The videotape

The videotape

This is a hard one to admit even though I can do it anonymously. This happened a few years ago and it took some time to understand all that happened and how I felt about it. Here goes:

My wife Niki and I were in the habit of walking around our neighborhood in the early evenings after work. We would usually stick to one of 3 routes. We would keep track of the appearances and disappearances of for-sale signs in the neighborhood, especially ones within 3 or 4 blocks of our house. We had noticed a house about 4 blocks away had gone on the market. We kept an eye on it because we liked the secluded back yard and the long covered porch in the front of the house, and we thought that maybe someday…

We were walking by the house about a month after it had gone on the market when we noticed the for-sale sign was down and there was a guy in front of the house unloading some stuff from a large SUV. As we passed in front of the house we stopped to welcome the man to the neighborhood. Dave had a very pleasant manner. What my wife noticed was that he had a nice set of pecs and a tight ass (she told me later that night after a few too many drinks). As we made small talk, his wife Kim walked out of their new home and introduced herself. Kim is about 5’8” with brownish-blonde shoulder length hair and a very nice body – curvy and very large breasts. We talked for a while and invited them to go out to dinner with us that night. They said they would love to go out with us.

Dinner was fairly uneventful until the subject turned to sex. Everyone was feeling fairly loose from several shared pitchers of Margaritas. Niki blurted out, as she does when she drinks too much, that I wanted to watch her have sex with another man. Dave blurted out in return “I would be happy to help you out with that”. There was much laughter, but everyone could sense the tension that the subject had caused. Sensing that I was feeling somewhat embarrassed, Kim mentioned that Dave had sometime had similar fantasies. She patted my leg under the table. That gesture alone had my mind reeling for a few days. The rest of the dinner was pleasant but uneventful.

Later that night when Niki and I were back at home, she apologized for letting my secret out. I couldn’t really be mad at her, especially since she was offering me a blow-job to make up for it. I gladly accepted. She proceeded to use her exceptional oral talents on me. Afterward, she and I were lying in bed she mentioned that she found Dave attractive and that he had put his hand on her knee after she had brought up my fantasy at dinner. She said he had looked at her and winked at her several times. Since she was still liquored up she was not really holding back on what she was thinking. She told me that if I wanted to go through with my fantasy that Dave might be the one that she would be willing to do it with.

A few days later Niki came into our den as I was surfing the internet. She was flushed and I could tell she had something to talk about but couldn’t find the words to start. “I just had a call from our new neighbor Kim. You remember Kim right?” Of course I remembered Kim. Since our discussion that night I had not only thought about watching Dave fuck my Niki, but the possibility of being able to get into Kim’s pants had me seriously considering what might happen with a little luck. In fact I had started to fantasize more about fucking Kim than watching Dave fuck Niki. Niki paused for a long moment and then continued “Uh, Kim was rather direct. She said that they had wanted to maybe talk more about a wife swap or maybe just starting with Dave fucking me while you watch. I was a bit shocked, I told her no. We moved on to other topics. But now I am wondering if we should talk it over. What do you think?” I was shocked that Niki was bringing it up for discussion when she wasn’t in the heat of passion or drunk.

I could see from the flush in her cheeks that she was turned on by the idea. Niki had only been with one other guy in her life and as she was approaching 30 years old she was starting to feel like she was getting fewer looks from guys. I could tell that Dave’s interest in her had stirred a fire in her. Niki had shown little interest when I had initially told her of my desire to watch her fuck another man a few years back. But, as time went on, she would occasionally bring up the subject in roundabout ways. I could tell the idea had started to take hold in her mind. Niki is gorgeous and I can tell you that she still turns heads of young and old alike. She is about 5’6”. Brown hair. Blue eyes. 36C cups with pretty pink nipples that get quite a head on them when they are roused to action. She has wide hips that I love to grab when I am on her from behind and a beautiful round ass. Other guys have told me that she is cute and joked that they are jealous of me.

“Let’s go for it” I said. I was surprised as the words came out of my mouth. I am usually slow and deliberate in my decision making, but this one just came right out. “Yahoo”, shouted Nikki. I was completely shocked by her reaction, but turned on at the same time.
Niki called Kim back immediately and talked about details. Afterward Niki told me that Kim suggested we all get together on the following Saturday for dinner and we could just see what happened after that. Niki’s face was flushed as she related the details of the call. I could tell she was getting revved up for the event.

