The Repairman Chapter 3 & 4

The Repairman Chapter 3 & 4

Chapter 3 Honey, I’m home

Jimmy woke first to find himself spooning with Jane and his morning wood tight against her soft ass, He lean in a little and began softly kissing her neck and then to her ear.

“Mmm,” she moaned softly as she turned her head halfway to look to see who was kissing her. Jimmy kissed her softly on her lips and then began manipulating her left nipple. Nothing got Jane going quicker than someone plying with her nipples. She dropped her hand to her ass and found one of the biggest, hardest cocks she had ever had the pleasure of being done by and guided it towards her pussy. She opened her legs to allow full access to her love hole and then began moving his cock head back and forth up and down her crack to lube it a little. When she was ready, she put it at the opening to her velvet cock holder and let Jimmy push in ever so slowly.

“Hmm,” he groaned as he slipped his big-headed fuck stick into her well used, but still surprisingly tight cunt. She rolled her ass back and forth to push his cock deeper in her fuck channel and Jimmy took the hint and began to trust deeper and deeper!

“Oh, yeah that’s it fuck it, fuck it deep” she whispered as Jimmy moved so he could go deeper. She lay there savoring the feeling of a super hard cock deep in her love tunnel first thing in the morning! Jimmy too was enjoying his morning wood fuck as normally he had no one to wake to. So, the two just lay there fucking quietly and tried to not wake Jason. But as what normally happens when two people fuck, they eventually reach a point where they want to go fast, harder and deeper and that happen to Jane and Jimmy.

Jane was fast approaching an orgasm and she wanted Jimmy to fuck her harder and deeper, so she began slamming her ass back harder and harder against him and taking the hint he began slam fucking her in return. There was no way Jason was going to be able to sleep with these two fucking like wild animals next to him, so he rolled over to see what was going on. Rolling over he came face to face with Jane who had an orgasm face. Mouth open, eyes closed breathing heavily. He looked over Jane and saw his buddy was close to blowing his load as well, so he slipped out of bed and positioned himself behind Jimmy.

“Oh Fuck,” Jimmy groan as he let lose another torrent of cum in Jane’s cunt! He had seen Jason move behind him, so he knew what he wanted, and Jimmy pulled his drippy cock out of her tight hole and slipped out of bed. Jason zoomed in and grabbed Jane by her hips, pulling her close to the edge of the bed and she instinctively knew what position he wanted and pulled her legs up close to her chest and pushed her ass out towards him, thereby totally exposing her delicious cummy pussy to him. With Jane in this position Jason had no problem plugging the leak before all of Jimmy’s cum could leak out, so he had full benefit of sloppy seconds and he intended to fuck her silly.

Jimmy watched for a minute and thought he would go make a cup of coffee and as he came into the dinning-area he heard someone. He stopped dead in his tracks wondering if he should go back to the bedroom since he was still naked. Just then Jack came around the corner and stopped also.

Jack looked Jimmy up and down and then his eyes returned to Jimmy’s midsection, and he said, “Jimmy, I presume?” Jack stuck out his hand and smiled at Jimmy.

“Uh, yeah, Jack?”

“Yep, that’s me, the sluts husband. Is she up yet?”

“Uh, well in a manner of speaking, she is awake but not up, rather busy with Jason.”

“Oh, well no need to disturb them, now is there.” Come have a cup of coffee, Jack turned and walked back into the kitchen and poured them both a cup of coffee. As he handed Jimmy his coffee he looked down at Jimmy’s exposed cock and couldn’t help but to admire it.

“Damn, I see why Jane was so excited, you are hung young man, and it appears by the white stuff on your dick that you had my wife first this morning.”

“Uh, guilty as charged, and now that we are out in the open, I understand you like cock also?”

“Jack laughed, she told you huh; yeah, I do, how do you feel about cock?

With the question hanging Jimmy put his coffee on the counter and stepped close to Jack and reached for his pants, unbuckled his belt, opened his jeans, and pushed them down. “Like this, he said as he went to his knees and took Jack’s cock into his mouth and began sucking him.”

“Damn, Jack moaned not expecting things to progress so quickly but more than happy they did!”

Jimmy showed his oral talents on a cock and then stood up and holding Jack’s ass ask, “does that answer the question,” and then he kissed Jack full on mouth. Jack had sucked some cock and had been bottomed but kissing guys was not something he normally did but for some reason it wasn’t nearly as bad as he would have thought and the longer, they kissed the more excited he became and soon reached for Jimmy’s cock. He found it now semi-hard and began to fondle it.

When the kiss ended Jack went to his knees and marvel over Jimmy’s package. Large, balls hanging slightly now that they had been emptied into Jane’s cum depository. What struck Jack was that they were both hanging level. Most balls he had seen, including his and all the guys he worked with and had been with previously had one below the other, but Jimmy’s were a perfect match. His cock was thick and covered in now dry cum and pussy juice and as Jack leaned in to suck it into his mouth he could smell his wife’s pussy on it, which only made sucking Jimmy’s cock more exciting to Jack. Jack opened his mouth and hefting Jimmy’s cock in his hand he placed it in his mouth and closed his lips down, savoring the slightly sour taste of old cum and the softness of cock flesh.

