More than she bargained for part 2

More than she bargained for part 2


Part 1 described “JB” a widowed, well off farmer that has a friend admit to him (while drunk) that she has a fantasy about being restrained with a spreader bar and that JB surprises her, restrains her, teases her then releases her and leaves her furious about the whole incident….

Carrying my bag of goodies back to my truck I couldn’t help chuckling as I heard her yelling and cursing me out the entire walk. I guess my rape scenario may have been a little too much for her. Oh well, she’ll either call the cops or me. Time will tell.

I hop into the truck and head into town for some groceries before heading back home. About 45 minutes later I arrived at the house. After carrying everything in the house I check the answering machine. Yep! 3 messages.

Getting a cold beer I return to the desk and sit to listen to the messages.



#3) Joan for the third time – JB, this is Joan….. We HAVE to talk. Call me…..Please?

A big smile comes over my face as I realize that she is hooked. Should I call her right away or wait? Hmmmmm? Lets give her another hour.

I go out to the barn to do chores and decide to take my prize Quarter Horse for a jaunt up the Mountain. 3 hours later I return.

Wondering if she called again? I saunter back to the house and go check the messages.

#1) from Joan – JB are you home? I really need to talk to you. Call me.

#2) 45 minutes later – DAMN IT JB.! CALL ME! PLEASE?

Laughing I pick up the phone and call her. RING – “Hello?”

“Hi Joan, you wanted to talk?”

“JB what were you thinking? Why did you do that to me and just leave?”

“Well Joan, I wasn’t sure that you wanted me to tie you up and have my way with you or if you were just teasing me so I decided to do what I did and leave the rest for the NEXT visit, if there is one, its up to you.”

“I have NEVER been this turned on in my life JB. When you left, I was so mad if I had a gun I would have shot you. When I cooled down I realized that I was so turned on that the chair I was sitting on was soaked. I think that if you would have kissed or touched me one more time I would have literally exploded right there on the floor”

“That was my intention Joan. I wanted you to feel the fear of being restrained against your will but to not hurt you. Originally I just wanted to restrain you naked and not touch you but after you were lying there in all your helpless glory, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to suck your nipples and eat you out. Wasn’t sorry either. You were better than I expected. Firm soft tits with those big nipples, Juicy bald pussy….. God! I’m getting hard again just thinking about you.”

“Oh JB, listening to you tell it like that has me wet again. Can you come over?”

“I could but I won’t. You come over here.”

“Be right there!”

“Wait. You haven’t heard my terms.”

“Terms? What terms?”

“ONE. You will take a bath and make yourself up like you are going to the prom.
TWO, You will wear old clothes that I can tear off over a sexy set of lingerie.
THREE, You will knock on my door acting like a stranded motorist.
FOUR, expect to be here a couple of days.”

“A couple of days? I can’t. My daughter needs picked up at college.”

“Never mind then. I don’t want you to show up until I have you for a couple of days.”

“Why do you need me for a couple of days?”

“I’m not gonna tell you. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Oh God! I don’t know if I can wait. Can’t I just come over now for a couple of hours?”

Going into my domineering mode – “NO BITCH!” I screamed “YOU DO AS I SAY, WHEN I SAY. GOT THAT?”

“Yyyes” she meekly answered.


“Yesssss master.” She quietly said.


“Yes Master”

“That’s better” So what will it be?

“Can I come over next week so that I can bring my daughter home from college?”


“Master, may I come over next week so that I can bring my daughter home from college?”

“That’s better. Yes you can but in the mean time you are not allowed to relieve yourself. Got it? No masturbating before you get here.”

“But JB….”


“Yes Master. I mean No master you did not.”

“You will have to be punished for that but that will have to wait.”


“Yes sir. I mean Yes Master.”

“Good. I will call you in a week.

I KNEW it, I thought. Joan was a sub all along. It makes sense now why she lets Mick berate her the way he does. She deep down wants to serve. Hmmmmm This could get very interesting.

The wait until calling Joan was just as hard on me as I imagined it was for her but the day finally got here.



“No this is Melody.”

“Is Joan there?”

“May I tell her who is calling?”

“Just tell her a friend.”


Muffled – “Said he was a friend”……..


“You have EXACTLY one hour to get here!” CLICK! I hung up.

A few seconds later my phone rings. I look and see that it is Joan’s number.

I let the answering machine get it.

In a hushed voice hear “Master, please pick up.”…… “Master, Please????”

“Yes BITCH. What do you want?”

“Master, may I come over after dinner…” “NO DAMN IT! I SAID ONE HOUR!” CLICK!

I grab a beer and wait to see what happens.

48 minutes later I hear a car coming up the driveway. Looking out, I don’t recognize the vehicle so I watch from the depths of the house. I see two occupants in the front seat and one in the back. As soon as the car stops the back door opens and Joan steps out. I can hear them talking.

“Do you want me to pick you up Mom?”

“No, I’m not sure how long this will take. I will call if I cannot get a ride.”