Niki wanted some privacy as we got ready for dinner that evening. I gathered by the pubic hair trimmings in the bathtub that she had trimmed her bush to near nothing. I got confirmation on that later in the evening. We went to a restaurant and Kim set the tone for the evening by sitting down next to me instead of her husband. Kim was wearing a knee length dress that showed just a little cleavage. Niki was wearing a black dress that came to about mid-thigh and showed enough cleavage to keep the young waiter very distracted. At one point I thought her breast was going to come out of her dress altogether.

After we placed our order I looked over at Niki and saw her jump a little. I assumed that Dave had put his hand on her thigh. I didn’t have too much time to think about it as Kim did the same to me shortly after. Dinner went well with Niki becoming increasingly giggly and loose as she consumed several drinks. At one point I managed to get my hand near to Kim’s panty covered wonderland. She shut me down by clamping her gorgeous, smooth thighs on my hand and giving me a coy smile. Dave suggested more drinks. Niki quickly took him up on it. I could tell that nerves and liquor were at battle in her. She was talking a million miles an hour.

After dinner Dave suggested that we go to their house and “continue the evening”. We agreed. Niki was fairly quiet in our car as we drove to their house. She was thinking over what was about to happen and I guessed she was getting a little nervous.

When we arrived at their house things moved more quickly than I had anticipated. Kim met us at the front door and gave Niki a long, lingering open-mouthed kiss. Kim then grabbed me and did the same with me. I looked at Niki. She had a big smile on her face and seemed to be at ease. I gave Kim another long, slow, sloppy kiss. Dave came in and asked “starting without me?” Kim walked over to him and grabbed the bulge in the front of his pants. “Looks like you are getting a decent start, big boy” Kim and Dave lip locked while Niki and I stood and looked at each other with anticipation for what was to come. Dave pulled the back of Kim’s dress up to reveal two perfect, round, plump ass cheeks. He squeezed each of the perfect globes. I watched with delight and anticipation for my turn to do the same.

We all walked into their living room. There were nice comfortable couches with lots of pillows and a large flat screen TV on the wall. We made some small talk for a while and then Kim wanted to “get down to business” as she put it. Little did Niki and I know that “business” might be a good term for the next several weeks of activity. Kim grabbed me and pulled me to the couch. She pushed me down and then straddled me. She was on me so quickly that I was unaware of where Niki was and what she and Dave were up to. But, I was getting such a pelvis grind and make-out session from Kim that I wasn’t thinking about much else. Kim rubbed her beautiful tits on my face. I clawed at her blouse and bra and managed to get one large tit free. I quickly had it in my mouth. She let me suck it for a few minutes. I lapped at her large brown nipples and licked all over and under that breast while Kim moaned with pleasure. After 5 minutes or so, Kim let me up for air. I looked over and Dave and Niki were kissing and touching on another couch. He had his hand inside her blouse and was massaging her beautiful breasts over the top of her bra. Kim leaned over and said “This is the start of your fantasy isn’t it?” I could only reply by nodding and smiling. Niki was rubbing the front of Dave’s pants. Kim leaned over and whispered in my ear “I have a way to make this an incredible experience for you, but you have to trust me – do you trust me?” What could I say? She was grinding her mound on me and her beautiful cleavage was just a few inches away from my mouth. I said “yes”.

Kim led me outside to their back patio. Their backyard was secluded. Lots of trees and a high fence. Kim had me turnaround and face the sliding glass door we had just walked through. She kissed me on the mouth and then dropped to her knees in front of me. She undid my pants and pulled them down with my boxers in one motion. My cock was at full attention. Kim kissed the tip of my cock and then stood. She spun me around to face the patio door and then she positioned a chair behind me. She pushed me back into the patio chair. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it back over my shoulders. Kim walked around to a table on the side of their patio. As she did I had a chance to look in through the sliding glass doors and see that Dave now had my wife’s blouse and bra off and was alternating between kissing her and sucking her tits. Niki was obviously enjoying his attention to her breasts. My cock was aching as I watched Dave pinch and squeeze my wife’s nipples and play with her breasts. I was so enthralled watching the scene unfold in front of me that I didn’t even notice the first plastic cable-tie that Kim put around my wrist and pulled tight to the chair. When I looked down at it, Kim was already around to my other arm. I looked at her. “Trust me – remember”. I smiled. She tied my free arm to the chair with the second cable-tie. Then she proceeded to secure my ankles to the chair in the same fashion. Kim leaned over and stuck her tongue in my mouth as she grabbed and squeezed my cock. Kim then stood and opened the sliding glass door. She went through the door and then closed it behind her as she waved at me.

