Meg’s Second Business - Pt1

Meg’s Second Business - Pt1

I’m Meg… I’m married to Paul, we’ve have been enjoying our Lifestyle for a couple of years now.

Recently I decided I needed more than being a at home mom. I felt I was getting ‘stale’. After initially striking out on my job search, and getting no place, I asked Ed for advice. Two weeks later, Ed offers me an account executive position, working directly for him. I worked my butt off, learning the ropes and taking on more and more responsibility. My reward was a being assigned to manage a new account, a small company, employee wise, but financially, it’s a very big account for our firm. I was invited along on a business trip to get to know the client and build a lasting business relationship.

In Key West, we met, Neil, who is the owner of the company, Neil’s wife Sophie, a black couple, and Glenn, the company’s controller, and Amy, his wife. Neil is a tall muscular man, Sophie is a little larger boned than I, has a nice, and well portioned body. Glenn and Amy are will tanned, with athletic bodies, Glenn is roughly Ed’s height and a bit thinner, and Amy is my size.

Ed and I found out that they’re into the Lifestyle also, our first business trip took on a whole new dimension. It was a business trip in name only, a sex party was more like it. Our time in Key West went by quickly, we were on our way home before we knew it. But not Neil whispered in my ear that they’d love to have Paul and I down to Key West, as he’s slipping airline tickets into my purse, he promised we’d have an unforgettable time!!

So, here it is, our trip to Key West is tomorrow morning.

I was soooo horny, over the last few days I could feel my pussy tingle every time I thought about the trip and what was in store for us. I wanted to shave my pussy before we left, Paul insisted on doing the shaving for me. I wasn’t sure how he’d react when he found my pussy was wet (from thinking about Neil’s cock), but he was fine, in fact commented that he knows I want everything perfect and that I can’t wait to please and be pleased by Neil again… I said you’re going to have a great time as well. Paul gave me a close shave, playing a lot of attention to his “work”. Paul than rubbed a generous amount of oil all over my pussy, inside and out. The ensuing orgasm was pretty strong.. By now Paul was as turned on as I was, I’m sure his fantasy about seeing me with a black man had something to do with it. Needing no encouragement from me, he carried me to our bed, asked me to spread eagle for him, he wanted to admire his handle work, I know he just wanted to enjoy the view!

Looking at my pussy, Paul says “WOW, I do good work!, time to roll over, I want to check you out from the other side, make sure everything is perfect”. I know he loves my butt, so I rolled over and raised my butt, giving him all the time he needed to check me out. I knew what was next, truth is, I wanted to feel his cock in me, between the oil and my own juices, I was ready for Paul’s cock to slip in. Thankfully he did and pounded me hard, just the way I like it. As hard as he thought he was fucking me, I was fucking him back harder.. Afterwards, both covered in cum, we jumped in the shower, we so enjoy bathing each other. Then spent the night cuddled up, perfect way to sleep…

Paul and I got an early start and arrived in Key West Saturday morning. There was no pretence a business trip, this time, and we wanted to make the most of our time off..

Like the last time, Neil had a limo waiting for us at the airport. The driver took us straight to the marina, pulling up as close as he could to the dock and Neil’s yacht..

As we were getting out of the limo, Neil, Sophie and another black couple were walking towards us. Neil gave me a big hug and a kiss that lingered a bit too long.. I introduced Paul, Neil introduced us to Ron, his brother, and Sophie’s sister Shyla, saying Ron and Shyla married about a year after he married Sophie. Interesting how things work out sometimes.. Nothing was said about Glenn and Amy, so I didn’t ask.

I thought it odd that the limo hadn’t left right away. That feeling dropped quickly, Sophie said us girls have some shopping to do, so you boys behave yourselves ‘til we get back. Once inside the limo, Sophie gave the drive our destination. From the outside, the store we arrived at looked like pretty much any other, as we were walking to the entrance, Sophie told me this place caters to fetishes and carries a unique line of clothing. Then proceeded to tell me about the ideas she and Shyla had been talking over, asked what I thought, and if might have other ideas. With a lot of sexual excitement in the ‘air’, we shopped for almost two hours, picking out things we that would fit into our plans, which included driving the men crazy.

