My daughters dildo part 4

My daughters dildo part 4

The next couple weeks went by with almost no drama. Nicole had given up on pressuring me to fuck her, and we enjoyed a liberal amount of sexual activity on a daily basis. Things barely slowed down when she got her period. Handjobs and blowjobs were still administered with great regularity. She was happy to let me finger her ass and clit, but wouldn’t let me near her pussy hole. Unexpectedly, I found that little string hanging out of her to be a strangely erotic sight.

A day didn’t go by where we didn’t masturbate together at some point. It had become our bedtime ritual, even if we’d already gotten off together several times during the day. She loved using her dildo on herself while I watched, and would often have me work it in and out of her while she played with her clit. I was constantly surprised by my unflagging sex drive when it came to my daughter. I wasn’t so consistently horny even when I was a teenager. I suppose things might have been different if I had unfettered access hot 17-year-old girl on a 24/7 basis back then.

I also loved how uninhibited we could be about our sexual urges with each other. One night Nicole came to dinner in a two-sizes-too-small tank top and no bra underneath. I could see every curve of her small, firm tits, along with the hint of her pink areolas and the pebble-sized bump of each luscious nipple showing through the tightly stretched fabric. At one point I just sat back, pulled out my hard-on and began jacking off right there at the dinner table while I watched her eat. She acted like this was as normal as if I’d asked her to pass me the salt.

She was insisting that I lick her asshole every time I went down on her, which certainly wasn’t a problem for me. Every few days I’d find her waiting for me face down somewhere in the house, holding her ass open wanting me to cum on her butt hole. She had made use of Jeffy a couple more times, sucking my cock while she relived her pubescent humping experiences. We had both taken to wearing little or nothing around the house. We were getting naked together so often that it was becoming impractical to wear clothes when it was just the two of us. I never got tired of seeing my naked daughter traipsing through the house as proud as could be of that hot, young body of hers.

Nicole brought home a report card that was mostly A’s with a few B’s sprinkled in. She was promoted to the starting line on her soccer team. Our illicit activities didn’t seem to be affecting her performance in any areas of her real life. In fact, recent results might suggest that things had improved since I started diddling her. I even noticed that I didn’t have to remind her to take care of her chores around the house as I used to. Laundry was done, dinners were cooked, room was kept clean. I was a little worried that she might be feeling more like a wife than a daughter, but I didn’t want to disrupt the new flow we’d established.

As I sat at my desk, the image of Nicole stepping out of the shower that morning was playing over and over again in my mind. No one could make drying off as sexy as she did. We didn’t have time to fool around then, but I knew we’d be at each other as soon as I got home that evening. I wondered if she’d want my tongue in her ass or my cock down her throat. Probably both. My attention went once again to the box sitting inconspicuously at the foot of my coat rack.

Mara, our receptionist, had brought it in with the rest of my mail. She had no idea that the box she had signed for from FexEx held a gift for my daughter, nor that the gift was a brand new dildo.

I was tempted to open it immediately, but I knew as soon as I did someone would come barging into my office. I didn’t want to have to explain why I was having sex toys delivered to me at work. I couldn’t wait to surprise Nicole with it. I checked the clock and saw that it was only 2:00. Three more hours, one life-sapping commute, and then I’d get to see the look of perverse delight on my little girl’s face. I noted with frustration that my cock was once again hard. Getting through a day without at least a half-dozen spontaneous erections had become a physical impossibility for me. I decided that I wasn’t going to get any work done anyway, and bailed out early with some excuse about taking my daughter to the doctor. No one knew it was more like playing doctor.

I was hard the whole way home in anticipation of surprising Nicole with her new fuck toy. I got even harder when I walked through the door and almost tripped over her backpack and sneakers that she’d left in the middle of the foyer because I knew it meant she was home from school. I had been praying this wasn’t a soccer practice day. I tiptoed to my room, undressed, and opened the box.

It was one of those funky dildos that she had been intrigued by on our first online shopping trip together. It was formed of pink-tinted glass in an abstract swirl that was at once phallic and feminine at the same time. There was a fat end with a tapered nose for her pussy, with the other end being smaller and curled around in a way that it would be perfectly positioned to tickle (or penetrate) her anus. I couldn’t wait to see her go crazy on herself with it!

I went naked to her bedroom and opened the door, ready to surprise her. But I was the one who got the surprise instead as I stood there gawking at two luscious bare asses. Two girls were on Nicole’s bed on all fours facing away from me. I recognized the asshole and pussy lips of the girl on the left, but not those of the one on the right. Fingers were at work in the familiar pussy, while my daughter’s dildo was slowly being worked in and out of the strange one on the right. I then heard the tinny sounds of moaning and realized they were watching a porno of some sort on Nic’s laptop.

I was too stunned to react quickly enough and duck out. The girl on the right looked over her shoulder. Becca’s eyes went wide and she nudged Nicole, saying “Your dad!” in a choked whisper.

“I know, isn’t he a total stud?” Nicole responded without looking away from the video on her laptop. It was about then that this unexpected encounter took an ugly turn.

“That’s right, baby, suck Daddy’s cock just like that.” This bit of cheesy dialogue came from the porn video they were watching. It took me a second to realize it was my own voice I was hearing.

“No!” Becca nudged Nicole again harder. “Your dad is right there!”

