Going Nova ch. 4: Dad’s Swimming Trunks

Going Nova ch. 4: Dad’s Swimming Trunks

The two girls stopped by the hamburger stand in the mall food court and ordered burgers, fries, and vanilla shakes and brought their trays to a small table. They sat down on the hard stools and Elsie grimaced. “Ohmygod, this skirt is still wet!”

Brie blushed and looked down at her food, knowing that she was the cause of the wetness. But Elsie merely shrugged, flipped the skirt up behind her and over the seat, and sat with her panties and bare legs directly on the cool stool. They scarfed down their food, not saying much to each other while doing so.

“So,” Elsie ventured a topic, “what does your dad think of all this?”

Brie blushed again, “I don’t really know. I think he’s trying not to think about it. I mean, I don’t blame him. I’m trying not to think about it, too. The trouble is, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. I finish up one session and it’s all I can do not to go to sleep. Then, before I know it, it’s time for round two. And it’s only been a day since I developed this…”


Brie broke into a smile at her friend’s insistence that she’s some kind of superhero. “How do you think I’m gonna save somebody’s life with this kind of super-power?”

“Just because you have a super-power doesn’t mean you’re a super-hero. Maybe you’ll turn out to be a super-villain instead. The nefarious O-Girl is at it again, instilling fear wherever she goes… or comes!”

Brie choked on her soda. “Anyway… my dad has barely acknowledged it, so I don’t think it’s really affecting him at all. My mom has been trying to be helpful, but… it’s kinda embarrassing when she steps in.”

Brie noticed that her friend was barely listening. Instead, her attention was focused somewhere behind her. She craned her neck around and that’s when she noticed two cute boys staring back at them. She smiled self-consciously and turned back to her friend. “You’re not even paying attention to me, are you?”

“I’m listening!” Elsie feigned offense. “I can listen and flirt at the same time. I’m a multi-tasker. It’s a hallmark of my generation.” She fluttered her eyes at the two boys sitting across from her and demurely sucked the straw of her milkshake. She swallowed and continued, “You were saying your mom is helpful.”

“Well, she tries to be helpful, but I’m really not sure what to make of it.”

“What does she do?”

“She just seems super… concerned, I guess,” Brie said, being light on specifics.

“She probably is concerned,” Elsie said, oblivious. “Moms are like that, but she loves you. She’s looking out for you.” Elsie flipped her hair between her fingers, still sending vibes to the two boys at the other table.

Brie sighed, “But it’s more than that. Yesterday she— she offered to… help me.”

Elsie tore her attention away from the boys at last. “Get out. She wanted to help you… get off?”

“Keep it quiet! But yeah, I mean, I think so.”

“You think so? Did you let her?”

“I don’t think so!” Brie was too self-conscious to admit the truth and tried to walk the subject back, “I mean, I don’t really remember for sure. Everything is so blurry. That would be weird, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh man, I would never let my mom help me! But she’d never ask, either, thank goodness.” Elsie paused and then shifted her eyes around to make sure nobody was listening in. She leaned in with a smirk and continued. “I have gotten off with my sister before, though.”

Brie’s eyes widened, “What? Mallory fingered you?”

Elsie leaned back. “No, dummy, don’t be gross. That’s not what I’m saying. I just said we’ve gotten off together.”

“Really? What was that like?”

“Well, we share a bedroom, you know?” Brie nodded, “One night before I fell asleep, I heard her.”

“You heard her?”

“Yeah, like I heard these sticky sounds, I guess, coming from her bed. I think she was just horny and wanted to jill off and probably thought I was asleep. But I wasn’t.”

Brie swallowed hard. “What did you do?”

“I watched her for a while. I was really interested in it at the time. I’m younger than her and I had just started playing with myself not long before that. Like, I was even waiting for her to go to sleep so I could do the exact same thing. And I was laying on my side, already facing her, you know. So yeah, I watched her play with herself for a while and, I don’t know, like I said, I guess I was kinda feeling it, too. I figured if we were both doing it, it wouldn’t be that weird. So, I rolled over onto my back to start but that made her stop, like instantly. I think the sound startled her. She probably thought I might’ve woken up.”

Brie leaned in intently. She couldn't believe Elsie was being so open about such an intimate experience.

“I laid there for a long time, not really sure if I wanted to actually go for it. And anyway, if she had started back up again, I don’t think I could have heard her if I wanted to, because my heart was pounding in my head. Finally, I figured if she was fine with doing that while I was there—even if she thought I was asleep—if she was desperate to take the risk, she probably wouldn’t be that embarrassed if I did the same thing. So I kicked off the covers and kinda start going at it. I’m rubbing my clit and fingering myself and I get loud enough that I know she can hear me. You know, I’m moaning a little bit, and I think she can hear the sloshing going on at my fingers.”

Brie licked her lips, which still tingled from their earlier session.

“Finally all this tension started melting away. Before I knew it, I could see that she started up again. She was a lot more obvious than before, and she started moaning, too. After that, I came pretty quickly, and so did she. It was kind of wild having an audience, even if it was just dumb Mallory.”

Brie was fascinated, and plumbed for advice. “What happened after that? Was it awkward?”

“A little bit right afterwards, like the next day. We didn’t talk about it, but we both know what each other had done. But we had crossed that line, and eventually, when nobody made fun of the other about it, we started doing it again. And we’ve actually done it a lot since then.”


“Yeah, it’s always after the lights go out, and except for that first time, I usually always stay under the covers, since Mal always has.” At this point Elsie remembered the boys again. Even though she was still conversing with her friend, she almost seemed to be talking to them, instead, though they were too far to hear what she was saying. “Whenever she starts, I usually join in. Sometimes I’ve been the one to start, just because I feel so horny and she always joins in. It’s fun, and it’s just better with someone else, and at this point I trust my sister not to be embarrassing about it, like tease me for it and stuff.”

“I can’t believe you’ve never told me this before. I can’t believe you still have secrets I don’t know about.”

Elsie leaned in close again and whispered (albeit loudly), “I kinda wanna see what she looks like naked. She has boobs now!”

Brie teased, “And you think it’s weird that my mom wants to help me when you’re such a slut for your sister.”

“First off, I’m not a slut for my sister. I’ve never touched her. And second off, fuck you, don’t slut shame.”

Brie acted faux-offended at the swear and giggled.

Elsie continued, “Anyway, with that out of the way, I would never have my mom help me with anything sexual, but clearly I can’t judge your situation. But I mean, I think your mom is way cooler than mine, anyway, and I suspect you agree.”

Brie frowned and conceded, “Yeah, guess so. She can be pretty fun. Your parents are pretty strict.” She used the end of Elsie’s story to change the subject, “I just wish mine would give me some money once in a while.”

“We gotta get these boys to take us out.” Elsie nodded in their direction.

Brie turned around again and one of them winked at her. She did find them quite attractive. She turned back around and smiled at her friend.