Kim went to the couch where my Niki and Dave were and sat on the other side of Niki from Dave. Kim looked out the door at me with a wicked grin. She reached over and grabbed Niki’s right breast and began to squeeze it. Niki looked over at her a bit surprised. Kim just smiled. Dave grabbed Niki’s chin and turned her back so he could kiss her some more. Dave and Kim had Niki naked in a few more minutes. Kim moved around and helped Dave out of his pants and shirt. When Kim pulled Dave’s boxers down a monster cock sprang out and bobbed near Kim’s face. It was huge. It was probably two inches longer than mine and nearly twice as big around. It was a good 8 and a half inches long and very thick. She gave it a few teasing licks and stood back up. Kim stripped down as well. Her bush was neatly trimmed and her heavy tits swayed and bounced as she walked. Her large nipples were at full attention.

My cock was standing straight up and down and I could feel it throbbing as I watched the threesome going on inside. My Niki moved to kneel in front of Dave. Her glorious bare ass was pointed at me as she knelt in front of him and began to suck his cock. I could see that Niki had indeed trimmed her sweet pussy for the occasion. Kim sat next to Dave and watched with a big grin on her face. Occasionally she would lean over and kiss Dave and he would play with her tits. I watched Niki’s head bob up and down in Dave’s lap. From my vantage point I couldn’t see how much of Dave’s cock she was actually sucking, but I guessed she wasn’t getting it all down her throat. I wished I could see her mouth as Dave’s cock slid in and out of it. Niki kept sucking his cock for almost ten minutes. I was wondering how he could stand all of the attention without exploding in her mouth. I was nearly coming and nobody but the warm summer evening breeze was touching my cock. Dave grabbed a handful of Niki’s hair and began pushing her head down and thrusting his hips. Niki has never let me do anything like this and usually will stop a blowjob if I even put my hand on the back of her head. This time she let Dave fuck her face. I could see her try to pull back a couple of times, but Dave would push her head down and continue to pump. I assumed her attempts to pull back were when his massive cock was too much for her throat. After a few minutes of this face fucking Dave let her up. Kim pulled Niki to her feet and kissed her. Niki had globs and strings of saliva all over her chin and the top of her chest from the face fucking she just got. Kim rubbed it all over Niki’s tits as she kissed her. There was an amazing amount of saliva on Niki from her face fucking.

I could hardly stand it. I thought I would come any second. Kim looked over at me. She smirked and waved . It was clear that Kim was in charge. I couldn’t hear what was being said but Kim positioned Niki to straddle Dave with her back to him. This way I would see Niki’s face as Dave’s cock penetrated her for the first time. Kim walked to the side of the sliding glass door and said something to Niki. Niki began lowering herself onto Dave’s cock. His cock looked absolutely huge and I wondered how Niki would do taking it into herself. Niki looked up at me as Dave’s cock head touched the pink petals of her pussy lips. Just then Kim pulled the draperies shut. “No” I whispered to myself. My mind began to race. I struggled against my bonds. I was left to my imagination for almost 15 minutes.

