Pete's inheritance (chapter 8-9)_(0)

Pete's inheritance (chapter 8-9)_(0)

"Holy fuck that was hot as hell!" A raspy voice came from the doorway causing all three on the bed to look. Lee and Bree stood naked, their cloths on the floor. Juices ran down their legs both of them had wet hands from stimulating themselves or each other. They both breathed heavy. "Didn't mean to spy, but we thought we heard something then it got quite then we heard Amy. We got to watch as Pete began really putting it to her. I'm amazed she took it."

"You're not the only one! When he shoved just the head in I thought I would split open! It hurt so bad as he pushed in. He acted like he was going to stop at one point, and I didn't want to admit that I couldn't. Once he finally got in and was going easy it started feeling real good! Then it was about to drive me crazy I needed it faster. Mom was rubbing my clit and on my tit I was about crazy! Fuck what an orgasm! I didn't think it was going to stop! I was almost down from it when Pete jammed in me hard and started cumming! That just sent me over again! Oh hell that was great!" Amy recounted her experience to her sisters. She was giddy, happy, and wound up. "This was so freaking weird! My mom sucking on my tit while playing with my clit. At the same time my brother is fucking me! How many other people could have such a weird, but absolutely flaming hot experience for there first time?"

"You know you can't say anything to anyone outside this house? It was hot though! That's why I got off this last time. You had four fingers in me, Pete was cumming inside you and I was playing with you and sucking your nipple. It all hit me and the fact I was liking it. Bam I was cumming all over my daughter's hand! That thought actually made me cum harder!" Sara confessed. She blushed as she admitted to her family how perverse she was.

"Mom…. Ammm Sara would you think I'm weird if I told something?" Amy asked. She remembered what she told Pete yesterday…you've fucked me so don't call me mom….. Amy felt a twinge at that, but she felt the trade would be worth it if Sara would continue this new way with her. Sara shook her head so Amy took a deep breath before she continued. "Well I heard you two in here and was trying to see you having sex. Pete came out of your room to get a towel from the bathroom and passed by me. I smelled him as he passed me and couldn't figure out what it was but I knew I liked it. He came back out and kissed me on the lips. His face was wet he tasted… well I can't explain the taste but it wasn't bad. The more I thought about it the more I realized I liked it. I followed him in here and you was asleep. The wet spot on the bed, the kiss, hearing you moaning and thinking of what happened last night. I came right then without even touching myself. I'd took off my panties before leaving my room because I knew they would be wet like last night. I realized your cum is what I smelled, tasted, and liked! Pete wiped you clean I touched my clit and came again. Is that really bad weird?"

"I've given up on most preconceived notions. I know how we must act in public. As I've already said though, what we do here stays here! If you wish to explore bi sexual tendencies I'll not judge you. I had a couple of experiences before Tim and I got together. I thought that it was inappropriate behavior for a mother but now……" Sara broke off in mid sentence. She realized what she so easily was admitting to her children. Well hell she thought no secrets in this house. "Yes I like girls too. There I said it! It's not something polite society would understand, but I hope here we can be open and honest. I don't want anyone forcing someone else in this house, but if all parties are willing."

"I would love to fuck Pete!" Lee blurted out looking at her mom for a reaction to her language and what she said. "Look at how gaped open you are Amy! That kinda scares me! You said it hurt but you were a virgin. Right?"

"Pete is big! If you want him in you you'll have to accept the fact it will hurt a little at first. He beat the hell out of my privet parts. I thought last night after he had pounded me so hard that my insides had been scrambled. I was actually a little apprehensive to have sex with him this morning!"Sara told Lee with a sideways smile. Lee was still in awe with Amy's stretched out pussy. White cream leaked out slowly she reached to touch it then looked at Sara then Amy. Amy nodded her head to Lee giving permission. Lee hesitated looking at Sara again. "She gave you permission, you can go ahead. I told you I'm not going to judge."

"It is a bit abused! Do you hurt?" Lee spoke to Amy gently touching her lower lips letting her index finger dip a little white cum that leaked out

"Mmmmm not really, but I haven't moved around much yet. He spread me open it feels like my skins pulled around my pussy. Some what like a indian burn. Oh gentle it kinda feels good, but it's tender!"Lee had leaned in and first licked the cum leaking out of Amy. Lee then placed her mouth over her gaping hole pushing her tounge in and drawing out Pete's cum from Amy wet pussy. "Oh that does feel good, but I don't think I could cum again! Honestly if I did cum again right now I think I might come unravelled!"

"I need to get back to the breakfast. I got laundry to do by the looks of this bed." Sara laughed. All the girls laughed. Pete smiled. He knew now he would not have to worry about jacking his dick. Amy had given him her virginity. His mom Sara would do anything for him. His sister Lee already stated she wanted him to fuck her. Bree hadn't said much and was stand offish, but Pete had a strong feeling she was trying to hide what she felt. "Pete you go ahead get you a shower and do what you need to! From now on you'll have first priority in the bathroom. You have work and need to get to it in the mornings. We can work around that."

