Fooling April

Fooling April

"Dude, give it back!" I yelled at my older brother Jason.

"Dick want his little dolly back?" Jason taunted back at me holding the figurine just out of my reach. Curse him for being just a few inches taller than me. I jumped up for it, but he has quick reactions being a basketball player and threw the metal figure to his other hand.

"Jase, come on!" I complained. "I don't fuck with your shit."

"Damn right you don't or I'd beat the snot out of you," Jason taunted, still evading my hands to keep my mini.

"JASON! RICHARD! Stop it right now!" Mom yelled and Jason suddenly tossed my miniature right at me, but I was surprised by Mom's yell and failed to catch it and it broke in two as it hit the ground.

"You broke it you asshat!" I gave Jason a punch to the arm, but of course that was the only thing Mom saw.

"Richard, you're grounded!" She snapped. I complained and tried to explain, but she had to leave for work and wouldn't hear anything more about it. That's when some of his other college friends drove up and he took off with them laughing how I as the only 'kid' left in the house still got grounded.

I was supposed to go out with my friends tonight and play with the new miniatures in our favorite war game, but Jerkface decided to steal one while I was painting them and went and broke it. I'd be able to glue it together, but even though I was home alone today, there would be no way I'd get home in time before my mom. If I went out after she grounded me I'd be in serious trouble.

I decided to snoop into his room and see if there was anything I could do to screw with him back in return when I heard his cell phone go off. He'd forgotten it, and a quick look said it was April, his current ditzy blonde cheerleader girlfriend. She sure was smoking hot, even if she did make him look smart by comparison. I decided to answer it and figured I could sound close enough to pretend to be Jason. "Hey," was all I said.

"Hiya love bug! I was just wondering what you were doing today?" she asked all chipper.

"Nuthin," I grunted back.

"Well you said if you didn't go out with Jake that I could come over," she explained as if reminding him.

"Sure," I answered as briefly as possible.

"Great! Wait until you see the cool new stuff I got at Spenser's! Be over in a shake!" she finished before hanging up. She'd be over in probably only ten or fifteen minutes, expecting to spend the whole afternoon with my jock of a brother. She was pretty dim witted, so I wondered how much I could fool her into doing while pretending to be Jason. I was almost as tall, and sounded enough like him to fake him on the phone. The biggest problems were that he was a little more athletic, two years older, and had blonde hair while I had brown.

She might not notice if she was blindfolded, but would she really do that for him? Only one way to find out. I went to Mom's room and looked through her drawers. I'd seen it once and if I could find it in time… There it is. A sleeping mask that was just an elastic strap with thick pads to cover your eyes to allow her to sleep during the day. I put it in a brown paper back and 'April' on it. Then I heard the knock at the door.

I put the bag on the kitchen table and answered the door. There with a small shopping back in her arm was April. She had huge boobs accentuated by her tight belly shirt's deep cleavage, a flat thin stomach, and legs that seemed like they wouldn't stop in her jean shorts with ankle socks and sneakers.

"Heya Ricky," she greeted me.

"Richard," I said flatly.

"Sorry, Richard. It's April, here to see your brother…" like I didn't know what she was here, and hadn't seen her a half dozen times already.

"Yea, he's dicking around in his room, but said there was a surprise for you on the kitchen table. Anyway, I'm outta here," I tried to say bored and annoyed, then grabbed my skateboard and rode it down the street a few feet until I saw her close my front door. Then I grabbed the board and threw it on the lawn while I ran around the back of the house to peer in the kitchen window as secretly as I could.

April must have taken off her shoes because she only just came into sight and saw the bag on the table. She opened it and smiled as she pulled out the mask. Then she did something I wasn't expecting, she started striping naked right then and there. Damn, Jason must have already had sex with her, or she wouldn't have been so daring. I was getting really turned on watching her, the single sexiest woman I'd ever seen, and the first I'd seen naked in person instead of just jerking off to on the internet.

Then she pulled out a pink fuzzy thing from her bag and draped it over her body. It must have been some kind of lingerie because it put a furry pink garland over her nipples and groin, but was nearly non-existent otherwise. Then she pulled on the mask over her eyes and cautiously placed a hand on the wall to feel her way into the living room before calling out loudly, "Jason, I got your surprise and one of my own!"