Mmm, he moaned involuntarily as it had been way too long since he had blown a man and he was looking forward to this. He started slowly sucking Jimmy’s cock into his mouth and loved the feel of it as it twitched and jumped as it grew to its full length. Now Jack liked sucking cock but he was not the blow job artist that his wife was so he knew he would not be able to match what she must have performed on Jimmy and his buddy.

Jack continued to work Jimmy’s cock and was rewarded with encouragement from Jimmy and when Jimmy put his hands on Jack’s head and tried to pull him in so he could throat fuck him. Jack pulled back, “Sorry, Jimmy said, didn’t mean to choke you.”

“Mmmumum,” Jack mumbled around Jimmy’s cock, and then placed his hands on Jimmy’s hard ass and did the best he could as far as deep throating him.

“What do we have here,” Jason asked as he came up and stood next to Jimmy?

“Oh, you’re done; Jason, meet Jane’s husband, Jack!”

“Hello Jack, nice to meet you and thank you for allowing us to get to know your wife better, much better!”

Jack removed Jimmy’s cock from his mouth and looked at Jason and saw another young man in his mid-20’s with a muscle build and another yummy cock hanging between his legs covered in fresh cum and cunt juice and he couldn’t resist.

“Nice to meet you Jason, mind if I clean your cock for you?” “I am a bit of a cuck and love to clean my wife and her lovers.”

“No, not at all, please do, after all your wife has done for us that’s the least, we can do for you.” “Oh yeah, clearly this isn’t your first cock is it, Jack?”

“Mmm, no, not my first by a long shot, but it has been a long time since I had one and it’s good to know I can still make one hard.”

As Jack was rotating between Jason and Jimmy Jane appeared, “whoa, what’s going on here, a little sausage fest?”

“Hey, who you calling Little?” Jimmy asked pointing to his large hard cock.

“Just kidding boys, none of you are little and since it appears Jack is serious about blowing you guys, why don’t you take this back to the bedroom and I will start some breakfast, you two must be starving!”

“Sounds good to me, if you guys don’t mind?” Jack said.

No, not at all, Jimmy said.”

“Yeah, it’s your party so whatever you want is fine with me, Jason replied.”

The guys moved back to the bedroom and Jane went about fixing breakfast. It took about 30 minutes to scramble a dozen eggs and make bacon and sausage along with toast and since the boys were not back, she went to tell them breakfast was ready.

Jane stopped short when she saw the scene from the doorway, Jack on his hands and knees like she often was when they were playing with friends, with Jimmy was plowing his ass with long deep strokes and Jack sucking Jason off!

“Whoa, you are getting it all out of your system at once aren’t you, honey?”

“Mmmmufff,” Jack mumbled around Jason’s cock as he greedily sucked on it. Jane let her fingers go to her pussy and began to rub it softly as she watched her husband commit unnatural acts with two other men. Soon her clit was swelling, and she was getting wetter and hotter as Jason was now holding Jack by his ears and face fucking him as Jason’s orgasm approached.

“AAAAAGGGGG,” Jason groaned as he painted Jack’s throat with his hot sticky man cum, she could see Jack’s throat working to swallow all Jason was depositing. Jason withdrew his softening cock from Jack’s mouth and fell back onto the bed and Jane stuck two fingers into her now dripping cunt as Jack turned his attention to finishing Jimmy.

“Man, you are one tight ass fuck,” Jimmy groaned as he held Jack by the hips and pumped his cock in and out of Jack’s ass; his big balls slapping Jack’s smaller balls.

“It’s been a long time since I had any cock in my ass, Jack groaned, but God it feels good, so keep fucking it, please!”

Jimmy pulled out almost all the way and squirted some more lube on his cock and then set up a nice steady sawing motion as he deep stroked Jack’s ass. “Oh yeah, now that’s better, nice and slippery now,” Jimmy groaned as he steadily increased his pace until he was slam fucking Jack’s ass and then suddenly, he pushed in and pulled Jack’s hips back as he lost his load deep in Jack’s anal cavity.

“OH, FUCK YEAH,” Jimmy groan. He was panting as he finished unloading in Jack, then he firmly held the condom as he withdrew his cock from Jack’s ass. Jack fell forward and rolled over grasping his cock in his hand and beginning to stoke it quickly. Jane knew from experience he would cum shortly, so she moved swiftly to remove the condom from Jimmy’s shrinking dick and leaned over and told Jack to open his mouth as she began to empty it on his face.

“AAAAAAAGGGGGGG,” that was all Jack needed to reach his own orgasm. His first shot flew in an arc back towards his face and splashed down on his chin and chest. Each subsequent shot fell a little shorter than the previous one, but all landed on Jack. After the last one Jack just sunk into the bed and closed his eyes.

Jane looked at how peaceful he looked and suggested the guys follow her for breakfast.

