Cabin Break-In

Cabin Break-In

People often had the wrong impression of Ted because of his height. His ancestors came from Norway and he was 6’-4” tall and was very muscular from hours spent in the gym, so many people thought he was not that intelligent. His father was actually a well-known scientist and patented several inventions that resulted in very profitable products. After Ted’s parents passed away, he inherited their sizable estate, and after completing several degrees, he had the ability to indulge his passion, which was writing books. He wrote mainly about technical and historical subjects, but also wrote a few romance novels under a pen name. In real life though, he was not so fortunate in love. He was now 38 years old and hadn’t found the right woman. He desperately wanted to settle down and have a family.

Most women were too petite for him, as he preferred taller women. Petite women were often attracted to him because they were impressed by his height and thought he was a tough guy, which was not the case at all. Because of his intellect, he was not attracted to ditzy women, but some women who shared his intellectual interests were a little boring for him to talk to, as the pillow talk between a man and a woman about astrophysics and quantum theory is not that exciting. He wanted to have a passionate relationship with someone, full of fire and mystery.

He was also not the type of guy who wanted a much younger woman, as he wanted her to have had similar life experiences that a person in their late 30’s would have had. He didn’t want to dominate someone, but also didn’t want to be dominated either. He was also concerned about someone wanting him for his money, but he also found very wealthy women to often be very snobby. He knew he was asking for a lot in these times, when commitment means agreeing to a second date.

Although he lived in the city, he had a cabin in the mountains where he spent weekends. It had two bedrooms, one which he used as a library to write books. It had a large wrap around front porch and was nestled on a large isolated piece of property. Although he was very intellectual, he also enjoyed sports, as well as hunting, fishing and hiking on his mountain property, which abutted state owned property, providing him additional privacy.

Marigold was a woman who was also misunderstood. She was very tall, about 5’-11”, and rail thin, with wispy and slightly curly golden colored hair, which fell slightly below her shoulders. When she was in her teens and 20’s, she was a part time model, but like Ted had also graduated from top universities. But because of her looks and her mentioning her past modeling work, people often misjudged her that she was not intelligent.

She was a highly regarded professional with a successful career, but she had problems staying focused on any one thing for any extended period. She went from relationship to relationship, never even knowing why she did not feel fulfilled in any of them. She found men to be either too passive or too domineering.

Although she was very friendly and approachable, men were often too intimidated by her height and her looks to even ask her out. Although she was in her late 30’s, she still had movie star looks, but was actually very down to earth and was embarrassed if a man focused too much on her looks, and insulted if all they wanted was a short term sexual relationship. Many of her friends and family asked her about her plans for the weekend or who her latest boyfriend was and were shocked when she said she was “highly single.” When they interview models you often find they are very lonely, because men often think they have a boyfriend already or that they will be turned down if they ask them out.

Her biggest issue was that she could be reckless, impulsive and not understand social cues. When she was growing up, she got arrested a couple of times for shoplifting. When caught she would just say that she had the money at home to buy the item, but didn’t have the money with her, so thought it okay to take the item because with so much store inventory, one item didn’t mean much to the store. She got caught for drunk driving and told the officer that she was only two blocks from home, so he should just follow her home to make sure she was safe. Of course, that didn’t go over well. She was the type of girlfriend who would cancel dates, forget to show up, or break up with you and date your best friend without a thought. The type who would not flirtingly eat a French fry off your plate, but suddenly decide she wanted your dinner entrée and you should switch with her, even if you didn’t like the dish she had originally ordered.

With her latest boyfriend, she had clearly pushed him too far. They decided to take Friday off and go hiking in the mountains early in the morning. He told her to bring warm clothes, since it was cold in the mountains, and good hiking shoes, but she hadn’t listened to him and wore a skimpy outfit and lightweight sneakers. They drove up to the remote trail head separately and when they got out of their cars, he asked her what she had brought for food and water for them, since he had come straight from work. She had forgotten to bring either food or water and he flew into a rage, since she had been irresponsible so many times before.

