A Snowbound Cabin_(0)

A Snowbound Cabin_(0)

I was working for a Sky ski resort in Vermont when I met the family. I still count it as one of the best weeks I ever spent stuck in a cabin in an avalanche.

I met the family at the airport in the company limousine. Mike and Liz were the contest winners. Their guests were Mike's mom (Susan) and sister Lindsey. Liz's sister Sara rounded out the quartet. We got them all loaded into the stretched vehicle and drove up the mountain. I took care to have them all registered when we got the main lodge and the short tour ended in the lodge dining room for lunch.

The driver and I took them up to the private cabin five miles further up the valley and unloaded the luggage and carried everything inside.

The room assignments were chosen. Susan and Lindsey took the furthest bedroom from the stairs. Sara git the smallest room. While Mike and Liz made themselves comfortable in the master suite under the main stairs. As part of the vacation package, I was to be their private chef, tour guide, and basic man Friday for the week.

As they unpacked I went to my room to confirm my gear was in place. I checked my supplies against my menu for the week and started a pot of coffee if anyone was interested.

I kept myself busy while I kept an eye on the closed-circuit cameras arranged in strategic points in the large house. I had dinner cooking before I noticed movement in the cameras. Mike and Liz were christening their private bath with Liz bent over the counter and Mike was nose deep behind her. From the moans, Liz was enjoying his tongue. Then he stood. Mike dropped his pants and jammed his cock into the lovely lady he married. They finished quickly and I stopped squeezing my cock through the khaki pants I was wearing.

Only to grab myself again when I saw what was happening in the other room, mother and daughter were locked in a side by side sixty-nine embrace. The sounds coming through the speakers were the wet sloppy sounds of two ladies who knew what they were doing. Hands roamed bodies, legs wrapped around heads, and both of them shook as their mutual excitement filled the video.

Sara was napping quietly and I said out loud, "If you only knew what you are missing!"

"What?" Liz was in the complimentary robe and standing beside me, "Nothing." I let my hand drop before asking, "You need something?"

"Can I get something to drink?"

"The cabin is fully stocked. What can I get you?" I tried not to draw attention to the tent in my pants by tucking a hand towel in my belt.


A quick pop of a cork and I handed her a flute of champagne. She sipped the drink and walked out of the kitchen. I watched that freshly used bottom as she walked away and thought, "Mike you are one lucky son of a bitch!" I did not know how prophetic that thought was under later in the week.

A couple of hours later I used the intercom to let everyone know dinner was being served in a few minutes. Partly for convenience and partly to let them all know they were in communication with other parts of the house.

I had a platter of marinated flank steak sliced in the middle of the table. Duchess potatoes, garlic green beans, and an antipasto platter flanked that. Individual slices of german chocolate cake sat that the end of the table.

The whole family came to the table in robes. Buns peeking out from under them all. I had a rough time serving wine when every time I looked down I saw two delicious breasts. And every time I walked around the chairs there were buns showing.

After the meal, I watched them move into the common room where various games, videos, and other activities were positioned for their convenience.

I finished my clean up and decided to check on the people in my charge. Liz and Sara were on the sofa. Lindsey and Mike were playing cards. And mom was sitting alone. I asked if they needed anything. Sue told me to sit down with the comment, "You have been chasing after us all day. Relax a minute." Cordial relations were part of my job as I sat down next to her and we all chatted.

Family history, children, rumors, and cheating nothing was a forbidden topic. I knew as much about this family as I did my own. Their easy manner made me feel like part of their group.

I told them about my time as a chef on a cruise ship and working in the oil fields of Alaska. They told mine of their cousin who got caught in a compromising situation with a transexual.

We laughed and I dismissed myself. I had to be up early enough to meet the supply truck and refill the pantry. I was walking to my room behind the kitchen when mom came up behind me. "You've been around." Her warm smile gave me the hint she interested in more than conversation.

"I haven't been everywhere, but where I've been a few people know who I am." Sue smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. The kiss was warm and wet. Her lips opened enough to let me slip in. I held her tightly to me as her hard nipples made themselves noticed to my abdomen. Bring six foot three inches does have its advantages. I walked her into my room and tugged on the sash. Her robe fell to the floor as we kissed again. She knew what she wanted. My clothes were scattered around the room before we made it to the bed. Sue cupped my balls in her right hand while her left fist set about to get me hard. That didn't take much time! I lay on the bed and she moved over me like the female predictor she had become. I looked at this beautiful woman over me as her hands made her pussy wetter. One finger went in then two entered her. By the time her third finger slid in, I had her tits in both hands and she was shaking her head side to side. I couldn't take anymore I pulled her hands away, rolled her on her back, and thrust my cock deep. She came the first time my balls slapped her shapely bottom. We were animals.

