Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 1: Big Sister's Naughty Massage

Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 1: Big Sister's Naughty Massage

Incestuous Flesh Massage

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter One: Big Sister's Naughty Massage

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

I straddled my brother's lower back, my large breasts swaying before me. He was stretched out on my bed, his arms folded, his head resting on them. The muscles in his upper back flexed and rippled as I rubbed my pussy into his skin. I wiggled my hips, grinding into him.

“Mmm, what do you need, Zoey?” Clint asked me.

“Just a little favor,” I said as I grabbed the bottle of massage oil. I popped the cap and drizzled the amber oil across his back, the liquid pooling across his skin.

“Oh?” he asked.

I rubbed my hands up his back, working the oil into his muscles. I leaned forward, my brassy hair spilling down around my face. My fingers worked in circles as he let out a groan. I worked the oil into his skin, loving the feel of his strength beneath his skin.

“I'd like to borrow Lee for the massage parlor,” I said, my fingers digging into my brother's muscles. I knew his body. For years, I'd been his lover.

I wasn't his only sister to do that.

My younger brother had made a harem of his family. For years, we'd loved him. My younger sisters had born him children. Even our mother had delivered Clint a son. My brother had claimed us all when he was still a junior in college. Now he was in his final year of law school.

“Lee?” my brother asked. He lifted his head as I worked my fingers into the muscles of his back. He glanced in the corner of the room where our younger half-sister, Lee, squirmed. She was chained to a seat, a ring gag in her mouth. Her black hair framed her pixyish face, a bob of hair. Even now, as a young adult, she had that bratty look she had when she was eighteen and Clint had first tamed her. Her round breasts jiggled as she squirmed. The chains binding her to her chair clinked.

Clint insisted that she be chained and watched them. The buzzing of the vibrator in her cunt churned away. She squirmed, whimpering through her ring gag, her mouth forced open. If Clint wanted, he could fuck his cock into her mouth through the gag. Drool ran down her mouth. She quivered, both her nipples hard.

She loved it. She took after her mother, my Aunt Vicky. The more humiliating and painful the acts, the more she got off on it. She would hold off her orgasm for hours, denying the buzzing in her cunt until Clint gave her permission to cum.

Then she'd explode.

“Mmm, why do you need Lee?” Clint asked as my fingers slid around his back. “She doesn't have a massage certification or anything. It's not like she can work there.”

My fingers dug into the muscles of his shoulders, working the tension out of him. My large breasts swayed back and forth. My pussy clenched as the juices flowed out of me. My hands worked across him, my hips wiggled back and forth.

“Well, not as a masseuse, but she can run the front desk,” I said. “She'll have to take orders and greet the customers. We're going to be busy massaging our clients. Making them feel wonderful.”

Clint sighed as I slid my pussy up and over his ass. My hands slid down his back. My fingers massaged him. My clit rubbed into his muscular rump. My fingers went lower and lower. I was excited about the massage parlor. It was Juana's idea. The Hispanic lesbian had been working on it all through her final year of college. She, her sister (and sex slave) Carmelita, my girlfriend Stefani, and I were all working together to make it. We all got our massage licenses, rented a location, and were on the verge of our opening.

Stefani and I had sunk the money we'd been making stripping to pay for the venture. We were eager for it, both of us sick of stripping. It used to be fun, but years of shaking our stuff at the Flashing Glitter had lost that thrill.

“Well, she has been good lately,” Clint said, glancing at our sister. Lee whimpered through her ring gag. Her breasts jiggled. Her legs, held apart by her chains, quivered.

Lee nodded her head.

“You can have her,” Clint said. “It's not like she's doing anything useful right now.”

“Thank you,” I said, my hands sliding down his lower back. I wiggled back and forth, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

“You're excited for this, huh?” my brother asked.

“Big time,” I said, my heavy breasts quivering. “Juana is on fire for this, too.”

Clint chuckled. “Yeah, I kinda noticed.”

Juana and her sister-slave had lived with us for the last four years. Clint had helped the lesbian dominate her bullying, older sister. Their parents had freaked out when they learned their daughters were pregnant (getting bred by Clint was part of the deal Juana made) and were also gay. They kicked them out of the house. We took them in. After all, our family owned three houses side by side, with Clint ready to buy a fourth house on our street.

Our family could use more room.

I raised up, lifting my pussy from his ass. “Roll over. I'll massage your front.”

“You didn't even get my legs,” Clint said as he did.

I shuddered as he turned. His hard cock brushed my inner thigh. His dick bobbed and swayed. It twitched and throbbed as I sat my pussy down right on his girth. I ground my pussy lips into his shaft. I grabbed the bottle. I dribbled oil across his chest as I stared into his face.

