Making a better world....on our wedding day

Making a better world....on our wedding day

The morning had been frantic, with hair and makeup to be done, but the prosecco helped to ease the stress. But as her sister Lucy, helped her into the dress, Leanne was eager to begin her new life as a married woman. That and the fact that tonight she would be fucked by Darrell’s huge black cock, he would take her virginity instead of her husband. She loved the feel of the sexy lingerie she was wearing under her wedding dress and could wait to let Darrell see it, she also couldn’t wait to see Matt in his. Both bride and groom would be wearing matching thongs, garter belt and stockings all in silky white and Leanna would have a lacy white bra to complete her ensemble.

The church was crowded with all the many guests awaiting the arrival on the bride. As they quietly chatted, they all kept taking glances at the groom and his best man. But it wasn’t Matt they were looking at, but the man stood next to him. He wasn’t anyone any of them knew, but apparently this black man was who he had ***********ed as his best man. Darrell was dressed immaculately, and in fact put the groom to shame.

As the church music began, all looked to see the beautiful Leanna walking down the aisle on her father’s arm, she was beaming at everyone but especially towards her soon-to-be husband and his best man. Before the alter and the priest, Michael gave his daughters hand to me and took his place next to his wife on the front pew. Hymns and readings were given by friends and family until it was time for the bride and groom to make the vows to each other.

I began with my vow to Leanne “I promise that I will give you the life that you dream off, and through all the trials we will face together, know that you will have my love and support in every decision we make. Though people may not understand or agree with us, I promise that whenever you need me just look and you will find me always by your side. I promised to you that I will do everything you ask and if it is power to do them, I will. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together trying make the world a better place, for our children to inherit.

Their hands were clasped together in front of the congregation as Leanne gave me her vows. “Matt, whenever we lose courage, we will support one another. Whenever we face a difficult choice, we will make it together. Whenever we have a dream, we will fulfil it together. I know that I will never be able to give you everything, but my heart has been yours since we met and will be yours forever.”

The vicar then asked each if we would love and support each other through sickness and health, and then we kissed in front of our families and friends. They all stood and applauded us, and Darrell shook my hand and congratulated us. He then lent forward to hug my wife, she later told me that he had whispered in her ear that he was going to fuck her all night along and his cum would be filling her soon.

The day was wonderful, and everyone said how happy we would be together and what a great couple we made. Darrell was a hit, especially with all the ladies Leanne admitted that it made her jealous, but also could understand what they saw in him. “He is the best-looking man here, so well dressed, such a great body and a personality to match” When she realised that she had just told her new husband that Darrell was better looking than him she blushed and apologised. I just laughed that she was right and said that I just happy that I am the man she married.

As we danced together, I asked her if she was excited for tonight.

“I am, but also so very nervous. Will he like fucking me? Will you cope watching us? Would he fit? After all we have both seen how big his cock is!”

I was chuckling to myself as we talked and danced in each other’s arms, when she asked what was so amusing, I said can you imagine 6 months ago that in our first dance together on our wedding day, we would be discussing someone else’s cock.

Many of the single ladies had been hoping to finish the night alone with Darrell, but he disappointed them all when it was known that as part of his best man duties, he was to drive us home. And as the evening got late, we announced that we were leaving and after saying our goodbyes we sat in the back of Darrell’s car as were waved off.

As he drove us home, I could tell that Leanne was getting nervous for the rest of the night as we sat holding hands on the short journey home. When we arrived home, I jumped out and opened the Darrell’s door then Leanne’s, I put her hand in his and asked him to take my wife inside. When I joined them, they were sitting together on the sofa she was still dressed in her wedding dress, I suggested that I put on some music so that they could have their first dance and grabbed my camera to film them.

