Felicia the babysitter 2

Felicia the babysitter 2

Its 7am on a Saturday morning a few weeks after part 1 of this story and my wife and daughters are just about to leave to setup and attend a baby shower for a friend of ours. Our neighbor’s 16 year old daughter Felicia is staying with us for a few days while her parents are out of town. Felicia is very pretty, but painfully shy and wears clothes to hide her figure. My wife and daughters were just about to leave when Felicia came out wearing a short pink robe and probably nothing else. My wife said wow look she has legs and the girls laughed and then I added and very nice one’s at that! Felicia turned very red but smiled. So my wife and kids bid me goodbye and said I hope you have fun getting all of the stuff done for the party, I said thanks I’ve got 12 hours worth of work to do before you get home at 3, so I hope at least you have fun.

After they left Felicia said to me I will help you get your work done if you will help me with a problem once we are done. I said thank you I can really use your help and I will be glad to help you once we are done. Then she said did you really mean that I have nice legs? I said yes what I could see of them looked really nice. She said you mean that if you could see more you could tell more and I said of course. She shocked me next by pulling her robe up around her waist. The only thing she had on was a pair of white thong underwear that proved that she was shaved. WOW I said would you turn around real slow? Felicia said of course, and she did. Not only did she have a great pair of legs but she had a perfect bubble butt! When I told her this she said gee thanks, and I know it’s the truth because your truth detector is making quite a large tent in your shorts. We just stood there for a few minutes admiring each other when she finally slowly let her robe down and said I’d better eat some breakfast so that we can get your work done, because I am really going to need your help later. I said OK and made her breakfast.

She said I am going to go get some old clothes on so I can help and I said OK and I went to get the stuff together for her to use for cleaning. She came out wearing a pair of white shorts that looked like she painted them onto her butt and a white halter top that could barely hold her C cup boobs. Her nipples were trying to cut two holes right through her halter top. WOW you look incredible was all I could say to her. She said I wanted to wear something to keep me cool because I want to get all of the work done so that you can help me. I said it may keep you cool but it is really making me hot. She blushed again all the way down to her belly button and said thanks now let’s get started. She cleaned inside the house while I mowed the lawn.

I finished mowing the lawn and went inside to get a drink. I found Felicia inside very upset because she had run over a pair of tennis shoes with the vacuum cleaner and now the string was caught up in the brush and she could not get it out. She said please help me get this undone, I will do anything for you if you do, I’m so sorry I hope I did not wreck your vacuum cleaner! I said hmmm anything? She said yes I will do anything just please say that you can fix it, I will feel so bad if it is really broken. I said OK I will write what you have to do on this piece of paper. Once I fix the vacuum you can open it up and you must do it. She said OK I will do anything just please fix it. It took a few minutes but I fixed it. I said OK go sit on the chair and open up the piece of paper and do what it says. She said OK but I am a bit nervous about this and then she opened it up and laughed. She said it just says smile on this, you could have asked me to do anything and you only asked me to smile? I said most men would give their left nut just to have a lady as gorgeous and sexy as you smile at them. Oh come on she said, that’s not true; you’re just saying that about me to make me feel better. I said I am not and I can prove it to you. Let’s go to the party rental place and pick up our rental stuff for the party dressed just like you are. I let her drive and when she stepped out of the truck all 4 guys that were working there ran over to see what she needed. She handed them the receipt for the stuff that I had already paid for while I waited and watched in the truck. It was rather comical to see 4 young guys with hard-ons trying to see who could show off the most while loading the truck. When it was loaded one of the guys came over to her and told her he would give her $5.00 if she would just pose with him for a picture, then the next guy said no I will give you $10.00 and then the next one said I will give you my whole paycheck if you will just sit down with us and eat lunch. I stepped out of the truck with a camera in my hand and said guys I will give each of you a free autographed picture if you don’t mind waiting for me to bring them back to you tomorrow. They said OK and I took each of their pictures with her.

We got back in the truck and she said would you please drive I’m too shaky right now. As we were driving back she said thank you for saving me back there I was starting to get really scared. I said no problem but now do you believe me when I say you are gorgeous and sexy she smiled and said yes but I had no idea that a girl could have that much of an effect on guys. I said most can’t but you can and she just smiled again. She then said that was the sexiest thing I have ever done, and I still had my clothes on! If you weren’t there I would never have done that because I would not have felt safe so thank you for the sexiest thing I have ever done! I just smiled and said that was very sexy. We pulled up at the house and I finished the lawn work and set up the tents while she finished in the house.

