The Abduction Part 1_(0)

The Abduction Part 1_(0)

The Abduction

Part 1

Chapter 1

Sandra’s long red hair blew in the wind as her small white convertible barreled down the deserted highway. She was particularly happy with her weekend getaway, driving her convertible to Las Vegas for the weekend telling her fiancé that she was having a girl’s weekend.

In reality, she was prowling the bars for young guys. She caught more than one. She did this now and then as a way to prove to herself that she has still had “it”.

Sandra was beautiful. She had just turned thirty, she had silky porcelain skin was blessed with long shiny red hair that she wore in a glamorous side sweep. She had long toned legs, her breasts full and firm she had a thin waist planted on top of a small but round ass.

Not only was Sandra gorgeous, she knew she was. Her looks combined with a subtle cunning allowed her to manipulate the men around her ever since she was a teenager. She took her fiancés money and treated him like shit, continuously cheating on him and humiliating him with perfectly timed taunts.

Having been thoroughly satisfied in Vegas Sandra was in a spectacular mood and decided to take one of the many deserted highways back to LA instead of the freeway. She pulled off of the freeway and onto the deserted route 151 and sped up to 100 mph. She touched a button on the dash and the top of her small red sports coup receded as she pulled the tie from her hair letting it blow in the wind.

Forty miles into the drive she thought “Jesus Christ it's empty out here”.

Nothing but a tinted orange horizon spread in every direction only punctuated by the slip of highway she drove along. 30 minutes slowly passed into an hour. During the drive, Sandra fantasized about the young men she had picked up she slowly reached into her pants and began to rub at her clit.

“Emmm” she muttered to herself her pale skin flushing at the cheeks.

“Damn I’m horny” she though.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound resembling a gunshot and the car suddenly jumped underneath her.

“Mother Fucker” Sandra exclaimed!

Looking in the rear-view mirror she tried to catch a glimpse of what she struck. The car drove normally for a few seconds before it began to shake and fishtail uncontrollably dust flying everywhere.

She pulled the convertible to the side of the road the tires rumbling underneath as she hit gravel. She slipped out of the driver’s side door and glanced at the rear tires. She grimaced the tires were torn to shreds as if they had gone through a shredder.

“What the fuck!” Sandra said out loud.

She looked in in every direction the same sight a dull tan ending in a light blue horizon greeted her. She sat down with her back to the car and bit her lip.

Jay looked at his watch. 1 hour and 33 minutes had gone by since he had laid the thin reinforced strand of barbed wire across the highway.

He had first seen Sandra when she stopped to piss, gas up and grab some snacks at the Chevron in Rooks Point. When he first glimpsed her, he let out a gasp as the blood rushed straight to his cock.

He tried to choose pretty victims but the best thing he got in his normal haunts was 4’s and 5’s. Sandra was a California 9 or 10. Her long shiny red hair was blown to the side accentuating a beautiful lightly freckled face with gorgeous blue eyes. Full D breasts sat above a tiny waist that rounded again into a nice little ass that Sandra’s yoga pants struggled to contain. Even more enticing to Jay was that unlike the junkies and prostitutes Jay was used to abducting this one was proud this was a female that was used to getting what she wanted. Jay smacked his lips.

Back at the car, Sandra heard the distant rumble of a truck engine. She looked up, from her seat by the car and spotted a green pickup approaching.

“I’m saved,” she thought.

As the pickup up got closer her skin turned to goosebumps and a brief thought flashed through her mind “what if this person kills me?”.

The though passed swiftly through her mind as she was reassured by the faded parks department symbol on the side of the truck. Maybe not the police but at least it was some type of authority.

The green truck rumbled to a stop 15 feet from her car. The man in the driver seat had a rugged look. He had once been handsome but weather and hard living had taken their tolls.

He stepped from the car. He was shorter than Sandra wiry probably in his mid to late 50s he still had full black hair peppered with gray.

“Hello little lady having some car trouble?”

“Names Jay by the way.” the man said with a smile.

Sandra batted her eyes, normally she wouldn’t give this little dirty man the time of the day but she needed him.

“Why yes, I am my tires are tore up by something in the road” She pointed to the shredded back tires.

Jay whistled through his teeth “You’re not kidding pretty lady. Well, I’m not going to be able to fix this here but I can give you a lift to the tow shop ain’t gonna get any signal out here”.

Sandra stepped up into Jay’s green truck. They drove 5 minutes in uncomfortable silence when Jay turned on the radio. Sandra’s skin hadn’t lost its goose flesh and she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

“Sweet Home Alabama...” blared “hey darling can you reach over and get me that small red box out of the glove compartment,” Jay said.

Sandra bent to open the small glove compartment when she felt the clothed hand grip her mouth she breathed once struggling a strong penetrating sweet smell struck her nostrils like a ton of bricks and then blackness.

