Wartime Comfort House Diary - Day 7 British Saugage

Wartime Comfort House Diary - Day 7 British Saugage

I had instructed Miss Yamaha to bring the young Korean mother Maple to feed my weak local wife whenever I came to consummate with Cherry, in addition to her regular daily feedings. I knew the extra nourishment would help Cherry grow stronger. I was also intrigued by my wife's orgasm after I spread my seeds and softened so I decided to leave my manhood inside her womb every time I climaxed. I would get aroused by kissing passionately with my wife while fondling her growing firm breasts (almost B cup now) and hard pink nipples.

Maple would orally serviced my balls and soft penis to full erection if Cherry was feeding from her large engorged breasts. Miss Yamaha would service my other sensitive zones such as earlobes, toes and sole since she knew my sensitivities best. I would perform my thrusting exercise with either Yuko or Maple since my thin bride's love channel was still very sore. While Yuko lusted for my thick manhood any which way, I usually penetrated Maple from behind because her sad expression from losing her son just wouldn't disappear.

Today Sir Dick Dickens came to my Shanghai office to negotiate cooperation. He was a tall older gentleman full of British pride, the empire where the sun never set. I looked him in the eyes and said: 'I visited London one winter. The grey, wet and cold weather was so miserable.' Miss Yamaha, in a revealing western style long dress, interpreted for me.

'Well you see, General Tanaka, I don't live in London, at least not when it's cold and wet. I've been working many many winters in warm weather, cleaning up the old opium operation from the former East India Company, helping my Aussie friends to deal with the native issues, solving the education issues in Hong Kong, and now enhancing the British Empire presence in the Shanghai International Settlement and other British Concessions in China.'

I felt like telling him our Empire of the Sun will soon take over the rest of China, Hong Kong and other South East Asian countries such as Philippines, will take over Asia and even Australia. But I preferred exploring ways to get his cooperation.

While I knew it was normal in western culture to face the person speaking, his eyes revolved a lot around Yuko's attractive figure. I caught him starring down Yuko's C-cup breasts through the large v-opening every time she bent forward. I thought of a smart idea. 'Tell him I will take him to your Comfort House for afternoon tea. I am sure this trip will convince him to cooperate.' On the way to the Comfort House I asked Miss Yamaha to get the huge DD+ breast Filipino woman ready to serve afternoon tea since she spoke some English also.

Walking down the long hallway to my private room, I briefly explained the important function of the Comfort House. 'I wish our British Generals had the same arrangements, I would enlist again!' He laughed. Soon April came in to serve the English afternoon tea in a revealing western dress. While Sir Dickens was peeking at Miss Yamaha, he couldn't take his eyes off April's assets, especially when she bent forward in front of him to pour tea. Having confirmed his fetish, I excused myself to deal with an urgent matter quickly. I asked him to wait for my return and April can help him relax by giving him a face massage. His eyes lit up immediately.

When I returned after four minutes, I found the Englishman changed place with April. Standing and already holding April's gigantic DD+ bare boobs together, his thumbs rubbing those huge brown nipples, his pants dropped to his feet, his full erection sliding quickly up and down between her massive firm boobs. He was drooling on her boobs, helping to lubricate. April also licked his purple glans each time it emerged from her monster boobs. He was so focused that he did not even notice my entry.

His breathing fastened as he began to thrust madly. 'Oh my God, your gigantic boobies are so amazingly soft yet firm, better than my wife's dry cunt!' April unbuttoned his shirt, rolled and twisted those little hard pink nipples on his hairy chest. He yelled 'Oh, oh, my God! Wow! I can't believe this! I'm cumming! Oh, oh, oh no!' and his body trembled as he blasted a few shots of his semen all over those huge breasts and nipples. Then his legs gave up. He wobbled and collapsed on the rug panting.

Miss Yamaha instructed April to climb on top of him to take his shrinking member into her mouth. He immediately grabbed April's gigantic boobs again, rubbing and squeezing her huge nipples. April licked his softened dick from the tip down to his balls and then sucked each one into her mouth. Then she circled his ass hole and slipped a finger in. His body trembled. 'Oh God, this is shocking! Nobody has done this fantastic job on me. Keep this up forever, please please please!'

