Parkview High

Parkview High

Parkview High School was a normal high school. Everything you would expect in these days. But there was about to be a different story with this high school.

Jack was an ordinary student there. He was fifteen, just starting to get to know the surroundings and everything. He hadn’t thought much about girls until that day. It was the day when he had seen those girls. Of course, nobody would suspect at first glance when they looked at them. They looked just like any other teenage girls. It was a group of three girls that are the center of this story. The first girl was Susan. She was about average height for her age, with a slight slurred sound in her speech. Long, brown hair, well developed breasts, and smooth skin. She was the clumsy one of the group, but she knew how to hold her own. The second girl was Ashley. Ashley had always been an adventurous girl, even from her adolescent years. Her hair was slightly shorter than Susan’s, but about the same color, with some hints of auburn, and more than enough split ends. She wore black-rimmed glasses, had a little more weight than most girls, but still had a terrific figure. Ashley was the chipper friendly one, who always liked making new friends. But her new friends always ended up silent, and scared afterwards. The leader of the group was Allysa. Allysa was the most feared of them all. She had short black hair, sometimes wore glasses, and always carried some kind of weapon. She was the typical bad girl, but worse. Stories about her were infamous around the school, and no-one, not even the faculty dared to cross her, at least until graduation.

On the first week of the new semester, Jack was on his way to Math class when he accidentally bumped into Allysa, who immediately took offense. “Watch where you’re going, asshole!”, Allysa shrieked. Jack stumbled around, picking his books up from off the floor. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you like that.” Jack said. Allysa looked at Jack from head to toe. Hmm…he’s not bad looking..kinda cute even, Allysa thought to herself. “Hey” , Allysa looked at Jack. “Why don’t you forget about it. I have some friends of mine I want you to meet.” As Jack looked at her, he noticed a strange, twisted grin strewn across her face. No girl ever talked to him in his life, so naturally he was ecstatic to be invited like this. “Sure, I’d love to”, said Jack. “Good, I’ll meet you after school in the Gym at 10 o clock tonight. Don’t be late” Allysa said with a grin on her face, that same grin that made Jack feel uneasy.

Ten o clock came around, as Jack sneaked out of his parents’ house after they were asleep. He found his way into the gym, like Allysa had told him to. It was pitch black, so he couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, the lights flashed on, blinding him for a moment. “Hey, what’s going on here?” Jack said, looking around. Allysa, Susan, and Ashley came up from behind Jack, all holding several gym bags heavily loaded with something. “We want you to be our new friend, Jack.” “I’m sure you’ll have as much fun as we will.” Allysa smirked at him. “Now, lets have some fun.” Before Jack could respond, Allysa placed a rag over Jack’s mouth. It was chloroform. Jack collapsed onto the gym hardwood floor soon afterwards.