Elsie returned with an impish grin. “I’ve got an idea to get them to notice us.”

“Um, Elsie, I think they already have.”

“No, I mean to really get their attention.”

“What is it?”

“Shh, just act normal.”

At that point, Brie’s mind could only fixate on how nobody can ever act normal when they’re told to act normal. She fished for something to say: “Um, soo, how are things?”

Elsie checked her surroundings to see whose attention they might have. The mall food court was bustling all around them, but, beyond the two boys, nobody seemed particularly concerned with them. When she felt she had a reasonable amount of privacy, she reached under her new skirt, lifted her butt off the seat ever so slightly, and slid her panties down over it. Then she plopped bare-assed back down onto the plastic stool. As she did, she almost slid off the edge, which startled her. “Oop! Guess I’m still a little slippery down there!”

Brie was shocked, “Elsie, what are you doing?”

“Woo, this seat is a little chilly,” she winked.

Brie looked under the small diner table they sat at. She could only see Elsie’s legs. Her skirt, while short, draped over them and down over the stool slightly. She watched as Elsie once again reached under her skirt and peeled her underwear down her thighs to her knees. Brie’s heartbeat began to rise and she looked over the table again at her friend, who was smiling dreamily at the boys. “What are you up to?”

Parrying the question, she asked, “You think they can tell what I’m doing from over there?”

Brie turned, red-faced, and looked at them. “Um, I—I don’t think so. I think I’m blocking their view.”

“Oh well, it’ll be more of a surprise once they figure it out.”

Brie looked around the food court again to see if anyone else was on to what was going on, but everybody appeared to be oblivious. Again her eyes returned under the table. Elsie pushed her panties over her knees and they slid freely down her legs to the floor. She stepped one foot out of them, then lifted the other to cross it. The undergarment dangled off her raised ankle and as she moved it over her knee, she slipped it off altogether, then crumpled it into her fist. Then she moved both her hands above the table to sit more or less normally.

“Holy shit, Elsie!” was all Brie could think to say. She could see swatches of the teal and yellow panties peeking out of her friend’s balled fist. At least now her friend’s boyshorts weren’t hanging off her ankle, on display for the mall to see, so her heartbeat began to slow a bit.

“Like I said earlier, I like not wearing panties sometimes.” Elsie winked again at the boys, “Now we match.”

Brie breathed deeply. Her chest flushed hotly. “Girl, you’re no good for my nerves these days. You’re being so rebellious all of a sudden.” Elsie just laughed. Brie asked, “So what are you gonna do with those things now?”

“C’mon.” Elsie got up and dumped her trash, then she headed for the boys. Brie could only follow behind. One of them had dark, wavy hair styled up, and a black Nirvana tee-shirt and gray zip hoodie. The other had light brown hair that was flopped down over his eyebrows. He wore a white tee-shirt with red text that said “it’s lit”. Both of them were about a head taller than Brie and Elsie. As the girls approached their target, Elsie stalked with the confidence of a tigress, while Brie lowered her head bashfully.

“Hey boys,” Elsie said, “What’s going on?”

“Just admiring the view,” the dark-haired boy replied.

“I don’t recognize you. You must go to a different school than us.”

“Totally. We’re from out of state. We’re home from college visiting our parents for the weekend.”

“Really?” Elsie shot a look at her friend, “Brothers, then?”

“Yeah, I’m Oliver. I’m the older one,” he said proudly.

“And I’m Hunter,” the boy in the white tee spoke up, then asked somewhat awkwardly, “So what about you two? Are you sisters?”

Elsie winked at Brie, “We have a few things in common—under the hood—but we’re not related. We’re besties. We do, like, everything together.”

“Nice,” Hunter replied with a dopy, too-big smile, as if the innuendo he had heard wasn’t intentional.

“So, did you find what you were looking for at the mall?” Elsie asked.

Oliver chimed in, staring intently at the two girls, “I think maybe we have.”

“Well, we’re not done shopping yet. Wanna come along? We were thinking about looking around Hush-Hush.”

Brie gasped quietly at her friend’s provocative suggestion of the popular underwear store. Both boys gaped, as well. Oliver recovered quickly and spoke up, “Bummer, our parents are on their way to pick us up. We’ve got a family photo to take. It’s dumb.” He rolled his eyes, but he quickly brightened up and dug into his pocket, producing a Sharpie and a scrap of paper, “But we’re both pretty much free after that. Maybe we can get together this weekend sometime. Maybe you could give us your numbers?”

Brie was fairly impressed with the efficiency of it all.

“That sounds great,” said Elsie, grabbing the marker, “But I’ve already got something to write on.” With that, she opened her fist and the brightly-covered panty within unfolded over her palm. Again the boys’ jaws went slack as she uncapped the marker with her teeth and proceeded to scrawl her number onto the fabric. She had to go over some areas a few times where the ink didn’t take and remarked, “I guess it’s a little wet here.”

Brie couldn’t believe how graphic her friend was. Again, she glanced around to see if anybody was watching. She caught the eye of an older man—the same one with the wife that earlier saw Elsie wandering Justine’s Place in just her underwear and tee-shirt. Brie quickly broke eye-contact and stared at the floor. She wondered if he recognized the underwear pattern from not much earlier in the day.

Elsie signed the panties “Zoey” and handed them over to Oliver. “Text me.” Oliver smiled roguishly.

Hunter interjected awkwardly toward Brie, “Uh, uh, what about you?”

She looked up, “What? Me?”

“Uh, can I get your number?” he stammered.

Brie blushed and paused bashfully. She did think he was cute and but wasn’t sure she wanted to give up her number. “I’m… not wearing anything I could write it on.”

Elsie quickly jumped in, “She’s mine, boys, so you can reach her through me.”

“Oh, nice. Well. Can I at least get your name?”

Brie also wanted an alias, but struggled to come up with something convincing, “Briley”.

“Briley. Uh, okay, nice.” Hunter smiled wide.

“Alright, see you losers later,” Elsie said. And at that, she spun, twirling her skirt, grabbed Brie by the shoulder, and marched them off out of the food court and back into the mall proper. “Briley?” she said with a chuckle.

“I know! Shut up, I was nervous. My heart was beating a million miles an hour. That guy even saw you again.”

“What guy? What do you mean?”

“Oh! When you were in Justine’s Place in just your undies, a guy walked by and saw you.”


“And he just saw you give those same undies to that boy, too!”

“OMG. You have to point him out next time we see him.”

“Why? So you can give him ‘a story to tell his wife?’” Brie prodded.

“Haha, noo. I just want to know who he is. Well, actually, maaaybe,” she finished slyly.

“You’re incredible. This is a whole new side of you, Els.”

“Maybe it’s a whole new side of us—Briley,” Elsie teased.

Brie punched her friend in the shoulder playfully. “Don’t make fun of my name, bitch, my mom gave it to me!”

