Nicole's Feet Finally--The Next Morning and the Landlord

Nicole's Feet Finally--The Next Morning and the Landlord

“Hey! I told you her tits were mine!” I was awakened to Nicole’s voice chastising me for my dirty deed with Yami. She popped my ass. I immediately sat up to get away from her. “Damn, ya’ll fucked again after I went to sleep?”

“Yep. After I rubbed her down, she wanted to suck on my cock to go to sleep and it went from there. I guess I was too pooped to move after I got done.”

“You must have been pooped. It’s after Noon. So you trying to steal my man, Yami?”

“Why no ma’am. I was just a paying my rent.” We all laughed. Nicole put her feet in Yami’s face and rubbed them all over her lips. “God, they still stink. How do mine smell, Kevin?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I was on them like a bee to honey. All I could say was “MMMM!” in between licking the lint from her shoes from between her toes. How did I miss that last night?

“Well, don’t get too carried away down there baby. I have breakfast cooked, Time to go eat---food in the kitchen that is!” Nicole returned.

“Not till I get my appetizer!” I demanded. “Yami, lay beside her so she can suck on your tits, now. I think you owe a little more rent!” I grabbed Nicole and slid her to the center of the bed where I threw her legs up into the air so I could smell her feet and lifted Yami’s left foot to my face, too. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes of smelling the stench of their feet until I was close to coming. I stood up on the bed and jerked myself off. Strings of cum fell upon both cute little faces and upon their breasts. Nicole reached down with her finger to taste it. “Nope, leave it there. I want you both to eat breakfast like that for torturing me and making me wait this long. Put your shoes back on but that is all.

Both girls did as they were told and made their way to the kitchen where we all sat down to eat. We were sitting back in our chairs making small talk enjoying our coffee. Yami and I were smoking and Nicole was making her objections as a nurse to the second hand smoke. “Please don’t make me quit, baby. I enjoy it so much.”

“As much as you enjoy my feet?”

“Not nearly as much,” I replied.

Snoopy started barking with a knock at the door. The girls started to run for cover, but I was suddenly turned on. I could hear the landlord’s dog barking and knew it was him. I became aroused by both the thought of him seeing us and both girls feet in my lap. I told Yami to come sit on my lap and my stiff cock and told Nicole to answer the door. To my enjoyment, both girls did as they were told and the landlord came in with big eyes.

“What the hell? I saw the extra cars so I thought I would come make sure you didn’t have a party going on. Looks like you had one hell of a party last night!” He tried not to stare at Nicole’s beautiful body or Yami sliding up and down on my dick. “You know I am going up on the rent, right?”

“Look, Mr….?”

“Cletus,” he responded.

Nicole continued. “Whatever you paid for the house, we will compensate you for it and the work you have done here. I think this little cottage will do nicely for our fuck sessions and we need a place to live. If I can keep my girlfriend Yami on my boyfriend’s dick long enough to get dressed and come over to discuss the details, I will buy the house and you won’t have to worry about us anymore. Please call me the next time you want to come over and discuss anything before you walk over to our new home. Okay?”

Cletus was watching in angst at Yami bouncing up and down on my dick. She had now turned away from me and was facing the table, titties bouncing up and down as her eyes rolled back in her head. “Go ahead, baby, I’m not getting off this for a couple hours,” Yami responded.

“Okay then, its settled,” Nicole said, now fingering her pussy as she watched her friend and lover reaching orgasm. “Now kindly don’t come back until I call you. We will discuss the details, I will have my lawyer draw up the paper work, and we can meet at his office and ….oh……oh…….” She was nearing climax as she spoke and her legs were growing weak from pleasuring herself. “ I’ll call you!” With that, she swung the door shut and ran over to join us at the table.. She laid on the table in front of Yami and opened her legs wide so Yami could devour her pussy. “Oh….Oh yes baby…..please don’t stop.” Nicole’s nails were digging into Yami’s back and her ankles were locked just above Yami’s ass. I stood up to fuck Yami properly and get Nicole’s feet in my face. I slipped off her shoes and devoured the still smelly feet in my face.

“I love this. I think your feet are fucking awesome, baby!”

“I’m afraid my shoes have made them stink again. I’m sorry baby.”

