I blew my new father-in-law at our wedding.

I blew my new father-in-law at our wedding.

We had the most beautiful wedding on the shore of Lake Tahoe. It was mid-May. The weather was just perfect and so was the setting. We had decided on a sunset wedding and fifty friends and relatives were there. Both of my parents were there and so were both of my new husband’s parents although they never said anything to each other. They had been divorced for four years and it was not an agreeable divorce. After the wedding we had reserved a large reception room at one of the big casino hotels. The reception was as beautiful as the wedding. My dad did not spare any expense in making sure that everything would bring back great memories for all the years yet to come.

There was more eating and drinking than you could dream of. The catering was perfect. I had my first married kiss and first married dance with my husband and then lots of men lined up to dance with me and give me a wedding kiss. I must have danced every dance for an hour. Finally I begged off because I had to go to the bathroom really bad. My bladder was busting. I went down the side hallway and found the ladies room. I had to work hard to lift up my entire beautiful full white wedding gown bottom so that I could sit on the toilet. A stream of yellow urine poured out of me till I thought it would never stop but finally it did. I managed to reach around my dress and wipe myself. I washed my hands and headed back to the reception.

Just after I exited the ladies room Frank, my new father-in-law met me in the hall. “Come with me, I want to show you something.” Not thinking that there was any reason not to go with him, I followed him further down the hall and into a side room. He shut the door behind us, stood in front of me and said. “I haven’t given you a proper welcome to the family kiss yet.” Then he grabbed my face and gave me a long hard kiss like only my husband should be giving me. I tried to pull away but could not. Next he grabbed one of my tits. My top was strapless and he pulled it down exposing my breasts. His mouth engulfed my right nipple. I yelled at him to get off me but he pushed me into a chair.

I guess that I was in shock as I did not get up and try to run as he stood in front of me and pulled his cock out of his pants. I shouted for him to get away but he moved forward and put it right in my face. “I’ve got a better cock than my son. It was better. His was probably a little over seven inches and thick with a strong downward curve. Tim’s was slightly under six inches and pretty thin and straight. “Come on, open your mouth and show me what a good cock sucker you are.” I started to tell him no and to tell him to let me leave the room but when I opened my mouth, his cock head slipped between my lips. He grabbed my head and pulled me forward till most of his prick was in my mouth. I tried unsuccessfully to push him off

It’s not that I was a virgin before I met Tim or that Tim and I had not fucked a bunch of times before now but I was in shock that my husband’s father would make such an advance on me, especially on our wedding day. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled my head up and down the length of his cock. I gave up trying to fight. I tightened my lips around his shaft hoping to get him off and get this over with as soon as possible. I mentally cussed myself out because I was enjoying what was happening. I wasn’t about to let him know that I think he is very handsome and that I enjoy being controlled and manhandled. If he had put his hand between my legs he would have found out that I was soaking wet.

I started thinking that I hoped that he did not get any cum on my dress that anyone might see, especially Tim. I sucked hard. You could see my cheeks pulled in and I slid my tongue around his cockhead. Frank started to moan. “Oh fuck. I’m going to come. Suck my cock you wonderful bitch. Swallow my load.” With that he held my face tightly to him and blasted his load of spunk down my throat. I managed to keep from gagging and swallow every drop of it. He pulled out and stuffed his manhood back in his pants and zipped up. As he was leaving the room he said, “Welcome to the family. Next time I’m going to give your young cunt a fucking you’ll never forget.” He left the room.

I went back to the ladies room and cleaned up. They I went back to the reception. About an hour later Tim whispered in my ear, “Let’s go up to our room. I need to give my wife one hell of a good fucking.” We held hands and walked to the elevator. I saw Frank watching me as we left. He blew me a kiss. I thought about telling Tim what his father had done but decided to let it pass.

As soon as we entered the room, Tim threw me on the bed. “Now you are going to have your first sex as a married woman.” I almost laughed. I know I smiled but he didn’t know why. I had to tell Tim to take it easy as he roughly worked at getting me out of my wedding gown. I didn’t want it damaged. As soon as he had me stripped, he was out of his clothes in seconds. He grabbed my knees and spread my legs and dove face first at my wet pussy. His open mouth pushed between my labia and he attacked my clit and fuck hole with his tongue. I was glad Frank had made me give him head rather than fucking me. How would I have explained it if Tim had found my pussy full of cum?