Nicole looked around and her smile instantly disappeared along with all the blood in her face. Pale as a ghost, she groped for words. Both of them were too surprised to even bother trying to cover their nakedness. I was too stunned to hide my raging hard-on from my daughter’s friend. I was able to see between them and caught a glimpse of the video. Nicole was giving me a vigorous blowjob on her computer screen. She must have recorded us at some point with the camera on her laptop. And she was showing this private moment between us to her friend while the two of them masturbated to it.

The ramifications of all of this set off a series of emotional explosions in my mind. My stomach sank, my chest hurt, and I could feel a sweat break out all along my back. Becca knew everything. Nicole had betrayed me. The only thing I ever asked of her was to keep what we were doing just between us. She had violated my trust not only in that, but also in making a secret recording of us. She had created physical evidence of my crimes. Evidence that could send me to prison. And she was sharing it with her little lesbian slut of a friend. In a matter of a few panicked heartbeats, my fabulous life has suddenly become fucked beyond all recognition.

“Cum for me, Daddy.” The video was still playing. “I want to eat every drop of your cum.”

I turned, naked and hard, holding my daughter’s new sex toy in my hand, and walked out.

“Dad, wait!” I heard Nicole calling out, but her voice wasn’t quite reaching me somehow. “Don’t be mad. Just let me explain.”

At my door, I glanced back and saw her standing in the hallway looking distraught. Instinctively, my cock flexed at the sight of the lithe sensuality of her naked body. I should have fucked the little bitch when I had a chance, because she sure as hell fucked me.

“Daddy, please…”

I went into my bedroom and closed the door behind me

I gripped my hard cock, stroking it slowly in the silent darkness of my bedroom. I was alone, as I had been for the past three nights. I tried to focus on thoughts of Jessica, the hot little thing who worked in our marketing department. She had been showing more cleavage than usual lately. I imagined Jessica coming into my office, leaning over my desk and licking her ruby red lips.

“I need your approval for the new ad campaign,” she purrs seductively.

“You’ll get my sign-off right after you show me those luscious tits of yours.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes.” Jessica slowly unbuttons her blouse as my hand quickens on my cock. She has a frilly pink bra on underneath, which she pulls down to expose her naked breasts. They’re smaller than I expected, but alluring nonetheless. As a matter of fact, they look just like my daughter’s breasts. With a start I find that it’s no longer Jessica standing half naked in my office, it’s Nicole.

I let go of my hard-on and punched the mattress in frustration. Every time I attempted to jerk off over the past couple days, thoughts of my daughter ended up intruding on the fantasy. No matter how hard I worked to put her out of my mind as a sexual object, she kept showing up. I tried beating off to porn, but it only reminded me of when we’d watch it together and get off. If I didn’t cum soon I was going to start losing it.

Nicole had already left for school by the time I came downstairs the next morning. The smell of toast lingered in the air, but she had cleaned up after herself so that it was like she was never there. I’d only seen her in passing a few times since that day, and when I did I couldn’t bring myself to look at her. When I thought of what she’d done I got a tight pain in my stomach and all I wanted to do was grab her and shake her. Worse than seeing her, was the night I heard her crying in her room. I hated being mad at her, but it was the only way I could feel after she betrayed my trust the way she had.

The scene played over and over in my mind as I drove to work. Standing there in her bedroom doorway, naked and hard, trying to puzzle out why I was looking at two beautiful naked asses. I was more than a little surprised to discover my daughter masturbating with her best friend Becca. Surprised, but not disappointed. Becca’s ass was slightly wider than Nicole’s, but smooth and inviting. She had my daughter’s dildo buried in her pussy, while Nicole was getting by with just her fingers. Before the possibilities of this situation could blossom, I realized that they were watching a video recording of Nicole giving me a blowjob. The trust between us shattered in that instant and my world went to hell.

I was angry at her. I was angry at myself. How did I let it all go that far? How did I so completely lose sight of what’s so obviously right and wrong? How can I be this upset and still get an erection over recalling that dreaded moment? I massaged my cock through my slacks as I drove, thinking about Nicole and Becca sitting on the bed naked. They’re facing each other, a little shy exposing themselves like this for the first time. They spread their legs, each curious about what’s between the other’s legs. They giggle as they watch each other masturbate, exchanging the occasional compliment or letting free a moan of sincere pleasure. I reach my exit and force my hand back onto the steering wheel. I’m not going to let myself think about my daughter like that anymore!

With nothing to look forward to when I get home, the workday dragged by, same as the past three did. Jessica wasn’t showing much cleavage, but her tits still looked fabulous in the clingy top she was wearing. As much as I tried, I couldn’t gin up much enthusiasm for them. After lunch, I pulled up the photo gallery on my cell phone. I navigated to the pictures Nicole had sent me. I stared at my daughter’s naked pussy, two fingers holding it open for me so I could see all the delights she had to offer. My thumb hovered over the garbage can symbol. Her wetness glistened within the pink folds of her delicate flesh. It reminded me of how she had opened herself up to me in so many other ways.

It had to have been a scary thing for her. For years she’d harbored a forbidden lust for her own father. She despised herself for being a perverted freak, but it didn’t stop her longings for Daddy’s cock. At some point she decided to take action. Who knows how many scenarios she had played out in her head while she lay in bed fingering her wet pussy and plotting how to turn me from a parent to a lover. Then she made her move and went through with one of them. “Daddy, please help me buy a dildo so I can fuck my horny cunt.”