Pete worked hard for three weeks moving snow and getting caught up on the ranch chores. Sara fixed breakfast every morning made sandwiches for lunch and had supper ready waiting at the end of the day. His day started around 5 in the morning and with all that had to be done he didn't get back in for supper until ten at night at the earliest. Several nights it was after midnight. He had the stock pushed up to new pastures, all the paths cleared of snow trails cleared to take hey to the stock. He also had been working on rebuilding an engine on the combine. The girls went back to school after the storm broke. He hadn't seen much of his sisters in over two weeks. By the time he felt he was caught up. It was the 20 of march. He was caught up enough when the rain started. It was around 10:30 in the morning when the first sprinkles came. He got everything secured and put away and was half way across the yard with 50 yards let to the back door. The bottom fell out, it rained so hard he couldn't see the back door. Big cold drops fell with force. Pete made it in the back door soaked to the bone. He struggled to remove his coat and wet clothes. He emptied his pockets in a Folgers can he found. He placed his ball cap on a small crock Sara used to dry hats and other things when she wished for it to keep a round shape with little shrinkage. He put his cloths in the washer added some from the basket on the washer and started a load. Pete thought nothing about walking through the house naked, since everyone in the house had already seen him naked, and preformed some sex act with him. He'd fucked Sara on the table in front of everyone, he'd had his mom jacking his dick Lee sucking on the upper portion of his cock while Amy and Bree sucked his nipples and caressed him. Then he'd ate Sara and Amy out, before he fucked Amy while Lee and Bree watched. So no it was no big deal. Pete crossed the kitchen and entered the dining room. Oh fuck! Was all that he could think. Sitting at the table was his mom in her place Amy in her place Bree and Lee sat in there places but in his old set between his mom and Amy sat Heather. She was Lee's best friend. They had been friends since grade school. Being twins you might think that Bree and Lee would be very similar but they where opposites in most ways. They where classed identical twins but there were visable differences. If you seen just one of them at first you'd be trying to guess who but side by side you could see it. They were polar opposite in attitude and demeanor. Bree was reserved quiet and a bit uptight. Lee was outgoing she was adventurous spontaneous and a bit wild. Heather was much like Lee, after Lee admitted she liked girls it was no stretch who she had been with. They were actually closer that Lee and Bree were.

"Is this casual Friday?" Sara asked trying to make light of the fact, Pete was naked in front of the family. "The rain soaked you baby? You look cold you need to go get some clothes on. Can I get you something?"

"Big shot of whiskey and a cold beer!" Pete joked knowing Sara wouldn't go for that. He walked past Heather. She stared at Pete's shrunken member unable to break her gaze. He went to his room pulled out a clean pair of jeans and a clean shirt dressed. He went back to the dinning room. Sara was in the kitchen. Pete had brought out a new pack of smokes. He thought how lucky he'd only had two in the pack when the rain hit soaking him and all that was on him. He attempted to lit his cigarette but his lighter had gotten wet. Pete cussed under his breath

"Heather let me see your lighter please." Lee asked getting the deer in the headlights look, because Sara had walked in from the kitchen. Sara placed a rock glass with ice in it in front of Pete opened the bottle of wild turkey she poured about three ounces in on top of the ice. She sat down a bottle of beer.

"You get drunk you'll sleep where you fall! I'm not being mean but all of us girls couldn't move you if we had to. Heather it's ok if you have a lighter Pete can use. He would be appreciated. I don't think I've got one around right now. The few matches I have I'd like to hang onto till I go to town."Sara had moved to her seat by the time she had quit speaking. Heather stared in shock at the bottle of wild turkey left in front of Pete. She also looked at the beer the rock glass and cigarettes. She was dumb struck. Pete got up went to the kitchen lit his cigarette on the stove and returned. "Lee why do Heather and yourself need a lighter?"

"Heather got some pot from her older brother. We smoked a little of it." Lee told Sara without a moment hesitations. The family had begun speaking the truth and being honest with each other. Heather looked as though she was totally freaked out. You could read her face screaming what the hell is wrong with you?

"You ain't out driving on that are you?"

"No Sara. We sat on the back steps last night." Lee answered. It was a relaxed conversation. Neither Lee or Sara were upset in any way, it was like a normal everyday occurrence. Weed was illegal but Sara was just like ok you ain't driving on it.