Chapter 2

Sandra awoke, her back was cold, she was semi-aware she was prone on a metal surface. She moaned and squirmed a cold shiver ran down her spine she squirmed quickly realizing she was strapped to a metal table.

She opened her eyes and glanced down She was stripped down to her bra and panties. As her eyes traveled along the walls of the room her face shifted to an expression of disbelief. The entire 20 x 20 room was covered in an unbelievable array of sexual devices, dildos ranging from a few inches to the size of her for arm some attached to drills, a dozen different speculums, hoses attached to pumps, whips, paddles, chains and many things she couldn’t even place. On the floor, several tarps had been draped over hidden machines.

Her voluminous chest heaved up and down in panic. “What the fuck” she screamed.

Jay entered her vision and laughed. “You’re mine now dumb bitch”.

“You’re a sick fuck” she responded.

“Tsk tsk now now honey let me lay out the rules for you”. Jay said as he smiled at her.

“Rule number one is I own you and that means your pussy-hole your asshole and mouth-hole are mine to do with as I please.”

Jay moved behind her and began stroking her hair “Rule number 2 now I don’t mind a little grunting, crying, or sobbing while I’m fucking, hell that’s partly why I do this but you will not under any circumstance scream”.

He forced his dirty finger into Sandra’s mouth “it would be a tragedy to have to remove this pretty pink tongue”.

“Rule number 3 I have a girlfriend that likes to partake in the festivities she owns you too which means you will stick that tongue into her pussy and asshole at her request. I also have some friends and like Cary, you will obey them and let them do with your holes as they wish.”

“Okay okay now that we are through with the formalities let’s get down to business”. “I like to give newcomers a proper introduction”.

Jay pulled a syringe from the tray next to him. He tapped the needle air bubbles traveled up the length of the syringe.

“This pretty lady is a special cocktail it’ll loosen you up, sensitize all the parts I want sensitizing and in some time force lactation,” he said as he expertly slid the needle into Sandra’s vein.

Jay pulled back the tarp covering the machine next to him. It looked like the machine that Dr. Frankenstein had used to bring his monster to life. Three wires hung from it two of them ending in alligator clamps one of them ending in a big greased 8-inch dildo.

“Nooooo” Sandra whimpered.

Jay picked up the alligator clamps a maniacal gleam in his eyes. His dirty mouth pressed over Sandra’s nipple and he sucked deeply taking pleasure in the slurping sounds he made and Sandra’s revolted face.

“Ahhh yes that’s it you dirty pig” Jay said as Sandra’s nipple stiffened in his mouth.

He pulled his pouting lips of Sandra’s tit with a ceremonial plop. He clamped the alligator clip over the stiffened nipple and moved to the next one repeating the disgusting display. With both clips attached he moved over to the large black dial protruding from the Frankenstein’s Monster machine. He turned the dial clockwise.

“uhhhh” Sandra twisted in her shackles as she felt the electricity coursing into her clamped nipples.

Jay snickered as he turned the dial more.

Sandra’s back arched as her tits lit up the electricity coursing through her melons were on fire with the nipples at the center of the blaze. Her mouth pouted in a pouty O as it opened and closed rapidly gasping for air.

Jay turned the dial to the left so only a little current passed through Sandra’s electrified mounds. He grabbed the greased dildo and approached Sandra’s exposed twat.

“Stoooop” Her eyes pleaded.

Jay slid the greasy length up and down her clit slowly tracing the outline of her cunt. She felt the same flow that was electrifying on her nipples now coursing along the ridges of her exposed pussy. Jay slid the large dildo into Sandra.

Sandra’s lips pouted as the large dildo was pushed all the way in her until it pressed up against her cervix. He turned back the dial and turned it hard to the right. Electricity coursed through Sandra’s tits and pussy. Jay flicked another switch and a powerful vibration hit Sandra. Her tits wobbling from the powerful vibration between her legs.

“Gahhhhhhhhhh” she gritted through her clamped jowls.

Jay grabbed the dial from its hook and pulled a step stool over close to Sandra’s head stepped up and placed his feet on either side of Sandra’s head and squatted down so his saggy balls hanged inches from Sandra’s face. Jay’s balls showed his 50+ years more than his face or body. They dangled low and had sporadic unkept pepper colored hair. Sandra turned her head in disgust.

“If you’re nice and get me to cum I’ll turn the sparks off, now lick my nuts you stuck up cunt”

Sandra’s face scrunched as Jay turned the dial-up shooting electricity into her. She stuck her tongue up and flicked Jay’s balls with her tongue. She retched at the taste he obviously hadn’t washed in ages. He dipped them lower as he turned the dial further.


She opened her mouth and sucked earnestly, Jay grinned as the red-haired bitch slathered every inch of his ball sack.

“That’s it clean em up.”