When April flipped around into a 69, Sir Dickens immediately lifted her wide skirt to put her thick bush over his face, his tongue shot out in a flash to taste her cream. Then he licked, probed and sucked her thick lips, big clit, and rosebud like a hungry baby. 'Oh my God, I love the taste of your amazing hairy cunt! Please let me eat your cream all day! And your hairy butt hole too!' April moaned in response to his enthusiasm and sucked his growing dick hard, her tongue and lower lips rubbing the underside of his glans, demonstrating the skills she learned from Miss Yamaha.

Sir Dickens rubbed those gigantic boobs and nipples on his own little hard nipples and thrust his hips madly up and down, fucking April's warm mouth fast. 'Oh my God! This is just too unbelievable. Oh, Oh! I'm gonna cum again! Oh GOD! Oh no no no!' Yuko instructed April to take his throbbing dick down her throat. She twisted his hard nipple every which way. Then used her other hand to milk any and all remaining cum from his sack. Sir Dickens stuck his face in April's hairy cunt, tongue straight inside her vagina, panting hard, his toes all curled up, body trembling for almost a minute. Yuko checked to see if he had a heart attack.

He finally opened his eyes after a long several minutes. 'General Tanaka, I am so grateful for these unbelievable orgasms, the very best I ever had. I didn't know my nipples are just as sensitive if not more so than the ladies. I never played with my nips and would have wasted my life not knowing. I couldn't believe I came twice this fast. In fact, I always cum fast but never came twice in a road. How did you find these amazing hot sexy Asian ladies with gigantic boobies?'

After Miss Yamaha interpreted, I said: 'I am glad you enjoyed this treatment, Sir Dickens. It's what our Comfort Houses do best. Since you clearly appreciate this experience, I can have you comforted weekly, if our two countries cooperate on all issues.' Sir Dickens looked concerned after Yuko explained to him.

'I am forever so grateful for your offer, General Tanaka. But you see, my jealous wife of Royal descent tracks me like a hawk all the time. My staff is infiltrated with her spies. That was the reason I couldn't taste a single big boobies Indian cunt the whole time in India. My wife is frigid and hates sex, doesn't like me playing with her little hangers, never let me play or taste her cunt and tells me to just get hard and cum quickly every time. She lets me cum only when she feels like giving my sorry dick a favour. I have to beg and just wait. She never sucked my dick and swallowing my cum was only in my dreams because she said those were low class prostitutes. So when my miserable dick can't get hard at times, she just walks away! Please keep this amazing experience secret for me, I will honour your requests.'

I thought he was going to cry when Yuko was interpreting. 'Sir Dickens, I can solve your terrible problem easily as long as our countries cooperate. We can schedule a private meeting weekly in my office in the afternoon. Your assistants will be kept outside the building. My officer Major Tonkatsu can secretly take you here in our army trucks and bring you back.' Soon as Miss Yamaha explained, he jumped up in joy, even forgot to pull up his pants.

I added: 'You see, Sir Dickens, don't believe the nasty rumors out there about our Comfort Houses. I am sure you noticed our servants all enjoyed the loving care of our troops when they comforted them. The servants are here to enjoy themselves too!'

'Most definitely, General, I didn't see or hear any sufferings at all, just happy moans and panting like me. I will share this knowledge with my friends from other countries so they know the facts.'

I turned to Miss Yamaha. 'I think he will cooperate with our Imperial Army as required. But find another large breast servant for him next week, I don't want my collection comforting him all the time.'

Miss Yamaha lowered her head and bowed, 'Yes General Tanaka, I am so sorry I forgot that your collection are to accept your manhood only. I should not have told April to put his dirty dick in her mouth and swallow his semen. Please punish me, General!'

'We got him totally converted, so I won't this time, Miss Yamaha.' Yuko looked up and smiled sweetly. I wasn't sure what kind of punishment she was looking for...

Day 8 to cum...

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