3D Radio, Part 2

3D Radio, Part 2


You should read “3D Radio” before reading Part 2, in order to get the context.
Warning: This story starts slow, building the characters and plot (but it gets pretty hot later on).

Robert slept soundly beside me as I considered my many options. I was definitely not going to post my discovery on the Internet or anywhere else. I was going to hide it. I would simply continue my research as if I had made no discovery. If I later discovered frequency pairs that were useful only for lie-detection, I would report those. If I found any other frequency pairs that provided truth-coercion or hyper-suggestibility, I would add those to my private records. Testing hyper-suggestibility should be fun to test, especially with my husband, and I began to ponder what could I give him as a post-hypnotic suggestion. I’d try to make him do something he’s morally opposed to, and have him enjoy it. Of course, I didn’t expect it to work, any more than it would with regular hypnosis, but that was part of what made science interesting: Trying new things. I finally fell asleep thinking of things to try to make Robert do.

I woke up before Robert, as usual, and I made sure my transmitter was handy. My problem with a very good test of post-hypnotic suggestion was finding something Robert was morally opposed to that wouldn’t get him in trouble if he actually did it. I finally settled on an idea that had potential to get him in trouble, but I calculated was unlikely to. And it would allow me to test another idea: memory-control. Memory is a notoriously fickle thing, and this would be another interesting test.

I switched on the transmitter and shook Robert. No response.

“Robert, open your eyes.” He did.

“Robert, when your alarm goes off, you’re going to get up and go outside in your underwear to check the mailbox. You have always gone outside in your underwear to check the mailbox every morning, in case something was delivered overnight. Nothing has ever been delivered overnight in our mailbox before, but you’re convinced that someday something will be, and you feel compelled to check to be sure nothing came. I know you do this, and we both consider it normal.”

I turned off the transmitter and started getting ready for work. As I was finishing a bagel and coffee, Robert went through the living room and out the front door. He came back a minute later and reported, “Nothing last night.”

I was quite surprised that the suggestion had worked, and apparently, the memory-shaping had also.

“Mm,” I acknowledged. “Did you remember to check yesterday morning, dear?”

“Of course, honey,” he said as he disappeared to the back of the house again, and I head him getting ready for work.

I left for work, but parked my car around the corner to ensure that Robert left on time. He did, and I went on to my office.

“Well, Dr. Wright, how are your experiments progressing?” my boss asked in the hallway.

“Right on schedule, Dr. Conner.”

He looked skeptical. “Come into my office, please.”

I followed him and we took our seats.

“Is there anything you have to report?” he asked.

I quickly wondered if he could be on to me, but thought it highly unlikely. “No. Paraphrasing Edison’s famous line, I’ve determined many frequencies that don’t work.”

He furrowed his brow. “You increased your working hours significantly for almost 2 weeks and changed your assistants’ schedules. Now you’ve gone back to your old schedule and you were singing in the hallway on your way in this morning.”

“Was I? I hadn’t realized it.”

“Dr. Wright, if you’ve discovered an effective lie-detector and are trying to hide it so you can sell it another company…”

“Absolutely not!” I replied indignantly. “If you must know, my husband and I had really good sex last night, and that’s why I’m in such a good mood, I suspect.” I hoped that would embarrass him enough to make him drop his line of questioning. It didn't.

“Then why have you increased the frequency increments from 1 millimeter to 5 without discussing it with me first? That’s not the kind of thing you would do without reason.”

Oops. I slipped up. It was comforting to know, however, that I could probably use my transmitter to cover it up, but I didn’t think that was necessary yet. I tried to look sheepish. “I apologize, Dr. Conner. I let my impatience get the better of me. That was a violation in protocol, and I will correct it. We won’t have to retest the frequencies at 5 millimeters, however, so it hasn’t cost us any time.”

Dr. Conner had no further arguments, and I returned to my lab, going back to the unnecessarily narrow 1 millimeter increments.

That night when I got home, I decided to have a lot more fun with Robert. Instead of telling him what to do step-by-step with the transmitter on the whole time, I decided to try to change his attitudes. When I walked in, I found Robert in the kitchen, turned on the transmitter, and programmed my husband.

