Rey Repairs Her Bike

Rey Repairs Her Bike

Rey Repairs Her Bike

by Kgnot

(cont. Of Rey Swallows Her Portions)

“Ahh, can this day get any worse?” - Rey exiled. Her bike was gradually slowing down as her fourth gear automatically shifted to zero. Not only did she not sell enough junk to eat a whole meal, but now her only mean of transpiration broke

- “Yep that is the gear box.”

There was no way she can scavenge for junk in the desert without a vehicle so it was a pretty big deal. The young woman needed to find a mechanic who can provide that part today or else she will be sleeping hungry until she fixes the damage.

Luckily for her after walking till the end of the street she found one just around the corner.

- Good day lads – Rey greeted the workers inside. - Do you mind helping a lady? My bike just broke not far from your establishment.

One particularly greasy bloke come out underneath the a large hovercraft and eyed her from top to bottom. Rey was not looking her best to say the least - wearing shabby clothing still stained with remains of dried cum from yesterday.

- Sorry, m'did't notice there was a lady here. We are full skank get lost. - the man grunted and turned his back to continue work.

- O c'mon I am looking no different then the rest of you! - the young woman protested but soon realized it was to no avail. Apparently the mechanic shop was stuffed with work and she could not offer even money for their trouble.

- Can you at least sell me the part I need? - Rey mumbled.

After some torturous seconds of total ignorance a worker decided to speak:

- grrr...what do ya need. - the mechanic who fitted some tires finally asked.

- Gearbox for a bike, medium size 5 gears.

- I think we have it in the junk next door. - the mechanic turned around trying to lead her there.

- Hey! Where do you think you are going? - the boss came out from underneath for a second time. - I am not paying you for today if you waste time on this scavenger! - he was shaking with anger shaking while saying that.

- But she will die from hunger boss! - the worker responded yet grabbed the impact driver to continue his job.

- Let her find it herself. We will keep an eye on her from here.

- Rey exiled for a second time today and turned her gaze towards the huge pile of broken vehicles stacked on top of each other. It was going to be a long day.

4 hours later...

“Uf, there – that must be the one! - the young woman beamed. She must have checked over a hundred cars before finally finding the one part who looked like hers. After parting with last of her savings, the only thing left to do now was fit it in. Or at least she taught so.

Despite having a good understanding of car mechanics, there was somethings the young lass could not control. Like why those two plugs did not fit in or how to join the new clutch without an appropriate tool. It started to get dark and she found herself still working on the hovercraft...

“I give up!” - Rey threw away the wrench and dropped down in the dirt. She had to admit that without the necessary tools or a lift it was impossible to fit such an important part on the street. The femal scavanger then turned towards the end of the street once again and strafed around the corner, only to discover the shop have already closed.

“Dam' it!” - the she cursed. - “It looks like I am sleeping rough tonight.”

The darkness came fast on Jakku and did not leave the scavenger much time to find shelter. She ended up shuffled behind the a tin sheet, close to her bike and fell into uneasy doze.


- Hey- a pitch voice woke her up – that is my spot!

Still half asleep Rey tortuously opened her eyes to see a half naked woman crouching next to her. She smelled bad and looked bad too. The young survivor did not think much – she knew if you give such people an inch they take a foot. The brave girl took out her claws and attacked. The woman responded in kind and the two females started to scratch each other on the dirty road.

Rey tore her opponent's skimpy top while the rival bum aimed for the lower abdomenon slicing the scavenger's pants. The fierce fight continued only for a few more until the young lass managed to deliver a powerful blow to the breasts of her enemy. By now almost naked woman yelped in pain and tried to pull out, but Rey continued to scratch, beat and twist her saggy breasts. After full minute of pure agony for the homeless skank, the victorious girl finally let her opponent run in the dark.

That night Rey could not sleep. She was too afraid another attacker might come, so instead the scavenger took short uneasy naps between guard duties until finally the sun came out.

“I can't live like that!” - Rey said to herself. “I will have to compromise!”

The brave woman waited a few more hours till the shop opened and pushed the bike all the way to the gates.

- Ha, I see you the “lady” could not fix her own bike – the boss man grunted. He seemed to have half the amount of geese still on him as if he just wiped himself off after work, not caring about his appearance at all.

- I NEED YOU TO FIT THE GEAR BOX for me, please! - Rey stated raising her tone initially, before getting a hold of herself. The girl exhaled mentally preparing herself for what she was about to say.

- Not h.. - the bossman approached angrily.

- Let me finish! - Rey raised her eyebrow. Everyone paused to look at the determined female. The young lass placed both hands on her hips as she recalled the experience with the alien at the supply depot. God, it was intense, but needed to be done Plus the young woman had to admit having the large male have his way with her mouth left her having wet memories.

- I will suck you off! Each and every one of you will get one blow job from me if you fit the gear box by the end of this morning. - “There I said it!” - Rey was shaking internally with disgust, but she could not deny the excitement within. It bothered her, but somewhat less then before.

