Poker Night with Sis Part 4

Poker Night with Sis Part 4

For the themes, I want to put "and more". But, I promise, No Male on Male.

You fuckers are in luck. I couldn't sleep. I have to go to work in 3 hours, so I hope you're grateful! LoL

If you haven't read part 1 and 3 (2 is optional and not recommended for the feint of heart), then you'll likely be lost.

This a Brother Sister Taboo story with appropriate over 18 ages. If you like please let me know, and I'll try and write more. Any comments or suggestions for further writing is welcome. Much of what came after part 1 was comment driven. I have no intention what so ever of continuing my story. But, after finishing what may be the final part, I'm glad I did. Thank You. Please Enjoy!


She laid there blindfolded, mouth wide open, as soft sweet music poured from her lips via the sound of sexual sighs. My sister licking her succulent pussy as I silently packed my sister's ass with my steel like shaft. If there's one thing I've learned from tonight, it's this. Never fold a pair of queens.

We returned to the house, and the dance began. I swear my whole body shook the entire evening. Tremors flew through me as I constantly found myself short of breath, forgetting to simply breath. My sister just didn't understand. What happened that first night with her was the most intense moment of my life, and if there was one woman on this planet with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my waking moments, it was the woman who came to spend the night with us tonight. I'd never thought of my cousin like this before. Instead of checking out my sisters delicious legs in those scintillating stockings, or that sweet ass I was determined to stuff full of my cock tonight. I found myself stealing glances at my conservatively dressed cousin. Imagining her legs beneath that long skirt. Imagining the bounce of her small breasts beneath her blouse as she breathed. "Holy crap John." I took in a deep breath as my sister startled me. She giggled quietly, "You were turning blue. Freaking relax bubba." She came close to my ear again, but I turned to face her quickly and took her tongue into my mouth. She clung to me like never before. I believe in retrospect that she wasn't only as nervous as I was, but jealous as well.

At the time I took it as a sign of horniness. "Careful sister, Sarah is just around the corner you know." I saw something in her eyes at that moment. It reminded me of the moment I first took the blindfold from her eyes after the first game. She was drunk on something different this time though, and the fire in my chest made me believe I felt the same.

She leaned over and said, "Breath." I laughed breathlessly. Crap, this was going to kill me.

I didn't just hear, but I could feel the foot steps of our cousin crossing the living room and rounding the corner. My senses were on high alert. "Are the precious babies in bed now?"

My sister smiled at Sarah, "They're hardly babies anymore."

"Oh, they'll always be babies to me." My cousin refuted as they walked away. "Although, I suppose it's probably easier now that they've grown."

My sister laughed, "I thought you knew. They only get harder as they grow." I coughed as my sister called back to me from the kitchen. "You're not suffocating in my hallway are you John?"

Sarah asked concerned all of a sudden. "Something wrong with John?" I stepped into the living room looking at Sarah. She looked back at me, and then at my sister in the kitchen. "There's something going on with you two. I swear you're as thick as thieves."

My sister giggled. "I think we've bonded a great deal more, now that we're both single parents." She was talking to Sarah, but as she walked into the living room with our drinks in hand, she was looking at me with those same eyes again. I looked from her to Sarah and back again. Suddenly, I felt like I must be more composed underneath it all than she was. She looked at me with such desperate lust in her eyes, I couldn't believe she was holding herself together now. I could ask her to drop to her knees and suck my cock right in front of Sarah, and I knew she'd do it without hesitation. Now I turned my attention back to Sarah, who was still looking at my sister. My cock was rock hard and the shaking was gone. I stood there with confidence as I stared down my prey. One way or another, I was going to fuck my cousin tonight.

My sister poured us some more drinks as I shuffled the cards, the chips already divided. "So what's this then?" My cousin asked.

"Texas hold'em." I replied smoothly.

She took another drink. "Now John. You two weren't really serious about playing for the couch tonight were you?"

"We could always play for something else."

My sister jumped in, sounding giggly from the wine, "We could always play strip poker." Too brash, I thought. Patience and subtlety my dear sister. We're going to have to sneak like a thief into the night for this prize.

My cousin scoffed. "You're hardly wearing anything as it is. I'm sure poor John probably saw more of you at the park, than he's ever wanted to see." My sister and I exchanged a quick glance. She had no idea. "Let's have some mercy on John and just play for fun."

"That sounds like a great idea." My sister gave me a sudden hurt look. The lust seeming to drain from her eyes. I just looked back at her giving her nothing. I was the hunter now.