“All the better….” My voice trailed off as I moved my dick from Yami’s pussy to her ass. I was pumping hard and fast. I could tell the landlord was still standing on the porch listening peering through the holes in the blinds. “God, your ass is so tight, Yami. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

She let out a lot of moaning as I grinded into her. I was moving the table across the floor as I fucked her. It banged against the wall as I emptied my load into her. Snoopy came over and lapped up what ran out onto the floor. We all laughed at him.

“Looks like we better move back to the bed,” Yami stated. I snatched her up and carried her to the living room.

“Hey, you haven’t carried me yet!” Nicole chased me smacking me on the ass. I dumped Yami playfully on the couch and grabbed at Nicole. She was flailing trying to get away from me, so when I finally got hold of her, she was facing me with her ass in my face! I pinned her to the wall and opened her legs and got busy licking her sweet little pussy. Her head was too low to get to my dick correctly and I wouldn’t let her reposition herself because I was at a perfect angle. I lapped at licked as she got wetter and wetter and begged me to stop. She argued that I had really torn up her pussy the previous day and it was sensitive to my touch, even my tongue. She grabbed hold of my legs and just went with it. I was flooding her body with new found sensations. Yami came over and put her hand on my shoulder to turn me around. I did and she went to work on Nicole’s ass.

Here I was, a man of 38, eating the shit out of a girl while her best friend and lover ate her asshole. Yami teased around Nicole’s ass crack watching the anticipation build in her pussy as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Each time I got close to bringing Nicole to the Big O, I would stop for a few minutes just long enough to let her cool down, pissing her off, but humoring me. I wanted this climax to be intense. Each time I would stop, Yami would enter Nicole’s asshole with her tongue, in and out, in and out. This was the only thing that kept Nicole from killing me. Finally I went for it and dove my face deep inside Nicole. I looked up at Yami and she whispered to me to let her know when I was close.

I continued my playing, smelling, licking, teasing until I had so much pussy juice in my nose I didn’t know how much longer I could breathe. I could fill Nicole’s body stiffening beneath me. I looked at Yami to signal her. She wrapped her arms around us both to steady us and get into Nicole’s ass hole deeply. She stuck her tongue out as far as she could and licked just as far down as she could get. I continued flicking my tongue across Nicole’s clit and deep inside her pussy. Finally after only a few moments of loud yelling and moaning, Nicole sprayed me with an orgasm so intense that she locked her legs around my head. I was determined that I was not letting go of her pussy until she was spent. Her body tightened and she let out a series of spurts that covered my face and head with more fluid than I have ever seen a woman do. The first and most intense spray actually touched the ceiling.

Yami kept her hands on my shoulders and kept her grip around us until she heard Nicole stop yelling and felt her go limp in my arms. “Oh my fucking, god. Please don’t drop me. I don’t think I can walk.”

I just chuckled with delight and carried her over to the couch I had tossed Yami on and laid her out to rest. I staggered over to the TV and turned it on and grabbed the remote. Yami walked over to Nicole. “Time to clean you up, baby.” With that she knelt in front of her on the floor and proceeded with the tenderest care to lick all the juices off her vagina and legs and hips. I was watching, but much too tired to become aroused or even touch myself. When Yami finished, I asked her to tie the dogs outside and bring me a Coke please.

“Yes, Master,” she replied and we all laughed. She returned and said it was my turn. Instead of sitting beside me, she stradled my lap, and licked my neck and face as Nicole watched. “Do I make you happy, Master?”

“More than you will ever know,” I replied. As she finished cleaning my neck and face from Nicole’s explosion, she leaned in for a kiss. “I think you have paid your rent for this month, baby” and I smiled at her.

“I certainly hope not!” She exclaimed. “I am looking forward to much much more of this! You guys are awesome. You weren’t kidding when you said you like feet or that all you have is repeat offenders. I used to wonder how anybody that was dumb enough to sleep with you would come back again. Now, I wonder how they stayed away. You understand foreplay, you know how to use your tongue to bring a woman to orgasm, and you damn sure know how to use your dick. My compliments on all the above. Nicole better never let you go. I will surely snatch you up! I would appreciate your letting me contribute in some way to the house finances. I guess me and Nicole should sit down and work out a plan. As long as you fuck me like you have for the last couple of days, that is all I want you to do. You can come in from work and sit down and let us wait on you for all I care.”