He looked so much like our departed father. It was how this all started. Our father made our mother and her sister, Aunt Vicky, into his sex slaves. He bred them both. Our mom had Clint, Alicia, and me while Aunt Vicky had Melody and Lee. We later learned our father had a daughter named Pam with another woman.

Clint had claimed us all. He had the same dominating spirit as our father. Our mother, aunt, Pam's mom, and Lee were his sex slaves, Melody and Pam were his girlfriends, Alicia was his little princess, and I was his sister with benefits.

I ground my pussy into his cock, pleasure spilling through me as I worked across his chest. He groaned, his dark eyes staring at me. He was such a strong man. He kept himself in shape despite his studies. He was such a sexy man. His dick twitched against my cunt. My clit drank in the thrill of it.

“So... this massage parlor,” Clint groaned. “It's going to be naughty?”

“Mmm, you know it,” I purred. “Juana wants to provide a service for all the women who aren't getting enough delights in their life.”

“Then why aren't I working there?” Clint asked, his eyes glinting.

I arched an eyebrow at him. “Aren't you getting enough pussy at college?”

“Melody and Pam like to find me coeds.” Clint grinned. The three of them were going to the same college.

“I thought so,” I said. “And what about your professors. Huh? You making sure they're satiated?”

A smile spread across his lips.

“So leave a few ladies for the rest of us to play with,” I said. “Juana would be crushed. She wants this so much. You inspire her.”

Clint groaned and nodded. His cock twitched. I loved the feel of him as I worked my hands down his muscular pecs to his stomach. I massaged across his rippling abs. I caressed him, watching the pleasure in his eyes, the smile playing on his lips.

My pussy grew juicier and juicier. I rubbed my snatch up and down his cock. I brushed the tip of his dick. Pleasure spilled from my clit and through my cunt. My back arched. I groaned at the delight. My heart pumped passion through my veins.

“So... how naughty are things going to get at this massage parlor?” Clint asked. He arched an eyebrow.

Lee moaned in the background.

“Oh, do you think you're getting a happy ending?” I asked my brother. “Huh? Do you think I'm going to play with your cock until you explode?”

“Well, you want to borrow Lee,” Clint said. “I need more than just a massage.”

“Mmm, I bet you want me to give you a titty massage.” I brought my oiled hands to my large breasts. I squeezed and kneaded them. My slick fingers slid across my flesh. I brushed my areolas. I trembled on him.

“Now that sounds interesting,” he said, folding his hands behind his head, a hungry grin on his face.

I shuddered at that glint in his eyes. That commanding presence that had turned our family into his personal harem. I shuddered as I slid down his legs, my hands coating my tits in the oil, getting them all nice and slick.

I leaned over and piled my breasts around his hard, thick cock. I squeezed him, his dick throbbing between my titties. He groaned as he felt my breasts. His shaft burned between my boobs. My fingers dug into my flesh as I sandwiched his shaft between them.

My breasts worked up and down his cock. My nipples rubbed against his stomach. Clint groaned as I massaged his cock. My nipples throbbed against his belly. They rubbed across his skin as I worked up and down him.

“You're going to do naughty things like this to your customers?” Clint asked, arching an eyebrow.

“To our all-female customers,” I purred. “Obviously, not this. But we'll give then nuru massages and—”

“Nuru?” he asked.

“Mmm, we coat ourselves in this slick oil from Japan. Then we lay on them and massage their bodies with ours.” I squeezed my tits tighter around his cock and massaged up and down his cock. “And we'll have blind massages, vulva massages, titty massages.”

“Sounds like prostitution,” Clint groaned.

“The Lady's Touch Massage Parlor isn't a brothel,” I purred, working my tits up and down his cock, my pussy drinking in the tingles from my nipples. “If we don't penetrate their pussies, it's not really sex. Just... naughty massages. If they cum... Well, that's biology.”

He grinned at me, his cock twitching, throbbing.

I massaged his cock faster. His face twisted as he groaned in pleasure. It made my pussy so wet. My cream dripped down my thighs as I worked my breasts up and down his cock. I massaged him with eager excitement. I worked my breasts as fast as I could.

My hips wiggled back and forth. This heat spilled through my body. I whimpered as Clint groaned again. The pleasure on his face was incredible. He sucked in a deep breath, his broad chest rising, his muscles rippling.

God, he was a sexy man.

I salivated as I massaged him. I pumped my tits up and down him. His face twisted again. His dick throbbed. Then he grunted. His dick erupted. His cum fired out from between my tits. His jizz splashed across my face.

“Goddamn,” Clint groaned.

He painted my features in jizz. This salty delight crossed my face. His cum ran down my features. I groaned, opening my mouth. The incestuous taste of his seed burned across my face. His dick twitched again, spilling the last of his cum across my tits.