Elsie punched back. “Hah, sounds like your mom is really gonna give it to you, for real!”

“Ugh, you’re such a sister-fucker sometimes.” Brie ribbed bashfully.

“You’re hilarious,” Elsie replied sarcastically, then, like a puppy dog, suddenly she was on to a new subject. “Oh look, a makeup counter!” She wandered up to the kiosk in the middle of the promenade and began smelling the perfumes. “Mmm, these smell so good. Come check this one out, Brie.” The label on the bottle said “Libertine”.

A couple of older salespeople approached them as they poked around the selection. One was a slender, well-tanned man with bleached white teeth. The other was a woman with dark hair and a pale complexion. She spoke: “Hello children, can I help you?”

Elsie frowned, “We’re not children, lady. And we don’t need your help.” She turned away from them and continued on to the lipstick section.

The woman continued “Don’t be foolish,” she said brusquely. “We’re having a sale. Fifty percent off of Libertine stock. You would be fools to pass this up, silly girls.”

The two girls exchanged annoyed glances. Brie spoke quietly, “Let’s get out of here, this woman is weirding me out.” They took off from the counter.

As they left, the woman’s male co-worker attempted to corral her attitude, “Heather, you have to be more agreeable.” He felt like he should say something to apologize, so he caught up with the Brie and Elsie before they got far. “Excuse me? Sorry girls, she meant no offense. We’re both fairly new at this, and Heather is sometimes not as affable as a salesperson should be.”

“She’s a real character,” Elsie commented flatly.

“If I may, I’d like one more chance to show you what we have. Like I said, we’re new at this, and we really need to make some sales. I really think you’re going to like our products.”

“That’s great,” Brie replied matter-of-factly, “But I can’t afford your products. I’m broke.

“That’s okay,” the man stated quickly, “I think we can work out a sweet deal between the three of us.”

“Oh?” Brie brightened up slightly at the prospect of cheap beauty products.

“Here’s what I think we can do. We need to sell Libertine products, but nobody has heard of our brand before. I think if we can show their transformative power, people will really get interested. What if we gave you a six-months supply? How does that sound?”

Elsie’s jaw dropped, “For free?”

“Yes, for free.”

“Sign me up!”

The man laughed, but Brie barged back in. “Hold up, Els, why do I get the feeling there’s a catch?”

“You’re a smart girl,” the man said, “What’s your name?”


Elsie snorted quietly.

“Well, Briley, there is only one catch and that is that we’d like to have the two of you model Libertine in a live makeover performance. You’d simply have to sit in a chair while we do the rest: haircut, rejuvenation, and makeup. The whole works. And we’re starting a partnership with Scarlet, too. You know, the fashion house?”

“Of course,” said Elsie.

“You might be able to walk the runway a few times with some of their latest summer pieces.”

“Modeling? That’s it?” Brie asked.

“That’s it.”

“But why us?”

“The idea just popped into my head, honestly! I thought Heather was very rude to you, and I wanted to make it up to you. And you’re both so naturally beautiful to begin with, you’d help us sell our products for sure.” Both Brie and Elsie blushed at the compliment. “You’re not professionals already, are you?” he winked.

Brie smirked, taking the compliment. “No, we’re not.”

“Well then, this will be your first gig! Do you accept?”

The two girls swapped looks of confirmation and nodded. “I’m still in,” Elsie said.

“Sure!” said Brie, “That sounds like fun.”

“Great, let’s meet up back here at 1 pm tomorrow and we’ll get you all set up. Like I said, all you really have to do is sit there, but if you feel like hamming it up in the spotlight, I’m sure the audience will love you either way.”

They all shook hands and parted ways.

“Wow!” exclaimed Elsie, “A free makeover and free makeup? We’re so lucky!”

Brie was equally enthusiastic, “I know, I haven’t had any new makeup in over a year.”

“Well, with Libertine you’ll be ahead of the curve again. That shit ain’t cheap.”

“You think Scarlet will let us keep any of their clothes, too?”

Elsie got even more amped, “I hope so. That would be so amazing. Free clothes!” Both girls squealed and jumped together.

Their money spent and with plans made for the following day, they decided to trek back home in the hot, humid afternoon. The sticky air hit them as they shoved the exterior door open and they groaned in unison. Brie shaded her eyes from the bright afternoon sun and Elsie flipped her sunglasses down. As they trekked across the pavement, they heard a wolf whistle in their direction. They snapped their heads to look at the scoundrel and discovered Mia giggling self-satisfactorily.

“Fuck you, Mia,” Elsie shot out.

“Hey”, Mia called after them, “if you hotties wanna get out of the hot, hot heat today, and into your teeny-weeny bikinis, Carter and I are going to the public pool in a bit.”

Elsie held up her middle finger and cooly continued on her way, which made Mia cackle.

To Brie, Elsie spoke, “So sticky out here. I’m so glad I took off my tights.” Then she smirked, “My undies, too, for that matter, heh.” She flipped the front of her skirt up and down rapidly, fanning her pussy.

“You’re gonna flash someone if you keep that up, Els.”

“Heh, I bet Mia wishes she was standing in front of me right now.”

“I’m beginning to wonder if you’re wishing the same thing,” Brie said with a knowing grin. “Still, I think she was on to something. A dip in the pool would feel pretty nice right about now.”

“You’re right, we should go! Besides, like I said, Mia’s actually really cool. You should get in good with her.”

The midday sun scorched their shoulders as they finished their walk back to their neighborhood. Sweat trickled down Brie’s body, causing her to feel a tingly tickle in her belly. She shivered with goosebumps, despite the heat.

They stopped by Elsie’s house so that she could drop off her loot and pick up her swimming suit. While she rummaged in her room, her older sister Mallory wandered out of her own room and struck up a conversation with Brie in the foyer.

“Hey Brie,” she started.

“Oh, hey Mallory!”

“How are you feeling today?”

Brie blushed deeply. “Um, fine. I guess you heard about what happened at school.”

Mallory moved in for a hug. “Elsie told me what was up.”

Brie groaned into Mallory’s shoulder, “I don’t know how such a small girl has such a big mouth.” She felt safe enveloped within Mallory’s embrace.

“Hey,” Mallory lifted Brie’s chin and looked her in the eyes, “Don’t worry, Brie. She confided in me, and I can keep a secret. Els and I have lots of secrets that we’ll never tell anyone else about. You can trust me; it won’t go past Els and me.”

Brie couldn’t help but stare at the girl. She now knew at least one of the secrets about her that she wasn’t supposed to know. She thought about the normal and charming girl holding her close, lost in the ecstasy of an orgasm while Elsie, the girl’s own sister, lay nearby in a similar state of bliss. Her loins stirred slightly at the mental image.

In a way, she felt equal knowing Mallory’s secret when she held a secret of her own. She also knew that, whether Elsie and Mallory could keep a secret, rumors were surely going to spread around the school either way. After all, she had cum all over her chair in the middle of class. After what she knew was too long of a pause, she snapped out of it. “Um, well, we’re going to the pool now!”

