A Milf teaches younger Boy

A Milf teaches younger Boy

Eva looked out her bedroom window. She had heard the gate to her driveway being opened. It was Jim, the son of her best friends Alice and Mike, arriving to mow her lawn.
Eva was a fifty five year old widow, living alone on the outskirts of a small college town. Her husband Eddy had passed away three years previous.
Eva was only now beginning to pick up her life following the death of her soul mate. God knows what would have happened to her without the support of her friends and their son Jim. Alice had been there for her, making sure that she ate properly and looked after herself, and finally persuaded her to get out into the community and start to live again.
She had turned down an opportunity to couple up with an old boyfriend from her pre-marital days. Art had also lost his mate and had suggested that they see if they could revive their previous relationship. She had thanked him for his offer but had told him that she was not ready to move in that direction.
Eva was a petite lady. Her body had stood up well to the test of time, no doubt aided by not bearing children. She had remained faithful to her husband throughout their married life, although many men had hit on her over the years. She had enjoyed the attention but she always managed to turn them down in a gracious manner.
Mike and his son Jim had looked after all the physical work around her house and large property since Eddie's death. Young Jim came over several times a week to do her lawn and garden or to shovel snow in the winter. This despite the fact he was attending the local college and had a part time job evenings and weekends.
Eva had noticed a sadness or dejection in Jim over the last year, unusual for such an outgoing young man. She suspected it had to do with women. His mother Alice had indicated that he never appeared to have a steady girlfriend.
He was a good-looking young guy, well built with a friendly open face, and Eva wondered why girls were not chasing him down. She suspected that she would have been after him when she had been 19 or so. He was wiry more than muscular, except for the bulging thighs and tight butt of a young man who had played hockey and soccer all his life. She smiled at the little twinge, the softening in her loins, as she watched him get out of his car.
Jim headed for the back yard to retrieve the lawn mower as Eva pulled on a pair of tight Capri pants and tucked her breasts into a halter-top. She smiled in the mirror as she applied a touch of lipstick. Here she was trying to look sexy for a kid she had known all her life.
A little while later Eva heard Jim finishing up. She stepped out to the back patio to greet him. He smiled at her and waved. It was a warm summer evening and he had worked up a sweat; his tee shirt was molded to his upper chest. Eva took in her breath as she felt another surge of warmth in her loins. 'What is wrong with me,' she wondered.
"Jesus Eva, you look great," smiled Jim. His eyes ran unashamedly up and down her body. They had always had an open and frank relationship. They were always direct in their exchanges and could say exactly what they felt. The comment was not meant to be a pass at her, just an expression of his immediate thoughts.
"You are all sweaty, let's have a beer. You are old enough aren't you?" she giggled. But she did feel good at his compliment. She glanced back as she left to retrieve the beer to catch him looking at her ass and legs. She swayed her hips a little, acknowledgement that she knew he was looking at her butt.
They sat on the back patio, exchanging chat and stories, much as they had done for many years.
Eva asked, "How is your love life? I never hear much about your girlfriends. Too shy to tell me about them?"
A bit of a cloud descended over Jim's face. He put his head down for a few minutes, avoiding her eyes. "I am afraid there is not much to tell Eva. I don't do very well with the ladies. I have dated a few but it never seems to go anywhere."
This confirmed to Eva that whatever his problems were, they originated with a girl or girls. "I can't understand that Jim, you are a great looking guy, play sports, excellent student and well liked by everyone I know. Tell me about it."
"Oh, I'm not sure what to tell you. When things start getting a little more personal with a girl, I suppose I drop the ball," he said, not looking directly at her.
"Are we talking matters of a sex here? Some women don't want a guy to move too fast. Are you being too aggressive? Maybe just take it slower, is all," Eva advised.
"Oh no, I don't rush things and I usually do get to first base," he said.
Eva looked at him closely, "You mean they let you touch them in an intimate manner."