I shuddered and panted, sitting up and hefting my tits. Lee whimpered in the corner, her chains rattling. I bet the slut wanted to lick the cum off my breasts. She was addicted to my brother's spunk. She worshiped it. She would lick his seed out of any pussy or asshole, off anybody.

I hefted my large breast, my pink nipples thrust hard before me. I lapped up it. I licked up his spunk on my breast. I shuddered at the taste of my brother's seed, my pussy on fire. I sucked on my nub as Clint grinned.

“Damn,” he said. “A titty fuck was nice. I bet a pussy fuck would be amazing.”

I shuddered, glancing down at his still hard cock. I slid my mouth off my hard nipple. “Did you pop that little red pill?”

He winked at me. The experimental super Viagra Mrs. Hiragawa, Pam's mom, procured from her pharmacy was now for sale. It could give a man the ability to fuck and fuck for hours. With so many women in the house, Clint had to take it to keep up with us.

I shifted forward, still sucking on my nipples, savoring the flavor his cum. I grabbed his cock, soaked in my pussy juices. I straddled his waist, lifting his dick and lowering my cunt to him. I pressed my snatch against him.

“That's it,” Clint said, smiling. “Slide that hot cunt down my cock. You need it, Zoey. You crave it. you want to ride me and go wild.”

I whimpered around my nipple as I slid my cunt down his cock. I groaned as he filled me. This pleasure shot through my body. My back arched as I sank down his dick. I swallowed his dick. His girth slid into me.

I took my brother into my cunt.

My back arched. I sucked hard around my nipple. My pleasure shot down from my nipple. I suckled on it. I nursed on him. My hips wiggled around his cock. I stirred him up. My pussy clenched around his dick. I savored him being in me.

“Show me that passion,” Clint groaned. “Work that cunt up and down my cock. Show me how you're going to please your customers.”

I whimpered as I rode up his cock.

He grinned at me, keeping his hands behind his head, letting me do all the work. I loved it. I massaged my brother's dick. My hips wiggled back and forth. I stirred around him. My hips undulated while my cunt clenched around him. Then I slammed down him, my clit bursting with sparks.

This hot pleasure surged through me. I nursed around my nipple, the flavor of his cum lingering. His jizz ran down my face. I whimpered. My nipple ached. I worked my hips faster. I lifted, my toned thighs flexing, my brassy hair spilling around my face.

“Damn, Zoey,” groaned Clint. “That's it. Massage my cock. You want my cum spurting into you. Don't you, you dirty, nasty slut?”

I groaned, slamming down his cock. A wave of incestuous rapture shot through me.

“You're just a slutty sister,” he groaned. “You just want your brother's cum dripping out of you. When you're massaging those naughty women, caressing them, you're going to be thinking about my cock. My cum.”

My nipple popped out of my mouth as I groaned, “Yes!” I stared down at him as I slammed down his cock. “I'm going to be thinking about this huge cock! My brother's big fucking dick!”

It would be hot. I shuddered, my pussy clenching around his dick. My tits heaved before me as I threw back my head. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. My brother's cock felt amazing in my pussy. This wicked heat billowed through me.

My orgasm burst inside of me.

My cunt convulsed around his cock. I massaged him as I bucked and gasped. He groaned, his expression twisting with rapture as I shuddered atop him. My breasts slapped together. Stars burst across my vision. My passion burst through my body.

“Give me that cum!” I moaned. “I want it leaking out of me!”

Clint grinned at me as my pussy writhed around his dick. The pleasure rippled through me. His cock twitched. Then he erupted in me. My brother's incestuous cum fired into my snatch. I groaned, the pleasure surging through me. I gasped in passion.

I savored it. He grunted. His face scrunched up. The passion spilled through me. I moaned and shuddered on him. Lee whimpered. I could feel the envy from her. I leaned over my brother, stroking his chest as my orgasm peaked in me.

“Thank you, Clint,” I purred. “We'll keep Lee in line.”

He winked at me.

I buzzed a few minutes later as I left my brother behind, his cum running down my thighs. I was wrapped up in a robe, my nipples rubbing on my terry cloth fabric. I headed downstairs to get a glass of water. I glanced out the sliding glass door and smiled.

My nieces and nephews were out running around while Melody and Pam watched them. My hand absently rubbed at my belly. I'd never had my brother's child. Stefani kept pressing me, but I wasn't sure I wanted to be a mother. Clint never pressured me.

“Hey, Yunie,” a bright voice said.

I turned and smiled at my girlfriend. She called me Yunie because of my unicorn tattoo I had on my pudenda. “Hey, Dandi.”