Looking back, I should have seen it for what it was: a calculated ploy to seduce me into violating a moral covenant that had been ingrained in civilized societies for millennia. And I fell right into her trap. Was I that gullible? Or so desperate for love? Or just plain stupid? No matter what it was, I had willingly followed Nicole down the dark path she was treading. But I couldn’t blame her for what I’d done. I was the one who bought her the dildo. I watched her use it; I put my fingers inside her; I jerked off in front of her; I sucked her nipples. And it was I who licked my daughter’s pussy and made her cum on my face. It wasn’t fair to put it all on her. I was the adult, and I alone was responsible for my depraved acts of incestuous passion. I put my phone away and went back to work, trying to ignore the pulsing of my hard cock.

The house was quiet when I got home. Jeffy was no longer in the living room. He had disappeared the day after the incident. I also wasn’t finding Nicole’s dildo lying around by the bathroom sink or on the kitchen counter like I used to. I listened at her bedroom door, but it didn’t sound like she was in there. I was tempted to look in, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. God, I was so pathetically weak. I knew that if I saw her sex toy lying on her bed, I would lapse. I couldn’t deny that it would take so much less than that. A bra carelessly left on the floor, a dirty pair of her panties draped over the edge of her hamper, the scent of her favorite perfume. I wouldn’t be able to resist and I’d be right back on that dark path once again.

I went to my room, changed, and headed out to a bar. I didn’t even know which one I was going to. Any one would do.

Four hours later I moved unsteadily through the house, banging into furniture and cursing under my high-octane breath. I reached my bedroom and stopped. No light came from under Nicole’s door. No music, or tapping of a keyboard, or buzz of a vibrator. I felt a magnetic force drawing me toward her bedroom door. I leaned against it, pressed my forehead to it and tried to steady my mind.

She was so close, yet so much separated us. That wasn’t true. It was me keeping us apart like this. Me and my stupid conscience. The same conscience that did fuck all to keep me from molesting my own daughter. My sweet, sexy, horny, perverted daughter. I could have walked in there with my cock out and she would have happily sucked me off like nothing had happened. I could push her back on her bed, my hand around her throat, and force my way between her legs and she wouldn’t even put up a fight. That little slut loves cock. She’d take a hard pounding from me and beg for more. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. As wasted as I was, the thought of fucking my little girl was enough to get me hard as a rock. The bitch was just using me, so why shouldn’t I use her?

I opened her door, determined to teach her a lesson that I should have already by now. I flicked on the light and lurched across the room. My pants dropped and tripped me up. I fell onto Nicole’s bed. Nicole’s empty bed. I looked around through bleary eyes, but she wasn’t there. Must have been staying at a friend’s house. Probably humping Becca’s face like the lesbo whore that she is.

I sat up, ran my fingers through my hair, and tried to shake the fog out of my skull. No discarded bras on the floor. Hamper was empty. No sex toys left on the bed.

The one fucking night that Nicole could have gotten what she wanted and she wasn’t even here. Goddamn cocktease. Serves her right. The light faded. From high up near the ceiling I was looking down at myself listing over sideways and passing out on my daughter’s bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The weekend went by pretty much the same as the previous days. Nicole avoided me, or maybe it was me avoiding her. Either way, the thing between us festered. I was pissed that despite my drunken stupor I was able to remember what I would have done if she had been home that night. I was pretty much a bag of shit no matter how I looked at it. I came that close to raping my own daughter. Sure, she would have been a willing victim, but that doesn’t change the evil that was in my heart during that black moment.

What made it worse is that I didn’t know where to go from there. I didn’t want things to stay the way they were, but I still wanted to be angry. I deserved to be angry. Something had to change. I had to change. But I didn’t know in what way or how.

When I got home from work on Tuesday, there was an envelope on the kitchen table with the word “Dad” written on it in Nicole’s handwriting. I suddenly felt sick. Was this a letter telling me that she was going out on her own? Or worse. I tore open the envelope and read the simple note inside. “I know you hate me right now, but we have to talk. I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to speak to me again, but please meet me at DiGeorgio’s for one last date night. I love you, Dad (even if you don’t believe it)”

Just another of her calculated manipulations. I threw the note down and walked away. I didn’t get far before I turned back and read the note again. It was clear she was hurting. We both were. It didn’t make sense for me to hold onto this grudge forever. Yes, she made a mistake – a big mistake – but I had made more than my share in this thing between us. She would have never had the opportunity to make her mistake if it wasn’t for all the ones I had made leading up to that night. Maybe it was a good thing this unhealthy affair came to a crashing end. Neither one of us would have had the strength, or the sense, to put an end to it on our own.

Time for me to be a grown up and do what needed to be done to put all the craziness behind us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stood on the sidewalk outside the restaurant trying to gather myself before going inside. I’d never been this nervous on a real date, much less one with my own daughter. The restaurant sat atop the tower of a 5-star hotel. If nothing else, at least we’d have a fantastic view of the city. I wondered why she’d picked such a fancy place. Our nights out together were usually much more casual than this. Then again, this wasn’t exactly one of our normal date nights. I braced myself and headed inside.

The maître d’ led me to our table and Nicole was waiting there for me. She stood as I approached and a sense of unreality took me over.

She was wearing a black cocktail dress, one that she must have bought specially for this occasion. It was short, barely reaching down to mid-thigh. Her shapely legs were sheathed in sheer stockings that gave her skin a silky glow in the low lights of the restaurant. The dress hugged her middle and left no doubt what a supple body lay beneath. The neckline dipped low between her breasts, presenting a tasteful amount of cleavage. The sapphire sparkle of the necklace I had given her on her sixteenth birthday caught my eye as my gaze swept up.