She then walked out and asked what can I do now to help? I said the first thing you can do is walk over here and turn around real slow because she had changed out of the shorts and into a white pleated micro mini skirt. I said I didn’t think you could look any hotter than before but you proved me wrong. She smiled and said thank you but now what can I do to help you get done so that you can help me. I let her setup the tables and chairs under the tents while I cleaned the pool. I got my next shock when I looked over at her bent over the table and found out that she was wearing nothing under the mini-skirt! She kept intentionally bending over and looking over at me to make sure that I was looking, and then smiling at me.

Finally we were done all the work so we went inside and I made us lunch. When lunch was done and cleaned up I said thanks a million for your help and your very sexy teasing, my work is done. Now it’s my turn to help you. She said OK sit down and let me explain what I need your help with. I have been with a few guys my age but to put it bluntly they had very little experience and I had very little experience so I got no real pleasure out of it. You made me hotter and feel sexier with your compliments about my legs this morning that all of the guys I’ve been with put together. You’ve had me so hot all day that I can cum in 2 seconds if I touch myself. I want you to teach me about making love and make me come by something other than my own fingers. WOW I said that’s the best offer I’ve gotten in my lifetime and she shrieked and literally jumped on me. I said slow down we have many hours before they get back and she said I know but if I don’t cum soon I am going to explode.

I whispered into her ear I wonder if we can make you cum without ever taking your clothes off or touching anything below your neck. I then started licking her earlobe and she shivered and said you’ve got me really close. Then I whispered in her ear I am imagining that I am licking that beautiful pussy of yours right now and when I touch my tongue to your tongue it will be like my tongue is dancing on that hot clit of yours, and she moaned very loud and started shaking. I then licked my way from her ear, around her neck to her lips. I then licked my tongue around her lips and danced my tongue all the way around her lips and when I danced my tongue across her tongue she came. OK it was more like and explosion as she screamed, went very stiff and drenched me in her cum as all of her pent up sexual energy from the day came out at once and then she passed out onto me.

She woke up a few minutes later and said oh my god I never knew I could cum like that. I said that’s more from what you did than what I did and she said what do you mean? I said lesson one in love and lust is that when you turn someone else on it also turns you on and she said that is an understatement.

She said now it’s your turn I want to suck your cock and make you explode I said OK but you can’t suck my cock until you do a strip tease for me and she said I would love to. She slowly took off her halter top and just before her boobs came out she turned around so that I couldn’t see. When she turned around she had her hands covering her nipples and I said your boobs are way too big to have your hands cover much and they look great. I said I’m going to take my shorts off and suck on them so that I can taste that hot pussy juice that you squirted all over me and she said no you’re not, the next thing to get sucked is going to be your cock and she waved her hands at me while she was saying no. I said it worked I got you hands out of the way and she laughed.

She then turned around, backed up to me and bent over giving me an incredible view of her pussy inches from my face. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up to me so that my nose was touching her anus and my tongue was in her pussy. I licked along her outer lips and then parted her drenched inner lips and stuck my tongue into her pussy. She said oh my god that feels so good oh my god! I kept alternating between licking her inner lips and dancing my tongue around her clit without touching it and then I would go back to fucking her pussy with my tongue. She just kept saying oh my god please don’t stop, oh my god no one has ever licked my pussy before god that feels so incredible. I then started buzzing her clit with my tongue and she said don’t stop and she started shaking so violently I had a rough time keeping my tongue on her clit and after about a minute she said I’m going to CUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM! She came and squirted her hot juice all over my face and passed out again. Luckily I was holding onto her butt so I was able to pull her onto my lap before she fell over and hurt herself.
While she was out I carried her back and got two blankets and laid one on the sofa, laid her down took off her skirt and covered her with the other. By the time she woke up I had taken off my drenched shorts I was sitting on the sofa beside her and I had a drink for her on the end table. She woke up and took a drink and laid her head on my thigh. She turned and looked up and me and said you are so incredible, every guy I have been with so far has let me go down on them and they cum in about 10 seconds and then it’s over and they don’t even think about me. You’ve made me cum twice so hard I passed out and I haven’t even had a chance to touch you.

She then kissed my stomach, then kissed right next to my cock and started kissing her way down my thigh and I said I always believe it is ladies first. She stopped for a second and then said let me get down on the floor between your legs so that it will be more comfortable for both of us and she did. Then she started kissing her way up my other thigh and laid her head on my chest and started breathing out her hot breath all over the head of my rock hard cock. She said I have to confess that I have really been looking forward to sucking your cock again. I started to say something but just then she started licking the head of my cock and the only thing that came out was a moan. She then licked every inch of my cock and when she had worked her way back to the top she gave me this incredibly sexy smile and took a little over half of my cock in her mouth and that was all she could take. She danced her tongue along the bottom side of my cock on the way down and on the way back up god it felt so incredible!

