Is it so wrong

Is it so wrong

Is it so wrong?

…Kitty asked herself.

Is it so wrong that I want to be surprised in the middle of my routine and raped?

She blushed, feeling ashamed to want forced sex from a stranger. The blush got deeper when she wondered out load, “hmm, from a stranger, or… strangers.” Her throat betrayed her with an involuntary chuckle.

She wanted to open her front door when she was home alone and be surprised and thrown back into the house and fucked, mercilessly fucked. Sometimes she walked around naked on the first floor of the house; the front door window had no curtain. Sometimes she took an extra long time to stretch deliberately in front of the bathroom window. She thought of ways to struggle but not struggle too hard, and end up “accidentally” helping her rapist(s) fuck her pussy – or her ass, or maybe her throat – deeper. Sometimes she thought about being pinned down and raped when she was having regular sex and the thoughts made her creamier and wetter every time.

Shaking her head, she got back to the conversation. She had been talking to her roommate Tom about pimping her out – he could find customers and be a bodyguard…maybe. She had been unemployed for about a month and was desperate. He said he’d think about it. Secretly, he didn’t want to see her get pimped out, but he knew they both had bills to pay and he knew she really enjoyed sex.

The next day, he asked Steve, his buddy at work, “hey, man, what would you do if a chick asked you to pimp her out?” “What?” Steve almost spit out his drink. Tom repeated, “If a girl asked you to pimp her out, what would you do?” Steve wiped off his lips with the back of his hand, hiding a smirk. What kind of joke was this? “Yeah right. Like that would happen.”

“Ok, seriously,” Tom said.

“A girl asked you that?” Steve was grinning full-on now.

“NO! I mean, no. All I said was what would you…” Tom started back.

“Yeah, I’ll be damned. You lucky motherfucker.” Steve ducked behind the counter to adjust what was suddenly stiffening. Coughing to clear his throat, he said, “Well, first I guess she has to audition.”

Tom, skeptical, “Audition?”

Steve continued. “Yeah. Audition. Show you what she’s got. How are you supposed to sell it if you can’t talk about the quality of your product.” He wagged his tongue like pussy-licking when he said quality, and they both cracked up.

Tom, a little relieved, said, “So you’d pimp the girl out, though?”

Steve grabbed Tom’s shoulder at arm’s length for emphasis. “Dude. Do you have a chick asking to be pimped out?” “Yes.” “Is she hot?” “Yes.” “Then I will be the first fucking customer in line. Of course you should do it.” “Right. Ok. Audition, then?”

“Yeah, we audition her.” Steve re-adjusted, not bothering to hide behind the counter.

“We?” Tom said, unsure. He thought about her rape fantasy. Then he thought about her at home alone today, probably wandering around naked. He was already trying to adjust himself when the boss walked up and said, “You guys can take 15. The truck’s not here yet.”

Outside, Steve and Tom lit cigarettes and Tom broke the news that it was his roommate asking. Tom offered, “She told me she’s always wanted to be surprised and raped.” Steve chuckled, “Heh heh heh. Why don’t we do it at lunch?”

Tom was really unsure. “I don’t know man, we were just talking about it last night. We haven’t, like, made any arrangements. I don’t know if she really wants to jump into it without warning.”

Steve wanted this to go his way, he was already straining against his work jeans, and argued, “Who the hell gets warning when they’re gonna get raped? It would wreck her fantasy. Besides, if you talk to her ahead of time, then you gotta be nice to her.”

Tom wanted to be nice to her, but a little part of him wanted to be mean, really mean, to her, as revenge for all the times she’d teased him into a raging hardon and then cheerfully said “good night!” A little snarl crossed his face thinking about grabbing her squirming hips and jamming his cock up her pussy while she was choking on Steve’s cock while he managed to keep her from breaking free. The mental picture did it.

Tom managed, “So how are we gonna do this?”

Steve huddled over and they started conspiring. “You go home for lunch, so she’ll be expecting to hear the door, right?” “Right.” “Okay, this is what we’ll do…” Tom listened and smiled.

The next two hours seemed to both drag and fly by as they unloaded the truck.


Kitty looked at her watch, bleary-eyed from reading email. She got up from the computer, stretched, and noticed wetness from her clit sliding around nicely between her naked legs. She cupped both breasts through her t-shirt and squeezed her legs together. One hand dropped down to sample exactly how wet she was; she had been aching to get laid and was home alone. It was almost time for Tom to come home for lunch. Hmmm.

She went down to the main floor of the house and looked around for Tom. Not time yet. She went over to the kitchen sink and ran her hands under the hot water. Then she grabbed the edge of the sink with one hand and put the other wet palm, hot from the water, flat against her pussy and moaned. She smacked her pussy a few times, and then put her hand back under the hot water. She rubbed her hand all over her pussy, coating it in her juices and making the kitchen smell delicious.