Our bodies slammed together as our voices told anyone nearby we were fucking. When I went off she came again. We gulped air as we lay together and she asked, "how did you know I wanted this"

I usually don't give away my personal secrets but what the heck," There are closed-circuit cameras in your rooms. I saw the two of you. I have been hard since I saw you with your daughter". She tried to act shy but her pussy was wet again and my confession had me ready. This time I had her on her knees and her back to my chest. A breast in each hand and my cock splitting her cheeks we started up the mountain of joy again. I was enjoying the feeling of her pussy lips split with my cock getting creamed by her juice. But she had other plans. Bending at the waist as she moved forward. My cock moved up her crack and pushed back my cock. This slutty mommy jammed my cock in her ass. She went wild slamming me home. I grabbed her thighs and held on for dear life. Once again she taught me who taught both her children to have sex. When we both exploded with each other we finally lay down to talk.

"How long have you been playing with your daughter?"I was interested and willing to get horny again.

"Lindsey was in high school when one of her friends ate her pussy. Lindsey came home crying that she didn't know how to reciprocate. I took her to her bedroom and gave her some lessons on how to treat a girl. And we have been doing it ever since then." I had been rubbing her stomach the whole time and that story had me ready for the third time tonight.

Rolling on top of her, my cock slipped in her very wet pussy again. Sue wrapped her ankles behind my back and her arms around my chest and we went wild. She clawed my back and ass. She yelled, swore, and moaned as my cock pumped in and out of her. She came over and over my cock and balls were smeared with our juices when I released into this beautiful mom.

My alarm cut the gloom at 5 in the morning. Coffee and baked goods were in place on the sideboard before Sue came out in her robe. She gave me a goose and I kissed her neck. I watched her ass as each cheek moved with every step.

"My mom looks good?" Mike was watching as well. "She is more than good." From the look on his face, Mike knew what I was saying.

By seven everyone was dressed for the slopes. The shuttle took them to the outfitter shop. They spent the morning on the hills while I worked on lunch.

The front door opened to roast beef sandwiches and mojitos. They ate with a ravenous appetite. I remembered Susan the night before and all of her appetites were ravenous.

I asked how they did on the slopes. "Most of us stayed on our feet." Liz turned toward Mike, "Except Captain Grace over there."

I am aching. I think I pulled my back, ``Mike tried to rub the small of his back to no avail.

"You go soak in the tub."I turned to the ladies. "Next to my room is a bathroom and sauna. Go warm up and I will see what I can do for Mike."

Sue took over wrangling the girls to the sauna and I got my massage oils together. Mike was ready. But how ready?

I had him lay on the bed. "I don't want to get my clothes greasy. Mind if I take them off?"

"No. I don't mind."

I moved on the bed next to Mike and went to work. Cocoa butter oil on my hands I worked his shoulders. Then his ribs on each side in turn. Down his spine until my hands rested on the small of his back. I worked the muscles as my fingers slid lower. When my hands run over his buns Mike raised up slightly. As my hands kneaded his ass, Mike moaned. I ran my finger along the crease. Mike spread his legs as I cupped his sac and tugged the balls inside. He raised to his knees and I put my nose in his crack. Fucking his ass with my tongue, I grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it. When he pushed back on my tongue I knew he was ready.

Taking my cock in my hand I pushed inside. Mike's head snapped up as I worked my hips in short strokes. Deeper as my hip moved over and over. I was balls deep in him when Jim sat up and slammed his back on my chest. I kept the pace going until his babbling moans told me he was ready. Reaching around and gripping his cock again I whispered in his ear, "I fucked Sue last night three times. Now I'm fucking her little boy." The combination was all it took. Mike moaned and shot his juice all over the sheets. I shot in his butt and groaned."Clean that up. You don't want your wife sleeping in the cum a guy just fucked out of you." Mike lapped all his excitement off the sheets before we walked down to the sauna.

The ladies were in various acts that made it clear they had heard the two men in the house over the intercom. Lindsey and Liz were kissing while Sara rested her back against the wall and Sue was eating her pussy with relish. The sisters saw us first and jumped at us.

"Linds. Honey. Big brother is going to fuck you," Mike sighed. She threw herself at him and they melted to the lower bench. Sara got behind them alternating between Mike balls and Lindsey's butthole. I offered Sue my hand. We took the bench across from the siblings and assumed the same position. My cock found its home back in Sue and Liz moved behind us mimicking her sister. The heat of the stone warmer was increased by the sexual heat. Mike hammered his sister as he moaned her name over and over. Sara's tongue brought them to orgasm then sucked up all their sexual mix.

