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Cyber Chat Reality

On a weekend in October, my parents decided to go away for their anniversary and left me (16) and my brother (20) home by ourselves. He was pretty busy with college stuff, he decided to take a nap. I had nothing to do, so I decided to check out, a place for gay and bi men to talk. I lied about my age, because you have to be 18 years old to chat. Before I started, I made sure my brother's door was closed so he couldn't see me jacking off, since the computer is right outside his door. His...


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Box of Polaroids

The day my father died, was the day it started, they told me. That was the day my mother changed. Some said it was shock, and assured me it would fade away. She wasn’t suffering from depression, and not quite catatonia. When I arrived home I could see exactly what they meant. She moved like she was in a trance, quiet and listless. She slept a lot, and talked very little. She peered out the window for hours and listened to people speak, but what she was really seeing and hearing, no one could tell me. She didn’t seem to be...


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Incestuous Intentions part 1

This is based on a try story, it has been altered a little and names and locations have been changed. Also I realize my spelling and grammar isn't perfect, but if you notice something major I need to fix then please let me know. Enjoy! I lost my virginity when I was ten years old. My step brother Devin showed me a new “game” while our parents were away. We were young and didn’t fully understand what we were doing. As you can imagine for the next five or so years there was an awkwardness between us. We never spoke of...


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Two of them and one of me

Again this is fictional. I apologize if my story does not fit your standards, but actually I do not. I hope it's agonizing to read for those of you who dislike it. Also I'm sorry for grammar mistakes or spelling errors, but this isn't graded and I see no need to spend extra time just to change a few flaws people barely notice. Enjoy. Mom kissed each of us before turning to leave. I waved goodbye as she left to board her plane. For two weeks she would be away on a business trip leaving me in the care of my...


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Last one to know, Chapter Five_(0)

LAST TO KNOW, CHAPTER FIVE I thought I was dreaming. My cock was hard and something was griping then releasing it. I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was not dreaming. My hard cock was still wedged in the cheeks of Beth’s ass and she squeezing them together then relaxing them. I moved a little and Beth giggled. Mom ask “what are you two kids up to”? I snickered and told her Beth was teasing me. Beth told Mom it was not her fault, I had my hard cock wedged in the cheeks of her ass. I heard Tammy laugh...


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The Little Whore

Fbailey story number 523 The Little Whore Being a single father isn’t easy. I suppose being a single mother isn’t easy either. Anyway my fifteen-year-old daughter Charmaine found a way to get all of the things that she wanted. She became a high school prostitute. I had become suspicious when I saw Charmaine wearing new clothes that I hadn’t bought for her. She had a computer, a cell phone, and an ipod too. We had been accumulating DVD movies and music CDs too. I told my boss that I had a doctor’s appointment and that I had to cut out early...


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Sibling reunion leads to new relationship - Chapter 3

My apologies to the readers about the Second Chapters title not being named right I have sent a mail to the admin to change it as the option is unavailable. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon. Quick reminder of where we left of : Jessie and Bobby have sex, the two siblings sleep in her bed huggung each other. While Jessie drifts to sleep Bobby is up thinking if Jessie would regret her actions in the morning Chapter 3: A day of passion I awoke the next morning to find I was alone in the bed, I stood up and...


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Going Nova ch. 4: Dad’s Swimming Trunks

The two girls stopped by the hamburger stand in the mall food court and ordered burgers, fries, and vanilla shakes and brought their trays to a small table. They sat down on the hard stools and Elsie grimaced. “Ohmygod, this skirt is still wet!” Brie blushed and looked down at her food, knowing that she was the cause of the wetness. But Elsie merely shrugged, flipped the skirt up behind her and over the seat, and sat with her panties and bare legs directly on the cool stool. They scarfed down their food, not saying much to each other while doing...


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I blew my new father-in-law at our wedding.

We had the most beautiful wedding on the shore of Lake Tahoe. It was mid-May. The weather was just perfect and so was the setting. We had decided on a sunset wedding and fifty friends and relatives were there. Both of my parents were there and so were both of my new husband’s parents although they never said anything to each other. They had been divorced for four years and it was not an agreeable divorce. After the wedding we had reserved a large reception room at one of the big casino hotels. The reception was as beautiful as the wedding...


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Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 9

Words from the Author: This is the last chapter of Charles, I would like to thank those who enjoyed this story and even though I may not write anything new until I get my long list of projects completed, you never know. I may have been new here, but I hope I leave a lasting impact to those who have read my story, and you never know maybe Charles, Sue, Bruce and Emily will return. Thank you NightFall. Sue got dressed quickly and quietly, it didn’t take long for her to feel a wet puddle forming in her panties as some...


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