Jim was very defensive, "Yes, I get to touch them alright."
Eva said, "And then?"
Jim would not look at her when he murmured in a low voice, "I go off."
There was silence for a few minutes; Eva was completely caught off guard by his reply. And then, "Well you must know that problem is not unique to you, it happens to many men. It usually resolves itself. Even my Eddy, as randy as he was, had times when he got off too quickly or could not get up at all. It can be many things but it is usually mostly mental, a sudden lack of self-confidence, too anxious to please, or it can be a physical thing. Have you talked to someone about it?"
"I can't bring myself to talk to anyone, except now you," he smiled at her.
"What about your Dad?"
Jim smiled again, "The only advice my father ever gave me about sex was when I was about 15. And even then, he did not talk directly to me but told a story in my hearing, about a young boy he once knew, who went 'soft in the brain, it turned to mush' from 'fusing' himself too often. I guess he suspected I was masturbating too much."
Eva laughed, "Fused himself! My God, that's the first time I ever heard that expression about a kid jerking off!"
The discussion was turning both of them on. Jim could see Eva's nipples pushing through the cloth of the halter-top while she squirmed in her chair. Eva noticed movement in his tight shorts, a bulge forming down along the inside of his thigh.
Eva suddenly decided to drop the conversation and said, "Don't let this worry you too much. You will find the right situation with a pretty girl and you will forget the problem ever existed."
Jim said, "Did you have sex before you married Eddie?"
It was Eva's turn to be defensive. She started to deny it, but felt that she should be open with him in return and said, "Yes, I did have several affairs before I married Eddy. Why do you ask?"
"Well, did any of your lovers have problems like I am having?"
"Not exactly, but first times are never terribly satisfying at that age. It takes a while to become smooth and easy with sex. There was a lot of fumbling around and even then the foreplay was usually better than the sex. One or two guys did get off too quickly, although after they were in."
Oh God, she thought, why did I say that? She decided that this was not the time to tell him about the one guy that could have taken her any day, any time, and how she could still get off remembering him.
"I think we should let this alone for now Jim. I am glad that you were able to talk about it with me, and maybe that will help."
Jim replied, "Okay Eva, it was a relief to discuss it instead of wrestling around with it in my mind 24 hours a day. Thank you for that, can we talk about it again some time?"
They stood up and Eva put her arms around him and kissed him softly on the cheek, "Of course my dear, if it helps I am glad to chat about it."
Jim could barely keep his hands still as she pressed her breasts against him. He allowed his hard cock to brush her hip and felt her hesitate. He knew that she had felt it when she returned the pressure. Then she pushed him to the door.
Eva tossed around sleepless that night. She could not forget the exchange with Jim. She was very aroused at the thought of his problems. Ideas flowed through her mind like wildfire. Maybe she could help him get over his early ejaculation problem. Maybe a hand job to get him off. Maybe she could help him become a more accomplished lover. Maybe she could seduce him. She shook her head, trying to chase the erotic thoughts from her mind.
Her slit was slippery and wet as she made little circles around her clit. She slid a finger up inside her pussy and clenched her legs tight around it. She got off for the first time in a long while; prompted by visions of Jim's hard young cock buried in her.
Jim showered when he got home, and jerked himself off with the thought of Eva's body wrapped around him. She had always looked pretty. And in recent years he had often imagined being in bed with her. But now she seemed more available and he thought of little else for days.
Later that same week, Eva called and asked Jim if he could come over for a short while to repair a gate in the back yard. She was waiting at the front door when he arrived, and beckoned him into the house. If there was something needing fixing, it was not the gate.
She was wearing a halter-top and short skirt. Her hair was loose, her eyes were bright and her lips glistened. Jim's hands became hot at the sight of her. He wanted to touch her. Anywhere, just touch her.
She invited him into the living room and they sat side by side on the sofa. Eva got to the point.