Nicole had her hair done up in an elaborate style unlike anything I’d ever seen on her before. She was normally a simple, no-nonsense girl who didn’t waste time primping and posing like some girls do. She’d gone all out tonight. Even going so far as to be wearing make-up. I’m sure Becca had a hand in this, since I don’t think Nicole owned anything beyond some eyeliner and lip gloss. The effect was captivating. It wasn’t my little girl standing in front of me, it was a woman.

“I didn’t know if you would come,” she said as we sat down, my eyes still locked on the captivating vision across the table from me.

“Like you said in your note, we need to talk.”

The sommelier swept in at that moment and presented a bottle of wine for my inspection.

“The lady has selected an exciting new offering from a local, organic winery.” Upon nodding my approval, he deftly opened the bottle, presented me the cork and poured a sampling. I was always uncomfortable with this ritual since I didn’t know the first thing about wine. I went through the motions and the sommelier poured us both a glass. Apparently she looked sophisticated enough that no one in the place could tell Nicole was underage. “Enjoy,” he said and bowed off.

I sipped my wine. “Good choice.”

She reached for her glass, pausing to see if I would scold her and tell her she was too young to drink. My girl wasn’t too young for anything anymore it seemed. She took a sip, pursed her lips and put the glass down.

“I’m sorry,” she began, unable to look me in the eye.

“I know you are. And so am I.” My voice didn’t came across more stern than apologetic.

“But it wasn’t like I told just anybody. It was only Becca. I trust her more than I trust myself. We don’t have any secrets from each other.”

“So I saw.”

“Even if I didn’t tell her, she would have figured it out sooner or later.”

“Violating my trust by telling her was bad enough, Nicole, but you secretly recorded us and showed that to her.” My bl**d was starting to heat up as I was forced to speak the details of her betrayal.

“I know I shouldn’t have done that. It was just going to be for me, then Becca– No, you’re right, that was just plain wrong and I’m sorry. Really, really sorry.”

The waiter came by with some bread and menus. Neither of us spoke while he was hovering nearby. Nicole looked like she was close to crying, but she held back her tears.

“Can’t you just forgive me and let things go back to the way they were. I’ll never do anything like that again, I promise.”

“It’s not that simple.” I put a piece of bread on my plate, even though I had no interest in eating it. “It’s going to take some time before I can trust you again. And I’d always be wondering who else you might be telling.”

“I’ll never tell anyone ever, I swear!” The passion she put into her words made it easy to believe her.

“I might get to a place where I can trust you again, but our secret is already out. And I’ll never be able to trust Becca not to say anything.”

“She won’t. Not in a million years.”

“That’s easy to say now while you two are friends. What happens if you have a fight, or go your separate ways when you leave for college?”

“We’ll be friends forever no matter what,” Nicole insisted, but the conviction wasn’t there in her voice.

“Nothing lasts forever, sweetheart. You know that. Like this thing between us.” I took more than a sip of wine. “It was fun while it lasted, but it had to come to an end at some point so it’s just as well it happened now like this instead of it being something worse.”

“Worse how?”

“A fight, a pregnancy, me going to prison.”

I watched my daughter fiddle with her silverware as that sunk in. “It wouldn’t really be so bad if I got pregnant.” She kept her voice quiet as she said this. Despite the way she looked, her immaturity was showing through.

“Yes, it would. The fact that you can’t see that only proves that things had to stop. I’m still very angry with you, but I want to use this as an opportunity to get back to the way things should be between us.”

“I don’t want to go back to that.” The wetness sparkled in her eyes as she looked at me. The hurt and desperation were enough to stab at my heart. “And I don’t think you really want to either.”

I hated that she was right. On the surface I could fool myself into believing that I wanted to do the right thing. But deep down I wanted her like never before. I couldn’t help envisioning my cock between her breasts, or those pretty, painted lips of hers sliding up and down my shaft. Several times already I’d found myself wondering if my girl was wearing panties under that slinky dress, or could I simply lift it up and see her perfect little pussy waiting to please me? I was a disgusting excuse for a man, and we both knew it.

“Part of being an adult is understanding that you can’t have everything you want.”

She looked despondent as she reached for her wine. After two unladylike gulps, she set the glass down and appeared more resolved. Nicole fixed me with a look so full of wanting desire that it made something ache in my chest.

“Excuse me,” she whispered and got up from the table. I watched her delectable ass as she left, able to envision what it looked like naked – something no father should be able to do with as much accuracy and detail as I could.

The waiter returned to ask if I wanted to order. I’d completely forgotten we were there for a meal. I told him I needed a few minutes and he politely withdrew. I polished off my wine and thought about ordering something harder to help get me through this with my convictions intact, as meager as they were.

I was doing the right thing. I couldn’t be eating my daughter’s pussy and cumming in her mouth every day and be any kind of father to her at the same time. This was the best thing for her. Make a clean break of it and get back to a normal life. A normal, boring, miserable life suffering the torture of knowing the pleasures that are easily within our reach but unable to take them. God, why did I open this Pandora’s Box in the first place?

The maître d’ slipped up to the table, and laid an envelope down. “From the young lady.”

My hands were shaking as I opened it. There was a hastily written note inside. “One last time, then I’ll never bother you again.” The envelope held a card key for a hotel room.

Her reason for choosing this fancy place was suddenly clear. She’d planned on getting me into a hotel room the whole time. As annoyed as I was about her manipulations, I was more upset that she’d spent so much money on this scheme of hers. One night would have cost her three months’ worth of babysitting and dog walking. I signaled the waiter, paid for the wine and left a generous tip for the trouble.