Silence spread across the room as the workers assimilated what their eyes just heard..

- You are a whore! - the guy who tried to help her yesterday exclaimed.

- Shut up Tavi, a deal is a deal! - the boss man interrupted him. - You do half of us now, the other half while we work. - he finished his sentence and unceremoniously dropped off his pants.

For a busy man his age the phallus he sported looked pretty massive, but not as big as the one Rey had to satisfy to fill up her stomach. Battling the last remains of her dignity the girl moved closer to the boss and dropped on her knees. She then looked straight into the eyes of the man who she currently depended on to secure her future and took his cock with one hand. Just like the first dick she sucked, the boss man's cock was stinky and sweaty. To coup with the smell and give it a better blowjob, the lass gave the meaty phallus a good sniff from root to tip. The scent that filled up her nostrils almost made her grimace, but Rey was better prepared this time and managed to hold the eye contact with the boss man without making a face. The sole thing that gave away her internal disgust was Rey's watery eyes while she tasted a ring of dick cheese.

Once she got used with the flavor of the dick in her mouth , the woman peeled off more of the skin and continued to clean the dirty dick of the man under the ovations of the workers nearby. Rey focused on getting rid of all the dick cheese there before proceeding down towards his sweaty testicles while at the same time she reached with her other hand and started to massage gently the two balls stimulating his dick even more.

The mechanics continued to cheer for her in disbelief. Most of them had women on Jakku but never this young and comparatively attractive, who were willing to do sexual acts! Rey counted a total of seven men-members around her. O god what did she get herself into? The young girl had to be quick if she wanted the bike to be ready before sunset.

Without too much more delay she encased the entirety of the boss's lower head with her mouth and started to gobble up the big dick further down her throat. Her lips started to give slicking wet sounds as the young lass sucked powerfully on it trying to push it all the way to the hilt. In the meantime she also kept swallowing everything around the cock as it was indicated by the closed cheeks on the sides of his dicks.

- Oooohh yeah, that definitely hits the sport. - the man moaned with closed eyes, enjoying his treat.

- “Mmmm” - Rey pretended to enjoy it while massaging his hairy balls a bit quicker. She was sure her mouth smelled horrible right now but may be after she made him cum it will improve, at least taste-wise. The surprisingly skillful cocksucker decided to wiggle her tong into his peehole in combination with her earlier moves to shorten up the orgasm time even further.

Feeling he was close to the edge the man pulled Reys head until his pubic hair covered her pretty face then pushed her out sharply. A few seconds later he did rinse and repeat, effectively skull-fucking his new hoe to his merit.


The young woman could no answer so she just let him use her maw as a pussy. The boss man frantically kept on fucking her brains out for the final 30 seconds before blasting a full load of cum directly into Rey's stomach. He waited until everything was out before pulling out slowly.

Oooo you might be a crap mechanic, but you are an excellent cocksucker! - The chef man concluded before he turned around and started to push the broken bike towards the lift.

- “Hmf” – Rey could not argue with that logic and gobbled up any answer she might have prepared along with the rest of his cum.

- Who's next? - the “excellent cocksucker” asked - Aaaaaaa – and opened her mouth invitingly. “The more degraded I behave the faster they will cum” - Rey though to herself as the next guy approached her.

She submissively looked into his eyes as he slapped the dick onto her face. It was just as smelly as the first one, but at least it was not that big. He reached out and mauled her right tit. Rey's initial though was about slapping his hand, but as she saw it gave him instant erection the young scavenger decided it was in her best interest to leave him molest her breasts to his merit.

“This will be a walk in the park” - the lass though to herself as the man pre-cummed already and she started sucking vigorously. Sure enough not even a minute into the action the phallus in the kneeling female's mouth blasted a new wave of jizz down her esophagus. After sucking him off clean the enthusiastic cocksucker let him go to work on her vehicle while yelling to the rest of the waiting mechanics:

- Next! - “I am actually enjoying this !” - she finally admitted to herself.

Rey sucked for nearly an hour and a half before everyone in the room had his blowjob and then some. After all when you get a candy you want more and the mechanics managed to convince her to continue sucking tow or three mechanics worked on her bike. Rey could not deny the wetness in her cunt proved just how excited she was becoming sucking stranger dudes off in this dirty work shop, but tried to shove that fact into the back of her head along with the cocks violating her gullet.

Four hours later finally the repair was completed and the young scavenger was on the road again! It was in the middle of the day already though and her stomach was rumbling once more. She needed to find some scrap fast or she might not be able to continue her search journey next day.

The only place she could think of was the “Agrus Pits”. These were living plant creatures who nested in the deep desert. They hid underneath the sand and swallowed the unsuspecting passenger who hovered over them in order to feast. There was a whole colony of them called the Agrus Pits with lots of good abandoned bikes like hers. Needless to say it was dangerous but it seemed to be her only option...

To be Continued soon...

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