I snuck over to the back door and opened it up quietly and entered the kitchen behind her. "Love bug?" April called out to Jason again, and worried that she might remove the mask I decided to string her along and see how far I could get.

"I'm here," I said again a little gruffer, trying to sound like my older brother.

"Oh," she said a little startled then turned to pose for me, sticking her gloriously sexy tits out. "What do you think of my surprise?"

I couldn't lie, "You're so hot!"

She giggled, "Thank you. So what's this for?" she asked pointing to the mask she was wearing.

"Uh," I hadn't thought of a reasonable explanation.

"Marcy says she loves getting blindfolded because it makes your other senses more acute," April yammered.

"Right… That's why, Yea," I said trying to sound convincing and almost painfully knowing I'd failed.

"Awesome! I cannot wait to tell Marcy about this. So what's next?" April talked to herself before asking.

"Sit on the couch," I instructed her. She leaned over and reached for it, "Left," I said and she moved and finally found it before sitting down.

I came and sat on the coffee table in front of her and reached out my hand to trace a finger down her naked arm. "Oh, that's so sexy," she moaned and I continued tracing my fingertips up and down before doing the same on her other arm. "More," she sighed so I moved to her cheek and neck, softly barely touching her skin. Then I traced a finger on her knee and went up and down her calf before caressing up the outside of her thighs. "Oh, God, I've never been so turned on," she moaned and leaned forward.

I'd never kissed a real live girl before, other than Mom, but that doesn't count. I didn't have a clue what I was doing anymore, but when her lips met mine I didn't care about anything else in the world. It took all my self-control not to just jump her right there as we kissed my first kiss. Her wet lips were soft and melded with mine and I was in heaven. I don't know how long we kissed, but when I pulled back I already missed her. "Mmm, you sure are a better kisser than I remember. Is it the mask or the outfit, because you sure are taking it slow?"

I didn't want her to think anything was wrong, or realize it was me so I thought, 'What would a horny Jason do?' and just grabbed each of her giant boobs through her frilly nighty with both hands. She giggled, "I was wondering how long it would take you to touch them. Did you know Jenny's thinking about getting a boob job to try and win Brent back? I told her not too because Brent wasn't worth it, but then he went and told her he'd dump Cindy if she did it." I enjoyed rubbing and fingering her nipples and squeezing her breasts while she just gossiped, and I couldn't believe Jason would put up with listening to her yammer on and on.

So then thinking like Jason I stood up and unzipped my pants. She heard that sound and changed her diatribe back on topic. "Oh, if this mask help hone my other senses I cannot wait to see how you taste." That was good enough for me as got right in her face and poked my cock onto her lips to shut her up. As soon as I did she put her hands on my ass and pulled me in. Her mouth started sucking hard on my erect shaft and soon I was actually fucking her hot mouth in and out. This was my first real sexual activity, and while I'm sure Jason had done plenty of fucking around with this bimbo before, I could hardly hold out.

I started gushing in her mouth and down her throat without warning, releasing what felt like gallons of sperm down her gullet, which she eagerly swallowed without a second's notice and kept sucking until my cock was happily limp and empty. I thought I was done, and with weak knees sat back down on the coffee table.

"Wow lover, where did all that come from? And so salty! This mask makes you even tastier!" said April as she began reaching for the mask.

"Wait," I said and placed my hand on hers to stop her from removing it already.

"You're not done yet?" she asked curiously. Figured my brother was the cum-and-done type.

"Not yet," I said simply, then thought of what would be next. "Lean back an spread your legs," I instructed.

She did and poked her long smooth naked legs out in a split on the couch. It was amazing and I immediately returned to gently caressing her legs, but now on the inside of her thighs. Her soft creamy skin was a wonder and she began moaning sexily at my touch. "I guess you REALLY like this outfit. I don't remember you ever being so soft, much less keep going after you came."