It was a short ride down four floors on the elevator. I found the room at the end of the hallway. Maybe I could get a refund, especially once I pointed out to the manager that he rented an extravagantly expensive room to a minor. I knocked, slipped the key in the slot, and opened the door.

“Nicole,” I called from just inside the door. “This isn’t happening, so get your things and let’s go.” There was no response. “Nicole?”

I looked in the bathroom as I passed and saw that it was empty. A few steps further along and I could see into the room. What I saw stopped me dead on the spot.

Nicole stood across the room in front of the picture window. The curtains were open, providing a breathtaking view of the city lights behind her. But that’s not what captured my attention. My daughter was the very vision of sex personified.

Her entrancing hair and makeup were the same as earlier, but the slinky dress was gone. A lacey white camisole hung from her smooth shoulders. There were little bows to fasten it closed down the front, but these were left undone leaving the middle of her torso exposed. I could see only the slightest hint of her nipples showing at the edges of the gauzy negligee.

My eyes traveled down over her flat tummy. My daughter’s shaved mound was bare. No panties, no g-string, just naked pussy. I caressed the sensual contours of her sex with my gaze, noting how her feminine crease hinted at the endless pleasures within. The effect was further heightened by the white, thigh-high stockings that sheathed her finely-toned legs. As if this wasn’t enough, she wore a pair of high-heels that somehow transformed my teen daughter into a very desirable woman.

“Nicole…” I heard myself saying with a plaintive whimper.

“I’m not going to argue with you, Daddy,” she said as she moved toward the bed with seductive grace. “I agree with everything you said, and I know you’re right about how things between us had to come to an end eventually.” She lowered herself onto the king-sized bed. The camisole slipped open, giving me a view of her exquisite breasts. “But we can’t let it end like it did. Just one more night so we can finish things the way we want to.”

She slid up onto the bed as I watched helplessly. Her body writhed in anticipation of mine. I had to walk out of that room right that second or I would be lost. She set her feet on the bed, arched her body lifting her ass up off the mattress, then opened her legs wide.

“Come fuck me, Daddy.”

I stood there knowing she had me. “Nicole, I can’t…”

“I want you inside me, Daddy. I want to feel your cock deep in my pussy.” She thrust her hips toward me, overpowering me with the tempting vision of her impassioned lips. “I know you want to fuck me, Daddy. This is your last chance. One last night together.”

“Nicole, don’t do this…”

“Look at it.” She spread her pussy open, brazenly offering herself to me. “You want this cunt, don’t you, Daddy? It’s okay for you to take it. We both want this. Don’t think of me as your daughter, just think of me as a tight, wet cunt that you want to fuck with your big, hard cock.”

This was torture, and she knew it.

“I love you, Daddy. You knew from the start this is where it was going to end up. You wanted to fuck me long before I asked for that dildo, you just couldn’t admit it – not even to yourself.” My daughter dipped a finger into her inviting hole, then tasted the wetness that clung to it. “Here’s your chance. Take it.”

I stared at my daughter’s open cunt. She was right. I was attracted to her before she began her deliberate seduction. As her father I refused to acknowledge it, but as a man I felt it. I noticed when her breasts first began budding. I noticed the enticing curve of her ass well before puberty had begun transforming her from a child into a young woman. The incidental touch of her long, smooth legs against my bare skin had excited me in ways I was too ashamed to accept. Was I an aberration, or did all men harbor a forbidden desire for their own daughters? No matter the answer, there was no getting away from the fact that on some primal level I had always wanted to fuck my baby girl.

She clearly wanted it, but could I go through with it? Did I have the strength to take what I wanted, or was I too weak to do the right thing? Whatever choice I made in that moment somehow made me less of a man. No one I knew wouldn’t judge me with disgust and derision. I’d deserve their unmitigated contempt. The question was, could I live with that?

As my conscience wrestled with itself, my body hadn’t remained idle. Of course my cock was hard, that was an inevitable result of animal biology. But I further realized that I had unbuttoned and removed my shirt as I had been silently debating myself. There was no longer any point in trying to use an impotent intellect to keep me from doing what I wanted to do…what I needed to do.

I undid my pants and pulled them down, along with my boxers, in one quick motion. Nicole moaned with expectation as my stiff cock sprang into view. She knew she had won.

“I am going to take it,” I said. My confident tone sounded strange even to me. This isn’t the way a father talks to his daughter. “And once I do, it’s mine. Understand?” I moved forward and climbed onto the bed.

“Yes, Daddy,” she groaned and spread herself wider.

“And I don’t mean just your cunt. Your whole body…” I crawled up between her legs. “Your whole self…”

Nicole lowered herself flat on the bed and reached out to me with open arms. “Yes…” she breathed.

“This isn’t just fooling around anymore,” I growled as I moved atop her. “You’re mine.” I kissed her lips. “You’re my daughter.” Another kiss. “My lover.” A deeper kiss. “My everything.” Her tongue was in my mouth. I took this as acceptance of the proposal.

A moment later I was insider her.

It had come about so effortlessly, so naturally, that I all but missed the instant that it happened. My cock was inside my daughter’s pussy. She made a noise that was more of a sob than anything else. I pushed my body tighter and my cock sank deeper. I might have let out my own sob in answer to hers.