She then took my cock out of her mouth and said I love your cock it is so big! Please tell me you will cum in my mouth again I have been dreaming about it ever since we did it a few weeks ago. I said so why did you pretend that you were asleep? She said because I was afraid you would stop me or something if you knew I was awake. I said with how incredible you were sucking my cock nothing would have stopped me, then or now. She squealed and said thank you and went back to sucking my cock. She would take me in her mouth and suck me up and down while dancing her tongue all around my cock until I was almost ready to cum and then she would back off and start licking the sides of my cock. She did this twice before she stopped for a moment and said god I love sucking your cock I could do it all day long. I said if you don’t let me cum soon I am going to turn blue from head to toe and I reached down and grabbed both of her nipples. She moaned and said ooohh that feels so good I just know the moment your cum hits my tongue I am going to cum and I said you had better be really close then because I sure am and she squealed and started sucking me even more incredibly. After about a minute I came so hard I couldn’t even see. The first shot went right down her throat and then she backed off until only the head of my cock was in her mouth while I shot the rest of my cum. I then heard her screaming that she was cumming and I passed out.

I woke up a few minutes later and she was gently licking my still hard cock from my balls to the head. She said I figured if I talked to your brain you would wake up and I said I just love the way you talk and we both laughed. She said I really like the taste of your cock, my cum tasted good on it and when you added yours it made it incredible. I thought to myself she may go both ways, maybe my wife can join us at another time.
She said I really want your cock in me but I have never had a guy as big as you. I said I will lay on the floor on this blanket and your can get on top of me and have total control over how much you take. So we did and I took my cock and rubbed it back and forth in her pussy lips which were incredibly hot and wet. I then took my finger and rubbed her clit and she moaned and then I brought my finger up to my lips and licked her juices off of it and she moaned again. I then rubbed her clit again and this time I brought her juices up to her mouth and she licked it off and then sucked my finger. She then started rotating her hips with just the head of my cock in her pussy and I said your pussy is so hot and it feels so incredible on the head of my cock and she said MMMMMM. She kept rotating her hips and taking just a little more of me and then coming back up and then a little more than the last stroke and then coming back up. Her pussy was very hot and very tight but I know she was doing it so slowly to tease us both and it was really working. Her eyes were glazed over, her head was tilted back, her mouth was hanging open and she was moaning loudly by the time she made it halfway down my cock. With her head tilted back like that it made her boobs look even more incredible. I said you’ve made it halfway and she said I don’t think I can make it all the way before I cum. I said go ahead and cum baby you know I want to feel your pussy cum all over my cock. I reached up and grabbed her boobs and started squeezing her nipples and she said you are really asking for it aren’t you and I said yes I am! She leaned down and said suck my boobs while I cum all over that big cock of yours and I sucked on one nipple while I rolled the other one between my thumb and finger. She was still only taking about half of my cock in her pussy when she started shaking and saying I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, again and again each time saying it louder. She had just slid up so that just the head of my cock was in her pussy when I had enough and rammed all of my cock into her tight hot juicy pussy. She screamed and every muscle in her body tightened up as she came and flooded me with her hot juices again. She must have cum for a full minute before she finally collapsed on me.

I gave her a few minutes to recover before she finally spoke and said I can’t move, god there is no way I can cum anymore. I said I bet you can and I picked her up and put her over the end of the sofa which put that beautiful ass of hers pushed up in the air on perfect display. I said teasing time is over I am going to pound that hot little pussy until I fill it up with cum. I then rammed my cock into her pussy and started pounding her like a wild man. She came twice more before I finally exploded into her pussy.

I couldn’t stand after cumming that hard so I wobbled over and sat on the sofa. She worked her way over to me and said I want to taste your cum and my cum together and licked my cock and balls clean.

We cleaned everything up, got showers and were sitting in the kitchen eating a snack when my wife got home with the kids. She said I see you got all of the work done and I said thanks to Felicia’s help I did and Felecia smiled. My wife said I forgot to tell you to pick up the cake would you and Felecia please go and get it and she winked at me. We both said sure no problem. We went and got the cake which was in a box without a window and I made sure that we didn’t arrive until after 4pm.

When we got home I made Felicia go in first and everyone yelled surprise, Happy 17th birthday! Even Felicia’s parents were there and she agreed it was her happiest birthday ever.

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