Stefani grinned at me. She had a dandelion tattoo. Her bright-red hair spilled about her face. Her green eyes burned. “So? Did your pussy melt your brother's heart?”

I snorted. “He said yes. More massaging time for us.”

“Hot,” Stefani said as I nodded, glancing back out the window at the little rugrats running around the backyard.


A week later, the Lady's Touch Massage Parlor was open for business.

I arrived with Stefani, eager to do this. The remodeling was done. It looked classy inside the waiting room. Lee was sitting at the receptionist desk. We made her wear a dress. I was pretty certain she had a remote controlled vibrator or butt plug in her, something my brother could activate with his cell phone while he was at law school.

“This is going to be wild!” Stefani gushed. She shuddered, her face bursting with pleasure.

We'd been lovers since college. Before my brother even started his harem. Stefani and I got naughty. We took each other's virginities with dildos. We did wild things that her uptight family did not approve of. Not that Stefani cared.

When she learned my brother was fucking me, she was down with it. She thought it was hot. She eagerly joined us in bed. It was hot when we'd eat each other out after he'd fucked us, licking his cum out of each other.

“Oh, god, Yunie!” my lover quivered. “I can't wait to massage a woman until she cums.”

“I doubt we'll get to do that today,” I told her. “The clients have to be comfortable with it. Have to make them feel like this is a safe place.”

“It is!” Stefani gasped then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I shuddered against her. She was dressed like me, in a silk robe, our bodies naked beneath. I shuddered, my nipples poking against the cool fabric. A wave of heat rushed through me. Tingles raced through me. My tongues danced around in her mouth, caressing hers. She gripped me tight, holding me to her body.

We were going to make money here. No more stripping. No more shaking our asses at horny guys. Now we could massage sexy, beautiful women. My pussy clenched, wishing I had a load of my brother's cum to leak out of me. It would be so hot to have. I held her. I clutched my lover to me, kissing her with hunger.

The door opened. The bell chimed.

“Oh, my,” a woman said.

I broke away from Stefani and turned to see an older woman, a brunette with short, curly hair. She was my mother's age or a little younger. A mature beauty in a loose, pink dress, the California sunshine spilling around her before the tinted door shut.

“Oh, my,” the woman repeated. Then she glanced at the sign listing our massages. Her cheeks went red. “This is... just like the sign seems to imply.”

“Hi,” I purred, breaking away from my girlfriend while Lee straightened up at her post. “Welcome to the Lady's Touch Massage Parlor. I'm Zoey, one of the masseuses.”

The woman's eyes flicked to me. She squirmed. Then she glanced at the sign listing our massages, services, and their prices. “When I saw your add, I just couldn't believe that this was... real. That what it implies was... but... I mean...” She quivered. “You really offer... vulva massages?”

“Of course,” I said. “Lee, get over here so I can demonstrate.”

“Yes, Mistress Zoey,” Lee said. I blinked at that. Had Juana ordered Lee to speak like that? Clint had given us Lee, so technically she was serving as our sex slave while working here.

The woman blinked at that as Lee stood. My bratty half-sister wore a sleeveless dress that clung to her round body. She wasn't that lithe tomboy any longer. Motherhood had put some curves on her body, but she still had that elfin face at twenty-three.

“Bend over,” I told my half-sister.

Lee did and I flipped up the short skirt, the purple cloth revealing her naked rump. The woman gasped. Lee's shaved pussy was on display between her legs, her pussy lips peeking out her tight vulva. I could see the end of a butt plug buried between her butt-cheeks, a little light blinking.

A Bluetooth vibrator.

I massaged along her slit, feeling her juices, making my sister quiver. I massaged her hot flesh, loving it. Her cream flowed. Her clit grew hard and her cuntlips grew engorged. The naughty slut whimpered.

“See, we just do this,” I said. “Just stroking around your pussy lips. No penetration. But this is a place that needs relaxation, too. It relieves so much stress to stroke around your pussy lips, massaging your vulva and pudenda.”

“Oh, so no deep tissue massages or anything?” the woman said, her cheeks flaming. She quivered. She had this look in her eyes like she couldn't believe that she was seeing this.

“Oh, this?” I asked and thrust my fingers into my little sister's pussy. The woman had no idea Lee and I were related. That we were committing incest right before her eyes. Lee whimpered, her cunt squeezing down me. “Well, prostitution's illegal. We can't charge for this sort of service. Of course, if you and your masseuse just happen to decide to take things further, well, we're all consenting adults.”

“Oh, my,” the woman repeated again. She glanced at the massages. Her lips moved as she read them.

“I like the blindfold massage,” Lee whimpered, her pussy squeezing around my fingers as they kept pumping in and out of her. “You don't know where they come from. Just massaging you from every direction.”