“I can’t take it anymore with you. You are beyond just being forgetful. You are irresponsible and I have to follow you around like a child to make sure you don’t break anything. I can’t believe you can actually hold a job. I thought we could have a nice day, but as usual you have ruined it. I am done with you. You know the way back to the city, so I am leaving now.”

She cried hysterically, “I’m sorry, please don’t break up with me. I promise I’ll change!” It was no use though. Her latest of a string of boyfriends got in his car and drove off. After he left, she got in her car and turned the ignition key, but nothing happened. She had forgotten to get gas. To make matters worse, she also had forgotten to get a new battery, since the old one was slowly dying. She took out her phone and saw that she had forgot to plug it in. In a fit of anger, she threw the phone and it hit the windshield at just the right angle to shatter it. She knew that few people used this trail head, so she got out and started hiking through the dense woods in her sneakers and summer outfit, hoping to find help. She soon got lost, but eventually saw a cabin in the woods up ahead and had hope of being saved.

On Friday afternoon Ted was excited to go to his cabin and took the long trip through the winding mountain roads. He arrived shortly after dark, but something seemed wrong. He saw a dim light on inside the cabin and the front door was slightly ajar. He was afraid that someone had broken in and robbed him and they might still be in the cabin.

He quietly took his hunting rifle out of his car trunk and slowly crept toward the front door. He saw that someone had broken a window next to the door and had left themselves in but left the door open. He was in combat mode now, expecting to be greeted by a gang of prison escapees. When he entered the cabin, he saw that the combined kitchen, dining area and living room was a wreck. There were dirty pots on the stove and food had been pulled from the pantry and tossed all over the floor. A chair had been pulled up to the cabinets to use as a step stool and someone had accidentally put their foot right through it.

There was a fire burning in the fireplace and a half empty bottle of his very expensive twelve-year-old bourbon on the dining room table. There were muddy footprints all over the floor, like a herd of deer had held a square dance in the room. He also noticed that the steel box he kept extra cash in was on the table and had money missing. He slowly made his way over to the bedroom door, which was also slightly ajar. Oddly, he saw that his bed had been moved to a different wall of the room and one of the bed legs had been slightly broken by it being moved.

He was shocked to see a woman lying on his bed with her back facing him. She had on white shorts, a lightweight white top, and white sneakers, all of which were filthy. Her slightly curly golden colored hair was also dirty. He noticed how tall and coltish her body was. She was very tall and very thin. Marigold soon rolled over and opened her eyes to see a very tall angry man pointing a hunting rifle at her face.

“Who are you and what are you doing in this cabin?” Marigold cried out.

“I have the same question for you. This is my cabin and you broke into it.” Ted looked at her and saw that she was similar in age to him. Her face was stunning but was not the face of a young girl. It showed the character and experience of a mature woman. However, if she voluntarily had ended up at his cabin dressed like that, she was not too smart about hiking in the woods like she was going to a tennis match.

“My boyfriend got mad at me for not dressing right for a hike and I also forgot the water and food. He left in his car and I found out I didn’t have gas in my car and my battery was dead. The battery in my phone had also died, and I got mad and threw it and smashed it. I started walking and got lost and eventually found your cabin.”

“So, you decided it was okay to break into my cabin?” Ted asked with an annoyed look.

“It was either that or I might die when the weather got cold at night.”

“Why did you leave the door open after you broke in? Someone bad could have come in here instead of me.”

“I wasn’t thinking. I was just tired and hungry,” Marigold answered sheepishly.

“You also could have wiped your feet so you wouldn’t get mud on my floor. How did you break the chair?”

“I was trying to find which cabinet had food and needed a chair to reach up to the cabinet. I didn’t realize how fragile the chair was.”

Ted shook his head at this clueless woman. “There was a step stool in the pantry closet. That is where all the food is stored.”

“I figured that out after I already broke the chair,” Marigold replied softly.

“Why did you leave all the dirty pots on the stove? You could have cleaned it up. It looks like you made oatmeal. That stuff dries like cement if you don’t wash out the pot. You got food all over.”

