My exciting trip to Ahmedabad_(1)

My exciting trip to Ahmedabad_(1)

As told earlier..that inspite of having very bold and clear cut relationship with my hubby...somehow i couldn’t tell him that I already had physical relation with Sandip.
During next 4-5 months my hubby so many time, encourage to have develop good frndship with Sandip..but i never dare to tell him that we already cross all the limit one time.

After that full encounter...Sandip and i hardly find place and time meet alone for more than 10-15 min.....and in that time....sandip fully utilise it by planting maximum lip kiss....anyway...but rarely find time to move ahead....he was very much disappointed with it....but he understand it and always give respect in public....

Anyway..once when my hubby was there in A’bad city for some business work..and my in-laws were there at our per the schedule....I go to A’bad by travel...and from there i’ll join my hubby for his next tour to Kutch that way....i atleast had some my in-laws told my hubby that Shital will come there in a’bad by travel. So, that’s final. On the next per the plan..Sandip called my hubby...about just simple hi and hellow...and meanwhile before my hubby said to sandip anything...Sandip told are in A’bad....i am tomorrow itself planning to come there to collect some payments. So, my hubby immediately told him...that why don’t u take Shital with she suppose to travel by bus. So, he readily agreed it..than my hubby called me...and inform me....that you come with Sandip...he is comeing here for some business he will drop you need to come by bus. As Sandip is my hubby’s cousine brother’s in laws also didn’t find any problem in it. Sandip meanwhile called my in-laws that he come to pick me up early in the morning.. as he also had some work at Anand and Nadiad too. He also informed my hubby too.. that he’ll pick me at around 8 o’clock and not comeing via Express high he had some few min work at Anand and Nadiad too. He told my hubby that Shital will sit in the car....and within 10-15 min...i finish my work and will come no one find any problem in it.

So, on next day...i was ready at 7.30 am...wearing my in-laws at my place for few days...i use to wear Salwar or Sarees......Sandip comes at right time....we left our home at around 8.15 am.....he was very happy....and asked straight ....what’s the plan ?...I u say.....he smile and say...after almost 4 better know what’s in my mind....and he laugh...i simply reply with smile and give my permission......but as we had very little time left with us......Sandip don’t have any work at Anand or Nadiad...this is just he told to buy some time.....but the problem is...where to go ?....we cant go to Sandip’s place....or in any if anyone show us...that’ll creat big big problem...and sandip better understand the restrictions of being married while leaving baroda on National high way....he told me...clearly...look ...we cant go to any hotel....or at my better on the way...find some place where we can atleast find some liberty....i readily say sure....he drives car very fast...we cross the Mahi river..and than he turns towards Tarapur Cross road....instead of going towards A’bad......after atleast 30 min drives....he turn his car on off the high way....on small ...single line road....on that road...very less traffic was there........slowly after moving for another 30 min or something....on that road...almost no one is comeing...and its bit hilly type road...not very hilly...but...river passing...under the bridge.....where Sandip stop his car...and ask me to come out of the car...I had no objections....he point me towards one side..and ask me to go that side....opposite to our car....i went that side off the road.

sandip after carefully checking the area follows me...from some distance...he asked me to move fast....we went about 100-200 meters off the road....lots of trees were there .... its very uneven road...i was bit afraid...but as sandip following me...nothing to one place....where there’re lots of trees....and river sand was there...Sandip asked me to stop...than he walk few steps on all the direction to check...that whether any one is there or not...i was standing under one big tree...there’re lots of small trees around that even if someone passes from near by...couldnt see me....after 3-5 min..sandip comes..and said..its very safe...he spread his hand...and invite me to hug...i readily walk near to him and hug him....he plant first kiss on my shoulder...and in no time...start licking my lips.....for next 5-7 min...he passionately sucks my lips...while sucking...he also pressing my boobs...he hugs me and move his hand passionately on my body for few min.

Then he ..said...i’ll be back after checking that whether everything is fine or not....please help me.....I was surprised...what do he means by help....i ask...what kind of help.....he before leaving for checking the area...point towards my blouse...and said...please facilitate me....i am comeing back....i said..OK....he went towards all the see if anyone is there or not.....I was standing there only...he came back...and show that i was covering myself in sarrees....fully....he bit not happy but come near to me...and said....NO help.......and before i said...he planted a long deep kiss on my lips...and hugs me...and while kissing move his one hand from my butts to upside..back.....and find my back open....he was very much surprised and happy....and leave my lips...and see towards me...than i show one hand holding blouse and bra in it....he without wasting a single second...pull sarree off my chest...and First time in open standing position...he start sucking my boobs....this last for another about 10 min....than he again told me...that i have to check it one more time...against which i said...its one is making...but he was extra cautious...he went again...i again wrap my upper part with sarees.