I didn't have an answer for her, but I couldn't stop now and she just accepted that as good enough. I was already tingling again when I moved to home run plate between her legs. My fingers brushed under that frilly pink covering at her groin and caressed the first real pussy I'd ever touched since I came out of my own mother's womb. I was expecting to touch her tangled bush that I'd always seen on porn, but it was smooth as silk with her bumpy damp gash in the middle. "You shaved," I said impressed.

"Of course, I always do after you got that rash from me, remember. Jimmy never did, buy did you know Julie was complaining of getting a rash about the same time?" I was amazed at what I was hearing. It sounded like Jason had been fucking around and making up excuses that April believe without question.

I was suddenly worried that she might have an STD, or that my brother did, so I asked, "You've been tested?"

"Just last week, like you asked. Still clean as a whistle! That's why you'd said I could come over remember? Are you feeling okay? You sound a little hoarse. Are you coming down with a cold?" she prattled on before I could interrupt her. Jeez, did she even breath?

"I'm fine," I said to assure her and tried to change her train of thought as I started exploring her damp pussy with my fingers.

Once I found her clit she gasped, "Oh, yea. Right there." I rubbed back and forth there over that little nub until she said, "I'm ready whenever you are."

I couldn't believe I was actually going to get lucky. I wasn't sure I would be hard enough already until I reached down and found my cock was more than ready. So I moved over to squat in front of her, trying to point my manhood at the right angle to penetrate her cunt lips. My tip moved up and down over her pussy lips, making her gasp as I pushed at the wrong place a few times, until she shifted her hips and leaned back into the couch when I suddenly sunk into her vagina.

Oh she was so warm and it felt great. I started rocking and pumping in and out, and she started gasping and groaning with pleasure. "Oh my God, you've gotten so big. It's so hot I can barely feel the condom."

Shit! I wasn't wearing a condom! "Yea, it's a new ultra-thin," I lied.

"Oh, I love it! Get more of those!" she cheered and I couldn't believe she bought it.

I was a becoming a lust driven animal now, but had endurance since I'd just cum so recently. I had to have her completely so reached out to maul her tits again while I fucked my first pussy. She moaned and I just fucked into her harder and pinched her nipples.

Then I leaned back and put one hand on her clit to try and make her cum. "Ohmygod!" she started chanting quickly, over and over, turning into only one long word, " …ohmygodohmygodohmygod…" Then she clenched around me as she came while I fucked her. It rode her through her orgasm as her pussy drenched my cock, then put both my hands on her silk covered hips and really let go to pound her cunt nonstop until I groaned and began jetting long streams of cum into her womb, over and over. I shuddered out more and more semen until I had no more left to give.

Then I freaked as my brain started working again, "Oh crap, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to… April?" She had passed out from her orgasm. Thinking quick I pulled off the mask, stuffed it in my pocket, and with a last worried glance to her cum drooling pussy I turned and ran out my front door.

Once I was five houses down the sidewalk I pulled out my brother's phone and texted her, 'Sry Jake came over so I had to go clean up and I'll txt you l8r'

I expected her to use every character she could in her response, but all she typed back was 'K'. How did a woman that talked almost nonstop only text single letters? Ten minutes later I headed back to my house, making sure I was loud enough to be heard.

"Oh, hey Ricky, I was just leaving," April said as she was putting back on her shoes looking just like she had when she came in.

"Where's Jason?" I asked as if I didn't already know.

"Oh, he had to leave with Jake," she explained confidently.

"He ditched you? Well if you wanna hang out…" I offered politely.

"Like I'd EVER hang out with a dork like you," she laughed and breezed out of my house.

Stupid bitch deserves Jason and worse, was all I could think, even if I didn't say it. Joke was on both of them a few months later. Turns out she became pregnant. Jason demanded she test to make sure it was his, and the test came back positive to a 99% chance. He claimed he always used a condom, but with our Catholic upbringing he ended up marrying her and moving to house nearby and since I'd babysit for them sometimes they gave me a key to their house.

I still didn't date much while I started attending a community college nearby, but every now and then when Jason went out drinking at the bar I'd put a sleeping mask in a brown paper bag on their table. To this day April thinks Jason doesn't always go out drinking and sometimes spends a romantic night with her instead, reliving her most erotic and fulfilling sex she's ever had.


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