After a while, Jack woke up. He was completely naked, with leg and wrist restraints tied to him. His legs were separated by an ankle bar restraint, spreading his ass out. A mouth gag with a hole opening was on his face. He couldn’t move. He looked around, frantic to see what was going on. “Oh, I see he’s finally awake. Now we can begin our fun.” Jack recognized the voice. It was Allysa, dressed up in an S&M outfit, her large tits hanging out with latex all over her. Jack also saw two other girls, also dressed the same way. From the right he could see a video camera set up, and a t.v. recording him. “Jack, I want you to meet my two friends, Susan and Ashley.” Susan walked up to Jack, still helpless on the floor. “Aww, he’s cuter than I expected, Allysa.” Ashley knelt down beside Jack, and grabbed his cock, stroking it. “And he’s got a nice dick too, Susan.” Jack tried to scream for help, but the gag on his mouth was closed with a plug in the hole, preventing any assistance. Allysa walked up to Jack, walked around behind him, and unzipped one of the bags they were holding earlier. “I’ve been wanting a new bitch for awhile now” Allysa said as she pulled some strapons from the bag. Susan started stroking Jack’s cock, which was fully erect and stiff, leaking pre-cum. “I know he wants it bad, don’t you, Jack?” Susan smiled as she moved her fingers around the shaft. “Well, I think he needs some help first” said Ashley, as she grabbed a tube of lubricant from the other bag. While Susan stroked Jack, Allysa grabbed a double sided dildo from the bag of strapons, applying some of the lube onto one end. Ashley slid her fingers across Jack’s ass, playing with him. “I wonder how tight he is”, said Ashley, as she shoved her index finger in his ass, pushing in and out. Jack moaned as her finger slid inside his ass, while Susan continued to stroke Jack’s hard cock. Allysa, after putting the lube on the dildo, shoved one end into her wet pussy, gasping as she did. Ashley started moving her finger in and out of Jack’s anus quicker, and put two more fingers inside. “Now that he’s ready, it’s time for me to make him mine.” Allysa got behind Jack as Ashley pulled out her fingers. Susan got up and pulled a special strapon from the bags, with some other attachments as well. Then, Susan got on her knees and started massaging Jack’s cock again. Allysa shoved the dildo deep inside Jack’s asshole, squeezing his ass with her hands, digging into his skin with her nails. As she fucked Jack hard, Ashley positioned the camera to film the entire thing, with the television in front of Jack. Jack watched the t.v. as he saw himself getting fucked in the ass by Allysa, her hips slamming against his while the dildo went inside his ass. Allysa went deeper, fucking him harder and harder. She started to moan, “Oh, he’s so tight!” “it’s making me so fucking hot!” Then, after fucking him for about 20 minutes, she cried out “Ohh, I’m cumming!”. Allysa let out a cry as she plunged deep inside his ass one more time. As she orgasmed, Susan was stroking Jack to climax as well, and collected his cum inside a container. Ashley looked into Jack’s eyes. “Well, now that she’s had her fun, it’s my turn.” Allysa pulled the dildo out of Jack, it covered with lube oil and blood. Ashley, with her own strapon securely fastened, got behind Jack as Allysa moved out of the way. “I want a taste of him.” said Allysa, her tongue moving across her lips. She got on her knees and leaned forward, licking Jack’s face with her tongue. “Mmm….that’s delicious.” Ashley couldn’t wait any longer as she shoved her strapon into Jack, making him moan as it went in. Ashley began to fuck him hard, while Susan collected more cum from Jack’s cock, pouring it into that same container, then walked off to a corner with those attachments and that “special” strapon. “I wonder how his cock tastes” said Allysa with a grin. While Ashley continued to fuck him, Allysa hot underneath Jack and took his hard dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue all over it. She sucked him hard, making him moan with pleasure. Ashley moved her hips faster, shoving the strapon inside Jack deeper, each thrust making him moan even louder. “Ohh….I need to come” Ashley gasped as she pulled out of Jack, then took off the strapon. “I can help you with that” said Susan, her work in the corner finished. Susan immediately shoved two fingers inside Ashley’s wet pussy, pumping her until she orgasmed. A stream of cum flowed over her fingers, and Susan pulled them out and licked them clean. “Mmm..that’s good”. Allysa, sensing that Jack was about to cum again, took her mouth off. “One more load for your toy, Susan.” she said. Susan got the last load of cum form Jack as Allysa beat him off, pouring the cum into the container. “Now that he’s had some anal, let’s see how well he sucks.” grinned Susan. Susan put on the strapon she had earlier, and Jack looked as she started to fill a hole in it with the cum he had made earlier. Then, Ashley pulled the gag out of the mouth hole on Jack’s face. Before Jack could say anything or cry out, Susan quickly shoved the strapon deep into his mouth. The long, rubber strapon went deep inside his throat, almost choking him as he groaned. “Oh, yeah, he sucks cock pretty well.” said Susan. “Almost as well as you Ashley.” The camera, still recording, displayed Susan’s hips moving back and forth towards Jack, the television showing the strapon moving in and out of Jack’s mouth. “I have GOT to fuck him again” Allysa said. “His ass is just so good.” Allysa picked up the dildo she had earlier and shoved it inside her wet pussy. She got behind Jack, and shoved it deep inside his ass, making him moan from the force. Now, Susan was shoving the strapon deep inside his mouth, while Allysa fucked his ass. Ashley, not wanting to feel left out, got under Jack and began sucking his cock, while shoving her hand deep inside her pussy. Allysa moved her hips faster, pushing deeper inside Jack. She slapped his ass while she fucked him harder, making him moan on the strapon that Susan had deep inside his throat. They fucked him for hours, the strapon sliding in and out of his throat, while Allysa fucked his ass. “I think I need to cum now” said Susan as she squeezed a button on the strapon. As soon as she did, a stream of cum sprayed inside Jack’s mouth. It was his cum that she sprayed from the strapon, that she had used those attachments earlier. “Now, swallow it bitch.” Susan said. Jack did what she said. Allysa, still fucking Jack hard from behind, squeezed her tits. “Yeah, I’ll bet he loves his cum.” Allysa said smiling. “Oh…..I think I’m going to cum too.” Ashley sucked Jack even more as Allysa moaned loudly, pushing even harder into Jack, the dildo pushing back into her pussy. As Allysa came, Ashley felt Jack cum inside her mouth, while she climaxed from her fingers. Susan then pulled the strapon out of Jack’s mouth, his cum still leaking form the tip. Allysa and Ashley both got up, putting away the toys and video equipment in the bags they had brought. “Now don’t think we haven’t forgotten about you” said Allysa. “We need to keep our new bitch on a leash, so we’ll keep this memento of our little fun for later.” Jack, having been released from his shackles, looked at the tape in Allysa’s hand. The girls left the gym, and Jack grabbed his clothes, put them on and ran home, telling no-one about what had happened.

The next day at school, Jack was walking down the hallway on the way to class. He suddenly heard a voice come from behind him. “If you don’t want everybody to see what a horny little ass bitchc you are, you’ll do what I tell you, got it?” He could feel Allysa’s hand squeeze his crotch. Jack closed his eyes, and nodded silently. “Good,” said Allysa. “We’ll see you after school at my house. Don’t be late.” Allysa smirked and walked off to class.

The End.

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