“Robert, you don’t want to go to your Association meeting tonight. You’ve been horny all day, and you could hardly wait to get home and fuck me. You want to fuck me so badly you’re almost drooling. You want to eat my pussy and fuck me so much you’ll do anything I want to get me to agree to let you. Whenever I ask you to slow down or speed up, you’ll do it. Nothing will be more important to you than doing exactly what I ask. You’ll enjoy it all more than you ever have before, but you won’t have an orgasm of your own until I tell you to cum inside me. When I tell you to cum inside me, you will do so immediately, and it will be the best orgasm you have ever had.”

I turned off the transmitter in my purse, and as the blank look disappeared from Robert’s face, it was replaced by a look of sheer desperation. Sexual desperation. He rushed the few steps between us and began to hug me and kiss me, dry humping his crotch against me wherever he could.

“Oh, Rachael, Rachael, I need to fuck you right now,” he said as he continued pawing me, then he started unzipping the back of my dress.

“Oh, Robert, I’d like to feel your cock inside me, but would you mind eating my pussy for awhile first?”

“Oh, I’d LOVE to eat your pussy, darling!”

Forsaking the zipper, Robert dropped to his knees, put his hands under my skirt and pulled down hard on my pantyhose and panties, pulling them down in one fell swoop, and putting his head under my skirt and working his face into my crotch with my hose around my feet.

“Darling, it would be nicer if you carried me to the couch and slipped off my shoes and things…”

Robert not only picked me up, he literally ran into the living room and placed me tenderly on the sofa, then quickly removed my shoes, panty hose, and panties, and began licking my clit fiercely.

“Robert! More lightly, please!” I exclaimed, and Robert shifted to a feather-soft touch.

“I’m so sorry, darling,” he tried to say without lifting his tongue off me. “Is this better?”

“Much better, yes.”

His tongue felt very nice after he switched to less pressure, but after my huge orgasm the night before, I wasn’t terribly horny. I decided to let Robert eat me for a long time, and I’d see if that got me worked up enough to try for another orgasm tonight. Even if not, I was going to enjoy his tongue a long, long, time.
Then I realized I hadn’t eaten and was getting a little hungry. I decided to try something I previously would have thought was too inconsiderate. I would eat dinner while Robert ate me.

“Robert, would you make me a sandwich?”

Robert leaped up and started running back to the kitchen, “What kind?” he called out as he ran.

It was warm enough that I decided to slip my dress and bra off while I waited, and I propped up on the sofa pillows and turned on the TV. I had recorded the Ya-Ya Sisterhood months before and never watched it, since Robert never wanted to. I started it up and Robert came running back with my sandwich.

“Would you like me to lick your pussy some more?” he asked eagerly. If he had been a dog, I think he would have been panting and wagging his tail.

“Yes, Robert, I’d like…” I didn’t even finish the sentence and he was lapping at me again, gently. I spread my legs to get comfortable. “You don’t mind if I watch a movie while you eat me, do you?”

“Oh, no!” he exclaimed. He took his tongue off me to talk for a moment, but kept his head in place. “That would be wonderful! I’m so glad you want me to lick you while you watch.”

Now, if you’re thinking that at some point, I might start having regrets over how I was treating Robert, I can assure you my only regret was that I hadn’t made my discovery years sooner.

I had Robert fetch me a glass of iced tea as I worked on my sandwich and enjoyed the movie. After that, I had him bring me a piece of cake. In between those events, Robert was constantly licking me however I requested, and he never asked for food for himself. So, my device might be an effective weight-loss tool in addition to everything else.

I decided to use this situation as an endurance test for both of us. I didn’t know how long I could take it, I didn’t know how long I could want it, and I didn’t know how long Robert could keep it up.

For two hours, I watched the movie and Robert ate me out, though I had to shift positions a few times. Robert never seemed to tire or even lose any enthusiasm. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible, but I wasn’t going to complain. As long as his strokes were so light, I relished every moment.

When my movie was over, I turned off the TV and pondered what I would do next as Robert continued to lap happily away.

It occurred to me that with this device, assuming it worked as well on all men as it had on Robert and my office test-subjects, I could have sex with any man I wanted to. And under almost any circumstances as long as there was privacy so that I could maintain control. And there was no reason I couldn’t control up to several men at a time, if I wanted to. Those thoughts, added to the effects of Robert’s prolonged clit-licking, gave me a very strong rush, and I decided it was time.

I asked Robert to speed up his tongue and use his hands to stroke all over my body. I started to ask him to squeeze my breasts, but I liked what his hands were already doing so much I decided not to change what he was doing. Instead I started massaging my own breasts. I know some porn-movie whores do that to excite the men who are watching, but I had never done that before. Though I was doing it now, I was doing it for me. Robert did not complain.