"I have been thinking about your problem. And to be honest our chat excited and aroused me. Straight out, I would like to try and help you. It is possible that you might overcome it by practicing with me. There would not be any pressure for you to be anxious about pleasing me. And I would love to show you some techniques that arouse women."
The thought that Eva had any interest in him sexually had only recently entered his mind, and even then as pure fantasy. "God Eva, are you sure? I would love it." He reached for her but she smiled and pushed him back.
She said, "Now there you go, jumping at the girl too quickly. Making love should not be a race to the finish. Most women, including myself, enjoy the seduction part. Every move should be only a lead-in to another move. And you should wait for her to respond. First though, let me touch you and see if we can get past the first hurdle. Think of me as a teacher and forget about getting into my panties."
Eva was not as objective as she sounded; her blood was racing and her nipples were hard. But she wanted to keep him calm.
Eva moved closer to Jim on the sofa. She could see his hard shaft lying along the inside of his pant leg. She said, "I'm going to touch you now."
Jim could barely breathe as he said, "I am hard already."
Eva leaned in to him, allowing one breast to rub on his upper arm. She let her open hand rest on his bulging shaft. She could feel the heat building in her pussy, as she said, "Let's not worry what will happen, if you come it's okay, nothing lost, you won't be putting it in me anyway. And I imagine that you will recover quickly enough to try again."
Jim squeaked, "I can get hard fast."
She slowly closed her fingers around the shaft through his pants. Her eyes focused on his as her hand began to stroke him slowly. She felt him begin to throb, and lifted her hand. He groaned, "Don't stop Eva."
"Close your eyes Jim, think of something else for a while, count sheep or think of playing hockey. We want to stretch this out as long as we can."
With that she unhooked his belt and pulled down his zipper. She felt him tense as she gently stroked the outline of his cock through his shorts, and then quickly pulled the band of his shorts down to allow his cock to pop out. She wound her fingers around his shaft carefully, squeezing it just below the knob. She felt him throb again and released him.
She considered herself expert in hand jobs but had never played this role before. It might be she and not he who got off first.
"Jesus Eva, that feels so good."
He lifted his butt up as Eva tugged his shorts down past his cheeks, freeing his entire stiff cock and big balls.
"It is very exciting for me as well," murmured Eva, "you have a very beautiful cock." She closed her fingers around the shaft, pinching it just below the knob. Jim slipped one hand inside her halter-top and found a nipple. Eva bit her lip to contain her excitement,
She circled two fingers just below the burgeoning knob and stroked him slowly with the other hand. She remained calm and gave no sign of her inner turmoil. She wanted to suck it, but felt that would be moving too quickly.
"Eva, I am close? Should I come?"
She pulled her hand away, and said, "We are doing well, settle down and relax and see if we can push the envelope a little more." Eva wanted to push it more than a little, but she was enjoying the power that she was exercising over him.
She sat back and untied and removed her halter-top, her breasts dropping out nicely, nipples jutting out like the first digits of a little finger. She pulled her panties off but kept her skirt pulled down to her knees. She wanted to excite him more, but the pussy might be too much to display right away.
"Don't come now Jim. We have gone further than I dreamed we could, but nothing lost if you do come. We can start again. You have a nice cock; I love it. You are very desirable." She wanted to reassure him, keep up his confidence.
She settled back in beside him, both breasts pressing his arm and chest, her hand slipped easily around his cock and she whispered, "Touch me now, just touch my pussy, lots of time, don't think about getting in it, just touch it."
Jim's heart was racing, his fingers trembling as he moved his hand up under her skirt, along the silky skin of her inner thighs and finally to her mound. He thought only of her pussy and not his cock as he rubbed her bush and mound with two fingers. She opened her legs slightly and he pushed two fingers in along her slit. Eva kept her fingers tight around behind his knob as if preventing him from getting off.