Tim pounded my cunt for more than five minutes. He was super excited. It was the best fuck he had given me in months. He brought me to two orgasms and my cum was dripping down my thighs. Finally he groaned out that he was ready to come. He pulled out and jumped up next to my face. His ball sack was already tight and I just got him in my mouth when his prick exploded and blasted a big load of man juice in my mouth. It pulsed four times, each time adding spunk in my mouth. I held it there because I knew that he enjoyed seeing the results of his efforts before I swallowed it. I swallowed and showed him again. Now, in less than an hour I had two big loads of jizz in my belly. I hoped I would have room for a piece of wedding cake.

My new husband told me to get on my hands and knees, a position that he had had me in many times before. After I did he had me move to a different spot on the bed. There was no doubt in my mind as to why he did that. He was going to fuck me from the back and one thing he really enjoys is watching tits bounce back and forth while a girl is being fucked. He always comments on that while we are watching a porn video that has a scene like that in it. I could see that he was lining me up so he could watch my 34-C tits in the mirror.

Tim reached over on the night stand and picked up the lube of lube that was on it. He squeezed a little out onto one of his fingers and then pushed it up my butt hole. He pushed it in full depth. Then he pulled out, added a little more lube and shoved two fingers in. He finger fucked my ass a couple of times and then pulled out again, put lube on the end of his still hard prick and touched it to my anal opening. Before he had a chance to shove it into my behind, I pushed back and impaled myself full depth on his dick. We both moaned as his good sized cock entered my tight shit tube.

Holding my hips, Tim fucked deep and hard inside my pooper. As I had assumed I could see him watching my tits swaying back and forth under my chest each time he slammed into me. He did it hard enough that my boobs actually were slapping me on the chin. He pounded my ass like he was trying to drive his prick up into my throat from the bottom. Each time he slammed my ass I let out a grunt. Finally he slammed one last time and held himself full depth up my shitter as his cock pulsed and shot splash after splash on to my innards. As he pulled out a big glob of his spunk flowed out of my well fucked ass, dripped down over my pussy and dropped onto the mattress. Without hesitation or question I spun around and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean.

I rolled over and collapsed onto the bed. Tim collapsed on top of me and we lay there for several minutes kissing. He played with my tits and I stroked his soft piece of sausage meat. Finally we got dressed in casual clothes and went back down to say goodbye to our wedding guests. The final event of the reception was the wedding cake. Our family and guests all went home but we had the room for another three days. We took full advantage of our honeymoon. We water skied, hiked, gambled, watched shows and ate in nice restaurants. One thing I still remember, and have, was finding a couple of the giant pine cones that are found around Tahoe. The biggest ones are almost as big as a football. That used about half of our time and the other half of our waking time was spent fucking and sucking. I am willing to bet that by the end of our honeymoon I had more than a quart of Tim’s cum inside of my body.

We had been home in our apartment for about a week when Tim had to go to Seattle for a job interview. He would be gone three days and two nights. “Honey, while I’m gone, Dad is going to be in town. I told him that you would be glad to let him stay here at the apartment while he is here. Just make him comfortable. The couch in the living room is a hide-a-bed. He’ll be good company while I am gone.” I thought back about our wedding day and how he had taken me into a back room and made me suck him off and how even though it was not consensual, I had enjoyed it and how my pussy had gotten soaking wet as it happened.

I drove Tim to the airport and waived as his plane took off. By the time I got home, Tim’s father was already there. I had dressed sexy so Tim would have that picture in his mind while he was away from me. Frank walked up to me and gave me a big kiss. It sure was not a peck on the cheek like you might think a father-in-law would give. His hand slipped under the short cropped tee that I was wearing, pushed its way under my bra and closed around my right breast. “Hi Dora, we have a couple of days together to get to know each other really well. What’s for supper?” I pulled his hand away. “Behave yourself. Chicken pies.”