I felt myself boiling up to the edge and thrust my hips into Robert’s face as the first wave of orgasm hit me. I don’t remember making a conscious decision to do so, but I remember pinching my nipples, something else I never would have considered before, and that magnified my pleasure ten-fold. I rocked, and bucked, and thrashed. I wrapped my ankles together and squeezed Robert’s head between my thighs, and I’m sorry to say I didn’t care if it hurt him. I squeezed with all the strength my legs had to offer, and I continued to buck and twist. Throughout all that, I was remarkably quiet, unintentionally holding my breath, gasping, then holding my breath again. Since I hadn’t told Robert to stop, he kept his tongue going. Perhaps because of how much I had been moving, and the fact that I held his head in a vise, his head had moved just enough so that his tongue could no longer fully cover my clit, and was working hard on my pussy lips. I remember that a thought flashed through my mind that my orgasm must be at its limit and I should start to come down then. That’s when Robert’s tongue touched my clit again, and I screamed like bloody murder. I screamed, I cried, I gasped, I bucked. My thighs started releasing and squeezing Robert’s head, and I thought I would pass out, it felt so good for so long. In fact, at some point, I had to have passed out, because I remember coming-to amidst violent convulsions and told Robert to stop. He stopped moving his tongue, but he kept it out, and I kept his head pinned in place. With each ferocious convulsion, Robert’s tongue would massage me some more. It became like a roller-coaster of orgasm. I would have a full-body contraction that would cause Robert’s tongue to stimulate me in just the right way to give me another wave of orgasm. When my body would start to relax from that wave, another post-orgasm contraction would hit, and the process was repeated. On each of these orgasms, I couldn’t breathe, they were so intense. It seemed to take forever, but the peaks finally started to decline, ever so slowly. At some point I finally remembered poor Robert’s head between my legs and I unclamped them. The moment I did, cool air hit my pussy and rocketed me back into an uncontrollable, sustained orgasm. I don’t know what Robert’s tongue was doing at that point and didn’t care. When I started coming down from that high, I had an overwhelming feeling that something was inconsistent, or missing. It took me several moments to focus enough to sense that I had an empty feeling in my crotch. I felt stupid for taking so long to realize that I literally had a hole that needed filling. I was having great difficulty breathing and was probably under some effects of oxygen deprivation from sustained exertion at a level that my breathing couldn’t keep up with despite gasping in air by what seemed like cubic meters at a time. Nevertheless, I clearly remember audibly uttering the phrase “fuck me” and it had the desired effect. Robert was primed as never before. I felt his cock enter me and hit my A-spot on the back wall at almost the same time. My previous orgasms had not completely subsided by that point, and when his cock hit my back wall I thought I was going to explode. I went into some strange kind of combined screaming and gasping… gasping air in, screaming it out. Every muscle was out of control, convulsing over and over. Robert was hammering into me repeatedly, hard and fast. I doubt he had ever humped that fast before. I think he was yelling or screaming, but I’m not sure. My legs tried to draw up into a fetal position, but were blocked by Robert’s body, which, combined with his constant withdrawal and thrusting, had the effect of making my heels kick him in his butt on each cycle. My leg muscles then went into a seizure, causing my feet to vibrate rapidly against the small of Robert’s back, and my knees beating against the sides of his rib cage. I remember at that time I wondered if my heart could endure the demands being placed on it and realized I didn’t care. I felt so fucking good I didn’t care if I actually died.

I became delirious and wondered why the shaking wouldn’t stop. Then a series of thoughts tried to take shape within my mind. “I programmed Robert. And he can’t stop fucking me until I tell him to. No, that wasn’t it. What is it I have to tell him?”

“Robert, cum inside me,” I heard myself saying.

Somewhere far away, I heard screaming, and it was so loud I felt it. It vibrated my entire body.

