Oh now he tells me!!

Oh now he tells me!!

Well this is my first story and its 100% true. I hope i do good for my first time..

So back in the day i used to go to my uncle-in-laws house and he had a son whom was a year older than me, (I was bout 12,maybe) He was a gorgeous boy!! Brown hair and beautiful blue eyes,He was about 5'5 and had a pretty good body . His name was Ryan and i was in love,Not at first but he grew on me. We spent so much time together and even though i was young i knew what i wanted and it was HIM! I didnt think he was to interested at first but sometimes i got mixed emonitons like when we sat together on the couch and he put his arm around me (which hit my boob!!) And he would always be so mean to me,But i heard alot of young boys do that.... Right? Well years went by and my uncle-in-law and aunt split up so we didnt really see eachother to much unless he came to visit.... But when i turned fifteen i got a boyfriend and about a year later Ryan confessed he loved me in a way which was more than cousin like and that he had always loved me (Take note that we're not blood related!!) So he came over one night and it ended in a kiss....I didnt think much of it so a few more months went by and my boyfriend cheated one me with my "bestfriend" so Ryan helped me through it.. I didnt break up with my boyfriend,I am very much in love..But i did indeed think about ryan more and more and i noticed my panties would end up wet when i thought about him..hehe. Who was i kidding? Id wanted him for a long time so i had to have him!! I invited him over recently just to "hang out" Ive never cheated on my boyfriend and i never wanted to.. But im a hurt teenage and ive always lovedddd Ryan!! So when he came over we kinda just chilled a little and listened to music then he rubbed my back,which felt so nice,When he rubbed me over my shoulder i kinda got in the mood.. So i started blowing in his ear,then biteing,then licking,then kissing.. Boy he smelled good! He said if i kept doing it that hed start messing with me! Knowing thats what i wanted i kept doing it..again..again..and again. Finally i layed my head on his chest and he tryed to kiss me,I was so nervous that i turned away and he kinda chuckled and i figured id brave up and i lifted my head and opened my mouth for a kiss,Because he didnt believe in closed mouth kissing.. We kissed for a little bit,Tounges exploring eachothers mouths..Then he started rubbing my legs, OH GOD I WANTED MORE!! I started kissing his neck and he rubbed my legs again and each time he'd get closer and closer to my "Happy area" Which made my panties so soaked that i had to change em,I mean come on he hadnt even touch it yet and it was soaked,Kinda embarassing.... After changing we moved to the car which led to more neck kissing and biteing. He rubbed my leg and he didnt go slow this time,He rubbed my pussy for the first time,First on the outside of my panties.Then he moved his hand under and started rubbing my clit,I was in heaven!! Then he worked his fingers in and out of my pussy hole,Over and over again!! OHH MY GODD his fingers was magic!! I was moaning a lil but then he stopped!! UGHHH!! I figured if i kissed his neck again hed start back where he left off,He did and over and over he kept stopping! GODD i needed to nut so i started kissing more and more of his neck and chest area. Finally he stopped teaseing me and kept going and this time my breatheing picked up and i started moaning more and more,His fingers was going in and out so fast and he had like 3 fingers in there going as deep as he could go so after a few minutes a funny strong feeling went thru my body and i had my orgasm!! God it felt good. After that he kept repeating the same process over and over and,one time i was even on the phone with my friend but each time i was in heaven. Oh my god the boy was kissing my neck,boobs,and he even kissed my thigh,Gosh i loved the thigh kissing! I wish he would of went down but it was kinda hard in the car and i didnt know if he would.... Finally i figuredd it was time to return the favor so i removed his hand which happened to find his way to my pussy like 20 times! I felt his pants for the first time and he defendly had a hard on . It was my first time feeling his cock so i was nervous but i went along with it so i wouldnt look stupid or make him mad,I undid his zipped and pulled his pants down under his cock and there it was standing straight up,I did the most natural thing and started strokeing it up and down slow and fast..He started prenutting after and few seconds and i wanted to taste it,It was pretty yummy so i put his cock in my mouth and start sucking it hard,playing with the tip with my tounge and sliding my mouth on the sides,Then sucked while moving my hands on it and he seemed to like because he put his hand on the back of my head and helped me move it,Even though i didnt need his help,lol. He even started slapping and squezzeeing my ass,Which i love. He didnt want to nut,I guess he wanted to save that for sex,Which was what i wanted because i wanted to feel his hot nut shoot up inside my pussy. After smoking some more weed we went back to the car,Which we was hoping to fuck but that didnt happen because my mom likes to come outside and smoke cigs.. And we couldnt do it outside the car because it was cold and rainy..Just my luck!! UGH! But hey dont get disappointed yall,Hes coming back over soon

Ill keep yall updated with part two.

Email me if you like.

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