The running water kept her from hearing Tom and Steve sneak up behind her, cocks already out of their pants. They had been watching her where they had been crouched down in the dining room. She obviously wanted some cock and they were going to give her far more than she expected.

Tom quickly covered Kitty’s mouth and grabbed her around the waist, his cock pressed right between her legs under her pussy. God her pussy felt hot. She jumped and started wriggling and trying to make noise. She couldn’t get free. Tom picked her up and spun her toward Steve. Steve walked forward, stroking his cock in one hand and reaching over to finger her pussy. She started resisting with her legs and Steve said, “Shh. Don’t try to fight. We can take you out on the front lawn and do this if you’d like.” Suddenly he was able to get his fingers in her pussy as she started to quiet down. “Thaaaaat’s right. You know you want it. We saw what you were doing. You wouldn’t want us to tell anybody about that, would you?” She whimpered through Tom’s hand. Tom was slowly dragging the head of his cock back and forth between her legs, teasing both her pussy and her asshole. Her eyes looked like she was angry and begging at the same time. Steve smacked her tit. “Quiet down.” She jumped and moaned at the smack. “I said, quiet down.” He smacked the other tit as he rammed his other fingers in her pussy. She got louder against Tom’s hand. She couldn’t help it. This was her dream come true.

“I know a way to shut her up.” Steve chuckled. “Make her get on her knees. She’s going to suck my cock.”

Kitty started struggling again as she was forced to her knees. She was so wet. She almost wanted to do anything they asked, as long as they fucked her. She hadn’t seen the other man who was holding her, but his cock was driving her wild as he shoved it back and forth between her legs. The cock was all wet now and was pressing up against her asshole as a cock was getting shoved in her mouth.

She started sucking, and looked up because she knew he must want to see her eyes. She shut her eyes tight as the cock at her back entrance started to push in. It stopped after the head was in and she moaned against the cock she was sucking as her asshole got used to the size. She sucked harder, and felt one of her wrists being let go and led to the balls. She started fondling the balls and swallowing the tip of the cock down her throat, and started moaning again as the cock in her ass started moving just a little bit. She felt a hand scoop up pussy juices and then felt fingers around her asshole lubing up the cock, which was now several inches into her ass. Kitty used her hand to stroke the cock she was sucking, and got her hand all slippery with spit to get it going faster. She wanted to be nasty and dirty. Getting it up the ass did that to her. Now the cock up her ass was starting to move back out; her ass pushed backward, not wanting to let it go. Steve smiled down. “See we know you want this. You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you?” Kitty mumbled “Mmm-hmm” around his cock and then started whimpering as the cock up her ass began fucking her, which made the cock in her mouth hit the back of her throat at every stroke. “Ohhh yeah,” Steve rolled his eyes back and grabbed the back of her head to face-fuck her. God it felt good. But he wanted to fuck her pussy.

Steve grabbed both her wrists and pulled them up, her ass still impaled. “Hold her standing up,” he told Tom. Tom picked her up and Steve started smacking Kitty’s pussy with his cock, which was all slimy with her spit. Tom kept bobbing her a little, up and down, because he was enjoying every moment of being up his roommate’s ass. She moaned as the dick smacking her clit was making it swell beyond belief and now she was super-sensitive. Steve pointed his cock between her pussy lips and jiggled the head to tease her clit. Tom was enjoying this because it made her squirm her ass further down his cock. Steve slipped the head in between her lips and teased as if he was going to put it in. He laughed when she tried to follow his cock with her hips, but God he was so hot seeing that helpless look on her face. He let his cock plunge in just an inch and watched with sick fascination as Kitty’s head rolled back and she moaned. He took it out. “Do you want this?” She just moaned. He smacked her clit. He could hear Tom moan, the smack must have made her tighten up her ass. He smacked it again, no warning. “Do you want it?” All she could get out was a weak “please!” and then he buried his cock in her.

Kitty lost it. She started moaning for all she was worth. This was overload. She had one cock up her ass and another cock in her pussy, and they were holding her in midair, lifting her up and shoving their cocks in as they brought her down, and up again. Her eyeballs rolled back and she just held on as they fucked the hell out of her.

She could feel the cock up her ass begin to tighten. She blushed as she thought of the hot cum she would be getting and thought, “oh God this feels good. I want all that nasty cum up my ass.” She started bucking her hips in time with the guys and it wasn’t long before she felt a hot load of spunk unloaded in her ass, leaking out around the cock still pumping it as the cock in her pussy started shooting loads of cum. She bucked as long as she could, until she milked it all out of them.

They fell into one satisfied heap on the floor. Kitty shot straight up when she looked behind her. “Tom?!?!?!” she yelped…


Kitty smiled as she saw the guys back out the door to work, a crisp $50 Steve slipped her folded in her shaky hand. This was going to be wild.

This is my first post - all comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome! Do you want a part 2?

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