While we were gone, Neil gave Paul a tour of the yacht, later Paul said it was exactly as I’d described, state rooms, large lounge, bar, sun deck, kitchen, everything.

We got back to the yacht, changed into something casual. And joined the men for lunch and drinks. Wasn’t long before we heading out of the marina.

Neil took us out of the marina on a relaxing ride, which seemed longer than the last time. Neil brought us to a different, but equally secluded harbor. I was both surprised and disappointed, there was a sleek looking cigarette boat anchored in the harbor. As Neil eased us closer to the cigarette boat, two heads popped up, Glenn and Amy were waving to us.

Neil tied up the yacht to Glenn’s boat, and dropped anchor. Of course this was all planned in advance, Glenn and Amy’s stuff was already in their stateroom.

The afternoon, we relaxed, talked, and got to know Ron and Shyla better. Turns out Neil and Ron have their own little wife swap going between them, when weren’t swapping with others. We all comfortably shared sexual experiences, and agreed to respected each other’s boundaries, not that I recall any.

Sophie proposed a light, easy dinner, and some wine to take the edge off. Following dinner, the girls went below deck to get ready for evening. We’d each bought skimpy bra and panties sets, see through sick blouses and mini shirts, each picking colors we thought ‘fit’ us best. Our plan or tonight, keep it simple and let everyone sexually acquainted.

Once we were all set, we joined the men in the lounge. We said we’d like to play a little get acquainted game, and went on to explain the rules to the guys. We’re doing a variation of a strip dance, we’ll pick a guy’s name from a bowl, no switching names, or of partners during the dance. The lucky guy gets to remove an article of our closing, outer layers first! Than we’re yours for the duration of the song, all songs will be to ‘slow’ ones. At the end of each song, we’ll draw names and repeat the cycle. After all our clothes have been removed and the ‘last’ song ends. Names will be drawn again, this drawing determines who we’re paired with for the night. If by chance one of us draws the name of a spouse, all the names go back into the bowl, and there’s another drawing, until we’re each paired of with someone other than a spouse. We dimmed the lights some, to set the mood.

I drew Glenn’s name first. I know how much Glenn loves my ass, so it was no surprise that my mini shirt was the first article of clothing to go. Glenn was trilled to find I was wearing thong panties. We danced, his hands on my butt. He kept me pulled in close, I could feel his arousal. Towards the end of our dance, his hand brushed by my pussy, no surprise, he found my panties were damp..

Second dance was Neil’s, by his smile, I knew he was happy with my pick. He made short work of removing my blouse. Since all of us girls dressed alike, we were all in just our bra and panties. Neil’s hands roamed over my body through out our dance. He seemed torn, between holding me close, and keeping me just far enough away for him to feel my breasts. I’m glad we’d dimmed the lights at the start of this, my panties were soaked by the end of our dance, and the wetness would have been clearly visible. Not that it really mattered all that much.

Paul got me for the 3rd dance. I figured he’d remove my bra, which he did, besides, my panties covered very little anyway. As we dance, Paul whispered in my ear that my dance with Neil turned him on. He’d seen Neil reach under my panties. I told Paul that Neil’s fingers were exploring my pussy, I’d asked him to stop, but he just smiled, and whisper that he knew I didn’t want him to stop, and he was right. Neil kept working my pussy to a silent climax, one he felt and one I hoped no-one else saw.

For the fourth and final dance we turned the light out, relying on the moonlight seeping in through the windows. I drew Neil’s name again, but was somewhat disappointed, I wanted a chance to dance with Ron. What better way to get to know someone than dancing nude with him. Besides, I wanted to find out if Ron’s cock was as big as Neil’s. Oh well, another time… I approached Neil for the fourth dance, even through the darkened room, I could see Neil’s smile, I’m sure in anticipation of having me as his nude dance partner. Neil had my panties off in a flash. I knew this was going to be a hot dance. I glanced in Paul’s direction, he was dancing with Amy, no mistaking, he may have been dancing, but Paul’s fingers were walking all over Amy’s willing body. At this point I focused my thoughts back on Neil, I didn’t care what he did to me while we danced, or who was watching. At the start of our dance, Neil used one arm to pull me close to him, the other to pinch my hard nipples, before moving back down to my pussy whole. Gently, he worked me to another orgasm, one I really welcomed even more this time. The music stopped, but Neil didn’t, he put his pussy soaked fingers to my mouth, so I cold lick them. He asked if my pussy juices tasted good… Before I could say anything we were locked in a long tongue kiss. At this point, I’m could tell if he wanted me more that I wanted him or not.