I was never much of a ladies’ man, but I’d had my share of women back in the day. Nothing came remotely close to the feeling of being inside my daughter’s pussy. I had loved her mother more than any other woman, but not even she could compare to what I was experiencing in that moment. I had become untethered from earthly reality and entered a realm of pure pleasure that I was certain I’d never enter again as long as I lived.

“Oh, Daddy,” Nicole wept beneath me. “I love you.” Her whispered words were carried on warm breath into my ear. “I’ll love you always and forever.”

“I love you, too, baby.” I pushed into her even though I couldn’t go any deeper. I wanted to fuse my entire being with hers, to become part of her and for her to be a part of me. And yet, we already were in so many ways. It was no longer an abstract matter of biological chemistry, it was an emotional and physical reality.

“Your cock is inside me, Daddy.” Nicole wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. “It’s really happening. I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a little girl. I wanted you to fuck me even before I knew what fucking was.”

It was all too much. “I’m going to cum.” I was embarrassed that it was happening so fast and my words came out like an apology.

“Cum inside me, Daddy,” she pleaded. “Fill my cunt.”

Without moving, without having made a single thrust, I began spewing my seed deep inside my daughter’s pussy. With my face buried against my girl’s graceful neck, I emptied my cock into her. The profound sense of satisfaction was beyond comprehension. I would have thought it impossible to know such sublime joy and not be rendered unconscious by the experience. My orgasm seemed like it wouldn’t end. Pulse after pulse seized me, pumping spurt after spurt of sperm-laced semen into my daughter’s womb.

Nicole clung to me with loving devotion, accepting everything I had to give and willing to take more. Her lips touched my neck, my ear, my cheek as I poured myself into her cunt. Sex had always been pleasing, but this was a whole other level of what it meant to be alive. My cock convulsed several more times after I had spent my entire load. My daughter massaged my flexing manhood with her inner muscles, milking it lovingly until I went still.

“Oh my God, Daddy,” Nicole whimpered as I lay atop her trying to make sense of what just happened. “I’m cumming, too.” Her nails dug into my back and brought about the most exquisite pain I’d ever known. “I’m cumming on your cock.”

She bit into my shoulder and screamed. I felt my girl’s body tense. Her legs clamped tight around my waist, her pussy gripped my engorged cock like a vice. I could actually feel the spasms racking her vagina as she orgasmed. I held her close and hoped she was experiencing an exultation that matched my own from seconds before.

Nicole let out a guttural moan, bucked her hips, and raked her fingernails down my back. “Again,” she panted. “I’m cumming again! Ohhhhhh! Fuck!” She rode out her second orgasm, which seemed at least as intense as the first.

We were both out of breath despite the fact that we had barely moved. Years of pent up yearning, lust, and forbidden desire had done the work for us. Even though I had just cum, I never wanted to take my cock out of my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, Daddy, that was amazing.” Her mouth found mine and we shared a tender exchange of tongues. “No one has ever made me cum like that, and no one but you ever could.”

“You’re incredible,” I told her with all the sincerity I could muster. “If I had known how good your pussy felt, I would have started fucking you years ago.” I was worried I might have said the wrong thing until I heard her laugh.

“All that matters is that you’re fucking me now.” She slid her hands down my sweaty back and grabbed my ass. “So, how about you really fuck me this time?”

“Great minds think alike.”

I drew my cock back and eased it into her. With any other woman I would have been going soft at this point, but with my daughter there was no chance of that happening. The little noises she made as I slowly worked in and out of her pussy let me know she was appreciating my efforts.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. “I’m just now realizing that I’ve never been fucked by a real man before. I’ve only ever fucked boys. What a big difference…uuuuh mmmm…”

God, what a sexy bitch I’d raised. I hooked one of her legs and pulled it up toward her head. She cried out with surprised delight, and voluntarily lifted the other after I’d given her a few good pumps. And just like that, I had my girl folded double below me. That position made her cunt even tighter than it already was, and her squealing giggles were all the encouragement I needed to pound her harder and harder.

“Fuck my slutty pussy, Daddy! Fuck my pussy with your big, hard cock!”

“Oh, don’t worry, young lady,” I said. “I am going to fuck you like you deserve to be fucked. You wanted Daddy’s cock, now you’re going to get it.” I rammed hard into her. As soon as I did I worried that I may have hurt her, but she took it like a champ and begged for more. So I gave it to her.

Each punishing thrust pushed her down into the mattress. The way she was doubled over caused the air to be forced out of her lungs with each beat of our harsh lovemaking. Every time I slammed home, she gave out a cute grunt and demanded more.

“That’s it, fuck me! As hard as you want, Daddy! Make me your dirty fuck toy!”

My baby clenched her cunt muscles tight around my plunging cock. I could feel the sloppy mix of our combined sex fluids frothing and spilling out of her pussy and soaking my balls. The maids were going to have a real mess to deal with by the time we were done. Nicole’s grunts began climbing the scale and I knew she was approaching another climax. I didn’t think it was possible for me to cum again so soon, but hearing her about to orgasm triggered my own.

“Give it to me, Daddy! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Right there! Yes! Yes, yes, yeeeeesssss!”

“Fuck, baby! Take it! Take my cum! Fuuuuuck!”

We had often made ourselves cum at the same time when we were masturbating together, but those times didn’t come close to matching the thrill of our first simultaneous orgasm while fucking. Mine was over in what seemed like a flash, while my daughter’s played out over the course of a good ten to fifteen seconds. I continued steadily pumping my cock into her quivering hole as she floated higher and higher on each successive wave of ecstasy she was experiencing. Sure it was good for me to finally get what I had always secretly wanted, but it was even more gratifying to know that I was giving my girl something she had wanted so badly for so long.