“Oh, cool. Today’s the perfect day for it, huh?”

“Yeah, you can come along, if you want. We’re meeting Mia there.”

“You’re friends with Mia?”

“Yeah! Well, no, not really. But she invited us out today. So, maybe?” Brie shrugged awkwardly.

“She’s pretty cool, but she hangs in a slightly different circle than me. Thanks for the offer, but I’m sticking around in the central air. You won’t catch me out in that heat, even if I was fully naked.” Brie knew it was a joke, but didn’t laugh. She just swallowed hard as her chest fluttered at the incidental mention of nudity.

Just then, Elsie marched out of her room with a duffel bag of her things. She looked at her sister and said matter-of-factly, “You can’t come.”

“Too late, Brie already invited me.”


“But I’m not going, anyway, brat. Y’all are masochists going out there in that sun.”

“Alright, see ya!” As she passed by, Elsie swatted her sister hard on the ass. Mallory squeaked and then groaned in annoyance.

As they left her and the door closed behind them, Brie chided under her breath, “Flirt.”

“Psh!” was all Elsie could think to retort with, but her blushing cheeks said much more.

They continued on to Brie’s house.

“Mom, dad, I’m home!” There was no answer, but they heard shuffling upstairs. She spoke to Elsie, “I’ll grab my suit and we can go.” Brie climbed the staircase and headed for her room at the end of the hall. She passed her parents room and saw her dad putting on pants. Her mom sat up, topless, in bed, reading a book. “Jeez, you’re still not dressed yet?” she called at them.

Warrick grimaced. Little did she know they had spent the entirety of the day fulfilling each others’ desires while their daughter was away for the morning. After a moment, he simply said, “It’s been a—a lazy Saturday.”

“Well, we’re going to the pool.”

“The pool?” Hazel inquired, “That sounds like fun. I could use a thorough rinse. My face is covered in—” Warrick shot a glare at his wife. She continued, “—sweat. My poor pores are clogged.”

Warrick spoke, “Indeed, maybe we should all go to the pool, what say?”

“What?” Brie whined in horror, “No. You’re not coming to the pool with us.”

“Why not?”

“Because…” Brie didn’t want her parents making a bad impression on her new friend, “You’re so uncool!”

“Un— honey, do you hear what our daughter is saying to us? We’re uncool?”

Hazel smirked, “Warrick, you’ve never been cool.” He gasped and Brie snorted. Hazel turned to her daughter, “How do you expect to get there? Take a cab?”

Brie admitted to herself that she hadn’t planned that far ahead. She considered how long it would take to walk, and given the heat, she conceded that she wasn’t up to it. “Fine, but you better not get your uncool cooties on me.”

Brie wandered to her room and opened the dresser drawer that contained her bikini. She pulled out the two pieces and held them in her hand. The pattern was navy blue with silver polka dots, and the flounce top was designed to drape off her chest. The bottoms had accented pink ruffles on the sides. She considered, however, that she wasn’t supposed to wear things that were tight against her pussy anymore and began to despair. “Mom!” she called out.

Hazel came to her door, “What is it, kiddo?”

“What am I supposed to do for my bikini bottom?”

Hazel thought for a moment, “You could wear a pair of your shorts.”

“Mom, I’m gonna look so uncool!”

“Well, we can’t have that running in the family,” Hazel said sarcastically, “Hold on, let me think. I can’t let you use my bottoms, because they’d never fit, but… hmm.” Hazel’s eyes lit up. “What about this? You can wear your father’s trunks.”


“Hear me out. They’re going to be a little big, too, but they have a drawstring in them, which you can cinch tight. If anybody asks you about them, you can just tell them they’re boyfriend bottoms. Boyfriend jeans are in these days, right?”

Brie sighed, but felt her mom’s suggestion had some merit and finally she conceded.

Hazel went into her bedroom where she found Warrick getting changed. He had just tugged his trunks up to his waist when she kneeled in front of them and pulled them down. “What, again? Now?”

Hazel rolled her eyes and grinned. “No, not right now. Your daughter needs these more at the moment.” He sighed and stepped out of them. At that, she lifted his free shaft in her palm and gave the head a quick one-two kiss before she stood, whirled, and walked out of the room. Warrick couldn’t help but stand there thinking of Brie’s young vulva resting inside his own swimming shorts. He caressed his cock absent-mindedly.

Suddenly Elsie appeared in the doorway, “What’s taking so long up—?” She stopped dead in her tracks as she stared at Warrick. He froze, wide-eyed and naked in front of her, cock in hand.

Summoning up all of his presence of mind, he at last wheeled away, pointing his bare ass in her direction. “Damn it, Elsie, could you please make a little more noise next time you come by?”

Elsie blushed. This was now the second of Brie’s parents she saw undressed today, although unlike Hazel, Warrick didn’t seem quite so calm about it. She tore her eyes away from the sight and retreated toward the stairs. “Sorry, sir, I never know when I’m supposed to be making more noise and when I’m supposed to not be making so much.”

Warrick sighed and admitted that she had a point. “Just want some consistency,” he said to nobody in particular.

Back in Brie’s room, the young girl tried on her father’s shorts. They were pretty loose, even with the drawstring pulled tight, but the color almost matched her top, so she deemed it good enough.

Hazel reassured her. “That looks great. Now… before we go, is there anything you need to take care of first?”

Brie tossed back her head and groaned. She was getting tired of thinking about masturbating all the time and didn’t want to hold up Elsie and her from getting to the pool. She feared they wouldn’t arrive before Mia left. “Fiiine.”

“Don’t forget to take your medicine with it.”

Hazel watched her daughter grab the nearby syringe and load it up with the pearly syrup. She sucked on the end of it and pushed in the plunger, dispensing all of it into her mouth, and swallowed. Hazel cocked her head and asked. “How was it?”

“Kinda funky, but fine.” Brie still wasn’t totally sure how this medicine was supposed to help, but she hoped it would suppress the distracting buzzing sensation growing in her head.

“Well, looks like you’re about ready to go. Finish up, gather up your towel and things and I’m gonna go get changed.”

Hazel went back to her room. Warrick didn’t tell her what had happened with Elsie.

Downstairs, Elsie thought about what she had seen in Warrick’s room upstairs. Today had been so strange for her. Her best friend and her friend’s family were suddenly so peculiar. In a single day, she had seen all three of them naked. She even had Brie’s help getting off in the dressing room. She had never considered doing something like that before, but it felt so fun and natural to play around and show off with her best friend.

She tried to push what she saw of Warrick out of her mind, and it wandered to Mia. Elsie looked up to the older student and thought she was very cool. She had heard rumors that Mia was having sex with Carter and that she was also bisexual. Elsie wondered if she, herself, was bisexual after her encounter with Brie at Justine’s Place. She was always attracted to boys, but as yet had never been with one sexually. On the other side, she had now had sexual encounters with both Brie and technically her sister Mallory. She also wondered if Mia would even find her attractive.