We finally broke up when someone, I think Amy, yelled for us to break it up…

Time for our last drawing of the day, we turned the lights up a bit..

The guys were expecting us to draw names, so were surprised when we called them up to draw names. The guys gathered around me and the bowl I was holding, and drew names.. First round, Paul drew me, so the guys put the names back in the bowl, I mixed the cards, and the guys drew again. This time Neil drew me, but Ron drew Shyla, so they had to draw again. I mixed and names were drawn several more times, just when we thought this was a really bad idea, success.. The pairs where: Amy and Neil, Sophie and Paul, Shyla and Glenn, and Ron and I.

I was glad Paul drew Sophie’s name. I knew Paul would enjoy being with a black woman, but more over I knew Sophie, and the wild ride I was sure Paul was in for and would enjoy.

Now we let the guys know there was one more item to be take care of. As your partner for the night, the first order of business is for us to strip you. Of course we didn’t expect any objections, nor did the guys offer up any.

I walk over to Ron. As I stood naked in front of him, I could feel his eye examining my body. His smile and facial expression was just like Neil’s, now I’m more curious than ever if the family resemblance extents to the family jewels.. Ron says, my brother has told me a lot about you, if just half of what he said is true, tonight is going to be amazing.. I said I don’t know what your bothers told you, but what ever it is, I’m more!! With that I stretched up, kissed him, then lifted his shirt, luckily he helped me remove it. I undid is belt, and the button on his shorts, zipper, and pushed his shorts to the floor. Ron wasn’t wearing anything underware. As I looked up, I was expecting to see a nice long dick, like Neil’s, it wasn’t. Now I know why he wears baggie shorts, his dick is like Paul’s, about 8 inches long, BUT it was thick, jeez was it thick.. I’m thinking this is going to hurt, I can’t wait to take it for a ride…

Someone put on some slow music, I asked Ron to dance with me, since I hadn’t gotten to earlier. As we danced, I looked around the room, everyone’s naked, and followed my lead, dancing with their partner. As we danced, Ron’s cock was pressed onto me. I can feel the head of his cock rubbing closer and closer to my clit, as I try to position my clit, to give his big cock better access. I’m sure he knew what I was doing, finally he says another wiggle or two and you’ll have my dick right where you want it. The song ended before I could take full advantage of him. The entire time we’re dancing, I’m getting more anxious by the minute to feel that monster cock of his inside me.

Once last round of hugs and feels from each of the guys, and it’s off with our sex partner for the night.

I walked with Ron to his state room, inside he got behind me and drew me into him. His hands grabbing hold of my breasts and squeezing, it felt so good. He started nibbling on my neck and ear, I really enjoyed his touch. His right hand made it’s way to my pussy, his fingers spreading my pussy lips, so they could work their magic on my clit. Although be brought me to a climax, this was just a teaser for the two of us. I turned to face him, just got all the way around when he lifted me off my feet and spun me around so my pussy was looking him in the face. He starts licking me up and down from my pussy whole to my clit, I’m lovin’ it, seemed he wanted more of me with each lick. As long as it’s right in front of me, I put both hands around his monster and brought the head of this monster to my mouth. I tried, but no way was I able to get more than his head into my mouth. So I tongued his head while working his shaft with both hands. I was so turned on, monster cock in my hands, tongue working my pussy, heaven. My orgasm was the best so far, but I had a hunch the best was still to come.

Ron spun me around again, my feet never touched the floor, and like that, he’s holding me in both arms, carrying me to the waiting bed. Lays me down, and climbs in next to me. Ron says, now that you’ve gotten a feel for my cock, do you think your pussy can handle it in. I was thinking he was just going to take me, so was a surprised by the question. I said my pussy sure would like to give your dick a try. Okay, but if it’s to much, say so, I’ll stop, I don’t want to hurt you, besides, Neil will shot me if I do anything to knock you out of commission.. Of course, he was right, his monster could really hurt me.

Ron reached over and grabbed a tube of lubricant, and spread some around my pussy lips, in my love whole, on his cock. Than laid on his back.. Telling me that he thinks it would be better if I were in control, at least for now.