“Mmm, Nuru massage,” said Stefani. She came up and pulled my robe open to show off more of my breasts. “Just imagine this sexy beauty, covered in slippery oil, massaging your entire body at once. Just rubbing on you. It's a treat that every woman needs.”

The customer swallowed. She rubbed her hands together, a wedding ring flashing on her finger. I bet her husband didn't know how to please that fine body. Most men didn't seem to know, or care, about giving a woman pleasure. My brother had inspired a lot of guys he knew to please women, especially their mothers, sisters, and daughters.

But there was only so much he could do.

The woman licked her lips. She rubbed her hands together. I could see it in her eyes: she was on the verge of surrender or flight. She trembled. I pumped my fingers faster and faster in and out of my sister's pussy. What would she choose?

Would she flee out the door, or would she surrender to the promise of passion?

My pussy burned. My cream ran down my legs. I shuddered at the tension in the air. My nipples throbbed. Stefani groped my tits while Lee whimpered. Her hips wiggled, stirring around my fingers in her cunt's depths.

Then the woman glanced at me. Her brown eyes were glassy. She licked her plump lips. Her eyes glanced down at my fingers plunging into my little sister's cunt. The woman drew in a deep breath, her breasts swelling her blouse.

“I... I will take the nuru massage!”

“Great!” Lee moaned. She pulled away from me, her pussy sliding off my fingers. “Let me just ring you up, Mistress.”

“Mistress?” the woman moaned.

Lee grinned. “We're here to serve you.” My sister winked. “If you need any sort of service, well...”

The woman shuddered as Lee licked her lips.

“I will get the room set up,” I told the woman. “Lee will lead you back when you're all set.” Then I sucked my sister's juices off of my fingers. The woman quivered as I savored my little sister's tangy treat.

I shuddered at the incestuous thrill. She had no idea the things we were doing. It was incredible. My heart hammered and my own cunt was on fire. Juices dripped down my thighs as I sauntered to the massage room, leaving behind the reception room, heading down a small hallway. I passed the doors, Juana and her sister Carmelita already working with clients according to the locks reading “Occupied” in bright green.

I headed into my room, a nervous thrill ran through me. My first paid customer. I had been going to massage school all year to prepare for this. I had my license and I was ready to please women with my hands.

To give them such a naughty treat.

I readied the nuru, a thick, slippery oil made from seaweed. It had a neutral smell. It was an amazing thing. It coated your body and made everything so slick. I warmed it up in a small microwave, getting it up to room temperature. I lit candles and a sandalwood incense stick. The aroma filled the room as I waited for the woman to arrive.

I surveyed the room. My massage table was rolled into the corner. For this, I had inflated an air mattress. It was easier using it for this form of massage than a traditional table. There was a small triptych for the client to disrobe behind. There were towels on a shelf, though this massage required us both to be naked. Still, giving her the illusion of privacy when stripping naked would help to alleviate her nervousness.

A moment later, there was a knock. Lee then opened the door, a bright smile on her face. “Now Zoey's going to make you feel incredible. Trust me, she's got magic fingers.”

“Yes, I noticed,” the blushing housewife said as she entered the room, her body trembling.

“Well, enjoy,” Lee purred. She winked at me then closed the door.

A shudder ran through me. “Well, uh...” I flushed. “I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.”

“Olivia,” she said, her hands clutching the strap of her purse as she shifted. Her wedding ring glinted in the candlelight. “Olivia Wright.”

“Well, Olivia,” I said, “just strip naked behind the partition, then lie down on your belly on the air mattress, and we'll get started.

“Oh, okay.” Her cheeks blushed. “Naked? My panties and bra, too?”

“You don't want to ruin them,” I said. “The oil's going to be going everywhere.” I winked at her as I stirred my finger through the bowl of the nuru gel.

She swallowed then darted behind the screen. She hung her purse from the corner. I shuddered as I heard the sound of clothing rustling. I bit my lip, picturing her naked body, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. She was a gorgeous woman. I knew from making love with my mother and aunt the delights of a mature beauty.

My tongue flicked across my lips as she draped her blouse over the triptych, covering the picture of blossoming orchids, a rainbow of beautiful hues. I took a deep breath, my nipples poking hard against the silk robe. Her skirt appeared. I could see the top of her head shifting.

I almost whimpered as her bra came next, the cups were a light beige and trimmed in an exciting amount of lace. Her head vanished, and I could hear the glide of cloth sliding down skin. I clenched my hands, a hot thrill ran through me.

Her panties joined her bra, pale pink.

Her head peeked around the side. Her eyes were wide. Her cheeks were red. “No towel or anything?”