Her daydreams were interrupted by footsteps on the stairs. Elsie snickered at Brie’s swimming suit concoction. “Nice trunks!”

“They’re boyfriend bottoms.” Brie said sheepishly.

“What boyfriend?” Elsie guffawed.

Brie blushed and jerked her thumb back at her parents, “Shut up. I got us a ride.”

Warrick clomped down the stairs wearing socks with his sandals, cut-off jean shorts, and a Miami-themed tank top. Behind him came Hazel. She wore a yellow string bikini top that laced up across her cleavage and fashionably clashing, blue-striped, side-tie bottoms.

Elsie thought she looked amazing. “Whoa, Hazel, you look so cool!”

Hazel pranced out the door. “Hear that, Brie? I’m cool, after all.” Warrick chuckled proudly, following after, while Brie rolled her eyes and sighed.

They all exited the house and, as Warrick locked the door behind him, Elsie spoke up again, “I didn’t realize y’all were getting changed already. I should’ve put my suit on.”

Warrick responded, “Well hey, you can change here. Let me get the door unlocked.”

“No, don’t worry about it, I’ll just change when we get there. It’s not a big deal.”

Hazel piped up, “You can change in the car on the way, too, if you want.”

“That’s a good idea!” Elsie said. Warrick silently agreed.

They piled into the car, Warrick fired up the engine, and Hazel rolled down her window. Just as before, Brie’s nerves began to crackle as the wind whipped across her body. After her mom had left the room, she made the decision not to get off before heading to the pool. She hoped the syrup that she had taken would curb her urges, and mostly she just wanted to nap. She curled up in her seat and closed her eyes.

Elsie rummaged through her duffel bag and pulled out her two-piece. It was patterned with an Americana houndstooth and the waistband of the mini-boybrief bottoms was accented with a contrasting ruffle. The top had two ties, one that went around her neck and the other around her back.

Hazel swiveled fully around in the car’s seat, bringing her knees up onto the seat cushion and wrapping her arms around the chair back. She gazed at Elsie and struck up a conversation, “So, did you two have fun at the mall?” Elsie put down her suit and began to answer, but Hazel interrupted. “Oh, honey, you can change if you want. I don’t mind, and Warrick’s got his eyes on the road, so it’s like it’s just us girls in the back seat. I just wanted to hear how your day went.”

Warrick’s heart leapt. Was his wife really going to permit this girl to change in the car? He dared not react, even to acknowledge the situation, lest he risk ruining the scene for himself. True, he was focused on the road, but he could also see into part of the back seat via the rear view mirror. He thought maybe he’d at least get a glimpse of the girl whom he had fantasized about the previous morning.

Elsie looked to Brie for a reaction, but her eyes were closed and she didn’t seem to be paying attention. Elsie also looked at Warrick, but he appeared to be concentrating on driving. She shrugged, double-checked that no traffic was around, and started to peel off her tee-shirt. As her shirt came up, Warrick was able to steal several glances of her youthful, naked chest via the car mirror. He couldn’t believe his luck. Her skin was smooth and pure. Her nipples were a lovely pink and her gymnastic proportions were just perfect. He liked what he saw, but was a bit jealous that Hazel was getting a full-on, unrestricted show.

“We had some fun at the mall.” Elsie continued as she reached for her swimming top. She went to put it on when Hazel’s hand darted out and snatched it from her.

“Ooh, this is a beautiful top.” She fingered the material and studied the pattern on it. Warrick’s eyes flicked back and forth from the road to the mirror.

Elsie blushed, a little self-conscious at being topless with her friend’s parents around, especially with Hazel’s eyes on her. “Thank you. I just got it last month.” She shifted in her seat, unsure what to make of the situation. Is Hazel trying to keep me naked? She attempted to cover her exposed nipples, yet at the same time, she felt like she didn’t really mind being topless with Brie’s mother and even, to some extent, her friend’s father in her presence. Before long, she let down her guard and just accepted the situation for what it was.

Hazel glanced up from the garment and looked the girl in the eyes, “Elsie, you’re always so fashionable. Someday you’ll have to show me all your best outfits.”

“I’d love to do that, I’ve always wanted to be a model!”

“You’d be perfect for it!” Hazel replied enthusiastically.

“Speaking of model, Brie modeled off an amazing shirtdress this morning.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, she really needs to freshen up her wardrobe.” Elsie plugged, “You should totally help her out with that, right Brie?”

The two looked over at Brie, who was in a distant reverie. “Mm-hm,” was all she could think to reply. She was surprised at how quickly the wind had whipped up her nerves again.

“Honey,” Hazel inquired sympathetically, “are you doing alright?”


“Do you need to cum again?” Hazel reached out and caressed Brie’s knee.

Elsie was a bit surprised to hear Hazel speak so bluntly, but she also liked it. She wondered if she’d see Brie masturbate again and recalled again their adventure in the dressing room this morning. Beneath her skirt, her sex lubricated.

“Mm, I’m fine,” Brie pushed out.

“Okay, well, if you need to cum, you can do that here. Don’t fret about it.” As she said this, her eyes flicked to Elsie and the girl wondered just a little if Hazel meant that for the two of them.

Hazel brought her full attention back to the swimming top and spoke directly to Elsie. “Here, let me help you with this. She tied the top strings into a knot and hung it around the girl’s neck. Warrick knew that the show was probably over at this point, but was glad that he saw what he could.

Hazel gripped Elsie lightly by the shoulders and spun her around in her seat. Her hands wandered slowly across her shoulders and pulled Elsie’s trapped hair from under the string around her neck. Elsie shivered slightly. “Somebody has goosebumps,” Hazel teased. She then tickled Elsie’s shoulders and neck, causing her to hunch over and guffaw.

“Stop, stop!” she giggled. She dove to the other side of the car to escape the attack. “Brie, save me from your mom!” Elsie climbed nearly on top of her friend, but Brie merely whined, half in annoyance, half out of stimulation of her nerve endings.

“Okay, okay,” Hazel conceded, “let me get the rest of this tied together.” She pulled the two side strings together around Elsie’s back and tied them into a bow. “There, that should do it. Let me know if you need help with the bottoms, too.”

Elsie turned back around in her seat and grabbed the second part of the suit. “Thanks, I think I can manage this one myself.” One side of the bottoms were already tied off, so Elsie slipped her leg into it and pulled it up under her skirt.

Warrick found himself disappointed. He had hoped she’d remove the skirt first, just as she had done with her top. After seeing her bare chest, he was desperately curious to glimpse her nether region.

With the suit firmly in place, Elsie hiked up the other end of her skirt to tie off the opposite side. “There. All ready to go.” She thought the car seemed oddly quiet.