I got on top of him, and aligned my pussy with his cock. I’m so glad he lubed me up, I eased his cock in, just the head at first, than ever so gradually took a little more and more. Felt like my pussy was getting ripped apart at it’s seams. Ron didn’t push, just let be take as much as I wanted. Finally, when I thought I’d taken all of him, I laid still, lost in the moment. His cock was firmly inside, I sorta jokingly asked how I did. He said well it feels like you’ve taken a few inches, are you going for more, or do you want to think about it?

I told him I so want to take all of his massive cock in me, but the tears in my eyes told him I couldn’t. I said I can’t right now, I hurt to much. How about a little deal. You let me off easy tonight, and our last night here, my cunt is completely yours for the taking. And I want to be taken, I’ll recover when I get home.

“Deal” was all he said.

I said I still want to bring you off tonight, let me clean off the lubricant from my pussy and your dick, I’ll be right back. I cleaned up as quickly as I could, took hold of his cock with both hands and gave him the best hand and blow job I could. His first shot of cum filled my mouth, I swallowed as fast as I could, ‘cause I knew more was on the way, he kept cumming and cumming, I wasn’t able to keep up and some ran out. After my experience with Neil, I had the forethought to bring a towel back with me from the bathroom. And it sure came in handy.. I let my self relax. Ron says we’re not done for the night, your pussy still needs a work out, let me introduce you to my friend, he reaches over and takes a long, thick, black dildo out of the night stand. My friend isn’t as thick as me, but thick enough to expand your pussy whole, and more than long enough to satisfy your craving for dick tonight. Ron reaches for the lubricant, applies it generously to the shaft of his ‘friend’. I spread my lets and pussy lips for Ron’s friend, and Ron inserts it into my pussy, I can feel my pussy stretching. It didn’t hurt, well just a little compared to Ron’s monster. Now Ron is pushing his friend in and out, slow rhythm, working to a harder and faster rhythm, as his friend is fucking me, Ron’s saying this is a smaller taste of what you’re pussy’s in for. Ron’s friend fucked and fucked me, my orgasms were good, but not as satisfying as a hard dick cumming in my cunt.

Next morning, I woke up next to Ron. My pussy was a bit sore, but no where near as sore as it would have been he’d fully inserted himself in me. We both got up, than I realized I left my clothes in the lounge. Ron, I haven’t a thing to wear.

Ron responses “I’ve heard that line before”, as he’s handing it to me, he’s asks if a bath robe will do for now. He grabs another bath robe for himself. We’re the first ones in the lounge for morning coffee. Ron and I talked, I hardly heard a word, my mind was focused on his dick and the pounding he was going to give me the next time.

Looks like we’re in store for another beautiful day. Gonna be a good day to relax, take a sunbath, and enjoy. Over the next hour or so, everyone else meandered to the lounge. From the conversation, I knew everyone liked last night’s game. When asked about tonight’s game, I said there as going to be another game to determine tonight’s pairs, we’ll tell you the rules after dinner.

Paul and I headed off to our state room. In the privacy of our room, Paul says he couldn’t help but notice the size of Ron’s cock, how did I ever take it all. Part of what this Lifestyle work for us, is there’s no secrets between Paul and I. So I told him about last night and our ‘deal’. Told Paul that I want to ‘service’ Ron’s big, thick cock, but I’ll need a couple of days for my pussy to recover, the last night makes sense, I can recover at home. I need your help with something, there’s some sorta game planned again tonight, I want Neil, if you see an opportunity, please help. Paul said sure, but right now I’d like to help my self to your pussy, what’s ya say. I ask if he’d like me to bend over for him. I was already wet, thinking about my plans for Neil’s cock, but Paul didn’t need to know that right now. I bent over, Paul fingered my pussy, than my ass. Paul, I like what you’re doing, but please fuck me, I need your cock. Paul didn’t disappoint, he never does, he loves my cunt, especially when it’s wet and ready.. His hard cock felt soooooo good penetrating my waiting cunt. His hands took hold of my breasts, and each stroke of Paul’s familiar dick felt better and better, just what I needed.. I matched his every trust with one of my own, Paul’s hands gripped my hips so he could take control of each thrust. We worked up a good sweat, my pussy can always tell when Paul cums, I climaxed right after he did. My pussy muscles continued squeezing him for a few moments, making sure I got every drop. Paul looked exhausted..

