Jill never let anyone cum in her mouth so I knew this was a treat for him. He yelled out an “oh god” as he erupted in my mouth. I swallowed and kept sucking on his cock until he was completely empty and pushed me away.

I leaned back with a big smile. When he opened his eyes and looked at me, I thanked him and told him his cum was delicious. He laughed and said no one had ever thanked him for letting them suck his dick. Jill said, “I told you he was a cum slut and loves sucking cocks.” He admitted that I just gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. I told him a lot of guys like to suck cock so he should not discriminate. She told him that was part of what made our swinging adventures fun because I liked to suck and she did not. She said that whenever he wants a blow job, he should call me. We agreed to exchange phone numbers.

We started talking more about our swinging adventures. He said he was surprised that we did that because she is uptight. She does not like sucking cock, she does not like anal, she is not interested in other women, he felt she was not adventurous. I said that she knows what she likes. She has explored and our swinging allowed both of us to be fully satisfied. For example, she liked to be fucked by several men. She liked to watch men suck and fuck each other. I said that he was the one who was uptight and that he should explore. He agreed that he would be willing to watch her with other men. He was not sure about watching a gay orgy.

By this time, I was extremely hard. Since we were in a hot tub, we kept moving between in the tub and sitting on the edge to cool down. I was getting turned on every time Jill got out of the water and I could see her sexy hairy pussy. Here lips were swelling up so I could tell she was getting excited also. Now we were all sitting on the edges, my cock was rock hard, his was semi-hard, and her nipples were hard.

I asked if he would be ok with me fucking Jill in front of him. He hesitated for a minute and then agreed. I quickly moved over and stuck my face in her pussy. I licked across her lips and could taste her juices. All this talk had her very turned on. I moved up and began sucking on her nipples as I slipped my cock in her pussy. She moaned as she pulled my head into her chest. I kept fucking her as I moved back and forth between her tits sucking on her nipples. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and began to grind on me. I was so horny from all the sex talk, I that I only lasted a couple of minutes before I began to shoot my cum in her pussy. She moaned in my ear and told me to fill her pussy with my cum. I loved her dirty talk and it caused me to empty everything in her.

After I was empty, I leaned back. She was on the side of the tub, with her legs spread and her swollen pussy leaking my cum. She looked at me and ordered me to clean up the mess I made. I loved this about her. I got between her legs and began licking her pussy. I licked what had leaked out and then licked up to her slit. I shoved my tongue in her and sucked out my cum. I then sucked each of her lips in my mouth and clean out juices of off them. As I moved to her clit, she wrapped her legs around my face. I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue across it. She squeezed her legs tight as she tried to pull my head into her. She screamed as she came all over my face. When she finished her orgasm, I gave her one last lick as I moved away.

I looked over and saw that he cock was hard. I said it looks like he likes watching his girlfriend get fucked. Before he could answer, she moved over grabbed his dick, and told him to fuck her. He pulled her on top of him. She wrapped her legs around him and began fucking her. Since he had already cum once, he was able to hold out for awhile. They fucked with her on top of him, then he stood up and bounced her on his cock, then he pushed her against the wall and pounded her more. She was squealing and yelling how it good it felt as he fucked her hard in position after position. Eventually, he grunted and shot his cum deep in her pussy.

As he pulled back, I was quick to move in and lick his dick clean. Once I had all of their cum off of him, I moved to her and ate her pussy clean. He had shot a lot of cum in her and it was deep so the more I ate her pussy, the more I got. Finally, when I was sure I had it all, I moved away. As we relaxed, she said that those were some of the best orgasms she had ever had. He admitted that this turned out to be a great night. I reminded him to call whenever he wanted a blowjob.

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