“Okay, have fun!” and off they go down the driveway.

As Joan approaches the house with a large purse wearing the older clothes I told her to. I quickly go to the back of the house and out the back door.

She climbs the few steps to the porch and rings the door bell. As she shields her eyes to see if I was coming to the door I Run up behind her and quickly place my hand over her mouth and trap her body to the wall of the house. This scares her and she screams into my hand and starts to put up a fight.

“Stop it BITCH!” I growl at her.

“Who are you? What are you doing trespassing on my property?” Joan tried to talk but I quickly added. “Oh. So your car broke down and you walked here to find some help.”

Joan picked up on my “Little lost girl needs help” scenario and shook her head yes.

“Well you came to the wrong house missy.” I haven’t had any fucking for months so it looks like its not gonna be your day.”

“Mmmmmmmffhhh” was all she could manage as I picker her up and took her into the house.

“Don’t fight me Bitch or I’ll hurt you like no one has ever hurt you before so stand still.” When I let her go she said “Why Did….’ SMACK! I slapped her across the mouth. Not enough to hurt her but enough to startle her.

“OUCH! WHAT WAS…” SMACK! Another across the face. “From now on you will speak when spoken to and address me as MASTER before every question. Got that?”

“Yes sir.” …… I spun her around and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK hard on her ass. “MY NAME IS MASTER…. BITCH!”

Crying she now sobbed “Yyyyess master. Sorry Master.” “Sniff, sniff” trying to stifle her sobbing.

“Stand here and do not move!” I ordered. “Yes Master”

On the table in the center of the room were all of my “toys” were lying neatly.

Selecting the spreader bar I stooped and attached her legs to them. Next I selected the neck/hand spreader bar and locked it into place around her neck before locking her hands into it. Once she was immobilized, I guided her to the side room where I had set up my little “Dungeon” so to speak.

The old farm house was built in the late 1800s and was beam framed with 2”x10” overlapping plank walls so a solid attachment point was wherever I needed one. The side room was directly beneath the crawl space attic.

This was a perfect place to hide a winch for suspension. Twin cables over pulleys fed through two holes in the ceiling. I just attached “Eye” loops and got hanging flower pots to disguise it. To operate it, I ran a wire into the closet and attached a 25’ cord allowing me to move completely around the room.

The walls are knotty pine so hiding several well placed “eye” lag screws would be easy.

My main cost was removing the carpet and installing vinyl flooring to ease cleanup if needed.

WHIRRRRRRRR came the sound of the winch as I lowered the rings. “Get over here Bitch!” I commanded.

Joan hobbled over as best she could to the center of the room. I attached the cables to the ends of the spreader and pressed the “UP” button. WHIRRR…. WHIRRR…WHIRRR. I adjusted the winch, until Joan was forced to stand on her tip toes.

Stand back I admired her predicament. “I like this. How about you Bitch?”

“Please master, I don’t think I can stand here that long like this.” She said sobbing.

“No problem Bitch. Just relax and let yourself hang by your neck. You’ll find the strength.”

“Nnooooo master. I don’t want to die!”

“Your not gonna die. Your body will want air so you will keep finding the strength to get back on your tip toes for quite a while. Use your arms to keep yourself pulled up”

While I talk to her I slowly walk around her. Suddenly I reach up and rip her top off.


“Nice bra. Do the panties match?” Grabbing her shorts at the sides I forcefully tear them off making her stumble off her toes and swing slightly.

“ECKKKKKKKK” She retched as she worked to regain her balance.

“See. You didn’t die. Might have hurt but who cares about that?”

“Master, please let me down. I can’t stand much longer.”

“Nice, Bitch. You listened real well. I like your bra and matching panties. Very sexy!”

“Master, please, please let me down.” She begged.

“Later. I’m hungry. I’ll be back in a few.” Turning to leave I hear her start sobbing uncontrollably. “MASTERRRRRR!!!!!”

I walk out to the kitchen and grab a beer and some leftover chili and place it on the kitchen table. On the counter is a small Close Circuit TV. I turn it on and Joan come into view as she slowly sways back and forth. Desperation shows in her eyes as she thinks I left her.

After about 15 minutes she is having a harder and harder time remaining on her toes so its time to go back in.

“How’s it going Bitch? Legs cramping yet? How about your arms? Tired?”

She is exhausted and can barley look at me as she lets herself slowly hang from her neck for a moment.

I grab the control and click the “raise” button several times until she comes off her toes..

WIHRR, WHIRR, WHIRR…. “ECKKKKKKK” and she starts struggling to raise herself with her hands….

WHIRRRRRRRRRR. Down she comes. Tears streaming from her eyes. She is sobbing uncontrollably now.

“Stop your crying. You’re not hurt.”

“B, b, b, buuttttt Master, my legs hurt so much. Please let me down?”

“Not quite yet. I still have some fun lined up.” I walk over to a wall cupboard and open it. “Hmmmmm. What shall I use first? Aha, this will do.” I turn and show Joan the leather hood. No openings for eyes and a zipper opening at the mouth.