Sue kept watching her children as my cock filled her. When they came, so did she. Her pussy grabbed my cock in its velvet grip. Liz's tongue drove in my ass and I filled her pussy again. Liz cleaned us up before she and Sara dropped down and got into position and ground their clits together in their orgasms.

The family went to their rooms and showered while I made trout, saffron rice, and asparagus.

We all ate quietly. Sara, Lindsey, and Liz were helping me clean up when they noticed the display screens. Mike was sitting in the armchair with his legs looped over the arms. Sue was on her knees and her head was moving up and down. Mike's head rested on the back of the chair and rocking back and forth. He took mom's face in his hands and began shoving his cock in her mouth. He came hard, shaking as he filled his mother with his joy.

By the time we finished in the kitchen, they were snuggling together on the couch. We all smiled as we entered the room. Mike asked Liz if he could sleep with Sue in their room. She turned to me," I guess I get to sleep with you." My smile let her know that was fine with me. Sara and Lindsey turned to each other and faked sadness, "I guess we share a bed."

Accommodations rearranged we all went to bed. "You want to do a little spying?" I asked Liz. "Sure," Her eyes sparkled as we opened the closet holding the closed-circuit displays.

Mike and Sue were making out like two teen lovers. Arms and legs everywhere as their urgent need outweighed technique.

Lindsey was on her stomach while Sara nibbled, licked, and kissed all over her back. I moved behind Liz and ran my hands over her body. Her eyes were glued to the screens as I touched every inch of her.

Mike had moved over his mother and his ass was flexing up and down. I turned up the sound do Liz could hear how horny her husband was for his mother. They were both swearing and groaning as they moved to release.

Liz opened her legs as I reached between them and pushed my thumb inside. She moaned as I thrust my thumb in with one hand and played with her clit with the other. She was shaking by the time she saw Lindsey turn over and her sister kissed Lindsey's clit before sucking it in her mouth.

Mike and Sue had changed position and he was on his back as Sue lowered herself down on her son's cock. I told Liz to, "Look close. Your mom-in-law has her son's cock in her ass." Liz shook harder and I felt her orgasmic juices in my hand. I moved a chair into position, sat down, and pulled Liz down on my cock. She started slowly bouncing as the onscreen action got more intense. Mike and Sue finished first. You didn't need the monitors to hear them cum. They roared their joy.

Lindsey had Sara on her back as they shared a double dildo Lindsey had brought with her to use on her mother. They also were noisy as they brought themselves off together. I bent Liz forward and rammed my cock inside her as she squirts her juices all over both of us. I quickly spun her around and fed her my cock. Liz was a great cock sucker and I told her so. The appraisal made her double her effort. I lost all control and bucked my hips in her face. My cock fell from her mouth. Picking her off her knees I used my tongue to collect my deposits before deeply kissing her and sharing it. I put a new set of DVD's on the monitors then we headed for my room.

The problem came in the middle of the night. We were awoken by the rumble of distant thunder. I heard the avalanche siren go off. Grabbing my clothes, I told Liz too, "Wake everyone and get dressed." She ran naked through the house and got them up. I climbed up to the small observation platform to see nothing. The wind and snow blinded any view down the valley. Usually, you can see the parking lot lights and lights on the slopes for night. But there was nothing to see. I watched a wall of snow and ice race down the mountain like a train falling down the trail. I watched until the roar slowed and softened to the wind whistling around the enclosed room. I grabbed the emergency two way and called the lodge. They had been hit by a huge snowfall and the avalanche had blocked every route in and out. They asked if we were ok. I told them we had plenty of food and fuel for four days or more.

They said they would get to us as soon as possible. I told them not to hurry we were all safe. I came down and explained what had happened. I made a pot of coffee and sat up as the family went back to bed. Liz came up to me and asked, "You coming back to bed?"

"I want to check things out first," an hour of roaming around outside nothing wrong there. I checked all the shuttered windows from the inside. I filled the woodbox and built a fire. Liz tiptoed over and nibbled my ear and began removing my clothes. When I was down to my shorts she got on her knees. Liz took the waistband and let my weapon out again. She licked and stroked my cock until it was diamond hard. She then dropped her hands to the floor. I wasted no time. I ran my hands up her back before easing my cock in her very wet tunnel.