Hazel just gazed at the girl’s exposed upper thigh and hipbone. She also noted that Elsie hadn’t taken off any panties before she put her bottoms on.

The young girl felt hot under the gaze of her best friend’s mom, as if the woman’s eyes were two spotlights highlighting her on a darkened stage. She was a little unsure what was happening, yet she felt the urge to perform, just as she had in Justness and in the food court with those boys.

She met Hazel’s gaze but felt intimidated by the older woman and couldn’t hold it. But as she looked away, shyly, she slowly slipped the ruffled miniskirt over her hips and down her legs, leaving her in just her skimpy swimming suit and chunky, black sneakers. Nevertheless, she felt as if she could have been naked in that moment. She clutched one arm and bit her lip, bashfully. And then Warrick pulled into the pool parking lot.

“Here we are,” he said.

Elsie cheered, somewhat thankful to be able to retreat from the situation. “I’m so excited. Thanks for the ride, Mister and Misses Nova!“ She dove out of the car as soon as it came to a stop and skipped up to the front register. She hopped with youthful impatience as Hazel and Warrick tended to Brie.

“Brie, honey, we’re here,” said Hazel quietly. Brie sat, curled up with her eyes closed. Hazel turned to her husband. “We should get her into the water. That will shake her out of it, I bet.”

“Let’s hope so,” he replied. He opened up the back door and leaned over to scoop her up. He was thankful she was still so light. The hand he slipped under her legs became instantly glossy with her fluids and sweat. He detected the same musky scent she gave off when his wife had helped her masturbate in the car the previous day. She brought her arms up around his neck and burrowed her face into its crook. “Aren’t you just a little kitten?” Warrick chuckled. Brie cooed and began to kiss his neck lightly. He blushed and felt his cock stiffen. He glanced over at Hazel who was smirking at him. He cleared his throat and said, “Yes, let’s go get her in the water.”

They walked up to the cash register and Hazel paid their way in. The cashier shot confused looks at Warrick and Brie as the girl continued to kiss his neck playfully. He avoided eye contact with them.

As they headed for the dressing room, Warrick put Brie onto her feet so that he could go into the men’s side. She wobbled like a newborn doe, her legs threatening to fold underneath her. To Hazel he said, “She’s all yours now.” Hazel grabbed her hand and pulled her gently in the direction of the locker room. Warrick went his separate way, but looked back at his daughter one last time. She stumbled along, and yanked the sagging waistband of her “boyfriend bottoms” up over her pale butt. Warrick sighed, unsure what he was supposed to do. All he knew for sure was that he was in well over his head.

As he had no suit, he passed straight through the men’s dressing room and out into the pool area. He wandered along, looking for a spot to stake a claim for his family. He took stock of the goings on around him. The pool was bustling, and just as busy as he expected it to be on such a hot day. Men and women, boys and girls of all ages played, splashed, and screamed in the water. Every so often the staccato tweet of a lifeguard’s whistle would ring out. His eyes wandered especially to the young girls who swam in their fashionable bikinis, though he made an effort not to stare. If they were in a couple, he wondered if their boyfriends knew just how much of a catch they were holding onto. But he also remembered how awkward it was when he was their age. His mind wandered back to his wife and their morning of sexual play. He felt incredibly lucky to be married to the such a wonderful, exciting woman. He counted his blessings that she was good, giving, and game. Always there to indulge his whims and fantasies, just as he was there for her in return.

Meanwhile, Hazel followed Elsie into the locker room, pulling Brie in behind her.

Elsie’s eyes lit up. “Oh my god, Mia!”

Mia was sitting on one of the wooden benches in the dressing room, making kissy faces into her selfie-cam. She had yet to change into her swimming suit. She whirled around at the sound of Elsie’s call. “Jesus christ, Els,” she said bashfully, “You scared the living shit out of me.”

Elsie giggled, “You taking creepshots in the changing room?”

“Nah,” Mia said sheepishly, “Just sending Carter a little miss-you selfie.”

“Oh, I thought he was gonna be here today, too.”

“He is. He’s getting changed in the men’s locker room right now.”

“Oh, so, he’s missing you already, huh?,” Elsie said astutely. Mia just winked in return. “Oh man, we should send him a group selfie! He won’t even know what he’s in for.”

Mia laughed and agreed, “He definitely won’t be expecting two babes for the price of one.”

“Make it four. I brought Brie and her mom along with me.”

Hazel chimed in, “You brought us, huh? I forgot you drove the car you don’t own.” Mia laughed at Hazel’s joke. Hazel smiled warmly and reached out her hand. “Hi Mia, I’m Hazel.”

“Hello.” Mia gave Hazel a firm shake, then said, “Well, you wanna join in?”

“A group selfie for your boyfriend? Why not.”

“What about you, Brie?” Mia asked.

Brie’s cheeks were reddening from that all-too-familiar overheating sensation and her wind-whipped hair stuck to her sweaty face. She was sleepy from having just masturbated, and distracted from her newly tingling nerve endings. What she really wanted to do was to just wanted to curl up in a warm ball and pleasure herself until she fell asleep. But instead she nodded and said, “Sounds like fun.”

“Okay everybody,” Mia directed, “gather ’round.” They all squished together with Mia and Brie in the middle and Hazel and Elsie on the outside. Brie felt a feeling of comfort being pressed between the older girl Mia and her mother. Where their flesh touched, it felt both inviting and electric, and somehow forbidden. Brie’s heart raced as everybody continued to squeeze in.

“Make a funny face!” Mia commanded. With the exception of Brie, the girls all screwed up their faces and Mia snapped the photo. When the preview popped up, Mia knitted her brow together. “It’s pretty good, but Brie’s looking sexier than I am. She’s got those sultry eyes going on.”

Elsie suddenly had an idea and blurted out, “That’s what we should do. Let’s send Carter a sexy photo!”

“What are you talking about?” Mia asked doubtfully. “You wanna send my boyfriend sexy photos?”

“C’mon, it’ll be hilarious. It’ll totally throw him off his game. Besides, it’s not like he’d ever trade you in for one of us. You’re too beautiful.”

Mia thought for a moment, but slowly cracked a smile, “Yeah, you’re right. Four sexy girls coming at him at once? He won’t know how to handle himself. Alright, squeeze in.”

Once again, the girls pressed their bodies against one another. Mia wrapped her arm across Brie’s shoulder. She felt the girl fidgeting and thought she heard a slight hum, almost a moan. She also noted a strong aromatic smell emanating from her new acquaintance. She couldn’t place it, but felt somehow drawn in to it’s muskiness all the same.

“Okay, everyone, say ‘yummm’.” She took the photo and then looked at the preview. All four girls were giving their best sultry looks. Elsie was doe-eyed and coy, Hazel’s piercing gaze and parted lips were sexy, and Mia herself was making a closed-eyes kissy face. But then there was Brie. Brie gave a slit-eyed otherworldly gaze, but at the bottom of the frame, her hands had crept up and pulled up the ruffly flounce top so far she had almost exposed her nipples. Mia was impressed, “Jesus, Brie, you really know how to push this.”