After a few minutes Jay savoring every minute his balls now shiny with spit he turned the dial down and shifted position presenting his hairy asshole to the beauty.

“Now clean the old shitbox”.

Sandra moaned in response.

Again, Jay turned the dial Sandra convulsed spitting on herself. With disgust, Sandra lapped at the old wrinkle hole caressing it with the flat of her tongue.

Jay began to stroke his meat “oh yes that’s it’s clean it whore, I’m almost there”.

Jay turned the dial-up until the dial bumped against the safety stop.

The pain-wracked Sandra she only had one focus on one mission in her life to make filthy old pig on top of her.

She lapped and sucked at Jay’s puckered asshole. Jay tugged harshly on his dick. Please cum she thought willing to do anything to stop the pain.

Sandra buried her tongue deep into Jay’s relaxed sphincter. Yes, that’s it bitch Jay moaned as he yanked furiously. Sandra felt Jay’s ass tense around her tongue as he shot his load onto her chest.

“Ohhh haha woooooooo what a good good girl now for your reward,” Jay said.

Jay jumped down from his perch and walked over to a bucket of grease next to Frankenstein’s machine and dipped his hand into the wrist. He pulled his hand out with slop and made his way over to Sandra.

“Believe me, pretty lady, this will be better if you relax.”

He moved between her legs licking his lips greedily. Sandra could see the top of his head peeking out over her flat stomach. Jay started with one finger and then two working his greased fingers deep into her.

“Oh, you’re so tight, what a shame”

The drugs were starting to affect her body was responding to her face starting to flush in embarrassment as she felt her juices begin to flow.

Three fingers in...” that’s it now girl relax” Jay said.

He pulled a little device that looked like an electronic suction cup from his pocket and placed it expertly on her clit. He pressed a button and the device started to suck softly at her clit.

Jay returned to his spot between her thighs. He re-greased his hand and again started with one finger two fingers and then three. This time he did no stop however a 4th finger entered and then the thumb. Sandra instinctively squeezed her vagina shit trying to prevent the invading hand.

Jay pressed a button on his clicker and the back of the metal table began to raise sitting Sandra partially up so she now had a clear view of Jay's hand pressed against her vagina struggling to force it in past the second knuckles.

“You need to relax Sandra”. Jay cooed

Jay pressed hard and his hand popped in with a horrid plopping sound.

“Oh yes I’m in, you little fuck puppet”

Jay started to work his hand in and out in and out gradually increasing the force of his thrusts he began slowly twisting his hand stretching her hole even wider.

The sucking apparatus on her clit had increased in speed and power. Jay's hand worked faster she looked down and saw the hand twisting in and out stretching her pussy to proportions she thought weren’t possible meanwhile a powerful pull was emanating from her gut she was going to cum with this red neck’s fist in her.

Jay was now bringing his fist all the way out so just the tips of his fingers remained inside and then thrusting his hand back in past the wrist. The sucker continued to pull at Sandra’s clit she leaned her head back sparks firing between her legs.

“moannnneedddd ewwwwww ahhhhn and ehhhhhhhh”

Sandra came hard. Fluid gushed from her pussy onto Jay's hands.

Jay whistled “ho ho I think you’re going to do just fine here pretty lady”

Jay said pulling his hand from Sandra’s loose twat. Sandra shook with embarrassment as Jay wiped his hand off with a towel and dipped his hand back into the vat of lube. Now for the other hole.

Jay pulled a long dildo greased it with his hand and inserted it into Sandra’s loosened pussy

“No, not there please I’ll do anything but not that” Sandra pleaded.

Jay inserted one greased finger into her tight asshole and began to work it in and out followed by two. Sandra’s face was already contorted in discomfort.

“Yes, that’s it relax Sandra” he inserted a third finger-twisting it in feeling her tight ring loosen.

The dildo lodged into her pussy began to vibrate a curved extrusion fluttering lightly against her clit. The vibration became stronger every time Jay pushed his fingers forward. She looked down and saw Jay's hand pressing into her asshole stretching further than she thought imaginable.

“Yes, sweetheart relax” Jay cooed lovingly his attention squarely on his hand his mouth half-open. As he buried his hand in Sandra’s asshole.

He dripped greased over his wrist and began working it in and out. Sandra’s mouth pouted and she gulped air making her look like a bizarre version of a fish?

The dildo was pressing hard against her clit she couldn’t believe it she was enjoying this she was enjoying this dirty old man with his hand in her ass and his dildo pressing her clit as it shook her so violently she could feel it in her teeth.

She looked back down Jay was pulling his hand nearly all the way out and slamming it back in his concentration fully planted on her battered asshole a scary grin on his face.

Sandra couldn’t hold it any longer she threw her head back “ewwwwwwwwwww” her legs quivered and she bucked her restraints as a second massive orgasm rocked through her.

Sandra took a deep breath and passed out.

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