New Roommates

New Roommates

I recently got a promotion within the company I work for. I didn't really care for the town it was in and only being a couple of hours away, I decided to take to craigslist to try and find a room for rent so I could sleep and shower while I was down there and then come home on my weekends. So I started looking, before I finally found the perfect place: it was cheap and had a furnished bedroom. I responded to the ad and set a time to meet with the owner of the house.

When I showed up to the house it was a couple around my age, twenty four to twenty six, Katie, who is about 5'2" small and petite with what looked like nice perky C Cup breasts and her boyfriend John, who was average build and about 5'10". They were renting out their upstairs room. It was perfect, so we worked out a price and the details and I moved in shortly after that. Going home on my weekends gave them plenty of room and space and we barely saw each other.

One day I got home from work pretty late at night. And with getting in so late I wanted to be quiet so I didn't wake up Katie or John so I silently opened the front door and quickly closed it behind me. When I looked up, my jaw dropped. There on the couch in front of me, John was sitting back with his eyes closed and Katie was bobbing her head up and down on his cock. My eyes were first attracted to Katie's naked body. My god was she perfect, small and petite with a perfectly round ass and her tits were just as good as I pictured them when I jerked off in the room I was renting from them. Next, I noticed John's cock. Now, my dick isn't small by any means I'm a fairly thick and stout 8" but his cock had to be at least 10" it looked to be almost as big around as a soda can, a little bit smaller, but the head of his cock was thicker than the rest of his dick. So big in fact, that all Katie could fit in her mouth was just the head and maybe an inch past that.

I was frozen, standing there, watching Katie suck John off. So many thoughts raced through my mind, the one that was the loudest and most predominate, was getting on my knees and helping her. My cock started to twitch and grow at the thought, and then I heard John say "oh shit!" and then I snapped to. They had finally realized the fact that I was standing there watching them. Katie quickly tried to cover up while John tried to hide his dick. The room was so silent you could hear Katie's spit and slobber dripping off of John's cock and hitting the floor.

John was the first to speak "uh...sorry... We thought you were gone for the weekend. We hadn't seen you in a couple of days." By this point I was beet red and embarrassed because I was caught watching and I could barely say much and could only offer a weak excuse, "sorry I should of knocked first or told you guys my work schedule." There was a few more moments of silence and then Katie leaned in and whispered something to John. Then both of their gazes dropped down to the crotch of my pants. It was then that I suddenly realized, I was rock hard and it was blatantly obvious through my work pants. "You were thinking about joining in with us weren't you?", Katie finally spoke. As she said that she let go of the blanket she had draped around her exposing her breasts and rock hard nipples. As she did that she pushed the pillow off of John's lap and grabbed his dick and started to slowly stroke up and down it.

The excitement about potentially joining in made my voice get caught in my throat and all I could do was eagerly nod my head yes. After my nod of acknowledgement she got back on her knees and started to suck the head of John's cock again. In between mouthfuls, she said "there's enough here for both of us to suck and I could use a hand." Without thinking about it, I took my clothes off and quickly got on my knees beside her. "I've... I've never sucked a dick before. And until now, I haven't wanted too. So I might need a little guidance." I told her.

Without saying a word she put the tip of his cock in between us, pressing it against my lips. She pressed her lips against the other side and started to slide her tongue all over his thick head. Taking her que, I did the same. Our tongues met and we started to slide them over each other and across his head, kissing each other with his dick in between both of our mouths. John started to quietly moan and I felt his cock twitch. He was enjoying what we were doing. After a few minutes, Katie leaned back and grabbed the base of John's cock and angled it directly up against my lips, she then gently placed her hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my head down on his cock.

As he slid into my mouth I could taste and her spit and his skin. I started to work the tip of his cock as Katie sat back and watched. All I could fit in my mouth was just the head, but I sucked on it and bobbed on it like I watched Katie do earlier. As I started to lick his shaft up and down Katie leaned back in and started to suck on his balls. John started to moan louder and I got my first taste of his precum. It was a little salty but sweet and the warmth of it really turned me on. A few more minutes went by and then I heard Katie whisper in my ear "I want to watch him fuck you". I leaned back and looked at John's dick and looked at her "I don't think it's going to fit". John laughed a little and said "it will if we use enough lube and I'll be gentle".