Being in private gave them the opportunity to have a much more intimate dance than was possible for me and Leanne in front of our wedding guests. They were kissing through the whole song, with hands everywhere. Darrell’s hands were on her arse, pulling her close and mashing her against his cock. She was moaning through their kiss, especially as one of his slid up her body from her arse to the side of her breast. They didn’t seem to realise that the song had finished and continued with their foreplay, because foreplay is what it had become. I thought that I would leave them to alone for a few minutes and went to organise some drinks for them and by the time I returned Leanne had taken one of her hands and placed it between them and was rubbing his cock through his trousers. They took a breath as I offered them drinks, and my wife said it would have been nicer if I had served in just my underwear. I took this as an instruction, so while they enjoyed their drinks I went to the bedroom and when I joined them again, I was in just my silky thong, with garter belt and stockings. Leanne said “that’s better, and I can see from the front of your panties that you think so too. But now I feel over-dressed, Darrell my darling please sit and relax while my husband unwraps me for you.” As he sat and enjoyed his drink, I slowly began to unzip the back of her dress until it reached the base of her spine. I then eased the dress off her shoulders and down her arms until her lacy white bra was exposed to Darrell’s eyes. I continued to lower it until she was able step out and stood there in the lingerie that should have been for my eyes only but instead it was for the enjoyment of the new man in our life.

“There, we are almost matching husband, but we can rectify that.” She turned to the cupboard behind and bent over to open it, displaying her arse as the thong was lost between the globes. She took a wrapped present and gave it to me. I opened it and inside were a pair of heels and a bra that both matched Leanne’s, she took the bra and dressed me in it and then slid to her knees and helped me place my feet in the heels. Now we were matching. “I think me and Darrell could both do with a fresh drink, be a good boy.” As I struggled to walk in the heels, I could hear them laughing and began again when I returned with their drinks. I could imagine how ludicrous I looked as I stumbled in heels, but damn I felt good.

After finishing their drinks Darrell stood and took my wife’s hand and lead her to our bedroom. I had lit candles to make it romantic, it’s what I would have done for Leanne if it was to be our first time together and I wanted to create that for my wife for when she lost her virginity. I had placed a chair in the corner of the bedroom which I sat on as they stood at the foot of the bed. Leanne began undressing Darrell rubbing her hands all over him, she kept looking at me for reassurance that I was still happy for her to go through with it. Even though she had kissed him, sucked him and made him cum, this was a big step for her, for us. If we went through with this, somethings could never be reversed. She would no longer be a virgin, and though unlikely, she could be pregnant by the end of tonight. At last, she had stripped him naked and his cock was hard. Though I had seen it before, from my position in the chair it was undeniable that it was huge. It was fat and must have been at least 10 inches long of solid black muscle, I was glad that though Leanne was a virgin, her hymen had been broken through her use of sex toys including large black dildos.

“Though I wouldn’t usually encourage it, as tonight is special for you both, pull your chair up to the side of the bed she may wish to hold your hand. I did as instructed as he picked her up in his strong muscled arms and laid her on our bed. He knelt between her legs and spread them wide, and he kissed his way up her thigh till his lips found her wet pussy. She gasped in pleasure and her hands grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer. His tongue found her clit and made gentle circles around it as her pussy dripped with her cum. Very quickly he brought her to her first orgasm, the first of many tonight. He continued to eat her, taking her higher and higher until she was begging him to fuck her. As he kissed up her body his hard cock nestled between m my wife’s legs.

“Oh my god, I can feel him against my pussy” she said as she looked me in the eyes.

“Are you ready?” he asked, and she nodded. He eased himself forward and the massive head of his black cock gently pushed its way inside. She stretched out her hand towards me and I took it in my own, her faced showed her discomfort as he slowly thrusted gently in and out of my wife’s pussy each time going deeper and deeper where I would never go. As the pain became overwhelming, she let go of my hand and placed both of hers on his shoulders and begged him to stop for a moment. He stopped thrusting, and they lay there kissing as she adjusted to his cock inside her. She relaxed as her pussy did likewise and her legs spread wider encouraging Darrell to continue, and he took the hint and resumed his gentle fucking. It took some time, but eventually she had managed to take him all, and after a short pause she begged him to fuck her. “Please fuck me, I have waited for this since the day we met. This what I need, if my husband had said no, I would still have been fucking you, I was born to be fucked by black cock. I am so glad that no little white dicklets have been inside me, I am for black cock and black alone and always will be. Do you hear me husband, you will never fuck your wife or any other woman? You will remain pussy free for ever, my little-dicked sissy. You will spend your life serving me and Darrell while wearing panties and bras. You realise that eventually someone will find out, about me and my addiction to big black cock and yours to cross dressing. Now sit there and watch a better man fuck your wife, you are truly a cuckold now. Do you see how big his cock is? Do you see how hard his is fucking me? Do you want him to cum inside me as much I want him to?”