I teased the lady under me," how do you want it, Lizzy?" Her answer proved her need. "Fuck me… please.. Fuck me now." So I did. I slammed into her in one thrust. My balls slapped her clit over and over. She dropped to her elbows to give me deeper access. I took the hint and pushed harder. Liz had a delicious shaky orgasm. I pulled out and used her fluids to lubricate her anal opening. I fed her ass my cock and held it there until Liz relaxed and pushed back. The dance began again. My hips moving in and out as her fists pounded the rug under us. Our emotions were more jerky as we neared release. When we went off together I lay across her back and listened to her heart through her back. We were awakened by Mike and Sue; both were naked. Mom made a statement, "Since no one can get in why don't we just stay naked." There were no dissenters.

The next two days were filled with sex in all combinations I found Sara and Liz kissing and licking while Mike stood behind them and thrust alternately between them. Later Susan and her favorite pupil/daughter were making out on the sofa. Susan was sitting on Mike's cock while Susan was first sucking Mike then licking Lindsey. I had to chase Sue out of the kitchen with the promise of and long hard session after dinner.

The next day I relented and put out a bunch of snacks then threw my apron in the far corner. I kissed Liz on the right nipple while rubbing her clit. Then I let Lindsey sit on my face while Mike sat on my cock. After a long ride where he shot on and then cleaned his juices off Sara, Mike found his wife Liz and rimmed her bottom. Sara was sitting on Sue's pretty face while I screwed Sue who moaned in her pussy. Then I pushed Sara down and screwed my cock in her bottom. I made sure I didn't cum and walked away when I came too close.

Lindsey saw me sitting on the sidelines and wiggled her ass in my direction. She placed her knees on the chair arms so her pussy was at the right height. I spread her pussy lips and slowly inserted the end of the double dildo that was on the floor while sucking her clit. When her moans and pants got loud enough Mike got behind his sister and rammed his cock in her wiggling ass. Lindsey used my head for support as Mike and I brought a screaming orgasm out of her young body. Mike was a wild man. His cock was a steak of flesh as he screwed his cock in his sister's ass. I reached under and stroked his nuts every time he thrust in her. They all came in time as I sat back savoring the taste of Lindsey on my face.

They all lay around the room as they tried to figure out what to do next. I took their mother Susan by the hand and offered her my lap. She straddled my legs facing her family as my cock entered her for the fourth time of the day. She rocked forward and back fucking herself in place. My hands moved up her sides to play with her breasts as she moaned her joy. She looked over her shoulder and we kissed long, passion flashing in her eyes. I couldn't take it I pulled her down while I pushed up and fired my sperm inside her velvet love hole. She bucked and rammed my spent cock into her as she swore how good my cock felt.

They all found their beds while I cleaned up and wandered back to my room for the night.

I tapped my alarm off at five and started coffee. I put sausage patties and a quiche in the oven before Mike came in. "You have been taking real good care of us this week." I felt he had something more to say. Instead of asking him what he had to say I tugged my belt and let the black dress pants fall. Mike looked down and dropped to his knees. He gulped my cock in his mouth and braced his hands on my thighs. He pumped my cock in and out of his mouth until I told him to bend over the island and rammed my cock into him with one hard shove. His moans brought the ladies and they stood around playing with each other. I heard Liz, then Sara, and Lindsey orgasm in order before mike shoot his juice on the counter. This time he was getting more. I told Sara to suck his soft cock and told Lindsey to grab some butter and fist fuck his ass.

Mike was moaning softly when the first finger opened him up. The second finger had him moaning louder. The third finger brought a torrent of lustful swearing. The fourth finger brought a gasp and groans. When his sister's thumb made a fist inside him, he shouted and thrust his cock in Sara's mouth. She in turn came on the fist Liz had inside her.

I replaced Susan's hand with my cock from behind so she could watch her children making family love for each other.

When Mike dumped another load in his wife's sister's mouth and roared Sue exploded on my cock as well. When Mike started sucking Lindsey's fingers, cleaning his remains from his sister's hand Sue came again as I did.

We adjourned to the breakfast table and I announced, "The plows will be here at noon to take all of you to the airport. You will need to have everything packed by then. I added the resort is sorry for any inconvenience the weather has caused and they want to give you another ski package later this year."

We sat around making small talk until they had finished their brunch. I was finishing in the kitchen when Sue came in. She was back in the same outfit she had arrived in but the look in her eyes told another story.

"Are you going to be here when we come back?" Her lips were soft and tasted like strawberries. We kissed as if lovers about to separate.

I helped them load the luggage and gave them the resort information. When the limo driver jumped in the car I slipped a business card with my contact information in Susan's right bra cup and kissed her goodbye.

That was last year. I was handed a note last night to get that same cabin ready. They were coming in two weeks and this time there will be more of them.

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