My sister is a cum dumpster

My sister is a cum dumpster

My name is Zack, and my little sister Melinda has been my personal cum dumpster since she was 12.

This isn't some incestuous love affair. It's not blackmail or coercion. My sister is just a slut and loves to fuck. Lucky for her, her teenage brother is also a pubescent hormone factory that is down to fuck 24/7. I also happen to have a nice 8" cock and an appreciation for sexy, athletic, blonde teens with flat stomachs and perky tits. Truth be told I was 7 and she was almost 6 when we first fooled around - but we were so young, we had no idea what we were doing. We were bathing together - as was normal for us at that age, and I sprouted an erection. Neither of us knew what was really happening, but since our mom wasn't watching us at the time - we started playing with it. Some touching occurred, and eventually she actually started sucking my cock - So...I got my first blowjob at 7 years old and she sucked her first dick at 5....born to be a slut I guess.

Now again, I didn't really know about sex at that time, but I knew it felt HELLA good and I wanted to experience that again. I started masturbating regularly at around 8 years old. Nothing would come out but I would definitely orgasm. The sensations were incredible but I couldn't emulate the feeling of my sisters mouth, like I wanted. Somewhere in this time, my sister started playing with herself too. She even went as far as to fabricate sex toys out of her normal toys. Surprisingly, a lot of young girl's toys are phallic shaped, and don't need much modification to serve as very effective dildos. I later learned that while I was stroking my cock and thinking about the brief time I spent in her warm mouth - She was in her room pounding her snatch with homemade sex toys, and at some point she even started dp-ing herself. If only we'd known sooner....

Anyways...I was 14 when she walked in on me the first time. I thought I was home alone. I was on my computer, porn on, no head phones. My sister must have heard everything and known what was going on, because she walked straight in and didn't seem shocked to see me like that. She seemed...into it. I would have freaked out otherwise. She just stood there, biting her lip, watching me stroke it. Soon I wasn't watching the porno at all. I was watching her watch me. Her hands started to drift over her body - one across her barely budding tits, and another slowly moving towards her crotch. After a moment of rubbing, she pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her tiny titties to me. I almost came right there, but I held out for more. I was rewarded with a great view of her ass, and eventually her hairless pussy when she dropped her shorts and panties too. That did it...

"Oh shit I'm gonna cum..." I grunted.

What happened next blew my mind. She just walked forward, got on her knees opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I pointed my cock down and started rubbing it on her tongue - finally...the feeling I was looking for. In a matter of seconds I was blasting my load down my sister's throat. As my cum coated her tongue I saw her eyes roll back. I wasn't sure how to interpret it at first, but she let out a moan of pure ecstasy and I could hear her pussy gushing as she rubbed herself off and swallowed my load. I was stunned, total loss for words. Luckily she broke the silence...

"Oh my god..." she panted as she came down from her orgasm, "I knew it. I. FUCKING. LOVE. CUM!" she said enthusiastically.

"Mel...? What the hell was that!? How do you..wha...?" I stammered, still stunned. Melinda just giggled and looked at my computer screen.

"You never clear your browser history..." She said sheepishly. "It's ok, though, I haven't told anyone. And...I won't" she added with a wink.

"I come in here when you're not home and I watch the videos you've been watching. I saw one where a girl was covered head to toe in cum and was licking it off...I've been dying to know what cum tastes like, so...Thanks" She smiled.

That really emboldened me, or else I never would have said what I said next...

"Are you dying to know what it feels like to have your cherry popped?" I asked lustfully.

"No..." she replied, flatly. My heart sank, I felt like such a creep, "I already popped my cherry with my toy, years ago."

My eyes bulged and she stood up and moved over to my bed. I watched as she lifted her legs in the air and started sticking her fingers inside her holes.

"I DO wanna know what a real cock feels like in both my holes, though." She said as she looked back up at me.

There was no stopping it after that. I jumped on top of her and fucked the ever-living SHIT out of her. I fucked her tight, soaking wet pussy until I had to cum - which went straight into her mouth. Then I used the residual cum as lube to stick it in her asshole next. She loved them both, naturally. She was so petite, and flexible that I could manipulate her body and spread her legs in all sorts of ways to get better access to her fuck holes. Soon her legs were behind her head, and both her holes were on display and open. I was alternating between her asshole and her pussy. A few strokes in her pussy, and then buried balls deep in her ass. She moaned and begged for more through it all. When I was finally ready to blow my third load, I pushed as far as I could into her asshole and let loose. I was smart enough not to knock her up, but I still wanted to cum 'inside' her. Our mutual orgasms left us breathless, and sweating - but I kept humping in and out of her cum-filled anus as we came down together. We started making out and my cock started getting hard, yet again.

"Again?" I asked, almost jokingly.

"Of course! We have another 2 hours, AT LEAST, before mom and dad get home. I wanna know how much cum you can dump in me in that time." She said casually. "Of course, the next load is going in my mouth." She added with a wink....

That opened the gates...We fucked like rabbits after that. Our both our parents worked and we had 2-3 hours alone after school every day. Again - we weren't in love - I loved my sister, as a sister. The fact that we also fucked was just like...mutually convenient. We were both horny as fuck, both attractive, and both in the same house without supervision! We did our research, we had the internet, we were safe. We were never a very religious family - the idea of there being some "invisible sky-wizard" watching and judging us was -quite frankly- fucking retarded. The reason incest is a bad idea is because you have fucked up kids. We were not fucking for the sake of procreation - we were fucking for the sake of FUCKING! It feels good. It gives us that shot of dopamine that our bodies crave. I spent all day at school fantasizing about fucking every last one of my female classmates, then I get to go home and shoot 5 or 6 loads inside of one of the hottest girls in school.

Our sex was primal, and raw too. As soon as we walked through the doors after school we'd do a quick check to make sure everything was clear and then we'd get started. Sometimes we didn't even make it to a bedroom. As soon as the lock on the door clicked - our clothes were coming off and I was penetrating one of her holes. Sometimes we couldn't fuck because our parents were home - but I would give her some kind of signal to let her know I wanted to cum, and she would follow me to another room where I would quickly jerk myself off into her mouth. She was swallowing multiple loads a day and loved every last one of them. When she got more into her teens, she convinced my mom to put her on birth control for "easier periods" - truth was she wanted to feel me cum inside her pussy. Now it's one of her favorite things. She loves when I scoop my cum out of her with my cock and feed it to her...and so do I!

Fucking is just part of our relationship. She's had boyfriends and I've had girlfriends, our relationships don't suffer because there is no jealousy. When she got her first boyfriend I was a little worried - but she assuaged that fear. He came over to our house for dinner one night to meet the family. He was a super nice guy, I was glad she chose someone nice, but I was a little worried we wouldn't be able to keep fucking. Anyway - I behaved myself through the night and enjoyed talking with him. After he left I was in my room playing video games and my parents were watching a movie downstairs. I was feeling a little stressed, not looking forward to the conversation that was coming with my sister. Soon she was knocking on the door and coming in. Before I could say anything, she just took off her pants, laid down on my bed and put her ankles up by her ears.

"What are you waiting for, get your fucking cock inside my holes!" She smiled and winked at me.

That's the long and the short of it, really. My sister is a kinky, little cum-dumpster who loves to fuck...and I'm more than happy to oblige.

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