"Now my nipples, women loved to have their nipples loved as you play in their pussy, make sure you do that each time. Oh my sweet boy, your lips are hot and wet." Her hand started to move on his cock, stroking him gently.
Jim lifted the hem of her skirt up around her waist but they had pushed too close to the edge and with a sudden jolt he closed his hand around hers and blew his load.
They kissed, a full open-mouthed tongue-sucking kiss as his cum surged out. She clutched his cock in her hand and milked it, cum oozing out, a stream of it laying over her hip and butt.
"Ah damn, see what I mean? I thought I had it, and then suddenly just lost it," Jim groaned.
Eva pulled back from him, still holding his cock and smiled, "Don't worry about that. We jumped some hurdles before you got off.
But when you come before your partner you have a duty to perform. You have to consider the lady. She would want to get off and I certainly do. Give me your hand and I will show you how to pleasure a woman with your fingers." She was going to say 'and mouth' but thought that she should save that for another day.
She settled back on the sofa sideways to Jim, spread her legs and pulled his head down to her tits. "You should always start on the nipples, kiss and suck them lightly."
Jim found a nipple with his lips and sucked it in.
"Use your tongue baby, run around the nipple with your tongue. Good, feels good, suck now. Ah, the feeling goes right to my pussy, makes it tingle and get wet. The other one now." She moved the other tit to his mouth and held his head as he pleasured her.
"Hmm, you should be good for a while. You just got off so you can probably feel me without losing it," she whispered hopefully.
She took his hand and guided it to her mound. His fingers toyed with the hairs on her bush. "Yes, yes, play with the mound, rub it with your finger tips. Ah good, do you feel my legs soften and part? That's an invitation.
Gently Jim, use your fingers to tease my slit. You have already made it wet and slippery. No, don't jam them in, slow and easy, along my slit bottom to top. Hmm, yes, now use one finger to tease my clit. Just make soft little circles around it. Be easy with it, feel it swelling, oh goodness."
Jim could sense Eva slowly surrendering herself to his fingers. He felt in charge now, feeling her rotate her hips in response to each move. She pressed his finger into her slit and he felt her pussy close and pinch it.
He bent down, and slurped a hard nipple into his mouth. Eva groaned and pulled his head tighter to her, her hips now writhing, her legs closing. He instinctively began stroking and then slipped a second finger in as she spread again.
"Yes, yes, yes," she moaned as her hips began to drive back and forth on his two fingers now buried to the knuckles in her pussy.
For the first time in his life Jim experienced the thrill of getting a woman off. It was not lost on him, he realized that it was he touching and kissing her that had produced such an erotic result.
Still pressing her hands on top of his, she slowly opened her legs again. He continued to rub her mound and to finger her. Her pussy lips were swollen and trembling. He looked in wonder at this woman, her eyes smoky and hot, and her body still trembling.
She reached down and found his cock, stiff as a rod once more. She closed her hands around it and said, "My goodness, look what I found, prepared for more action already. Now Jim, do it now or we may never have the courage to do it."
With that she lay back in the corner of the sofa and pulled him up, her tits bare and skirt bunched up around her hips. He fumbled around, suddenly excited again, jabbing at her pussy until she whispered, "Slow down, it's not going anywhere, take a deep breath, let me guide you."
He slowed down and raised himself over her, supporting himself on extended arms placed each side of her head. She had room to reach down and guide the red knob of his cock to her slit.
"Easy Jim, just go in slowly, try not to think of where it is. That's right baby, nice and slow, you feel great, and you feel wonderful in me. Now lay down on me, cover me, feel my breasts against your chest, and make love to me."
Jim closed his eyes, his mind now only on the woman beneath him, the feel of her body pressing against his, her legs slowly encircling his body, trapping him inside the hot wet velvet of her pussy.
He began to stroke her slowly at first but quickly began to lose it, the natural need to plant his seed in a woman took over. It did not last long. He jammed his cock deep in her and let loose. His legs stiffened, his toes curled, his hands pulled her up against his body, and with some slow grinding strokes experienced total relief for the first time in his life.