“Yes, my darling wife, I do. He is the man I could never be, why would you ever want a tiny white dicklet like mine when you can enjoy black cocks over double the size of mine. I will do anything you ask of me, no matter what to prove my commitment to you and to them. I thank you so much for allowing me to remain by your side, for discovering my pleasure at dressing in panties and everything else. I wish to spend every moment worshipping you and them in any way required if that is what you desire and would make you happy.”

Darrell began to fuck her harder and faster, I felt sorry for the neighbours as Leanne screamed in pleasure as she came once again. Darrell was groaning as he ploughed my wife’s pussy as if he owned her, and he did, he owned us both.

“Cum in me, make me your bitch, I will serve you and any other black man you want. I need black cock every day, all day. I’m an addicted black cock whore and will do anything a black man needs of me.

“Yes, you are!” he grunted back “you will serve black men always, no matter how they treat you. Eventually you will be black bred and proud and won’t care who knows. In fact, you will tell them how much better they would be if they too were black cock whores and slaves. Your friends and family will all be converted.”

I could see that she was getting close to yet another orgasm, her eyes were wild, her back was arched, and her words betrayed her lust. “Yes master, make me your public whore. We will start with my sister, and then with Matt’s. Fuck me harder and I will get them for you, we will get them for you. Would you like that my master? Your new slave’s own sisters as part of your harem. Now fuck me and cum deep inside me, breed me!” She reached out her hand once more and again I grasped it, she looked at me and her eyes grew wide and her hand squeezed mine as Darrell roared out loud.

“Yes, do it, fill me with your seed. Make me yours forever.” She looked again at me and said, “he’s filling me with his cum, God I can feel how much there is.” They lay there kissing with her legs wrapped around him, not wanting him to pull out of her, but eventually he did and she said “That’s it, you are now a cuckold how do you feel about your wife’s pussy full of another man’s cum?” I said that she was amazing, that I was worried she wouldn’t be able to all of him, but she did. I assured her that she looked so beautiful as she spread her legs for her lover, something she will never do for me.

“Oh, I will spread my legs for you, just not for your little dicky. I still want your mouth on my pussy, in fact I would love that right now. Could you do that for me? You said that you were ready to do anything we asked. My pussy has been stretched and fucked hard and is so sore, could you be a good husband and make it better with your tongue? You’ve already tasted his cum in my mouth, surely it will be better coming from my freshly used pussy. As I stood, I wasn’t sure that I could go through with it. We had spoken about me doing it, but now when it came to the crunch, I just wasn’t sure, but she had played her party I must man-up and play mine. Man-up, that’s a joke I am no more man than she is I thought as I stood up and worked my way to the foot of the bed. She turned onto her back and cuddled up next to Darrell, “that’s it my little sissy cuck, clean all that black cum from my abused little white pussy and I will let you cum.” That did it for me, I hadn’t cum in over a week, and with having been wearing panties and stockings all day, and now finally a bra and everything I had watched tonight I was absolutely desperate to cum and would do pretty much anything for the opportunity. So, I decided to swallow my pride and swallow his cum. I could smell the heady combination of their love making and could see how he had stretched her open. His cum was dripping from her and I knew that if I didn’t start licking her now, I would lose my nerve. So, sticking out my tongue I tentatively licked first her clit then further down until I slipped my tongue inside and began to gently lap at the cum that she pushed into my mouth. She was right there was so much of it, so all I could do was to swallow what was already in my mouth to make room for more.

After a while I had cleaned up as much as I could, Leanne pushed me gently away

“that was very enjoyable after such a hard fucking, I’m glad to see that you still have your uses, I think we will make this another of your regular duties. Though I am concerned that you may have cleaned me too thoroughly, at this rate I will never get pregnant” and they both laughed at me. “now be a good boy and go to the front room and I will bring you some bedding.”

I left Darrell reclining in my bed, as I did as I was told. Leanne found me sitting on the sofa and gave me the promised bedding. She sat beside me with her hand on my stockinged thigh “I love you my darling, you did all you promised and more. Was it terrible for you to watch, I can ask Darrell not to make you if you would prefer?