“No Master. Please don’t put that on me.”

“Silence my little toy. You will enjoy what I am planning.”

I place the hood on her and adjust it so she can breathe and leave the mouth opening open for the time being. Back at the cupboard I grab the feather duster and a riding crop, one in each hand.

Silently I sneak back to her side and look down at the little gap between her pelvic bone and her panties. One of my favorite spots to lick and tickle. I insert the tip of the riding crop, gently sliding it up and down making her squirm.

I then use the feather duster across the back of her neck down to her side causing her to yelp and try to dance away. “AHHHHH! NOOOO! AHHHHH! OH GOD! IT TICKLES!!!!!”

With the riding crop I gently spank her exposed ass cheek. Smack, Smack. “OHHHHH!

Duster to the arm pits……. “AHHHAHAHAHAH…. NOOOOOO! EEEEEKKKKKK!”

A light Smack to the side of her right breast. “OOOWWW!”

Duster to the belly button and across the pelvic bone then down her inside thigh only to come up the inside of the other thigh. You would have thought that she was standing on hot coals the way she started jumping about. ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA………STOPPPPP!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT……HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

I grab her by the hips and lean down sliding my tongue into that little gap in her panties. “AHHHHHH!” She gasps. “Mmmmmmmm.” A quick pat to her left nipple with the riding crop. Joan inhales sharply as the sting registers in her mind.

Spinning her around several times disorients her and round 2 of the tickling commences.

After another 10 minutes of tickle torture she is a blubbering mess so I let her down enough to unhook her from the winch.

I ease her to the floor as she is too weak from laughing to stand. Time for the bra and panties to disappear. Retrieving a pair of scissors I proceed to cut the garments off her lush body kissing each exposed area as it comes into view.

She is purring like a kitten as I remove her neck and hands from the bar but slightly tenses as I secure her hands to the outside of her ankles.

With her spread open I move down and enjoy the view of her open petals, the moisture glistening as it seeps from her honey pot.

I lean closer and her excited sexual odor becomes intoxicating as I lean in and slip the tip of my tongue into her. “Mmmmmmmmmm”

I gently ease up and flick her clit several times causing her to squeal and try to move back into me. The spreader bar holding her arms and legs in place. All she can do is sway from side to side as the restraining cuffs clink on the bar.

I reach for the feather duster and as I attack her clitoris with vigor I run the duster across both of her rock hard nipples. “GAWWWDDDDDDD!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” this did the trick as her orgasm overpowered her sent her into uncontrollable spasms.

With her hand and ankle cuffs “Clinking” on the spreader bar Joan nearly vibrates across the floor as I continue to attack her clit. “AAWWWWWWWWGGGGGGGG. N-N-NOOOO MORE!!!!” she said gasping for air.

I let up momentarily so she can compose herself. Breathing heavily, she says “Holy fuck! That was tremendous! That is the hardest I have ever came in my life.”

“Good, cause there is more to cum.” (pun intended)

I get off the floor and go to my stash of toys and select a remote controlled “egg” vibrator, a butterfly clamp and a set of nipple and clit clamps that are attached to a continuous gold chain loop.

“Master, are you still here?”

“Yes my little pet. Just getting more toys”

“Can you take this hood off Please Master?”

“No my pet. Not quite yet.”

As she starts to protest I slip the “egg” into her vagina using her juices to moisten it.

“HAAAPTTT!” she gasps. “What is that?”

“Not to worry. Just a little surprise.” I then pick up the butterfly clamp and carefully attach the clamps to her outer lips, securing the “egg” in place.


“Suck it up. It’s not that bad. Besides you will forget it soon enough.”

Next are the nipple & clit clamps. I gently squeeze and pull her right nipple then ease the nipple clamp on it ever so slowly making her already hard nipple look like they burst with the pressure.


The left nipple is next.


“You think that is uncomfortable how about this?” I slide the cit clamp into place. She shudders as the cool chain slides across her quivering stomach.


Shit! She was bucking like a wild stallion that just got castrated.


“Now, now. It will go away soon.

“Click” I click on the vibrating egg. “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz” it hums.

Joan at first stiffened like a board. Back arched off the floor, drool running from the corners of her mouth.

At first I thought she passed out because I couldn’t see her breath. She was holding her breath from the shock of the clamp and the buzz of the egg.

“AAHHHHHH!!!!” she finally let out. “Mmmmmmmmm” her hips start to gyrate as best they can in the spreader. I swear if I could have seen her eyes they would have been rolled into the back of her head.

A shrill “EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!” and a river of her woman juice starts flowing out of her love nest.

Spent, she lies spread on the floor still cuffed to the spreader bar, shivering and convulsing as wave after wave courses through her groin. Suddenly she goes limp and her breathing slows. Out like a light! The orgasm was apparently too much for her as she dwells in the unconsciousness of her mind.

I carefully remove her mask to allow her to breath freely. Not even a sound from her. She is OUT!

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