Chapter 4 Creampie

Jack woke up a couple of hours later and took a shower and slipped on shorts and a T-shirt and then went in search of Jane, and her guests if they were still here. As he entered the kitchen area, he could hear noises coming from the guest bedroom that was at the front of the house, so he went to see what was going on.

The door was mostly closed but not completely, so he pushed it open and stood there smiling at what he saw! The guys were DP’ing Jane, and it was hard to tell who was enjoying it more, her or the guys. He undid his shorts and let them drop then took a seat in a chair to watch the show.

Jason was on the bottom and Jimmy was on top taking Jane’s ass, and he was really riding her ass; fucking her long and deep, while Jason was just thrusting up a little just to keep her pussy warm and allow Jimmy to get her off first. And Jack didn’t have long to wait as Jane was making those weird little sounds she makes just before her shouts of, “OH GOD or OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!” “AAAGGGGGG” “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMMMINNNNNN!”

Jack watched as her legs began to tremble and her toes started to curl. He knew what was about to happen when he heard the deep groan she made when she had her biggest orgasms. Jack had no doubt that Jason’s cock and balls were being coated with girl cum. As Jane’s orgasm began to wind down Jimmy pulled that monster fuck toy of his out of her ass and Jason increased his thrusting to a blistering pace that had Jane moaning and holding on to his neck as he pummeled her cunt.

“OH GOD, ARE YOU TRYING TO KNOCK THE BOTTOM OUT OF MY CUNT,” she wailed. Jack and Jimmy knew Jason was just trying to get himself off but if she came again than so much the better! And did she ever cum again! Just as Jason’s first blast of cum crashed against her cervix she went into another orgasm.

Jason continued to pummel her until his balls were empty and he then pushed up on Jane’s hips pushing her off of his cock and Jimmy took her by her hips and pulled her back and sunk his massive cock deep in her very cummy fuck hole!

“OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, NOT AGAIN! OH FUCK, OH FUCKAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG.” She moaned aloud as Jimmy’s big cock stretched her even more and she surrendered completely and just let the orgasms come one after another in what she called her chain orgasms.

You would think Jack would be concerned seeing his wife being used as a punch board for two big cocks, but it was just the opposite, he knew she not only could take it, but that she loved it also. She would be sore for a few days, and he wouldn’t get any from her this week, but in the end, she would be fine and would look back on this weekend fondly. Jack knew this because he

was a cuck and had watched his wife take big cocks for years! In fact, now, as she wailed and moaned, he had his hard cock in his hand, just waiting for Jimmy to cum in her and pull out.

Jimmy groaned aloud and then his face grimaced and as jack looked at Jimmy’s balls, he could see them twitching as he pumped his ball juice into Jane’s cum depository! Jack licked his lips as cum ran out and over Jimmy’s balls. Jimmy looked back over his shoulder to see if Jack was ready to take his place and jack stood up hard-on in hand and smiled. This was his favorite part of group sex, taking Jane after everyone else had had her.

Jimmy pulled out and Jack plugged the dike as quickly as he could but still some cum ran out of Jane’s gaping fuck hole. Jack slammed everything he had into her but all he got was cum for his trouble. There was no friction after those two horse cocks had their way with her.

“Jack leaned down and grasp her breasts; how you doing honey; you have a little more for me?”

“I always have a little more for my man Jack, but I don’t know how good a fuck I will be, I can’t really feel you in my pussy.” “It just feels like someone is pushing cum in and pulling it out!”

“Yeah, the guys gaped you pretty good babe but even so, I just had to feel how gooey you would be, I’ll pull out and you can lay down and rest while I clean you up, OK?”

“Yeah, that would be great!” Jack pulled out and Jane went to her belly and then rolled over and lifted her legs, trying to keep the cum in her from running out, Jack went to his belly and buried his face in her cummy cunt!

Jack proceeded to lick and suck cum out of Jane’s cunt for the next ten minutes and when he did raise his face, it was coated with white, sticky man cum! Jimmy saw that he still had his hard on, so he nudged Jason and then went to his knees and began sucking Jack’s cock while Jason began kissing Jack and swilling his tongue in his mouth to get some of the cum for himself. Jack came in what felt to him was like buckets but was only a fraction what the two studs had deposited in Jane!

After Jack had cum everyone just collapsed on the bed or in a chair and tried to catch their breath. Jane, lay there with her pussy leaking cum and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The guys dozed a little and then slowly began to stir. Jimmy told Jack that they really did need to get going, they had a practice scheduled for later that day and they needed to get home before leaving for practice.

“Well, I want to personally thank you for being so good to the wife and me and I am sure Jane would echo my sentiments if she were awake, he laughed. Believe me it isn’t often that she can be fucked out to the point she is today!” “You guys are true studs!”

“Thank you, and we thank you for accepting us as is and allowing us to play with your wife and you. Jason replied.”

“Yes, indeed, Jimmy said, it was my lucky day when your sink got clogged.”

“Our pleasure, I assure you!” Jack said.

They exchanged phone numbers, shook hands and the guy’s promised to call soon.

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