They lay there for a while, her hands holding his ass cheeks, his mouth in her neck.
He finally lifted off of her and smiled down at her. "Oh Eva, that was so great, wow."
Eva said, "No thanks needed, I wanted that as much as you. But we can't make a habit of it can we. People would soon find out and it would not do anybody any good, including your parents."
"Maybe we could have a few more classes and tips," Jim grinned. God she looks beautiful he thought.
"We are all sticky, you can't go home like that, did you ever shower with a woman?" she smiled.
They jumped up and ripped off their remaining clothes and raced to the shower. Soon they were in a cascade of warm water, taking turns with the soap. The young stud was erect once more. Eva moved behind him, her slippery tits crushed against his back, her arms around him soaping his cock.
She whispered, "One more lesson today. I love oral sex and you should learn about it. Today I will give and you receive, but I expect to be the receiver the next time class is called." She turned him around facing her, his body protecting her from the shower stream.
She dragged her tits down his body, peering up at him as she did so. He was trembling already. This would not take long. She ran her tongue around the knob. She closed her fingers tightly just behind the knob before slipping her lips over and around it. She looked up at him again. He was standing rigid with his eyes closed tight. "Just let go when you want baby. I'll look after things, just enjoy."
With that she removed her hand and sunk her mouth right down the length of his cock until the knob hit the back of her throat.
"Ah damn," he groaned, "I'm coming, Eva, I'm coming."
And he did just that as Eva pulled her lips back to his knob. He pushed her head back down as he gushed once more.
They continued to meet although not as often as Jim would have wished. He was suddenly in possession of a means to satisfy his erotic needs, the prime objective of most young men. He would shudder at the memory of rolling around with a naked woman. He was ready for it on a daily basis.
But Eva did not want it to become too obvious to others and restricted their exchanges to once a week or so, and only for those occasions when he came to do some yard work.
Her feelings towards Jim had not really changed that much. She still thought of him with the affection one would have for a very close friend. She was enjoying the sex and looked at it as just a pleasant add-on to friendship. She knew that the affair could not last much longer. There would not be any broken hearts here she thought.
Jim was gaining control over his internal plumbing and had become able to extend the foreplay satisfactorily before entry. He was still fairly crude, but he treated Eva with respect and his crudeness was the result of fumbling rather than by roughness.
Eva enjoyed it all; she loved the feeling of restraining this young lion. Each time he entered her, she could feel his strength desperate to release in her body. She reveled each time to that final deep thrust to get his load off; it always put her over the edge.
But it had to end soon. She said to him one evening, "I am going to meet Art next week. He has been asking me to meet him. I know that he wants to start dating. We were once a couple before I married Eddy. We won't be doing this anymore if things work out with Art. He is a nice man and I can only deal with one man at a time."
Jim nodded, "I hope it turns out well for you. You have been wonderful to me and have changed my life. You have brought me confidence and pleasure. But, how about one more time," he grinned.
Eva smiled quickly, "Yes, we can have a sort of a graduation night for you. Come over Friday night, dressed nicely and we will have a date with wine and candlelight. I will be dressed for a party and it will be your job to seduce me. It will be all about pleasuring me, although I am sure that you will gain as much pleasure in the doing."
They laughed and clutched each other tightly. The break-up sounded so easy for both of them, despite knowing their affair would be difficult to get over.
Eva met him at her door that Friday night. He did not own a suit but was dressed in his best slacks and sweater. Eva wore a form fitting long black dress that accentuated her lithe body. They kissed softly at the door before she led him into the living room.
The dr*pes were drawn and the only light was produced from a half a dozen candles spread around the room. The door to a bedroom was open; the bed illuminated by candles set on lamp tables each side of the bed. Soft music helped provide a romantic flavor to the evening.