Kim pushed the drapes aside and stepped through the door and closed it behind her. She had a wicked grin on her face. She was still naked. She leaned over and licked my ear. Her heavy breasts swayed in front of me. She noticed my eyes on here tits and she bounced them for me and circled a finger around the hard brown nipples. She moved around the back of my chair and hung her large breasts over my ears. Then she leaned down and in a whisper she said “my, your cock looks like it is going to go off at the first touch. Is that true?”. I nodded. “Well then let’s make sure you are under control”. With that she reached around and grabbed my balls. The red polish on her nails glinting with the light coming from inside the house. She squeezed hard enough to cause me to wince. My mind quickly turned to the pain I was feeling in my lower stomach and off of my raging hard-on. She gave me another squeeze. Again I winced. “There now” she purred. “That should hold you for as long as I need you”. She went to the table on the side of the patio and got a pair of scissors and a blindfold. She blindfolded me then cut my bonds from the chair. She grabbed my hand and told me to stand. She pulled both my hands around behind my back and tied my wrists tightly together with a zip tie. I followed her into the house. She led me to a couch and told me to sit.

All was silent for a moment and then I felt a hand grasp my cock and then a warm mouth wrap around it and begin to suck me. It was Kim. She had three fingers wrapped around my balls. She continued to suck my cock for a few minutes until I was very close to coming and then she would squeeze my balls. She continued this way for nearly 10 minutes as far as I could tell. In the background I began to hear the sounds of skin slapping on skin and grunts and groans of pleasure from a few feet away on the other couch. Kim was working me up to a frenzy. I had never wanted to come so badly in my entire life. I would have done nearly anything to have Kim just let me come. Kim abruptly stopped as I was nearing the point of no return. It felt as if the room were literally spinning. Kim grabbed my shoulders and told me to stand. She helped me up. Blindfolded and tied - I followed. Kim pulled me a few paces across the room and then ordered me to kneel. Wanting relief from my aching cock and active imagination I did as she told me. Kim knelt next to me on my right. Niki knelt on my left. Kim bound my ankles together with a zip tie.

Kim whispered in my ear “you really want to get off don’t you baby?” “Yes” I replied trying to keep my voice from quaking in my desire. “Then you need to do just one thing for me baby” she cooed as Niki stroked my cock. “I need you to lean forward and open your mouth”. I could hear Niki giggle to my left. It was a drunk, mischievous, sloppy sort of giggle. Driven by my desire for her to keep stroking my cock to wonderland, I did as told. I leaned forward and opened my mouth. Dave’s cock plunged into my mouth. Kim pushed the back of my head. I held steady. I couldn’t push back up because my hands and ankles were tied. Kim began to whisper in my ear. “This is going to be quick, honey. Nothing to worry about.” She continued to stroke my cock. Dave began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. The head going to the back of my throat on each thrust. I stayed still. My mind was racing. I wanted to cum so bad, but I had a cock in my mouth. A huge cock. Something I had never thought about even getting near to in this lifetime. Kim continued to push on my head rhythmically with Dave’s thrusts. Kim whispered in my ear again. “As soon as Dave get’s off, then you can too”. I felt Kim’s tit’s brush against my back. Niki was driving me crazy with her hand job.

“It’s easy baby” Kim whispered in my ear. “Just make your mouth like a pussy. Think about what you like when you are getting a blowjob.” Niki started whispering tips too. She liked the “make your mouth like a pussy” theme and she kept whispering comments to me too. I relaxed and decided not to resist and let it happen so I could get out of this predicament. After a few more minutes of encouragement Kim whispered to me “Do you know what can really help? If you have your hands. I bet you could finish Dave off in no time if you had hands and your mouth.” She cut the zip tie holding my wrists and carefully guided my hands to Dave’s cock. “Not until Dave is done” she told Niki. Niki giggled. Although thoroughly drunk she monitored my orgasm progress closely. When I would get close she would squeeze my balls and giggle. Resolved and nearly brainwashed at this point I began sucking on Dave’s cock and working it with my hands. I had my own finish line in mind and didn’t care how I got there. In the background I heard Kim command Niki: “Pull his blindfold off now”. Niki let go of my cock and undid my blindfold. My eyes instinctively fluttered open as if I had been a hostage in a dark room for days. My eyes flooded with light, more light than I remembered in their living room. “Keep sucking dear” Kim told me. I tried to look up but couldn’t stand to for long because of the lights. The next thirty seconds I worked on Dave’s cock while trying to take the advice of my wife and Kim. I tried to make my mouth like a pussy. I thought about what felt good when I was getting a great blowjob. It exploded in my mouth. “Swallow it all baby, it will be well worth it honey - I promise” Kim cooed. “Yeah baby, swallow it all just like I do for you” Niki chimed in. I swallowed all of his cum. It was hot, sticky and salty. “Open your mouth darling – show us you swallowed” came Kim’s voice from somewhere behind Dave. I opened my mouth. “Good” she said. “Now lick that cock and make sure it is all clean.” I did as told as Niki continued to stroke my cock and squeeze my balls. Suddenly the lights in the room dimmed and seemed to return to how I remembered them when we entered the room. My eyes were beginning to adjust as well. “Good” came Kim’s voice from over Dave’s shoulder. I tried hard to focus and then I spotted it. A video camera on a tripod behind the couch.