“Terrible? No, it was beautiful. I want to be beside you, whenever I’m allowed. Just to sit and watch you with him or any other and then be of use with my mouth whenever you want me, it made me so horny to see you cum over and over again.”

“And still does, I can see.” My cock was rock hard in my panties and she rested her hand on it gently rubbing the end, her other hand stroked my nipples through my bra. “So, does wearing panties and bra feel as good you hoped?” Her hand on my cock pulled it out and started to wank me as we talked.

“Oh my God does it! They feel so good on my body, and though it humiliates me to wear them, that feels good too.”

“Then we will have to make it a daily requirement of my sissy husband to be dressed appropriately. We must go shopping again, it seems to have become a regular trip. But this time I will go with you, and we will not hide who the panties and bra are for, I am sure you will find that pleasingly humiliating.”

“Yes, I am sure I will” I said as she wanked me faster and faster getting me closer to cumming “I want everyone to know that I am a sissy cuckold and my wife is being bred by black men and that I am still a virgin”

“Oh, they will soon enough,” she said as my legs began to shake as I approached my long-awaited orgasm “especially when your sister comes to visit, would you like that, for her to see you like this? Are you going to cum thinking of her seeing you dressed just like this? Are you going to cum in my hand thinking of her taking you panty shopping? She will be your superior like everyone else, she may make you eat her pussy…. your sister” It was too much and I came in her hand. “There you go, I bet that feels better. But you know your duty,” as she held her cum filled palm to my mouth and sucked it all up and swallowed it down, cleaning each of her fingers of my cum. “Good little sissy,” she said pulling up my panties and covering my tiny white dicklet “I’ll see you in the morning” and kissed me good night and returned to their bed for our wedding night with Darrell.

I didn’t sleep well that night, I kept waking up and hearing them fucking throughout the night. Leanne certainly wasn’t trying to keep quiet, and I am pretty sure our neighbours fell out with us with all the noise. I hadn’t wanted to take my lingerie off, so I had slept in it, and I was still wearing it when I took them both in a cup of coffee in the morning as I heard them stir.

“Look at you sissy, don’t tell me slept in them. We will have to get you some sexy nightwear, would you like that? I hope we didn’t keep you awake last night; I just couldn’t get enough of Darrell’s huge cock.” She said as she pulled away the covers to expose her hand stroking his big black cock, he was already hard, and I knew she wouldn’t be letting him get up and showered anytime soon. She would undoubtably have an inch that only Darrell’s cock could scratch. I left them to it and went to the shower, reluctantly stripping off my wedding day lingerie. After my shower I went back to the bedroom where Leanne was riding him hard, I grabbed some fresh panties put them on and left to get the suitcases out from the attic. After doing so I heard their shower running so I made fresh coffee for them when they appeared.

Darrell left after breakfast and agreed that we would pick him up this evening. Leanne laid out our plans for the rest of the day, shopping and packing. As she put on some makeup, she gave me all the details of last night. He had fucked her another two times after she had returned to him and once again this morning, she could believe how much cum he had, every load was bigger than mine “but then everything about Darrell is bigger than you” she laughed. “How did you feel eating his cum from my pussy?” I admitted that it had tasted better than I imagined, but the humiliation really turned me on.

We left for the city to give my credit card another bashing, Leanne had lots that she wanted to buy and a separate list for me. After taking a break for lunch, she sent me off to get the toiletries we needed as well as the currency, while she finished the last few shops. Arriving home, she shooed me out of her way as she packed for the both of us. Soon it was time for us to leave, and I loaded the case into the car, and we left to pick up Darrell who case I carried to the car for him. As he got in the back, I noticed the Leanne had moved to the back seat to sit with, so I guess I was to be their chauffeur now. They made out all the way to the airport and she even managed to make him cum in her mouth before we arrived. We were early enough to have some dinner before our departure, so we headed for the check-in desk to hand over our cases. While checking our tickets the stewardess made small talk with Leanne. “Just the three of you or are you meeting anyone else there?”

“No just us, Matt my husband and Darrell my lover”

I guess it was going to be a honeymoon like no other.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, the next one is under way where Leanne and Matt immerse themselves further into their new life. Would love to hear your comments and where you would like the story to go.

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