“Olivia,” I purred, unbelting my robe and opening it, “I'm going to rub my body into yours.” I felt her eyes on my young, toned body. I worked out every day to stay lithe and limber, fit and trim. My big breasts heaved as I slipped the silk off my body, revealing myself to her. “You have to be naked for that. Trust me. There's nothing sexual about a nuru massage.”

She swallowed, her cheeks red. She knew I was lying, but she grasped at it to soothe her nervousness. She sidled out from behind the partition, her right arm covering her tits, a dark-pink nipple peeking past her fingers, her left hand covering her pussy, cupping her mound. Brown hairs peeked out around the sides. She looked so vulnerable. Her lips plump. Her nose bold. Her cheeks red. She had a cute dimple in her chin.

I sauntered to her and took her right hand, pulling it away from her round breasts. They were lovely, a little sag, but still beautiful. They jiggled as I led her away from the triptych. I stared into her eyes and kept smiling.

“It's just us girls,” I purred. “Relax.”

She swallowed. “Okay.”

When she reached the air mattress, she slipped down on it. It crinkled and the vinyl squeaked against her skin. Her ass was bubbly and cute. Her legs were lithe. She had a faint tan, this poor woman needed to get more sun, but it was only on her legs and arms. She wasn't out in her bathing suit drinking in the California rays last summer.

I knelt by her. She had her head resting on the purple vinyl mattress, her eyes locked on me. I grabbed the bowl and moved it closer. Then I dipped my fingers into the clear gel. I pulled them out. Nuru gel was so sticky that it spilled down in a solid sheet from my hand. I brought it to my breasts, letting it spill over me. I groaned at the warm contact of the gel on my nipples. I spilled it down my belly towards my shaved pussy.

“You have a unicorn tattoo,” the woman said. Then she squeezed her eyes shut.

I smiled, glancing down at my white unicorn prancing along my shaved pudenda. “Mmm, I do. You can look. I don't mind.”

Her eyes opened. She shifted on the air mattress as my hands coated my body. I worked the gel into my flesh. I shuddered, rubbing my stomach, sliding my hands down to my pubic mound. I brushed my unicorn, caressing the tattoo's horn. The warm gel dribbled across my pussy lips. My hand spread it to my thighs. It coated me. I glistened, feeling the thick layer of the naughty substance adorning my body.

Covered, I moved over her. The air mattress dimpled beneath my slick knees. I leaned over her, my hands rubbing her back. “I'm just going to press my body into yours,” I purred. “This is an ancient, Japanese massage method. Just relax, okay?”

“Okay,” she whimpered as I pressed my tits into her back.

She groaned at the contact of my large, pillowy mounds and hard nipples. My buds throbbed. Pleasure rippled through me, shooting down to my pussy. I pressed my weight down on her, settling my crotch against her rump, feeling her pleasing curve. I nuzzled into her ear, nudging aside her hair.

“Just relax and enjoy,” I purred.

I slid my breasts up and down her back, lifting my ass up in the air. My nipples throbbed as they caressed her supple skin. I coated her in the slippery gel. There was almost no friction. My boobs glided across her flesh with ease.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter, drinking in the tingles from my nipples. I pressed my pussy into her ass every time I slid my tits up her back. For a moment, my clit rubbed against her bubbly butt, giving me a quick taste of passion.

Then I slid back down her, caressing her with my boobs. I shuddered, the tingles racing through my body. My nipples twitched and throbbed against her back. This wicked heat built and built inside of me as I massaged her.

“Oh, this is... this is nice,” Olivia purred. She shifted beneath me, squirming her shoulders.

Massaging my nubs.

“I told you,” I purred, settling my weight on her. This time I massaged her rump with my slick groin. I ground my clit against her ass, my hips wiggling. I nuzzled into her ear again, licked her lobe. “Just relax and let my body take away all your strain.”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned, trembling beneath me. Her hips wiggled, rubbing her rump into my clit.

Sparks flew through me.

I shuddered, loving this naughty massage. Heat rippled through my body. I bit my lip, my cunt growing hotter and hotter. These wonderful sensations rippled through my body. My heart hammered in my chest. My nipples throbbed against her back. I ground on her, massaging her. I loved the feel of her beneath me.

My passion built and built, but this was just a preview. The true delight was about to begin.

“Now,” I purred, lifting my burning body from her flesh, her back coated in the slick gel, “roll over. It's time to do your front.”

“Oh, wow,” she whimpered. “Really. That... that...”

“Don't you want me to relax you?” I asked, my gel-coated tits swaying above her. She looked at me over her shoulder, shifting on the air mattress. I grinned at her, my brassy hair falling about my face. “Don't you want to achieve that... climatic moment of relaxation.”

She let out a groan. The sexy, married woman turned over. Her breasts jiggled, gravity pulling them into two plump mounds. Her nipples thrust hard. She licked her lips as she twitched. I grinned at her and pushed my right leg between her thighs, pushing them apart.