I let her legs down and we were kissing again. As she wiggled beneath me, I thought I was going to slip out of her a few times, but she managed to keep a hold of me with her with her strong, young pussy.

“You have no idea how many times I dreamed of being under you like this,” she gasped between kisses. “I never thought it would really happen.” She kissed my neck and sucked my earlobe. “And now you’re on top of me…and inside me. It’s even better than I imagined.”

She had sold this night as our one last chance to be together in this way, but we both knew that this was only the beginning of a new, more dangerous, phase of our relationship. I suspect she had planned this all along. She knew me well enough to be able to play me like a well-tuned instrument. But I couldn’t really complain. She was only seducing me into doing something I already wanted and was too much of a coward to do on my own. That time was over. I had what I wanted and I wasn’t giving it up.

“You’re Daddy’s little whore now,” I said. The words were coarse, but they were spoken with love.

“I am,” she whispered. “Now and forever.”

“Turn over,” I told her. “Daddy’s going to fuck you like the naughty little puppy that you are.”

She smiled and complied without hesitation. It felt good when my cock slid out of her, and it would feel even better slipping back in.

Nicole shed the camisole that had ended up in a tangled mess around her shoulders. This left her in nothing but white stockings and high heels. She was my own personal underage porn star. She got on all fours and presented her backside to me like an obedient child. I had seen her in this pose many times, but the view was more enticing than it had ever been now that I could follow through on whatever filthy urge it inspired.

My daughter’s pussy was swollen from being roughly fucked for the past ten minutes or so. I’d seen her excited, but never quite like this. Her ass cheeks were shiny with the wetness that had leaked from her during our lovemaking. My most recent load that I’d deposited in her was seeping from her tight fuck hole and drooling down from her pussy lips to soak the sheets below. If I only had a camera.

I moved in behind her, took hold of her hips and directed the head of my cock toward that gooey opening of hers. I hadn’t lost any of my rigidity and penetrated her without difficulty. The shiver ran down my spine as I once again sank into my daughter’s heavenly embrace. Why had I denied myself this for so long? And why should my darling girl be deprived of the full and unrestrained love of her adoring father? Every dad should be so lucky to share such mutual devotion with his daughter.

Pulling back slowly, I gazed in awe at the sight of my penis emerging from my little girl’s grasping vagina. I watched with equal delectation as it disappeared inside her just as slowly.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so fucking good,” she moaned and did her best to look at me over her shoulder. “Your cock is way better than my dildo.”

“And your pussy is way better than my right hand.”

“Or my mouth?”

“Hmm, that’s a close second.” I gently continued to fill her to the hilt, then draw back inch by inch, feeling every second of our union as keenly as I could. “My little girl is such a talented cocksucker.”

“And I’ll only get better if you help me practice.”

She was looking for definite confirmation from me that this was more than a one-time thing. I wasn’t going to let her off that easy.

“The view from back here reminds me of when I walked in and found you and Becca on your bed with your asses in the air.”

Nicole hid her face in the pillow and flexed her inner muscles around my shaft.

“That was a hell of a shock,” I jabbed my cock into her with a quick motion.

“I know, Daddy,” her voice took on that plaintive tone she used when she wanted to be forgiven for doing something bad. “I’m sorry about…about everything.”

“I’m still angry with you for telling your friend about us.” This was punctuated with another hard thrust.

“But you don’t understand, Becca and I don’t have any secrets from each other. We share everything.”

“Including your dildo.” I grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her head up off the pillow.

“Yes! She taught me how to masturbate. Becca was the first one to put her fingers inside me. And she was the first person who ever kissed my pussy.”

I had picked up the pace some, but was still fucking her with controlled strokes. “And that justifies you betraying my trust and telling her about us?”

“We tell each other everything. She told me how she lost her virginity to her cousin when she was thirteen. And how she sneaks out onto her parents’ balcony at night and spies on them fucking while she makes herself cum. And also about how she has a huge crush on you and has always wanted your cock almost as much as me.”

“Was she the one who gave you the idea for this whole thing?” I let go of her hair and grabbed her hips tighter, needing to make sure I had plenty of leverage for the fucking we were building toward.

“It was my idea…but Becca talked me into going through with it.” She tossed her hair to the side, then reached down between her legs and began playing with her clit. “Mmm, Daddy, you fuck me so good.”

I had a choice. I could either blame this mess on Becca, or I could thank her for it. I looked down at my daughter’s naked body rocking forward and back each time I plunged my cock into her tight cunt and there was no doubt I owed her my thanks.

“It was her idea to make the video,” Nicole confessed in a series of short gasps. “Now that she’s seen your cock, she wants to fuck you even more.”

“I’ve got enough trouble dealing with one teenaged lesbian slut, last thing I need is another one.”

“We’re not lesbians…not really…only with each other sometimes…God, I love your cock so much…fuck me harder, Daddy…”

As happens so often with the two of us, what she wanted was exactly what I wanted too. I picked up my rhythm. Our bodies slapped together. The violent sound of naked flesh meeting naked flesh filled the room, along with her girlish moans.

“You drove me crazy,” I scolded her. “Walking around in your little panties, or nothing at all. I wanted to throw you down on the spot and fuck you like crazy every time I saw you.” The bed was bouncing in time with our increasingly manic tempo. “I’d watch you stick that dildo in your tight little pussy and all I could think about was how much I wanted it to be my cock instead.