The wine was open and she asked him to fill their glasses for a toast. They sipped wine, kissed again as Eva whispered, "Dance with me."
She slipped into his arms, her full body pressed against his in invitation. She placed her arms around his neck freeing his hands to roam as he pleased.
Jim was intoxicated by the scent and feel of the woman in his arms. She desired him; she wanted him to make love to her and it was important for him to know that. He pressed his hands along her sides, sliding them from her hips to the swell of her breast and back, grinding against her hips. He found the cheeks of her ass and massaged and squeezed, pulling her more tightly to his body. His cock was erect and pressed against her belly.
They stood pressed together, their bodies swaying and grinding to the soft beat of the music. Their tongues took turns exploring the others mouths. Eva pulled back a little and whispered, "Take me to bed my dear, I am ready for you."
She stopped in front of a full-length mirror beside the bed. "Undress me while I watch."
Jim moved behind and pressed against her, hands sliding under her arms to find and massage her breasts. His fingers were trembling as he fumbled with the tiny zipper at the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down to her ass.
Their eyes locked in the mirror as he pulled the dress off of her shoulders and down the front of her body, exposing her breasts cupped in a strapless black lace bra. He pushed the dress down past her hips and to the floor. Black lace panties covered her bulging mound.
He fumbled with the tiny bra hooks, finally tearing them open. He slid his hands back around her and cupped her tits as the bra fell to the floor. He kissed the back of her neck as his fingers rolled her elongated nipples and his cock ground against her cheeks. Eva's eyes never left the mirror until she turned her head for another tongue twisting kiss.
Jim slid his hot hands into the back of her panties and pushed them down to the floor. Eva, stepped out of the dress and panties pooled around her feet, as Jim licked and kissed her back and ass cheeks.
Eva's eyes were slits of burning lust as she watched her young lover explore her body with his strong hands while kissing and licking her neck and shoulders.
She said, "Strip for me now."
She crawled up onto the bed and lay on one side facing him. Eva had never been one for dark room sex. She always preferred the visual images with lights on, or at least candles on. And now for probably the last time she would watch her young lover's powerful body prepare to mount her.
He did a mild imitation of a male stripper, doing a slow tease as he undressed down to his bulging shorts. With a smile he turned his butt to her as he pushed them down, before swinging around. He slung the shorts over his knob and twirled his cock around until the shorts flew twisting across the room. He was full of confidence in his ability to bring Eva pleasure.
She smiled at him, and then her eyes became serious as she laid back, her head on the pillow, her nipples bursting. She raised one knee up and spread her legs. It was both an invitation and a command performance.
Jim crawled up on his hands and knees sideways to her, his head over her breasts, his eyes fastened on hers. He toyed with each nipple, rolling them and tugging them. He traced the outline of her body with a finger. He bent and kissed her softly. He ran his flattened hand down her sides past her hips to her knees and then up the inside of her leg to her already wet slit. His fingertip sampled her juices. She groaned at the touch.
He spread a little wetness around each nipple and sucked them. Eva spread wide with her legs flat on the bed in total submission. She reached under his body and closed her hand around his cock.
"Be careful Eva, I want to taste you before I enter you," he groaned, but remained still for a minute as her soft hand glided back and forth on his cock.
He moved down between her legs as she spread for him, lifting her knees as he kissed his way down her inner thighs. She had shaved her pussy, leaving only a little exclamation strip for a bush, the lips clean as a whistle. He kissed and rubbed his nose in the bush, and then flicked his tongue at the lips. Eva raised her hips, demanding more. She spread the lips with her fingers exposing her already swollen clit. Jim kissed the tip of it, then flattened his tongue and rubbed it.
He licked and sucked wherever she directed him. Finally she held him steady and pressed her clit against his tongue.
"Take me to the edge dear, right to the edge," Eva intoned.
He clasped the clit in his lips and sucked gently. Eva was trembling and moving her hips until finally, "Now Jim, take me for your own," she cried, as she struggled to pull him up over her body.