He was quite until after we had eaten and gone into the living room. He was sitting in the chair so I sat on the couch. He had the TV control in his hand. He had found that one of the channels that we subscribed to was a triple X adult channel. Frank turned the TV to that channel and came over and sat next to me on the couch. I started to get up but he pulled me back down and put one hand between my legs on my thong panties. It was easy for him to get a finger under the small front panel and to find the opening to my sex. I made one unsuccessful attempt to pull his hand away and then gave up.

He kissed my neck and sucked on my earlobe. Tingles started to run up and down my body and concentrate themselves in my pussy. I tried to reason with him, telling him that what he wanted was not right and that it would hurt his son if he found out. It was like talking to a stone wall. He never even acknowledged that I was talking to him. When he took hold of the bottom of my short top, I closed my eyes and held my arms up as he pulled it off. My bra quickly came next and I held my arms out forward so it slipped off easily. I already knew that he had a nice big cock because of what had happened on my wedding day and I had accepted the fact that for the next couple of days I was going to be the recipient of a lot of fucking from it and sucking of that nice big chunk of man meat. I was ready to submit to my father-in-law’s lust.

He dropped to his knees in front of me, unbuttoned my short shorts and unzipped the fly. I lifted my hips off the couch so he could pull them and my thong down and off. I was now naked on the couch in front of my new father-in-law. He pushed my knees apart and gave my shaved mound a little kiss and then snaked his tongue between my pussy lips. It didn’t take long for him to bring me to my first orgasm of the night. I held his head tight to my cunt as my juices flowed and my body shook. I fucked his face as hard as I could, flexing my hips and rubbing my clit against his face. I cried out and begged him not to stop. When I come, I come hard. After I came down from my mind blowing climax he stood, took my hand and helped me stand. “Undress me now.” His shirt buttons were first but without saying a word I soon had him as naked as I was. I was now on my knees in front of him and his almost fully hard prick was right in front of my face. “I shouldn’t have to tell you what to do Dora.” He moved his hips forward till his cockhead was touching my lips. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

Frank was both a little longer and a little thicker than his son. His was not the biggest cock I had ever had but it was nice and large and firm. I have always loved big cocks. I had to stretch my mouth to get him in but I was happy to be doing it. I took most of him as he held my head and fucked my mouth. I hoped that he would realize that if, when I orgasmed again, he would give his prick a good hard shove he could make it all the way into my throat without gagging me. I knew I would not be able to tell him when to do it.

Soon I could feel an orgasm building. As it arrived I did not want to hope he did the right thing. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him to me as I forced my face forward. His shaft slid into my throat. I held his still as I repeatedly pulled my head back and slammed it forward, burying my nose deep in his pubic hair. Frank groaned, “Oh fuck yes, swallow my fucking cock you wonderful slut. I can feel my cockhead rubbing on the walls of your fucking tight throat.” I came again but was disappointed that Frank had not. He pushed me back and his hard cock pointed at the ceiling.

Frank looked at me, “hide-a-beds and not very comfortable. I think I will share your bed for the next couple of nights.” I looked up at him and smiled. Then I got up and led him to Tim’s and my king sized bed. “Get on the bed. I want to see how good of a cunt my son’s has gotten himself.” I begged, “Let me be on top. I want to ride your wonderful big cock, Frank.”

Frank got on the bed on his back and held himself so he pointed straight up. I swung a leg over him and pressed my pussy down till Frank was buried balls deep in my quim. I felt him pressing against the back wall of my vagina. I lifted myself up till just the tip of his erection was still inside my vaginal opening and then I relaxed and dropped back down till my ass landed on his pelvis. I put my hands flat on his chest and started rapidly rotating my ass so that I was giving him a great fuck as he lay there. Frank reached one hand down and rubbed my clit while I fucked him; bringing me to a quick and long lasting climax. I was on fire from the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of my cunt and mashing against the back of my vagina and his fingers stroking my clit. Finally I felt him tense up and next his pecker started pulsing inside of me as spurt after spurt of his seed shot deep into me. I was happy I was on the pill.