he come back after 5-6 min....he was bit relaxed and sign of he pulls my sarrees of.....but this time he completely remove my sarrees...and i was standing totally top less with only lower cloths..means petticoat etc....on me....he starts hugging kissing and pressing...and than while kissing on my nipples..and on my stomach..he opend petticoat.....i hold it with my one hand...and with second hand...presseing his head on my chest..while he was sucking my boobs...suddenly he push me to trees....and press me and pump me while standing.....than slowly while kissing he grab my both the hand with his both the hand...and slowly...strech them doing this...he gives petticoat to behave naturaly.....means...petticoat fell down....and i was in between tree and Sandip’s chest...wearing only penty...nothing else.

Then suddenly he move away from i feel shy..standing only in penty in open place...try to cover my assets with both the hand....he throw..sarrees on me..and just wrap it...and i am comeing back...i wrap the sarres without petticoat...and blouse...and waiting for Sandip to come...within 4-5 min he come back..and pull me in the same position behind other tree....its a bit clear part....sand is moderate...there he simply without asking anything...pull over my sarees...and force me sit on the land....i obey him...and sit with only wearing penty on land.....he remove his pents and underwear....this is the first time i clearly see his tool....he put on condoms...and signals me remove penty....i slowly remove penty and lay down on the open earth.....naked.....he slowly come over me...and in no time...enters into me...with very little resistance.......he start pumping me...this is second time we had intercourse......this time...he remains for long time..and pump me very hard for next 8-10 min....before he ejaculate.......i enjoyed a lot...after that...he stand up speedly...throw my petticoat ..sarrees ...blouse and all the cloths to me...and move towards car.....i speedly wear all my cloths...make myself again in same condition...move into the car...and we run towards...a’

After five min...he stop car on some cold-drinks..and than u like this experience ?...i said...Yes....and we laugh.....on the way to Tarapur....we went to Anand...and from there we move our car on express high way....once we pass the toll booth...of Anand...he hold my hand and pull near to his seat...and start moving his hand on my body...while driving car his car had black film on it..i also allowe him to touch and start kissing him too...suddenly he hold my hand and put it in between his two legs....i slowly pemper outside...then he opens the zip and slide down pent while driving slowly....i was pempering his tool from outside his underwear...he ask me to remove his i pulled down his underwear upto his knees level...and touch his tool with my hand first time....

he is driving the car slowly....than i slowly move near to his bottom parts...and first time in my life..kiss his penis....he drives car with one hand...and moveing another hand on my head and slowly i took his penis inside my mouth..and start sucking his coke for next 10-15 min...he was excited...i like to suck very i also enjoying...he then suddenly force me to leave coke outside my mouth..and pull his underwear upside...i said...what happend ?...he said nothing...i know he is very much excited and about to cum. I again put my hand inside his underwear...his coke is rock like solid. Sandip told me..its need to take it in mouth..because i may not control. Without noticeing his request....i my head in between his two legs.

I knew he also liked it very much but due to felling odd he asked me move away. I again pull down his underwear....and start sucking his penis. Now he also with one hand force my head downside so that i get maximum of his coke inside my mouth. I was very good in oral sex so i know how to draw him towards the end. With one hand i start stroking his coke and start sucking his penis very passionately. After 3-4 min..he stop car on side and start pumping in my mouth. After few more seconds, i realised that his body start reaching to top of excitements. I continue sucking his coke...and within no time.....he ejaculate inside my mouth with loud mourning. I passionately sucking his coke...he upload his strength into my mouth which i accepted. Within next one or two min..he again start slowly driveing the car, i was still having his coke inside my mouth..he then slowly push me away from the coke. He slowly slide up his underwear and pents. I was again place perfectly on my seat. We both sees towards each other..and there’s great satisfaction in ours eyes.

We reach a’bad in time. Where he drops me at my hubby’s hotel. While leaving from there..he slowly asked me..Enjoy the trip or not ?...I said...very much....and then i asked..what about you ?....he said...superb. Enjoyed very much.

He drop me at my hubby’s hotel at around 12.30 noon...he left the hotel..within an hour....after he hubby asked..whether he advanced anything ?...I said...nothing much...he just see me...and told me that i like u and this and that...but nothing much.

I and my hubby took our lunch at around 2 o’clock..because after Sandip went...i had one more session of sex. This time with my loving hubby. Whom i love the most.

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