“This is everything I dreamed about…” I could barely make out her whimpering words as her body jolted repeatedly under my onslaught, “to wrap my cunt around my Daddy’s big, hard cock and fuck you and cum again and again…uhhhh, yes!”

I hadn’t been sure it was possible, but I was about to cum again. Maybe I wasn’t as old as I thought after all.

“Cum inside me, Daddy! Never stop cumming inside me!”

Her cries brought me off in a primal rush unlike anything I’d ever known with any other woman. There was something about emptying your balls into your own daughter that was singularly unique. I wasn’t about to explore the dark, psychological dimensions of what was behind it and instead simply enjoyed the new sensations emanating from my cock and suffusing my whole body.

As I my convulsions waned, and I deposited my last pulse of sperm deep in my girl’s well-fucked vagina, her orgasm suddenly took hold of her. All I wanted to do was collapse on the bed and bask in the contentment of complete satisfaction, but I owed it to my daughter to give her at least as good as I got. I dug deep for reserves of energy I hadn’t needed since I was a virile youth and pounded my baby’s cunt for all I was worth. Her ascending howls of carnal joy spurred me on even as my head began to swim.

“Daddy! Fuck! My! Cunt! Daddy! Daddy! Aaaaiiiieeee!”

More followed, but she’d reached a rarified pinnacle of ecstasy that prevented her from forming coherent words. An inarticulate string of noises that approximated language spilled out of her mixed with moans and cries.

“Cuuuuummming!” Nicole buried her face in the pillow and screamed her way through a body quaking orgasm that was sure to leave her as spent as I was.

The two of us fell flat on the bed side by side. Our lungs heaved, preventing either of us from speaking for some time. After a few minutes, Nicole rolled onto her side and cuddled up against me. Yes, I’d missed screwing around with her the past several days, but I think I missed this most of all. I put my arm around her and drew my girl closer. Her fingers combed leisurely trails through my chest hair as she nuzzled my neck and pressed her now sticky mound against my bare hip. I could feel the residual heat emanating from her crotch.

“When you walked in on me and Becca masturbating to that video of you, I thought I’d lost you forever. I never felt worse in my life.” She kissed my shoulder and rubbed her cunt against me. “But now I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Before all this, I didn’t know if I’d be able to get you to fuck me. It’s what I wanted more than anything, but you sometimes seemed really freaked out about what we were doing.” She climbed on top of me, mashing her pussy down over my limp cock. “I was afraid this wasn’t going to work and that after tonight you’d never talk to me again.” Her lips found mine and we shared a long kiss with a sensual exchange of tongues. “You were mad at first, weren’t you? Then you gave in to how you really felt. You stopped thinking and took what you wanted all along.”

“I did.” I ran my hands up the outsides of her thighs, over her taut buttocks, and up her back slick with a light sheen of sweat. “I know how wrong it is for a man to want his daughter in the way that I do, much less do the things with her that I’ve done.” I urged her upward so that I could take one of her modest breasts into my mouth and suckle her. “But I can’t resist you. No matter how hard I tried to do the right thing, I had to have you.”

“And you do have me, Daddy. All of me.” She shifted her shoulders and fed me her other breast. “Whenever you want. However you want me.”

“You’ll be going off to college before you know it. You’re going to meet a lot of guys you’re going to want to fuck, sweetie.”

She laughed in that endearingly dismissive way she had. “I haven’t even looked at another guy since that night you jerked off next to me in the dark. Remember that? I still get goosebumps when I think about it.”

“All I’m saying is that you might not always feel the way you feel right now, and that I won’t stand in your way when you realize that you’re done messing around with an old guy and are ready to take on some young studs more your speed.”

“For such a smart guy, you can be a real idiot sometimes.” She settled down on top of me, resting her cheek on my shoulder. “Your cock is the only one for me, Daddy.”

“I’ll just have to take your word for it, my little princess.”

Nicole pushed herself up so she could look me in the eye. Her expression was serious.

“I love being your little princess, but I want to be more than that.” She bit her lower lip, scared to go on. “I want to be the wife that you never had.”

“Sweetie, don’t–”

“I know it sounds weird,” she quickly interrupted before I could complete my objection, “but I only started realizing how much you’ve given up for me all these years. It must have been so lonely for you sometimes. You could have been out having the time of your life and fucking a different hot chick every night instead of staying home to take care of me. It makes me sad to think about how many nights you spent over the years jerking off all alone in your room by yourself.”

I kissed the tip of her nose. “Hey, you of all people should know how much I like jerking off. But, honestly, it didn’t feel like a sacrifice to me. I had you, and as long as I could make you happy and keep you safe, that was more than I could ever ask for. I’ve had a great life and there’s no reason for you to feel like you owe me anything.”

“That’s fine, as long as you understand that I’m not going to pay any attention to that noise. I’m going to take care of you.” Her body began making sensual movements on top of me. “And I’m going to love you the way that a woman loves a man…” She rotated her hips and the next thing I knew my cock was once again sliding inside of her (I hadn’t even realized I was hard again already). “I’m going to love you the way a wife loves a husband.” She slowly eased down my length until I was as deep as I could go. “And I’m going to fuck this cock every night no matter what you say.”

“Looks like I don’t have a choice then…”

She shook her head and smiled one of her biggest smiles.

“No you don’t.” She willfully caressed my cock with her pussy. “Now shut up and put some more of your hot cum in my horny little cunt, Daddy.”

“Anything you want, baby girl. Anything you want.”

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