”Now? Now can I let him cum?” Niki asked in her giggly, drunk voice. “Not yet honey, I will be right back” Kim said as she made a hasty exit with a small video tape in her hand. My head was spinning even faster now as I tried to grasp the gravity of my situation. Niki continued to pump away at my cock, but my orgasm seemed less imminent now. I thought about slapping Niki’s hand away from my cock. A few moments later Kim reentered the room and asked “is it playing now?” Dave replied “looks like it is coming on ”. I was still kneeling in front of Dave.

“Now? Now can I get him off?” Niki asked again. Kim just laughed and shook her head no. She told Niki to let go of me and to sit on the other couch. Kim whispered in my ear “Honey, I don’t know if you have put two and two together yet, but you probably better do just as I tell you. Put your hands behind your back.” I hesitated. “Come on now honey” she cooed. “Let’s not be foolish.” I did as she told me and she again tied my hands. She helped me to my feet and took me over to the couch and sat me next to Niki.

I looked over at their television. It was the videotape that Kim had just taken into the other room. The tape started shortly after Kim had pulled the draperies shut leaving me and my imagination out on the patio. The video shows Niki trying to ease herself down onto Dave’s giant cock. She is trying to take it easy and Dave let’s her take it easy for a few minutes before he thrusts hard up into her snatch. Kim got a close up on Niki’s face which was a mixture of pain and pleasure as Dave’s cock stretched her to her limits. Dave then began thrusting in and out of her hard and fast. Niki was squeeling and grunting as Dave plunged in and out of her. Kim moved the camera to get an extremely close shot of Dave’s cock and my wife’s pussy. Kim pulled back with the camera and started giving Niki instructions. “Tell us that you are a slut” Kim barked. “Tell us you are a slut I said.” Kim said as she reached out a hand in front of the camera and grabbed one of Niki’s nipples. She squeezed hard. Niki winced: “I am a slut” Niki whispered. “Louder” Kim commanded. “I am a slut” Niki shouted. “Good” Kim soothed. Now tell me what you want. “More cock” came the surprising reply from Niki. “Oh, so you are liking this, eh?”asked Kim. Niki nodded as she started pushing back to meet Dave’s thrusts. “Tell me about it” said Kim. “I love it. I love this big cock and I want more.” I was shocked as I sat on the couch and watched my wife talk about how much she was enjoying this cock. At this point in the video Dave stopped his thrusts. He pushed his cock as deep into Niki as he could and held her there. Kim appeared from the side and handed Niki a shot glass full of Bourbon and told her to drink it quick. She poured Kim two more large shots and commanded her to drink it.

Looking back I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was surprised to hear her say it on camera. I looked over at Niki while the video played on. She was a mix of embarrassment and pride. She blushed a little, but was proud to have fulfilled one of my fantasies and it seemed she was proud too to have admitted that she was enjoying this so much. With the alcohol in her I was unsure how I should take all this.

