Tying Daddy

Tying Daddy

Earlier, you came in and told me you wanted to teach me about my body, then, kissed me. You played with my breasts and my kitty. You made me feel SO good. But, I didn’t get to see your cock. I decided that I was gonna take matters into my own hands…

I decided I’d wait ‘til you were asleep. I knew where you kept some of your toys. I’m not as sweet and innocent as I look. I took some handcuff, shackles, and a blindfold out of your stash. As an afterthought, I grabbed a gag. I snuck into your room. You were lying on your back, naked! I never thought my Daddy slept naked! I crawled in, scared half out of my mind. I caught one of your hands and gently put the cuff around your wrist. I managed to slide the cuffs through the bars on your headboard and I got your other hand and placed the cuff around that wrist. Then, I snuck down the foot of your bed. I managed to get your feet shackled without waking you. I finished it off by placing the blindfold over your eyes very carefully. I couldn’t believe my luck! You were still asleep! I managed to tie my Daddy up, spread eagle in his bed. Then, I crawl up onto the bed, very carefully. I looked at your cock. It didn’t look so big right now, but I knew it could (and would) get bigger. I touched it. No reaction. So, I ran my fingers form the base of the shaft to the tip. Your cock jerked. I looked at you to see if you were awake. You weren’t moving, and since I had the blind fold on, I assumed you were asleep. So, I started stroking your cock just a little. It was warm, and soft. Then, it started to get hard as I stroked it. I got the sudden urge to taste my Daddy’s cock. I bent over, but my night shirt got in the way, so I took it off. Then, I shrugged out of my panties. Once again, I leaned over and licked the head of my Daddy’s cock. Mmmmm mmmmm. Nice. I took another lick. Then, I put my mouth over the head of your cock. It was getting harder, and when my mouth closed on the head of your cock, I started to suck. Your cock was very hard… And it was throbbing. Wow! Suddenly, you woke up! Your cock was in my mouth. I froze, mid-suck. You seemed startled at first until you felt a mouth on your cock.

“Baby? Is that you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered.

“What are you doing?”

“I wanted to look at your cock, Daddy.” I responded.

“You can’t do this, baby girl. Untie Daddy, right now!”

I looked at you and it dawned on me. You’re tied up! You couldn’t do anything to me. Not for the moment, anyways. I giggled and tease you, “You can’t make me, Daddy. You’re tied up and at my mercy.”

You started to get mad at me and threatened to ground me. When that didn’t faze me, you started cussing. I grabbed the gag and shoved it in your mouth. I know I’m gonna pay for it later, but I wasn’t gonna miss this chance to play with my Daddy’s big cock any way I wanted!

I went back to sucking on your cock. I tried to see how much I could get into my mouth. After a while, I gave up. My Daddy has one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen – of course, all the cocks I’d seen had been from porn. I got between my Daddy spread legs & took your cock in my hand. Then I started rubbing the head of you r cock on my nipples. That sent little chills down to my kitty and made it wet. Then, I placed your cock between my breasts and squeezed them together. I started titty fucking myself with your big cock. It was slick form my spit, and pre-cum was starting to leak from the head. I started licking the head of your cock after the head emerged at the top of my titties. You started to buck your hips, so I suppose it felt good to you. I stopped, because there was more that I wanted to do with your cock. I climbed over your cock, to look at you. I was straddling your hips, with your cock just at the mouth of my wet kitty. You tried to buck your hips, but I lift myself up enough to where your cock couldn’t get into my kitty. I leaned over to lick one of your nipples. Then I sucked it. Then, I took a little nip. Your hips bucked at that. Then, I did the same thing to your other nipple. I did this to both nipples for a bit while I teased your cock with my wet kitty, which was very wet and a little slick. Your cock was very hard, almost standing at attention – or it would have been, if I hadn’t been straddling it. I sat up and rubbed my wet kitty on the head of your cock. In a move that surprised me, you bucked your hips up, shoving your cock straight into my kitty. I was so startled at the size of your cock – and the sensation of it in my kitty – that it slipped halfway in before I could stop it. I started to lift up off of you cock, but it felt SOO good, I eased down on it. It was a tight fit; your cock in my kitty; but I managed to get it in all the way. You moaned a few times and bucked your hips a lot, so I thought you were enjoying it, too. I leaned over to your ear. I licked it and said,

“Daddy? I want you to suck my titties for me. Can you do that for your baby girl?” You nodded your head.

“Ok, I’m gonna take the gag out, but if you talk, I’m gonna put the gag back in your mouth, get off your cock & leave you tied up.” This statement was received by more nods. I took the gag out of your mouth and you opened it. I place my nipple in your mouth and you started sucking my breasts. I commenced riding your cock while your hips rose to meet my thrusts.

“Oh, Daddy!” I gasped, “Your cock feels so good!” we continued fucking as I switched breasts.

“Mmmmmmmmm, yes, Daddy! Suck my titties! Oh, fuck me, Daddy!” I could feel a powerful orgasm building. You started to pound my kitty harder and faster. I started cumming, nice and hard.

“Oooooooooh, Daddy! Yes, fuck me, Daddy! Oh, yes! Yesssssssssssssssssssssss,” I screamed as I came. I kept riding you as you continued pounding my pussy until I felt your cock swell and the pulse. You groaned as you came in your baby girl’s kitty. The pulsing from your cock triggered another orgasm. I screamed as I came again, my kitty squeezing your thick cock, milking you dry. I collapsed on top of you.
“That was wonderful, Daddy,” I whispered just before I passed out on top of you…

To be continued...

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