Brie smirked at her and sighed, as a far-off thought careened out of her mouth: “Maybe we should keep going further.” At that, she pulled her bikini top up over her head and dropped it at her feet. Everybody went wide-eyed, gawking at the young girl’s skinny, androgynous figure. Mia was astounded at her audacity. Elsie flashed back to earlier in the day when Brie bent over, showing off her pussy in the dressing room. She wondered if they were going to see another similar event here. Brie began to massage her small breasts absent-mindedly.

“Okay, honey,” Hazel jumped in amidst the silent stares, “We’ll do one more if you really want to.” This was not the response that Elsie or Mia were expecting to hear from the girl’s mother. She looked over at them. “She has a medical condition,” she said matter-of-factly.

Elsie swallowed and confirmed. “It’s true. Just like we talked about at the mall.”

“O-Girl,” Mia spoke quietly as she observed Brie’s lewd behavior. “You weren’t kidding, huh?”

Elsie could see Mia was impressed, and found herself wanting to also impress her new friend, as well. She, too, felt the urge to comply with Hazel’s command of the situation. “What do you say, Mia? You think Carter would want one more?” Before Mia could answer, Hazel un-did her own top and set it aside in solidarity with her daughter. Her breasts hung free, her nipples standing prominently.

Mia stared back and forth between Brie and Hazel. She found the two women incredibly beautiful. Despite Brie’s young age, and Hazel’s curvier figure, she could see the family resemblance between the two. Finally she swallowed hard and pushed out the words, “Y’all bitches are crazy… but this is gonna be worth it just to see what Carter does.”

Elsie laughed heartily, “He’s gonna blow his load!”

“Hopefully not too early,” Mia winked. She stripped off her clothing down to her panties, revealing her ebony young breasts with dark nipples, while Elsie untied the bow Hazel had made just minutes before and pulled her top over her head, freeing the small mounds on her youthful figure.

Brie looked around at each of the girls surrounding her. She almost couldn’t believe what she had made them do. Part of her was embarrassed and wished she could take back her actions, but another part recognized the group was quite at ease around one other. Mia and Elsie gazed at each other and giggled. She wondered if there was some chemistry going on there. Elsie did say that Mia was bi. Meanwhile her mother was directing them where to sit and where to place their hands. Each of the girls complied willingly, and Brie was no exception; she felt like putty at that very moment.

In the photo, Mia sat on the bench, positioned relatively straightforward, and stared directly into the lens giving her best wide-eyed, precocious stare. On her right side Elsie laid against her breasts, staring up at her lustily. She positioned one foot on the bench so that one knee was in the air. The other leg hung off the bench casually. On her left side, Brie sat with her back against Mia’s arm and leaned her head back lazily onto her shoulder. Finally, Hazel positioned herself on all fours, straddling over her daughter’s legs and kissed her gently on the nose.

Once they were all in position, Mia snapped the photo. She opened the preview and subconsciously licked her lips. “Jesus, this is by far the most erotic photo shoot I’ve ever done. I can’t believe I’m sending this to my boyfriend.”

“Aw, I bet we could top that,” Elsie said, jokingly attempting to lift the mood.

Mia giggled and wondered if she was serious, but at that moment a large group of pool-goers entered the locker room. Elsie and Mia scrambled to get their tops on, but Hazel was not so concerned about other women seeing her topless. Likewise, Brie was just lying on the stone bench oblivious to the commotion around her. Her fingers traced lightly over her breasts, tummy, and hip bones, and occasionally threatened to dip under her boyfriend bottoms.

“Anyway,” Mia said, “Carter’s gotta be wondering what’s taking me so long. I’m sending the pics now and then I’m gonna go out there and witness the reaction.”

“Can you send that to me, too?” Hazel asked, as she arranged her top. ”I’d love a copy.”

“Sure, give me your number. Just don’t go showing everybody.”

“I’ll keep it most private.”

Before they headed to the pool, they took quick showers to rinse off any outside contaminants. The plumbing was old in the facility, so there was no hot water. Elsie got under it, shrieked, and stalked out, shivering. “That’s good enough.” Mia was able to rinse her hair, but didn’t last much longer. The two of them wandered out of the locker room and into the pool area together.

Hazel dragged Brie into a stall with her and aimed the shower head at her daughter. The frigid water shocked her, and snapped her out of her daze. She cried out and tried to wriggle away, but Hazel held her there for as long as she could.

“Mom, it’s so cold!”

Hazel released her, “How do you feel now, honey?”

“Cold,” Brie spat out through chattering teeth. Still, she acknowledged to herself that the frigid water did some good. She felt much more like herself for a moment.

“Alright, get your top on and let’s get out there. Carter’s not the only one waiting.”

It didn’t take long for the icy shower to fade from their collective memory. The day was still very hot and as Brie and Hazel exited the locker room into the open air of the pool, they groaned. Hazel shielded her eyes, looking around for her husband. After a moment, she spotted him laying on a long, wooden lounge chair, and they headed over to see him.

“Hey honey,” Hazel said.

“Huh?” said Warrick. He pretended to shake sleep out of his head. “What year is it?”

“Very funny. We ran into one of Elsie’s and Brie’s new friends in the locker room and had to get… acquainted.”

Just then shrieking cut through the air, accompanied by wild splashing that threatened to soak the towels on the concrete deck.

Warrick sat up in the lounge chair and squinted through his sunglasses. “That sounded like Elsie’s all-too familiar squawk.”

Hazel chuckled, “How’d you know?” She turned around and saw a frisky, dark-skinned boy chasing both Elsie and Mia through the water. He’d swim up behind them and goose them, or pick them up and toss them across the water.

“Don’t get the towels wet, girls and boys,” Warrick scolded.

Elsie swam up to the edge of the pool and kicked her legs in the water behind her. She shouted back, “Sorry, it’s not my fault!” Suddenly the boy grabbed her by the foot and pulled her backwards into the water. Again, she whooped before going under the surface. As she popped up again, she gurgled, “See?!” The boy just giggled, paying no attention to any of the sunbathers concerned about keeping their patch of concrete dry.

Brie dunked a foot in and felt the cool relief from the heat just ahead of her. As she was about to dive in, Hazel stopped her.

“Kids, have you put on your sunblock?”

Mia taunted, “Yeah, kids.” Brie rolled her eyes when she emphasized “kids.”

“I’m talking to you, too, young lady. And your friend as well,” Hazel said with seriousness. “Nobody’s getting skin cancer on my watch.”

“Haha, what? I don’t need sunscreen,” the boy laughed.

Hazel turned to him. “You must be Carter,” she said, standing tall over him from the deck.