Nicole chimed in, “I agree. In fact, I would rather have you at home all the time so I can get that dick whenever I want it. I know you are OCD and I can see you like keeping the house clean. We can do a little role reversal. Dick On Demand we will call it. I will pay your child support and pay for the house. Yami can buy groceries and pay her personal bills. The two of us can split utilities….I don’t know ….we will work it out. I’m not worried about it. As long as I can have you when and where I want you.” She leaned in to kiss me deeply.

“There is no question of either of you ever being sexually frustrated. I will see to that. I would like to keep working though. I will talk to Reggie about working my schedule around you guys…..maybe just work half days or something. And I will only get paid on commission--no more draw. Nicole, I hate to put the financial burden on you, but if you can help me stay current on child support, I will keep the house clean, keep meals cooked, and financial records in order. And I will be at your sexual beckon and call 24/7.”

“Kevin,” Nicole began, “I would rather have you at home at my beckon and call. I want you to stay home. My schedule will be rotating. That is why I got a $50,000 sign on bonus. I didn’t want to tell you that until I knew I was going to stay with you. Now I am sure. Yami and I can open a joint account and keep the income coming in. Yami, you don’t have to work two jobs anymore. Pick the one you like the most, and stick with it. I want you to have enough energy to enjoy the thing you love, like me.”

“Damn gir! You go ahead with your bad self and that sign no bonus! I will always have enough energy for Kevin!” Yami quickly responded. We all laughed. “I like the extra cash waiting tables affords me but I do not like having to bust my ass to make money. And I am tired of having to flash a little cleavage to make good money. People just don’t tip anymore. Do you know I only made $250 last week for 6 nights? I can cut hair during the day and come home at night and let Kevin smell my dirty feet from standing up all day. Then he can keep the house clean and do grocery shopping and stuff and you can come home from work and relax. You will be mainly supporting the family so you deserve to not have to do anything at home. Well, nothing but get fucked! And I am sure your feet will sweat running around in the hospital for those long 12 hour shifts! I think we can make this work. Kevin can relax you every night. In fact, you should meet us at Sagebrush for dinner some nights and let Kevin rub your feet as Paige waits on us!”

“Okay, okay, we will iron it all out later. Right now I just want to watch TV and cuddle with my babies. I make one new rule. This is an old house, so we will have to get central air and do some remodeling, but we can control the indoor environment and be comfortable. Since Kevin likes body smells, when we get home, Kevin will undress us and get his fill of our bodies smells and then we can go about our daily business,” Nicole said.

I spoke up. “I have no problem with anything you gals decide. There is only one catch. Whenever you come in the door, be ready to be attacked. Cause I am a horny mother fucker and when I get you to the bedroom to undress you and smell your feet and pits and crotches, I am going to be hard as hell. Nicole, Yami, you two have made me so happy and completed me. I promise to do whatever it takes to make you happy. I love you Nicole. I love you Yami. Thank you for making this possible. Let’s go to bed.”

With that, we all walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Yami ran back quickly to bring the dogs in--in the nude. She came back laughing saying that she thinks she gave the old men across the road a heart attack. We all collapsed on the bed laughing. We lay quietly watching TV. It was very nice. After I fell asleep for a little while, I was awaken to being tied down to the bed with drop cords I had in the house. “Wtf?” I asked.

“Sorry, you didn’t have any rope,” Yami said. She had looked up from my waist where she and Nicole were sliding their tongues opposite each others up and down my dick. “Nicole wanted to bring you to a gushing orgasm as you did her.”

“But I am too sensitive down there. It is hard for me to lay still and take it.”

Nicole interjected. “Yami, do you want the honors?”

“Honors for what?” I inquired as I lay there my body twitching as I tried to get away from the barrage of tongues and hands investigating my nether regions. With that, Yami stood up on the bed, faced away from me, squatted over me, opened her ass cheeks, and sat squarely on my my face. She had strategically placed her asshole directly in my mouth. I instantly started leaking precum. This was going to be fun!

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