A Sound investment

A Sound investment

It was a sound investment. A terraced house in a quiet residential street. Tatty but cheap and when Great Aunt Freda left me some money, buying it as an investment seemed to be a good idea.

It was cheap because it had sitting tenants, a HMO or house in multiple occupation, three students, girls, and four bedrooms, three bedrooms upstairs and one more downstairs which used to be the parlour.

I moved into the fourth room. The downstairs one. The house was handy for Uni and I thought I would stay Monday through Friday and go home at weekends.

I moved in straight away, “Hi I’m George, your new housemate and new landlord,” I explained, “I’m doing a masters at Uni, you’re students right?”

“Er yes sure,” said Sandy, though sandy hardly described her golden hair which shimmered in the light. Her legs went on for ever, her eyes the deepest blue and her smile.

“What course are you doing?” I asked.

“Hospitality,” she said and she walked away.

Holly was just as prickly, she had dark brown almost black hair, rather top heavy with generous hips and Heather was really dark, Afro Carribean with blonde hair, she looked more like a hooker than a student.

I still didn’t realise what I was getting in to until the first Thursday. I was used to setting off for uni before the girls got up, and having them come home after I went to bed, but when I got home at 4pm and found them still asleep even I got suspicious.

“Er don’t you ever go to classes?” I asked Sandy as she appeared ready to cook “Breakfast.”

“No, look we tried, OK, “Three days straight up by three and out of the house by half past but gee, its so hard.”

“So what do you do?” I asked.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“How should I know?” I asked.

“I sell myself,” she said, “Have I shocked you?”

“You what?” I asked.

“Gee are you really stupid?” she asked, “I, sell, myself, I fuck for money, ok?”

“Gee, how much?” I asked stupidly.

“Really?, You want to?” she asked.

“No, Lord No, just making conversation.” I said awkwardly.

“Then why you got a hard on?” she asked.

“I’m nervous I suppose,” I admitted.

“Look its no big deal,” she said, “Better than working in WalMart, like ten hours a day listening to the beep beep beep.”

“I guess,” I muttered, “But why|?”

“Why not?” she asked, “I failed my exams, got sick of crap jobs and want some serious money, anyway enough questions, do you want to fuck.”

“Er yes, yes please.” I admitted.

“Good,” she laughed. She had a condom in her housecoat pocket. The housecoat was actually the only thing she was wearing. I took the condom and she draped the coat across the back of the chair. “Where do you want me?” she asked.

She stood facing me completely naked, one foot on the seat of the chair with one then two fingers thrust up inside her pus.

“Shit!” I gasped.

“You have!” she said delightedly, “You came in your pants didn’t you!”

My cock was pumping spunk quite uncontrollably. My light blue stonewashed Levis had a dark patch on front growing by the minute. “Yes!” I said sadly.

“That’s so sweet!” she said, “I just love it when Johns cum in their pants!” She stepped away from the chair and took a tea towel from the line across the front of the kitchen stove, “Let me clean you up,” she suggested as she undid my belt and zipper.

My empty cock tried to stiffen at her touch but I was spent. She expertly milked the last bit of cum from under my foreskin and wiped my belly where most of the cum had ended up.

“Thick and gungy,” she said, “You need to fuck more that’s not healthy,” was her expert opinion, “When did you do it last?”

“Er,” I said.

“When did you last have a little wank?” she tried.

“Last night?” I ventured.

“Did you dream about me?” she asked.

“Er, no, I watched some porn,” I admitted.

“Well tonight you wait up and I’ll make it worth your while,” she promised.

I didn’t wait up, but I didn’t lock my door either. She came in around 1.30 am.

“Jees what a night,” she exclaimed, waking me up, “I’m going to get a shower, don’t go away.”

I got up made some coffee, she came down stairs ten minutes later wearing her bath robe, “Why do morons drive such small cars if they want to screw in the back seat?” she asked quite reasonably, “They need a contortionist not a girl!”

“Look about tonight,” I said awkwardly.

“Mmmm Coffee, no sugar,” she said in reply, “Look, I had losers groping me, sticking their dicks in me and leering over me all night and now I really do need to cum, OK?”

“Er,” I said.

“So you have a nice big soft bed and a nice big hard cock so where is the problem?” she asked quite reasonably.

“Er, I’m not paying,” I said awkwardly.

“No of course not, first time’s a freebie, so stop talking and lets get the show on the road.” she suggested, “You sleep on the door side right?” she asked as she led the way to my bed room. She sat on the bed, “Oh that’s so nice and soft, so much nicer than the back seat of a Ford Mondeo.”

I followed her in, she threw the bed clovers wide and lay down pulling the covers over her, “Oh it’s so soft and nice, like floating on a cloud,” she said. She yawned rocked her head from side to side and fell asleep almost instantly.

I climbed in beside her, my dick sticking out straight like a rolling pin, totally turned on. My cock head brushed her ass crack, slid up the groove of her buttocks. I just had to hump. Warm, soft, fragrant within seconds I had shot my load. I rolled over and fell asleep.

“You filthy bastard,” she wailed about 4 am. “You got stuff all over my robe!”

“Sorry,” I apologised.

“Wear a fucking condom next time,” she snapped as she rushed away to wash her bathrobe. I heard the washing machine start.