We enjoyed our shower together, with lots of touching and kissing, keeping us warm and excited. Getting ready for the day, Paul put on a T-Shirt and bathing suit. I put on the thong bikini I bought during yesterday’s shopping spree. The bikini bottom just barely covered my pussy, the top covered little more than my nipples. I finished it off with a light, see through top that added a tint of color but hid nothing. I was sure I was going to be great eye candy. I asked Paul how I looked, in a word, “hot”.

The other girls appeared on deck, dress similarly. That afternoon, we sunbathed on the front deck. Looking at us from the back, for all intensive purposes, we were nude, the strings of our bikinis didn’t hid anything.

I needed some water, on my way back to sunbath some more, I ran into Glenn. He wanted to give me a tour of his cigarette boat. On his boat, he cast off the lines and pulled in the anchor. With the calm waters, we didn’t move a bit. Glenn had me sit in the captain’s chair and explains how everything works, I didn’t catch it all, but got the basic idea. He says no tour is complete without taking her out. With that he reaches over and starts the engines, then tells me to ease the throttles forward and take her out. Before anyone caught on, we were moving away from the yacht.

Once out of the harbor, Glenn has me open the throttles further, and had me point the boat towards the West. I asked how far we were going. He says we’re going back to that little harbor we were in the last time, and going as far as you’ll let me. Grinning, Glenn says “I have you all to myself for a while”. We arrived in the harbor, we had it all to ourselves, not that it made any difference, I knew once the anchor was dropped, and we’d be in the small cabin below, I was the ‘tour’ he was taking.

From the outside, it was deceiving, I wouldn’t have guessed there was just enough room to stand in the cabin. Glenn untied the strings on my top, then bottoms, bikini fell away.. I could sense Glenn’s excitement growing as his hands freely roamed my tits and quickly found their way to my ass cheeks. From the last time, I was sure he wanted my arse, and I wanted him to have it. Glenn said he’d been thinking about this ever since he found out about my second trip. I lied, said I’ve been thinking about this also, a little white lie doesn’t hurt once and a while. Besides, I enjoy a good ass fucking, so it’s not soooo much a lie.

I could feel myself getting turned on, that tingle returning, and that ‘I need some cock’ feeling taking over my body. The V-Shaped bed in the front of the cabin wasn’t big, who cares, we had all the space we need. Glenn puts two fingers in my pussy, starts finger fucking me, just the way I like it, rough and fast. He’s got my pussy juices flowing, it wasn’t my first climax of the day, but it sure put me in the mood for more. He rolls me onto my stomach and raises my butt. Glenn’s fingers enter my pussy again, this time he wants to use my pussy juices to lube and ease his way into arse. His fingers go back and forth from pussy to asshole, to pussy, and back again, lubed to his satisfaction, he starts finger fucking my arse, which only leads to his hard cock fucking my arse. As he positions himself, my body stiffens up in preparation for his cock insertion into my arse, once he’s in, I relax and respond to his thrusts. As much as I like it, it’s that the initial penetration that always hurts, just a little… My moans of pleasure are responded to with harder thrusts from Glenn. His rhythm changes to hard, butt, more like body pounding thrusts, just before his cum is unloaded into me.

I know his fetish, is to watch his cum secrete from my arse, run down to my pussy, and drip off me. So I leave my butt in the air, using my muscles to push his cum out of me, and spread my legs wide to give him the view he wants.

With soft pats on my butt, Glenn’s asking if I liked the tour so far. Of course I said “Yes”. I know Glenn would like more of me, but we agree it’s time to head back and join the others.

Back on board the yacht, not a word from the guys about our disappearing, just hi’s, welcoming us back. I wasn’t done sunbathing, so returned to the front deck, got this funny, ‘I know what you’ve been up to’ looks from the girls. To which I respond, “don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it”. In unison “Don’t you worry ‘bout that, we’ve already taken that tour”.

Dinner time came all to quickly, at the same time, just not quickly enough for me. I wanted dinner over and done with, so the night games could begin…..

(It’s not over yet, there’s more in part 2, will post shortly)

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