Katie got up and went into the next room returning a few moments later with a bottle of lube. She squirted a handful into her hand and lubed up John's cock real good. I got up and sat on the couch next to John while she did lubed him up. When she was done with him she said "your turn." As she slid my cock into her mouth, she also slipped two lubed up fingers into my ass. She worked them back and forth while gagging herself halfway down on my dick. She spent the next minute or two getting me lubed up and when she was done she got up and swapped places with John on the couch.

John got up and knelt down in front of me, and I moved down so my ass was off the bottom of the couch. Grabbing the base of his dick he slid it in between my ass cheeks and placed it right on the outside of my hole. We made eye contact briefly, and then he started to try to push himself inside of me. He started to go gently move back and forth. Each time sliding a little more into me. Slowly opening up my tight hole. He finally pushed one last time and I felt his monster head slide inside my ass. It felt amazing and painful at the same time. We sat there for a few minutes just with his head in my ass. Both watching Katie frantically fingering herself as she watched us. I could tell how much she was enjoying it because I could hear her fingers slosh around inside of her. As she started to cum, John started to fuck me. "God damn, you're tight" he muttered as he slowly slide his cock back and forth inside of me.

As he fucked me, I started to relax and everything started to feel better. I'm started to moan with each thrust forward he made. I loved felling him inside of me and the rest of his dick he still had to go in between my ass cheeks. Katie came over and started to suck on my dick as he fucked me. As he slid out she's slide my cock down her throat. And as John pushed farther into my ass, Katie would slide my cock out of her mouth. They had me moaning in no time. The feeling of being fucked while having my dick sucked at the same time was unbelievable. After a while Katie couldn't take it anymore, "I need you both to fuck me right now. John fuck my pussy and Dave I want you to fuck my ass".

John pulled out of me, and got up, I stood up making room on the couch. John laid down on it, and then Katie straddled him, and slide down onto his cock. It was a tight fight, even with how wet she was and all the lube. He was really stretching her out. She started to work her ass up and down, fucking John, while I put lube on my dick. Putting one leg up on the couch behind her, I leaned down, finding her asshole with the tip of my dick, started to slide into her tight little ass. It took some working, but I finally slide into her ass. With John filling up her pussy it made it her asshole extra tight and vise versa for John once I slide all the way into her ass, Katie had a huge orgasm. Cumming all over John's dick. Then we both started thrusting inside of her. Slowly increasing our tempo. I could feel John's dick inside her pussy sliding up and down my cock, our balls touching with each thrust. The excitement of feeling his cock in her pussy and our balls touching, I couldn't contain myself. My cock started to jerk and I thrusted deep in her ass filling her with my hot cum. Katie came shortly after that leaving John as the only one to cum. "Get on your knees, the both of you" he said after Katie finished cumming.

So we both got down on the ground on our knees in front of him. He took me by the back of the head and guided his head into my mouth and started to slide it in and out of my mouth. I could taste more of his precum as well as Katie's own juices from her pussy on his cock. After I few minutes he switched to Katie and gave her the same treatment, fucking her mouth with his huge cock head. When he swapped back to me, he started to moan, John was getting ready to cum. Katie moved over putting her head right against mine as John started to jerk his cock. He wanted to cum and he wanted to give us his hot load. Katie pushed her cheek against mine and opened her mouth and I followed her lead. Just as I opened my mouth the first shot hit right in between us, splashing into both of our mouths. Then before the next load came he placed his cock head on her tongue and unloaded into her mouth. After giving her some, it was my turn and he shot the rest of his load into my mouth. It was warm, thick, and sweet. I tasted amazing. He placed his cock in between us, and we both started to lick the tip getting the rest of the cum, before kissing one another. Swapping his cum from each of our mouths. John sat down exhausted and said "next time I want you to fuck me".

So needless to say, my new icing situation is going to workout alright. More to come with the next encounter.

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