Then my left leg slid in.

I lowered myself down to her body, my pussy burning. I stared into her brown eyes as my breasts kissed hers. My slick belly rubbed against her flat stomach. My pubic mound pressed against hers. Her ticklish bush caressed my shaved pudenda. My pussy lips and clit drank in the sensation.

“Oh, my,” she gasped as I wiggled my hips, grinding my clit against hers. “I... I...”

“Mmm, just enjoy the massage,” I told her, staring into her eyes as I squirmed my body against hers.

I tribbed her.

The married woman shuddered beneath me as I rubbed our pussies together. My slippery nipples slid across her breasts. They brushed her hard nubs. Sparks burst through me. The hot embers landed in my molten pussy, joining the heat churned by my clit rubbing into her pussy lips.

Her silky pubic hair teased the shaved folds of my pussy as I flexed my ass. I ground into her, massaging her bud. She gasped and moaned, pleasure spilling across her face. She squirmed beneath me, increasing the delight.

“Mmm, yes, yes,” I purred. “Don't you just feel more and more relaxed.”

“I feel something,” the woman groaned. “I can't believe this is happening.”

“Just enjoy it,” I purred, staring into her eyes. This intimacy built between us. I shuddered, grinding on her pussy. My forehead pressed against her temple. My nose brushed her. I felt her breath washing across my face, hot and excited. “Enjoy your massage.”

“Yes!” she whimpered, her hips moving. Her pupils dilated, her eyes growing so dark.

Her hands found their way to my back. She stroked me as we tribbed. Our clits and pussies rubbed together. I shuddered, massaging her. I kept staring into her eyes as I brought us both closer and closer towards that shuddering moment of pure relaxation.

She groaned. She gasped. She quivered beneath me. My pussy grew hotter. My juices leaked out of me. Did she feel the heat of my passion? Did she feel my cream dribbling out of me and coating her juicy twat? Her silky pubic hairs rubbed against me now while her slippery body squirmed beneath me.

Her hands moved down my back.

“Oh, Zoey!” she gasped, trembling beneath me. Her hands grabbed my ass. She squeezed me, pulling me tight. “I've never... never had a female masseuse. This... this...”

“But you've always wanted a woman to... massage you,” I purred, grinding my clit against hers.

“I've thought about it!” she moaned. Her fingers bit into my rump. “I've been getting more and more curious and... and... Yes!”

She achieved relaxation.

Her body quivered beneath mine. Her pussy felt hotter. Her juices bathed my clit. Our nipples kissed, throbbed. Her lips found mine. She kissed me with hungry passion. I shuddered against her, trembling atop her.

My clit brushed hers.

Sparks exploded.

I joined her in relaxation. I trembled atop her. I squirmed and groaned, grinding into her. My tongue dueled with hers. My lips moved atop hers. This was so wild. I shuddered as we both groaned and gasped. I dueled with her. I caressed her, feasted on her. Our tongues darted together. They danced and dueled.

We pleased each other.

It was incredible to feel. Waves of rapture washed out of my spasming pussy. My juices gushed out of me. I trembled on her, groaning in the kiss. She whimpered beneath me, fingers gripping my rump as we both trembled through our orgasmic rapture.

She broke the kiss, her eyes wild. She whimpered as she squirmed beneath me. Her tongue darted over her lips. Her eyes danced around. She rubbed her nose against mine. I grinned at her, loving the passion in her eyes.

“Oh, Zoey!” she moaned, still squirming, rubbing our pussies together. “I want... I want...”

“What?” I asked. “You want us to do some consenting behavior?”

She nodded her head.

“I know what you want,” I purred, shifting on her. I could feel the passion brimming in her. I turned around on her body, the nuru gel slicking the way.

The air mattress groaned beneath us as I turned all the way around, straddling her head, my large breasts rubbing into her flat stomach. I stared down at her soaked bush. It half-hid the thick folds of her pussy. I grinned as I smelled the mix of our pussy juices on her. Her spicy cunt mixed with my tangy twat.

My mouth watered.

“Oh, my,” she groaned as she stared up at my shaved pussy.

I leaned down to give her a wicked tongue massage. Maybe we should add that to the list. Just licking a woman's entire body. It would be hot. I groaned, salivating, then buried my face into her furry muff.

I licked through her folds, my tart juices mixed with her spicy musk. I soaked her when I came. The married woman squirmed beneath me, Her breast rubbed into my belly while my nipples throbbed against hers. Her breath caressed my pussy as I plunged my tongue into her spicy depths.

I only tasted her.