As the night progressed, it became clear that we didn't need stakes for the competitiveness to get out of hand. We were all blood relatives after all, and had each inherited that never ending desire to win and have control. As I lost another heads up game with Sarah, my sister looked down right down trodden. She was clearly frustrated in more ways than one. I could tell her jealousy made her eager to beat our cousin, and I used that advantage to siphon chips off her. It lead Sarah and I into heads up situations that I lost again and again. Sarah was laughing her head off, drunk with gaiety and power. Just like my sister was, I thought. Just like I was the next time.

I divided up the chips again. "Oh come on, it's getting late. You can both get your revenge some other time."

I shuffled the cards. "Last one cous, and we'll be off to bed." I smirked. The irony not lost on me.

Sarah laughed. "Ok, but I'm dwunk, so if either of you win, it's luuuck." My sister rolled her eyes. I wasn't buying that fake slurr either.

My hole cards. Queen of hearts and Queen of clubs. My sister put out a heavy raise. My cousin laughed. She might not be drunk, but she was clearly too tipsy to keep the strength of her hand entirely to herself. Sarah tauntingly sang, "I'm gunna win again, I'm gunna win again." The hauntingly familiar melody just made me want to ravage her all the more.

My sister's frustration on the other hand was boiling over, "I Bet My Ass You're Not!"

"Oooooo" Sarah and I simultaneously chided and laughed.

I couldn't hold back. "That sounds like a bet to me. Loser is up for some spankings. And, I call."

I could see the excited look in my cousin's eyes. "I see how it is. You guys aren't satisfied with me spanking your butts at poker, you need me to spank them in person too." She tossed in the chips. "I call." She said smugly as she perked up. We both had those bursting at the seams grins on our face, like we'd both swallowed a canary bird.

Now the flop. Ace of Spades , Queen of Spades, Ace of Clubs. I raised tossing in a negligible amount of chips, "Bare bottom spanking."

Sarah burst with laughter again. "You two are going to be so sore when I'm done with you." Again, the irony was not lost on me. "I call." This put my sister all in. Her eyes turned to me. Soul-less. Just waiting for me to produce the turn. Instead I slipped my hand in my pocket, then extended my hand under the table and placed the blindfold in her hand. We held the gaze into each others eyes for a moment longer, as I watched hope and lust spark life back into her eyes.

The Turn. King of Hearts. I felt the blood drain from my face as Sarah started laughing breathlessly, tears rolling down her eyes. "You guys.." She had to take in breath. "You guys should have quit while you were... BEHIND" She burst into laughter again.

I grimaced, and my sister saw it. The hope in her eyes being replaced by concern. Stupid math, I thought. If I had to guess, my odds were barely above 2 percent. I was faced with despair, but this was it. It was now or never. I recomposed myself and spoke with confidence, "Hooo hooo. Somebody's confident."

"It's over baby." Sarah shook her hips side to side with each syllable. "Best get those booties warmed up for some serious spankings!"

"Oh, it's not over yet." I pushed a good helping of chips into the pot. "I raise. If you lose, you have to strip for us. Every stitch of clothing."

Sarah's mouth dropped open, and her cheeks became saturated with crimson. My heart was pounding now. I had practically no chance, but this was fun. Maybe the only joy I would get tonight, was to feel her bare hand on my bare butt, but I was able to make her blush like nothing before. Sarah rechecked her cards, then pursed her lips at me. "I call." She had a confident little grin on her face, and I knew why.

Ten, Jack... Ace, King... Even just an Ace. It really didn't matter. There were too many hands she could have that would beat me.

And, the river. Queen Diamonds.

It was a diamond. A gift from the heavens. Now for the finishing touches. Sarah eyed the card and then me. What was that look? It wasn't just confidence. She looked like the Tigress, who had caught the hunter off guard. She was so beautiful. I almost lost my nerve, the feelings inside me were overwhelming. But, I was the hunter, and I was going to have my prize. I pushed all my chips into the pot. "All in. If I win.. you're both my kinky little slaves for the night."

Sarah didn't budge. She didn't fidget. She didn't even blush. She just looked up and down my body with that look. That look like she could devour me whole, and there was nothing I could do about it. Then she tilted her head and put her finger to her chin. "Hmm... so what should I get if I win. Hmm..." She looked at my sister and back at me. "If you'll both agree, if I win, then for the rest of the summer, you two are my personnel servants. You'll bring me drinks. Rub my feet. And straight up kiss my ass however I want."

"I call."

My sister, sounding somewhat unsure, looked at me and back at Sarah. "And, I agree.." She flipped over her cards, ten of spades and jack of spades. It was a straight but a failed straight flush draw. Sarah and I barely spared a glance at her losing cards.

I flipped my cards over as Sarah looked down in horror. My sister jumped out of her seat with excitement and hugged me. "Freaking Awesome Bubba!" My eyes were ready to meet Sarah's when she finally looked up.

"I can't do this." She said pale and shaking.