I collapsed and dropped down so my tits were at his face. Frank started nursing on my nipples. First he sucked one and then moved to the other and then back again. His cock was softening but it stayed big enough that I was able to keep it in me. I slowly and gently continued moving so that he was still pleasuring my well fucked pussy for several minutes while he kiss my breasts and lips. When I was finally completely satisfied, I moved down and used my mouth to clean up all of the mixture of both his and my cum that was on his cock and in his pubic hair. I was not having any thought of my new husband or the fact that Frank was my husband’s father. Then I cuddled up to him and we fell asleep.

The sun was just peaking in thru the window when I felt Frank roll me over. I like to sleep late but he was having none of it. I was so exhausted when we finished last night that I had not even gone into the bathroom and cleaned up. I had dried cum all over in my pubic hair and down my thighs. My cunt was still full of Frank’s spunk. I pushed him away. “No Frank, I need to go clean up and I’ve gotta pee so bad.” He jokingly pushed on my belly pressing firmly on my bladder. I almost pissed the bed. I jumped up and he watched my naked body as I almost ran to the bathroom.

I was sitting on the toilet and a stream of warm yellow piss was flowing into the bowl when Frank walked in. He was also still naked and he had his cock in his hand. “Go away, I’m taking a pee.” Rather than going, he told me, “Open your legs and let me watch.” I don’t know why but I spread my legs as the stream of urine continued to flow. When I had stopped, he took my hand and led me to the shower. “Come on, I’ll clean your messy body for you.” He adjusted the shower water temperature, put soap on his hands and started scrubbing my body. He spent a lot of time on my tits and between my legs. I was starting to get very horny again.

“Your turn”, He handed me the soap. He may have been twenty years older than me but he was still in very good shape. I washed his chest and his back and then dropped to my knees to wash his lower parts. Frank took his manhood in his hand and told me to open my mouth. I thought he wanted his cock sucked so I opened my mouth to give him a morning blowjob. Rather than pushing himself into my mouth he started pissing in my mouth. No one had ever done that to me. I choked and gagged and I quickly spit out the mouthful of piss and closed my mouth. Frank put his thumb and finger on either side of my jaw and squeezed. “Open your fucking mouth.” I had to open my mouth as he squeezed. Then he did put his cock in my mouth with piss was still spraying out of it. “Swallow. Drink my piss, Dora.” He held my mouth closed around his prick and I had to swallow most of his hot salty urine. Some squirted out my nose. When he had finished, he pulled out, “Good girl. Now let’s go back to bed.”

I was pissed, in more ways than one but I went back to the bed where Frank gave me a quickie fuck without any thought of my pleasure. Then he left for most of the day. I had the day to sit around and think about what was happening with me and my new father-in-law and how it could affect my relationship with my husband. If Tim found out, would he leave me or would he have a big fight with his father or what? Frank had started it but I hadn’t fought him very hard and then I was his willing slut. Should I tell Tim?

When Frank came back to the apartment I had a nice supper ready and I met him at the door dressed in a sheer babydoll nightie. My pussy was dripping wet with anticipation. That night was much like the first one. He fucked my mouth and cunt bringing me to several hard orgasms. He put two cum loads in each and I couldn’t get enough of it. Finally we slept. The next morning we showered again. This time he did not piss in my mouth but all over me from the hair on my head to my pussy hair. Then he had me suck him off one last time before he left for his home. I savored his load of cum in my mouth for a long time before I finally swallowed it and licked my lips.

I went to the airport and picked Tim up. On the way home he excitedly told me about his job interview and how he expected to get a really good job offer. Later, at home he commented that I had not said much and asked if everything was OK and if I had enjoyed the visit from his father. I thought and decided that I would tell him.

“Your father came on to me. I said no at first but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. After we started, I couldn’t resist and I willingly had sex with him several times while he was here. I’m so sorry.” Tim smiled at me, “I already know. I talked to Dad and he told me all the dirty details. That was his plan when he got here. I also know what your two did at the wedding. Before I left we made a hundred dollar bet that he would get you in bed and fuck you whether you wanted him to or not. I bet that it would not take him more than an hour before you were willingly fucking and sucking him. I won the bet.” I told him that it may have been a little more than an hour. Tim laughed.

"Dad is coming back next weekend so we can both give you some good fucking at the same time." Tim kissed me and grabbed a handful of tit.


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