The video continued. Kim and Dave spun Niki around so that she was facing Dave on the couch. He continued to pump in and out of her. Her tits bouncing in Dave’s face. Kim moved around behind Niki and took a close up of Niki’s ass as she and Dave fucked. “Spread those ass cheeks” Kim commanded. Niki wasn’t sure who Kim was talking to. Kim slapped Niki’s ass and shouted “I said spread your ass cheeks.” Niki obediently reached around with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as she bounced up and down on Dave’s cock. “What a pretty ass” Kim said. Kim thrust a middle finger into Niki’s mouth. “Suck it good, bitch” she demanded. The camera work was bumpy as Kim held the camera and participated in the scene. She pulled it out of Niki’s mouth with a pop and then slid it up and down Niki’s ass crack. In one swift motion she thrust most of that finger up Niki’s ass. Later I was to find out this was because Niki mentioned to Kim that, as she had told me many times, she didn’t want anything to do with any anal activity when they had discussed the potential get together on the first phone call. Niki gasped as the finger penetrated deep into her ass. “Oh, no” she cried as Dave kept her pumping up and down. “Oh, yes my little cunt.” Kim replied. Kim began working that finger in and out of Niki’s ass as Dave fucked her. “Keep those ass cheeks spread for me” Kim demanded. Niki did as she was told. Kim continued to work Niki’s ass. Shortly after, Niki began to spasm in her first orgasm. Kim fucked her ass with her finger through all of Niki’s orgasm. After a few more minutes Dave stopped and told Niki to “suck it”. She crawled off of him and knelt in front of the couch. He moved forward to the edge of the couch and grabbed Niki by the hair. He pulled her head toward his cock. She opened her mouth and he slid his huge tool between her lips. Kim had taken the camera back off the tripod to get the close up action as Niki licked their combined juices from his cock. Dave fucked her mouth and throat. I could hear gagging sounds as Niki attempted to control her throat. “Lick his balls now” Kim instructed her. Niki licked and sucked on his balls. Kim pulled Niki back by the hair and told her to tell the camera that she really needed more of Dave’s cock. She did as told and added that she really loved to suck it.”Did you like that finger up your ass?” Kim asked. Niki hesitated. Kim grabbed Niki’s left nipple and pinched. Niki cringed and said “Yes, I liked the finger up my ass”.

I looked over at Niki again as we watched. I was amazed that my generally reserved wife could be such a slut. I was also nervous at how easily they had used her without her protesting too much.

The next event on the video was when they brought me in from outside. My hard on bouncing and bobbing in front of me as I walked. The camera was back on it’s tripod. The blowjob that Kim started giving me is halfway in the picture. I can see Kim’s ass as she knelt on front of the couch and worked on my cock.

While we were watching this Kim came over to Niki and whispered in her ear that she wanted Niki to stroke my cock as we watched my starring role coming up on the video.

I watched with great unease as I am on my knees sucking another man. My unease increased greatly when the ties holding my hands are cut and the blind fold taken off and I continue to suck cock and stroke it with both hands. Dave’s cock is absolutely huge and I watch myself manage to get about three fourths of it down my throat. I try to sooth myself with the knowledge that Kim had worked me to a frenzy and had tricked me into sucking the cock. I continue sucking and then swallowing Dave’s load. I show the camera my empty mouth as directed then proceed to lick up and down his cock to make sure it is clean. The whole time the video is on Niki is stroking my cock as instructed and watching my face. I am wondering if she is getting an idea of what sort of situation we are in.

After the video stopped, Kim stood up in the living room and said “well, Kevin – you are certainly bright enough to know what can be done with a little editing on this video. We can cut out all the parts before the part where we take your hand ties and blindfold off. Then we will have a short, but nice video of what appears to be you willingly giving another man a blowjob. What do you think we could do with such a video?” My mind reeled. “Well, I have taken the liberty of looking up a few family members, church members, and co-workers of yours who would find this sort of thing shocking if not very interesting. What do you think?” Kim asked stated. I hung my head on my chest. Niki giggled beside me. She was more drunk than I thought. “Well, they would be totally shocked” Niki began laughing. It was a few more minutes before she “got it”. “Well, let’s just says that you are going to have to earn this tape from us, shall we?” taunted Kim. The picture was starting to come into focus for Niki. Her laughter subsided. “Uh, oh” she said. ‘Uh, Oh’ was right.