“I am,” he said. Then his smile faded to something closer to embarrassment. Brie watched as a realization dawned on him. He looked at her mother, then glanced over at her, and finally turned to Mia, who smirked and nodded: these were the girls he saw in the photo Mia had sent him.

Hazel bent over him. Her cleavage, laced up in her top, took advantage of gravity. She spoke firmly. “Well, Carter, if you’re going to hang with all of us, you’d better listen to me. Everybody. Out of the pool. You need sunscreen.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said.


Warrick grabbed the bottle of cream, squirted some into his hand, and asked, “Who wants their back done?”

Elsie popped out of the pool, and shouted, “Do me first! Do me first!”

“I can oblige,” he replied. Warrick was thrilled that he was going to rub all over Elsie’s bare skin. He was glad he wasn’t wearing a flimsy swimming suit at that moment or it might be obvious he was getting too much enjoyment out of it. Warrick sat up in the lounger and straddled his legs around the sides. Elsie wandered up and shook her head back and forth. Her hair fanned out, spraying water all over Warrick. “C’mon Els, what are you doing?”

“I’m a wet puppy!” she giggled.

“You’re lucky you’re as cute as one, or I wouldn’t let you get away with that.”

Elsie plopped down in front of him on the wooden lounge chair and flipped her hair one last time at him. She splayed her legs across it just as he had done and as Warrick began to work on her neck and shoulders, she watched Mia climb out of the pool. Her body glistened, and her suit flattered her form. It was a two-tone wine-and-emerald strapless bandeau top that was strappy across her cleavage. Her matching bikini bottoms had three matching straps across her hips which kept patches of her bare hips exposed along each side. Elsie felt an urge to be closer to her unfamiliar friend and piped up again. “I have another idea.”

Mia raised an eyebrow, “You girls and your ideas.”

“Let’s make a train!” She turned to Warrick, “You do me, and while you do that, I can do Mia.”

Warrick cleared his throat at her phrasing, but before he could say anything, Mia replied, “Alright, and I’ll do Carter.”

Hazel jumped in, “Oh no, I’m separating the two of you.”

Mia rolled her eyes. Back in the locker room, she thought Hazel might be cool, but now she was beginning to doubt her chill. “Alright, whatever.”

The two of them stacked up on the long seat in front of Warrick and Elsie. Carter remained in the water. Hazel called to him, like a siren, “Carter.” He wasn’t sure what to do. When he recognized who Mia had brought along with her, he couldn’t help but get a slight erection that tented the front of his trunks. “Carter,” she called again, “let’s get you lotioned up.” That didn’t help his cause.

Warrick found his wife’s behavior a little peculiar. Was she flirting with this new boy? She appeared to be somewhat familiar with him already. Still, her calls seemed harmless enough on the surface. And once again he dared not speak up, lest he spoil his existing fortune of rubbing lotion into the young beauty sitting in front of him.

Carter at last took a deep breath and pulled himself out of the pool. The weight of the water pulled his suit tight across his frontside and Hazel cracked a smile at the obvious shape of his manhood. He tugged at the legs of his trunks and the fabric came away, leaving only an obvious tent behind. He quickly turned around and squatted on the chair, adding himself to the front of the train. He put his hands in front of his crotch to obscure his visible reaction from passersby.

By now the long lounge chair was filling up with bodies and they had to scoot back a bit to fit the new boy on, too. Warrick was already sitting at the back of the lounger, so this only moved all of their bodies closer to one another. Elsie slid her butt back and bumped into his crotch. He hoped she couldn’t feel his hardness in his pants.

What he didn’t know, however, was that he was already out of luck. Elsie became well aware of the stiff rod that pressed against her backside, but this was a new sensation to her. She knew what was happening, but she wasn’t entirely sure why. Was Warrick hard because of his wife’s sexy swimming suit? Was it because he was surrounded by bathing beauties? Was it because of her specifically? She admitted that she liked the idea of Warrick being turned on because of her. She also liked the attention she was currently getting from him as his strong hands slathered the oily lotion down her neck and across her shoulders. His ministrations were firm, but gentle. Her eyes closed slightly and she tried to concentrate on Mia in front of her, whom she felt she was also quickly developing a crush on. She enjoyed seeing her new friend topless in the changing room. In fact, she enjoyed being so intimate and vulnerable with all of the women there during that photo. She was recognizing a lot of pent-up energy and was eager for a release. She was definitely going to try and masturbate with her sister Mallory again tonight, if she got the chance.

Before Elsie, Mia squirted the bottle of lotion into her hands and passed it on

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War on Geminar part 3

Sorry it took so long to get this part of the story out. My laptop crashed and had to get it repaired. I hope this was worth the wait. I tried to get this out as soon as I could so I might have missed a few mistakes so I’ll apologize in advance. I awoke with my head spinning and ringing in my ears. I had a feeling of someone watching me and then it came rushing back to me like a tidal wave. I was being attacked by the red headed girl in the silky body suit when I was...


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My wife's first gangbang!

To start off with I will tell you we are a married couple of 20 years and have been living this lifestyle for 19 years. I like to watch my wife “Roxanne” be with and fuck other men while I watch or alone and she can tell me about it when she gets home. This night Roxanne was going out by herself with the idea of finding some strange cock, and she did! She got all dressed up in black 5” high heel pumps, Cuban theigh high stockings that are tan and black and have the line running up the back...


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Mandy loves to cook

Mandy and I have been married for about twenty-four years. She's a gorgeous 45 something-year-old brunette that is 5'6 130 lbs. and has a perfect 34C - 24 - 35 figure. After the birth of our only child, Mandy put on about 25 pounds, but in all the right places, her amazing ass and an increased bust line. Considering our twenty-four years of marriage, our sexual activity has settled into somewhat of a once a week or so and most often consist of Mandy requesting, I perform oral sex before we do anything else. I have always enjoyed licking and sucking...


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Ranchland - (The real) Chapter 3

My apologies for mis-posting the first Chapter 3. I'm gonna have to quit doing that in the wee hours of the morning. To make up for that fuck-up, I'm working on a fourth chapter, which I'll post as soon as I can. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Ranchland - (The real) Chapter 3 It was late in the afternoon when Ben and Amy arrived back at the Ranchland house. Amy had applied more of the anti-itch cream that had given Ben some relief, and combined with many cool baths to reduce the heat in his burned skin, his sunburn turned to become the dry and...


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Fbailey story number 213 Streetwalker My wife and I enjoy a little roll playing in our marriage. My two favorite roll-playing games are the “Little Catholic Schoolgirl” and the “Streetwalker.” I love it when my beautiful wife puts on a “Catholic Schoolgirl” outfit that she got at a yard sale last summer. Usually I’m the “Head Mater” and have to punish her for something. She really gets into it too. It sure makes for some really good sex afterwards. Now the “Streetwalker” allows my tall slender wife to shop for things that she would never wear normally. At one yard sale...


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