She groaned and quivered beneath me. Her hands grabbed my rump again. She pulled me tight against her. A tremble raced through her body. A throaty groan rose from her lips. Then the married woman took her first lick of a woman's pussy.

My pussy.

I shuddered atop her as her tongue brushed over my clit then teased the folds of my pussy. I moaned into her snatch, my tongue buried deep in her. I wiggled around in her as she dove in for a second lick. A third. She caressed my pussy.

“That's good,” she groaned. Her tongue fluttered through my folds. “Oh, Zoey, that's really good.”

“Mmm, it is,” I purred and then sucked on her pussy lips, her soaked pubic hair tickling my face.

She shuddered beneath me, her fingers biting into my rump. She thrust her tongue into my depths, stirring it around in me. I groaned. My eyes fluttered as the heat billowed through my body. I shuddered on top of her, my eyes blinking fast.

This was an incredible delight that swelled through me. Her tongue stirred me up. She caressed my pussy lips, her fingers digging into my rump. I groaned into her snatch, licking and nibbling. I teased her pussy lips and clit.

She squealed when I sucked on her bud.

“Zoey!” she moaned between hungry licks. “Ooh, yes, yes. I like that. That's great.”

Her lips found my clit.

We sucked on each other, her bold nose rubbing into my pussy folds. I quivered atop her, another wonderful orgasm building and building in the depths of my cunt. I squirmed atop her, grinding my pussy into her face.

My juices flowed out of my snatch as she nursed on my bud. She sucked and nibbled, copying me. I taught her how to love cunt. I circled her clit with my tongue. I teased her with my fluttering caresses. She quivered beneath me, her breasts rubbing against mine.

I plunged my tongue into her spicy depths.

Her tongue buried into my twat.

I nibbled on her labia; she nibbled on mine.

We loved each other. Her spicy cream filled my mouth over and over. I gulped down her pussy juices, savoring this married woman. Her fingers dug into my rump, holding me tight while our slippery bodies squirmed together.

Her nipples rubbed into my belly. Mine ached against her stomach. I whimpered; she groaned. Our tongues caressed the other's snatch. We teased each other. Drove each other wild. Her licking grew bold, frantic.

Her tongue fluttered over my folds.

“Oh, yes, Olivia!” I moaned, trembling on her. “Just like that. I'm going to... to...”

“Cum?” she asked. “Make me cum, Zoey! I'll make you explode!”

“Yes,” I whimpered, my fingers moving.

I thrust two digits into her twat. She gasped, her married pussy clenching down around my digits. I felt so wicked and wanton. Her husband had this beautiful woman. He should be loving her. He wasn't. What a pity.

My fingers pumped in and out of her twat. I buried them again and again into her. I plundered her pussy. She quivered beneath me. She whimpered and groaned. Her passion surged around me. It was incredible to feel her pussy soaking my fingers.

“Zoey!” she gasped then sucked on my clit.

“Cum!” I moaned. “Let yourself go!” I licked her bud and jammed my fingers deep into her pussy.

Her orgasm burst through her. Olivia gasped beneath me. Her tits rubbed into my belly while her pussy convulsed around my fingers. I plundered her married depths, licking up her spicy cream that gushed out around my digits.

This wicked thrill shot through me. She moaned around my clit. My ass clenched beneath her fingers. Then I joined her in ecstasy. The pleasure swept through me. Hot winds of rapture that slammed euphoria in my mind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, loving giving my first professional massage. “Olivia!”

“Zoey!” she gasped, squirming beneath me. “Oh, my! Oh, my, this is amazing!”

She licked at my pussy, gathering the cream flooding out of me. More gusts of searing winds swept ecstasy through my body. Her cunt writhed around my fingers. I lapped up her spicy passion, quivering on her, shuddering, loving her.

Then we collapsed. We panted and groaned. I shuddered, rolling off of her and onto the tiled floor. It was cool beneath me. The air mattress shifted and groaned as she shuddered. I stared up at the ceiling, my body buzzing from my bliss.

“That was amazing,” she groaned. “Ooh, I have to try your other packages. I wish I could stay. I have to pick up my daughter from junior college.”

“Maybe... you should bring her... here,” I said, my body buzzing. “Enjoy a mother-daughter massage.”

Olivia shuddered. “You mean... You would...”

“Massage her,” I purred, sitting up. “Show her the delights that only a female masseuse can give. You know, make sure she's tried it all.”

Olivia licked her lips, her eyes glassy. “Maybe...” She swallowed, a strange gleam appearing in her eyes. “Maybe I will.”

I smiled. I hoped she did. My first massage was great. I was glad Juana had this idea. I couldn't wait for my next client. Especially if it was Olivia with her daughter. I bet she was just as sexy as her mother.

Maybe I could teach a little incest, too.

To be continued...

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