“Niki, you have been a bit slow on the uptake on this, so I want to make sure I have a good pledge that you are going to behave and do as we tell you. Please tell me you understand what will happen should you not follow our directions. “I understand” replied Niki – much more subdued and nervous. “Good. Now Kevin do you understand?” asked Kim. “Yes” I replied. My voice wavering from fear and a little rage. “Now Niki, I need you to get on your knees and perform a service for me while Dave runs an errand” Kim instructed. With that Dave left the room. “Get on your knees on the floor”. Niki looked at me. She was scared. I shrugged and smiled. Niki got on her knees as told. Kim walked over, turned her back to Niki, bent over and said “lick my ass now”. Niki again looked at me. Then she turned and began licking Kim’s ass. “Long slow strokes with your tongue. All the way up and down my ass crack” Kim cooed. Niki took instruction well and did exactly as Kim told her. After a few minutes Kim moved to a couch. She knelt on the couch and stuck her ass out. She patted her ass and said “come here girl, come on ” as if she were summoning a puppy. “Now that is more comfortable. Lick some more.” Kim barked. Niki crawled to where Kim was and resumed licking her ass. Kim’s heavy tit’s swayed and giggled as Niki licked up and down her ass crack. “Oh, you are a good little ass licker” Kim encouraged. Make sure you are paying attention to my asshole.” Niki complied and began flicking her tongue across Kim’s asshole. “Oh, that is so good” Kim purred.

Dave returned after about 10 minutes. “You can stop now honey.” Kim told Niki. I have to admit that while sitting there I was enjoying seeing my wife licking Kim’s ass regardless of the predicament I was in. My hard-on had returned in full force. “So, here is the deal. Both of you need to do exactly as we say for the next month. At that time we will give you your tape. Do you understand?” Kim asked. Niki and I both nodded. “I need a verbal reply. I also need you to call me Miss Kim. Do you understand our agreement?” “Yes, miss Kim” Niki and I replied in unison. “Good. Here is what you are going to do tonight. Dave has taken your clothes and your car keys to your house and placed them on the front door step. You will need to get yourselves home and await our instructions for tomorrow. Do you understand?” Niki and I looked at each other “Yes Miss Kim” we replied. “Good”. With that they led me to the door and cut my bonds. Fortunately, dark had fallen on the neighborhood, so we had a chance of getting home undetected. They pushed me out the front door and closed it behind me. My Niki was still inside. I waited a few minutes standing completely naked on their front door step with their porch light on. A car passed by and I crouched pretending to pick something up, The car slowed a bit, but then kept going. Then the door opened and Niki was standing there in the door way. Dave was holding her close and had his tongue down her throat. One hand was massaging her breasts. The other hand on her ass. He broke off the kiss. He looked at me and smiled. Then he pushed Niki out the door with me. We stood and looked back inside the house. They slammed the door. Niki and I looked at each other and then we sprinted to the bushes in their front yard. We crouched and planned the safest route home. We had our plan together. We looked for cars and saw none. We took off - running as much as possible. Niki held her tits down as we ran. A car turned onto the street. We both jumped behind some bushes in a neighbors’ yard. We again took off. We made it two blocks before another car’s headlights came sweeping our way. There were no bushes to hide behind so we crouched next to a car parked in the street. The headlights passed and again we took off. We were a block from home when we nearly ran into a couple out for a late night walk. At this point Niki had stopped holding her tits down and was running with full abandon toward home. We passed by the shocked couple and said hello as we continued on. Fortunately for us they did not follow. We made it home. Our porch light was on. My keys were in the front pocket of my pants. I scrambled quickly for them and got them into the lock. We made it home for the first night safe and sound. Later I asked Niki what had happened in the house while I waited on the front porch. She said Kim and Dave had taken quick turns fingering her pussy and asking her if she understood what would happen if she didn’t follow their instructions. She told me she had agreed to comply completely.

This was to begin a month like we could never have expected. . .

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The Other Woman By Miss Irene Clearmont A fantasy that came true. Copyright © 2011 (November) Preamble. ---------------- I suppose that there is a point in every marriage where one of the partners ‘goes astray’. Well, OK then, not every marriage, but I have to admit that it happened to me, that moment when you say to yourself, ‘There is someone else in this marriage, someone that I have not yet met, someone who is intruding.’ This is the story of an intrusion that became an invasion. A woman opened the door and allowed herself in. Of course we all expect...


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While this occurred nearly 15 years ago I still get a hard-on when I think about it. I decided it is time to share it with the rest of the world. This story is true. Sorry there are no monster cocks, but I think the truth is hotter anyway. My wife, let's call her Suzy, was 19 when we married and I was her first. I encouraged her to seek her own sexuality and for while she resisted. Suzy is 5'6 about 118lbs strawberry blonde with an awesome set of 34C tits and a firm round ass. After two years she...