My sister walked around the table to her. They looked into each others eyes. Then, my sister leaned down and kissed her. After breaking the kiss, she gently stroked her face with her fingers and said almost angelically, "Yes you can." She took my cousin's hand and stood her up. My cousin's eyes went straight to mine as she stood. Our smiles gone, our hearts both beating like wild animals. My cousins eyes returned to my sister as she led her by the hand to my sister's bedroom, with me following closely behind. I closed and locked the door behind me.

Sarah stood facing the foot of the bed as my sister came up behind her and began to don the blindfold. "What are you doing?" My cousin asked nervously.

My sister gently kissed down the nape of my cousin's neck as I quickly shed my clothes and sat at the foot of the bed. My sister then licked my cousin's earlobe and whispered. "I'm making it easier for you sweetie." My cousin cooed. Sighing but shaking very nervously as my sister's hands went down her body and began to unbutton her blouse. My cousin's hands went up to meet hers. She placed her hands on my sisters and said, "Please, I can't do this. AWWWW" My cousin gasped out with a tantalizing moan as my sister simultaneously slipped her hand into my cousin's skirt and began rubbing her clit, while the other hand tweaked gently at one of the nipples beneath her blouse. "Oh God, this can't be happening."

I stood and stepped forward. My cousin sensing my presence, pressed back into my sister's embrace, her mouth hanging open as she was held mercilessly by my sister. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and slid it off her shoulders. She wore a beautiful thin lacy bra, that fell effortlessly from her chest. I removed it so gently, all that she felt was the cool air on her tits as the garment fell away. She began to panic. "JOHN NO!" I embraced her and kissed her deeply and passionately. She kissed back, screeching in surprise as my sister quickly tugged both Sarah's skirt and panties down. My sister gave her ass a light spanking as Sarah pressed her naked body into mine.

The warmth was soon replaced by the cool air and silk sheets of my sister's bed as I laid my cousin down onto them. I then came to my sister and whispered in her ear, "Lick her pussy. While I collect on our bet."

We kissed. "Yes, Master." My sister stepped forward to the foot of the bed and pulled her panties down to her ankles as she bent down and crawled up between Sarah's long smooth legs. Sarah's moans filled the room as my sister pressed her lips against Sarah's pussy. I stepped forward and pressed my cock between the folds of my sister's pussy. I then guided her hips as I slid my dick up and down, pressed against her womanhood. She moaned into my cousin's sweet little pussy, and those moans echoed up out of Sarah's lips. I had won the final forfeit from our first game night, and with my dick now well lubed from my sister's juices, I pressed it against the opening of my first prize of the night. Slowly, I guided my dick into her ass. She gasped and whimpered, but pressed back against me as I shoved into the tightness of her virgin hole. "YES JOHN!" She moaned as the full length of my dick was tightly sheathed inside her. She moved her ass back and forth, egging me on, and I had no intention of disappoint her or Sarah tonight. I gazed at Sarah's face as I grabbed my sister waist and pumped my cock into her.

She laid there blindfolded, mouth wide open, as soft sweet music poured from her lips via the sound of sexual sighs. My sister licking her succulent pussy as I silently packed my sister's ass with my steel like shaft. If there's one thing I've learned from tonight, it's this. Never fold a pair of queens. I wanted to finish in my sister tight luxurious little tunnel, but I had to have my dick in that pie she was eating. I began rubbing my sister's clit furiously as I pounded into her. Her legs were soon shaking as she cried out "God Yes!" Barely able to concentrate on the dessert in front of her as she came. I slid my hard on gently out of her, and held her in my arms so she wouldn't fall. I lifted her up and kissed her, tasting my cousin on her lips. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Lord knows, I was on my way.

"I'll be right back." I kissed her again and went to the bathroom to clean off my dick. I'm a gentleman after all. Then returned to see my sister on the bed at my cousin's side, cradling her head, and teasing my cousin's lips with her tongue. Sarah gasped as she felt my weight on the bed. My sister slid her hand down Sarah's thigh and helped her spread our cousin's legs for me. I touched the head of my cock to her wet entrance and could feel the intense heat radiating from her sex.

"John.. I Love You"

"I Love You Too." I then looked into my sister's eyes. "Both of you." And pressed my cock home.

We fucked like bunny rabbits that night, and every night since. I sadly had to leave my sister behind that summer, but I took my cousin with me. It was the right thing to do. After all, she was having my baby.

One last thing, I thought might interest you though. It's not something I ever discovered mind you, but something my son discovered the next morning when he got out of bed and went into the living room. There he saw the game of cards out on the table, we had played that night. He saw the busted straight flush and the four queens, and even at that young age had guessed that this must have been quite the hand. As he flipped over my cousin's pocket ace's.

The End.

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