She came back with a cloth. Naked, completely bare. She wiped the sheets. “Now put this on, no more accidents,” she insisted as she showed me a condom. She grabbed my dick and wiped it clean. It doubled in size as she did so. She sipped the condom on, and pushed me back on the bed.

She knelt over me and sank down till her pussy had completely engulfed my dick and her weight was squashing my balls against her, “That’s better,” she husked. She humped a couple of times, “Fuck this I’m doing al the work,” she said, “Roll over I want you on top.” She climbed off and sat on the edge of the bed, I knelt before her and shoved my dick firmly up inside her. “Oh yes, that’s better, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I need to cum.”

Poor girl she really did seem to need some serious relief, “Those short fat disgusting!” she muttered.

“It’s Ok,” I assured her, “You’re safe with me.”

“Sod safe I need to cum,” she snapped, “Come on don’t mess around fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

She didn’t half rabbit on.

Holly came home around then, “You bloody bitch!” she snapped, “That’s not fair shagging the landlord.”

“Don’t worry its an equal opportunity doss house,” I assured her as I let Sandy shag herself using my cock, “Your turn tomorrow?”

“Well I’m not paying rent if she’s getting it free,” Holly snapped.

“No body gets free rent,” I assured her, “So don’t get ideas.”

“Bitch,” she replied but she wandered off towards the bathroom.

Heather was back soon after, Sandy was just thinking about getting a coffee as Heather blurted out. “That bastard made me walk all the way from Commercial Road, Oh you got company!”

“Yes darling, fancy a threesome?” Sandy laughed, “Actually I think our little stud is finished for the day sex wise.”

“Yes but tomorrow’s a different day!” I laughed, “Where’s Holly? I want to lock up.”

“Arguing with that loser she calls a pimp last time I saw her,” Heather sighed.

“Right,” I agreed.

“You know she’s dealing for him don’t you?” Heather asked innocently.

“What drugs?” I asked.

“No kitchen units, of course drugs,” Sandy added.

“And you two?” I asked.

They looked embarrassed.

“Look, this is a drug free zone,” I insisted, “I cannot afford to be caught with drugs on the premises, OK?”

They looked even more sheepish.

“So where are your stashes hidden?” I asked.

They looked very sheepish.

“I’ll find them tomorrow,” I suggested, “So make sure they are gone.”

Holly came in at that moment, I went to the door, “Ah, Holly, now have you got any drugs on you?” I asked.

“No!” she insisted, “You can search me if you like!”

It was not hard, she only wore a leather jacket and skirt over her bra and panties, and there was nowhere in her ankle socks or shoes to hide anything. All she had a handkerchief and a purse containing a few coins.

“Oh well, I guess you’re clean,” I agreed.

Sandy and Heather laughed, “You are so naive!”

Holly looked absolutely furious.

Sandy laughed, “Up inside!”

“What?” I asked.

“Up her ass I expect, she keeps condoms and cash up her puss!” Sandy laughed, “We all do darling!”

“Is she right?” I demanded.

“Ok,” Holly sighed, “Ok yes, you bitches!” She pushed her knickers aside and fished in her pussy before pulling out two condom, one with cash in and the other with condoms.

“And your ass?” I queried.

“Not here, I’ll shit myself,” Holly protested.

“Make sure she does,” I ordered Sandy, “And make her have an enema, I want to check she’s clean. Make her a hot drink Heather.”

Holly came down from the bathroom, Sandy had a few wraps of white powder.

“Put that powder on the door step,” I ordered. “Then get your pimp round here and if its still there in the morning it goes down the drain.”

“I thought you wanted to check my ass ,” Holly queried, and she bent over. She was naked below her skirt and she held her ass cheeks apart to open her anus and allow a clear view down her ass.

“Condom?” Sandy queried.

“Please,” I replied. I dropped my pants and Sandy rolled a condom on.

Sandy guided my cock into Heather’s ass. Obviously she had lubed in the bathroom as it slid in very nicely.

“Is it in yet?” Heather taunted me, “Oh fuck it is isn’t it?”

I started humping, it felt really good, I grasped big handfuls of Heather’s tits using them to pull her ever harder onto my cock and then quite suddenly I started cumming. I was surprised there was any left after all the the fucking I had done earlier but somehow I still managed to fill the condom.

I slid out. Holly handed me a coffee, Sandy peeled my condom off and wiped my cock, “For fuck’s sake what is this?” Heather asked.

“A Harem, we’re his concubines, it’s in his new rental agreement,” Sandy said, “He can use any of our holes any time he wants.”

“Could be worse,” Heather admitted.

“And we all sleep here in my bed to save heating your bedrooms,” I added.

“Ok,” Heather agreed.

“Powder on the doorstep, ring your pimp,” I ordered.

Heather ignored me, “Laters,” she husked as she pushed me so forcibly that I overbalanced onto the bed. She pinned me down and kissed me on the mouth.

I was not complaining, my cock was struggling to stand now so I just relaxed and let her do as she wished.

Holly put the lights out and Sandy lay down one side of us and Holly the other.

After a while we felt cold so we slipped under the covers after of course undressing so as to make full advantage of body warmth. It was a bit like being in heaven to be honest.

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