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Daddy's Horny Slut Chapter 1

Chapter 1 “Oh daddy! Yes! Fuck me, fuck me! Oh God!” Kattie screamed as she bounced on her father’s cock. “Yeah! Take this dick, you little slut!” growled Richard, tightening his grip on his daughter’s ass. She was so soft and plump in all the right places. Thick thighs and a small waste, Kattie was the definition of sexy. And she was the best little slut any daddy could ask for. “Hello? Anyone home?” a voice called from downstairs. It was her mother. “Oh shit!” gasped Kattie, as she jumped off her dads lap and grabbed her robe. Her father quickly...


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3 evil sister

Suddenly three special letters came into my head. W.T.F rashly was in the shower with me and my mind raced to what izzy said before we had dinner. -if you get so much as even a blowjob of rashly i will tell everyone in that room what you did with that women- shit i mutterd Max i know your mad and im sorry. I know what i did was wrong but im sorry. I've been driving myself crazy thinking if you and i hope you will forgive me.all of a sudden memories of that night when i found her scared to...


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Young Wanna Be Model Taken

“ I'm like an animal, feeding upon her, as she consumes my hot desire. Once fed, no longer the wolf.” A friend told me about the daughter of a friend that wanted to pursue a modeling career. I was given her limited portfolio and other information; Her name Alla - age 23 - never married - about 5' 6 tall - no more than 115 lbs. - long auburn hair - her exquisite facial features is blemish free like fine porcelain china - willowy body - small breasts - perfect heart shaped ass. One of my most successful business divisions is...


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Everything wrong with "Was it rape if you liked it?" (Yesh it's rape.)

Every thing wrong with “Was It Rape If You Liked It?” by TiedUpHeart Fiction, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Drug, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Romance, Spanking, Teen, Virginity, Written by women, Young Introduction: Lise, a sophomore girl, got involved with Alex, who'd already graduated high school. Lise broke up with Alex. But who knows what can happen at a party? 1: Partying? Chapter I - Lise Lise! Lisa! Elisabeth!! Alex called after me as I passed. I continued to walk at a brisk pace, putting distance between myself and my ex-boyfriend. 2: Wtf, don't be a dick. 3: He...


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The Sock Sisters (Chapters 9-12)

CHAPTER NINE Jeff dropped us off in front of Kim’s house around 8:30 and she met us at the door wearing one of the fluffy old robes. “I just got out of the shower girls. Come in my bedroom, we’ll change in there. Phil just left and I kind of forgot about time!” “Phil just left, huh?” I kidded. “And just what were you two up to that you lost track of time?” “We were fucking, Mar! What did you think?” Kim smiled at Beth and I and we all burst out laughing. When we got to Kim’s room, she dropped...


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Christy peered into her closet trying to decide on which outfit to wear for her usual Saturday night outing, and since being from Ft. Worth, Texas, her destination was sure to be one of the many cowboy bars that dotted the Metroplex landscape. She finally decided on a long country style dress that was low cut on top, yet loose enough to allow her freedom of movement on the dance floor. She lay the garment on her bed and sat down in front of her vanity mirror to brush her long blonde hair. There was no mistaking it, Christy had a...


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Your jaw dropped and you're cum covered

>> You play with your vibrator, moaning loud as i sneak > into your room. Your eyes in the back of your head as I > touch your bare body. You feel me but dont open your eyes as > my hands violate your pussy stuffing my fingers in your wet > cunt. I tell you you want a real cock, dont you? > you moan as i tie up your arms to the bed. then spread your > legs wide strapping them to the bottom of your bed. You lay > helpless in front of me as i stand...


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Deployment Fantasy

I want to tell you all about my deployment to Turkey. I was lonely and didn't feel like doing the same as all the other guys. You know talking to girls back state side hoping that I could set something up for when I get back. I was in a room with 8 guys in 4 bunk beds, and I wanted to find someone who was stationed here with their own room. Maybe even a house. So I went to the yard sale group on Facebook and started looking through the members list for a friend. Who knows, maybe I knew...


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