"I take it your parents don't know about you smoking pot? I don't want you to say a word to your parents what happens here! We have relaxed around here since you were last here. We won't allow anything that will hurt you or someone else. We won't allow anything forced on anyone around here. If you can be open and honest, not blab to anyone, and respect others you'll be allowed many freedoms here." Sara stated plainly

"She means, for example, how you are always so worried about us getting caught fooling around. That ain't a problem." Lee spoke to Heather trying to get her to understand. The silence in the room was as loud as the rain storm outside. Heather was trying to grasp what was said. She had never heard of any parents that were this open and free with kids. Lee flat told her mom she was smoking weed and her mom took it all in stride. Her youngest child is smoking a cigarette drinking whiskey and beer. Now Lee admitted that they had sexual encounters

"So you're saying if I wanted to fire up a joint right now and smoke it right here…." Heather posed but Sara cut in.

"Few things one you going to keep quiet? You going to respect others, meaning in this if someone here didn't like the smell of it burning you'd put it out or leave the room?what happens here stays here! You don't endanger yourself or others. And finally you willing to share?" Sara asked question after question allowing Heather the chance to nod after every question

"Wow I'm still tripping! I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. If I wanted to crawl under the table and play with Lee?" Heather asked turning beet red but pushing on "or if I wanted to climb on the table and let Pete fuck me right in front of you you'd have no problem?"

"You wouldn't be the first one to get fucked on this table in front of the famliy! You might want to make sure you're ready for Pete. If Lee or Pete is willing then we have no problem." Sara took a chance she knew Heather was a good kid with a good head on her shoulder. She is one of the few that come stay with the family overnight.

"You are very accepting Mrs….. WAIT! What do you mean? Who has fucked who on this table in front of the family? That is what you said right?" Heather had begun to relax when Sara's words hit her. She knew she heard right but what the hell did she mean?

"You heard right! I got thrown over the table right here. In front of all three girls." Sara admitted actually enjoy the tingle in her loins. Talking about it and remembering how good it was.

"Was this was while your husband still alive? Where was Pete? Who was it?" Heather asked thinking possibly that Sara was teasing her. All was snickering and she felt as she was the only one that wasn't in on the joke.

"Sorry hon we don't mean to insult you. I'll tell you the story. You'll keep it to yourself right? Ok! Pete and I had problems after Tim's death. long story short both of us were sexually frustrated badly. We argued most of the time after Tim's death. That night Pete was horny as hell and had not been able to get relief. I was like that since Tim wasn't here to take care of me. We argued he seen what I needed and bent me over the table and fucked me dumb and drooling."Sara relayed the story getting wet as she remembered Pete taking her hard from behind.

"You mean to say your son fucked you in front of Bree Lee and Amy? Come on you'd have called the law!" Heather said

"I threatened to! Pete pulled her hair and within the same move had her screaming for him to fuck her." Bree stated

"She actually screamed for him to fuck her? Using that wording?"Heather looked from Sara to Bree and back again shocked.

"Yes I did! He had me so damned turned on by that point. That when he just stood behind me not moving! He grabbed my hair pulled my head up and all I could think was God damn it just fuck me!" Sara relayed blushing

"From what I'm seeing you're wanting it again Sara!" Pete finally joined into the conversation. Sara gave him a what the hell look. "I can see your nipples standing out from here. I'd bet your panties are already soaked."

"Mine are I know!"Amy chimed in

"Well you have been busy for three weeks! I haven't had any attention. The rain is coming down so you can work on some indoor projects" Sara purred

"Oh my God! You really wanting to screw your son? That's so perverse!" Heather clamored

"Oh hell Heather, you know you're fucking turned on completely girl! Don't play that shit with me!" Lee scolded

"Yeah I am! It's weird but damn hot!"

"I been wanting to try him but it's kinda scary! He has a horse dick! I've seen the aftermath, twice, he destroys a pussy!" Lee admits

"You've been screwed twice by him! In front of everyone?" Heather's C cups was showing her nipples through her thin none padded bra and tee shirt.

"No I only got it once. He eat my pussy one morning and I came so hard I had the brain fog. Amy got to messing around with him and he ate her out. He was going to fuck me but Amy wanted him to take her virginity."

"Wait! He fucked you in front of your mom?" Heather asked

"Yeah! It stretched me like you wouldn't believe! He took it easy on me. No hard pounding. I finally begged him to speed up. He went fast but didn't really pound. He did drive his dick a little to deep when he came. He bruise my insides or something I hurt that afternoon and for two or three days after.

Pete had finished half his Turkey and part of his beer. He felt a little buzz nothing big. He had been listening to these recounts of the sex he'd had with Sara and Amy. he was half hard and since he'd been working so hard and such long hours he hadn't had any release in three weeks. "I'm fixing to go to my room. All this talk about sex got me growing. Anyone want to join me?"

"Lee you want your chance?" Sara asked looking at Lee. Pete took a gulp of the Turkey. His Dad had allowed him to have some beer but this was his first whiskey. It burned all the way down. Pete stood and began to move to his room he heard foot steps behind him and figure it was Lee.

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