He moved quickly and entered her in one continuous move, burying his stiff shaft completely inside of her. He lay on her, and remained still as he felt her move and adjust to his presence. Despite his training, he was very close to getting off and he tried to focus on something else, the candles, the music in the background, 'who was that singing', his economics class next week, anything to keep from coming.
Eva sensed his attempt at control, and quieted her own body. But she was as desperate as he to release the built up passion resulting from his romantic foreplay. "Take me now, I want to come with you, use me."
He hooked his hands under and around her shoulders, as if preparing to do chin-ups on her, grinding his chest on her tits. As he began to stroke her, she raised her legs up around his hips and pressed her heels into the back of his legs. It did not take long for him to get into the short strokes and she was right there with him.
Eva loved the feel of the sinewy body on her, the steel thighs and butt between her legs, the sense that he was going to explode, the barely controlled rage as he neared release. "Take me, hard as you can, Jim, Jim, fuck me deep."
They lay there for minutes afterwards, all quiet except for heavy breathing. Her arms and legs remained locked around him, not wanting to release him. He continued with the last delicious slow strokes, the desperation over, feeling only the sensuous pleasure of his cock enveloped by the hot velvet tongues of her pussy.
"That was beautiful Jim. I am going to miss our meetings, but it is time to move on. You are a wonderful lover, don't ever lose sight of that." Eva was more emotional than she expected.
Jim replied, "I am not sure why it has to end, but I will never forget what you gave me. I would love to spend the rest of the night in bed with you. Any chance?"
Eva rolled him to his back and spread her body over top of him. She kissed his neck and face, rubbing her tits and pussy on him. She sat up straddling him with a lascivious smile. She reached behind her to find his cock. She said, "I was going to suggest a shower first, but we could put that off for a while, seems like you might be ready shortly. I would love to ride my stallion."

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Carol's Christmas Story - Part 1

December 24th Carol... Carol Johnson walked into the crowded mall on a Saturday, surrounded by her friends. They were talking loudly, mostly about guys at school, as most freshmen girls do in high school. Carol normally wouldn't have come to the mall on a busy day like this, since she hated large crowds of people, but she still needed to get a gift for her mother. She and her best friend Lindsay broke off from the main group and headed toward a small jewelry store. On the way they saw Santa's village, with the fat man sitting in a chair, talking...


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My First MILF_(2)

Every word of the following story is true, the woman I shared this experience with was absolutely wonderful, both in and outside the bedroom, and still is to this day. I'm Stan, 22 and a white college student 6'2 155lbs, short brown hair, pretty tan, and athletic. She's Lori, 45, around 5'8 a bit on the chubby side but hwp, black, a beatuiful round ass, gorgous smile, and what I would later find out to be 36DDs. her personality is what always caught me attention: laughing, great conversationalist, confident, and sexy. She's a friend of a friend and out of the...


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Open Minds leads to Open Hearts 2

Part 2 Chapter 1 Kyle and Bella did reduce their time together, since their morning on his couch when she showed up with the damning report and pictures from the private investigator. About the only time they spent together was when they went over plans for the remodel. It was killing them that they couldn't touch or show any affection towards each other. But it was for the best. Kate took the news well. She was glad, in fact, because she had started hating her father, with her birthday being the final straw that broke the camel's back. Bella and Kyle...


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Oh how Love Has Sharp Claws Part 3

I stared at him with confusion spreading across my face before I said, “You are a what? Darren gave me a Cheshire cat smile as he replied, “I am a Lemurian.” I crinkled my eyebrows as I frowned at him. With that grin plastered to his face, I could tell he was loving every minute of my confusion. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and had to ask, “What the hell is that?” That smile of his grew bigger into a 'I have a dirty secret that I want you to guess' smile as he replied, “Oh this is going to...


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