My body felt strange. I was having an orgasm that wouldn’t quit. No, it finally quit. No, here it comes again. It’s gone again. Moments passed and it didn’t come back. I struggled to open my eyes, and when I did, another orgasm shook me. I was panting. I couldn’t get enough air. My heart was pounding. I could see my chest jumping with each heartbeat. I tried to raise my head and another orgasm shook me violently from head to toe. My back arched into the air and my head fell back. More convulsions… warm, comforting convulsions that felt so good I didn’t want them to stop. My eyes were closed again, but something bothered my mind. Where was Robert? I hadn’t seen him. When the tremors seemed to be gone again, I risked rising up on my elbows, expecting another shock, but it didn’t come. I was dizzy, very dizzy. Where was Robert? I could hear him, gasping for breath. I was on the sofa. My feet were hanging off. I was able to sit on the edge of the sofa and my senses started coming back to me, as well as my memory of the events that precipitated the current situation. I had bitten my tongue. Robert was on the floor, and his face looked bruised. Oh, yeah, I had an explanation for that. Semen was all over Robert’s cock. I moved a foot and felt semen on the floor. I managed to stand up unsteadily and felt semen dripping down my legs. I got woozy, started to fall, and couldn’t stop myself. I landed right on top of Robert. Probably bruised him some more. Maybe myself, as well.

A strange feeling started coming over me. Strange, yet it was a familiar and welcome feeling. A wave was rushing at me, overtaking me, taking me over. Just before it hit, I realized I felt Robert’s cock between my abdomen and his. The wave swept me away. Again, I bucked and thrashed, my body beyond my control. It felt so fucking good. Robert might have to go to the hospital, but all I could think about was how fucking good I felt. I seemed to feel every nerve in my pussy. I could feel every vaginal muscle contracting and relaxing, over and over and over. I could feel my tits from the inside. They were electrified. They were pressed into Robert’s chest and they both felt like little clits pushed to the limits of physical sensation. The wave started to subside and to my surprise, there were no convulsions after it. My entire body felt extremely sensitive. The feelings in my tits seemed to be expanding, throughout my chest, then down to my groin and up to my throat. I felt like I was going to throw up just before another orgasm hit me. My head flew back and I screamed again. Again, I finally collapsed on top on Robert, both of us trying to get more air into our lungs than they could hold at one time. Again, I had no convulsions after that last orgasm.

Another strange sensation. I was horny for cock again, and the feeling was so strong I was almost nauseous. I could still feel Robert’s dick and knew it was limp. I doubted even the best blow job would be able to revive his cock for quite some time, and I wasn’t capable of eating him anyway. Besides, that wasn’t the hole I needed to fill. I started to wonder if there was anything I might could crawl to that would fit in my cunt, not sure if I could even crawl. Then the feeling started changing. It must have been purely my imagination, or imagination combined with a very keen memory, but so help me, I felt a huge cock start to slide into me. It seemed to take forever. It was coming in, and in, and in. I felt it go through my cervix, and it kept coming. Memory was definitely no longer a factor. I felt, and I mean, as far as my brain was concerned, I actually felt that cock fill my uterus and continue on to my esophagus. Physiologically impossible, but my brain said it was real. I felt that cock come up my throat and into my mouth, and I started wrapping my tongue around it, going around it several times, caressing it, teasing it, licking it. Then I felt it swelling for its entire length. I knew the signals. It was going to unload. I felt the first pulse, riding through me and my body started shaking. An orgasm more intense than anything I had yet experienced hit me. I loved it. I swam in it. I ate it. It ate me. I turned and rolled and dived in it. I couldn’t breathe at all, but I didn’t care. I must have died and was in a state of eternal orgasmic bliss.

Some time later, I began to wake up. Robert was kneeling beside me, and he was worried about me. We were both naked. In the living room. My memories started coming back. All of them. Impossibly wonderful. I clutched my arms across my chest in an irrational attempt to hold onto my memory. It wasn’t necessary, as I never forgot any part of the evening that I had been conscious for. Good thing the houses in this neighborhood are so far apart, I mused, or our evening may have come to an early end with the intervention of the police or fire department.

Robert had recovered first and rolled me off of him onto my back. Satisfied that I was alive and breathing, he fetched a damp washcloth and applied it to my forehead. One of his hands was ever so softly massaging my breast. It felt extremely erotic, but my body didn’t seem to have any more resources to build upon the feeling. I didn’t mind. My afterglow was so rich it was almost palpable. Robert lay down beside me, and told me how much he had enjoyed everything, including the astoundingly devoted and extended pussy-licking. He said he was the happiest he had ever been in his life. I noted that as a positive side-effect.

I looked at the clock on the DVR and made a calculation based on the approximate time I started the movie, its run-time, and the current time. It had been at least an hour since the movie ended. Upon reflection and analysis, I considered these endurance tests to be quite successful, and decided they warranted further study.

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