“I’m sorry. I was so focused on eating and I was tired. I didn’t think anyone would be here any time soon, so I didn’t make it a priority. I didn’t think.”

Ted was getting more and more frustrated with her. “It doesn’t seem like you think too much about anything or about wrecking other people’s stuff.”

This made Marigold feel bad about herself, since this man didn’t even know her and thought she was just a stupid irresponsible woman.

“If you just wanted food why did you drink my liquor and why did you steal money from me?”

“I was so stressed out from getting lost that I didn’t think anyone would mind if I took some liquor. There were several bottles in the cabinet. I wasn’t stealing the money. I was just borrowing it in case someone came to rescue me, and I had to pay them to help me.”

“Why did you move my bed and break one of the legs doing it?”

“I thought it looked better on a different wall and I was worried about the sun coming into my eyes when I woke up in the morning.”

Ted was now dumbfounded that someone could be so self-centered and clueless at the same time. She didn’t seem stupid, but she was very pretty, and sometimes pretty women get away with not having to think too much. “Are you this irresponsible on your job? That is if you even have a job.”

Marigold felt insulted now. “I have a very good professional job and am very detailed oriented in my work. I just have problems sometimes handling the basic details of day to day life. I don’t have luck with men either. I never find someone who fits with me and no one gives me a chance when I make mistakes. I like my work better than people anyway. What do you do for a living? Are you a lumberjack or something?”

Ted wasn’t going to tell her what he did for a living, as she might know who he was, and he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with her. He answered “I am also a successful professional. Do you think I am dumb because I am a tall handsome man?” he grinned.

“I guess you can’t tell a book by its cover,” she smiled.

“Let me turn on the propane heat for the shower so you can clean up. You are an absolute mess. I am not sure what I am going to do with you. You broke into my cabin, vandalized it and stole liquor and money from me.”

“It wasn’t like that. I just wasn’t thinking about consequences. Please let me stay here the night. I promise I won’t do any other stupid things. Please don’t have me arrested. I am on probation from a DUI and some other reckless things I accidentally did.”

“You can stay the night, but in the morning, I am going to decide how to handle this situation. I am good friends with the local sheriff, so you better not break or steal anything else tonight. I still have a few clothes here from my girlfriend that I just broke up with. She is a little shorter and curvier than you, so everything might be a little bit of a tight fit. “Here is a pair of her silk pajamas you can put on after you shower.”

“Thank you so much and I’m sorry. The pajamas are beautiful.” Marigold took a nice hot shower and was remorseful about what she did and a little afraid of Ted but was excited by him too. Most men were shorter than her and he was tall, and she could tell he was very smart, but he was also seemed very confident and forceful when he needed to be.

Ted was perplexed by Marigold. She seemed very smart, but just kind of clueless about how her actions could hurt others. It didn’t seem like there was any maliciousness to her actions though. She also had a certain intensity within her, a fire that he could sense was burning beneath the surface. He felt incredibly attracted to her and didn’t know what he should do.

When Marigold emerged from the bathroom. He was stunned speechless. She looked so beautiful in the red silk pajamas, even though the arms and legs were a little short and they were a little tight, obviously with no underwear beneath them. His heart raced and he wasn’t sure what to do with this reckless woman, who was also the most gorgeous woman he had ever met.

“Thank you so much for the shower. Can I lay down on the bed again please?”

“Yes, but don’t move the bed again. Your worrying about morning sun getting in your eyes ruined my hand carved bed. I am going to take a shower too before bed.”

He emerged from the bathroom in his pajamas, drying his thick brown hair with a towel. Marigold sat up on the bed and was stunned at this tall Adonis with chiseled features and matching biceps and chest. Her heart raced and she was hoping jail bars were not going to separate her from him.

Ted had made his decision. “Since you seem remorseful and a nice person, I am not going to have you arrested, but you must be corrected so you stop being so self-centered and foolish.”

“How are you going to do that?” she asked with a stupid look on her face.

“Stand up and turn around.”

He went over to the nightstand and took out a pair of handcuffs him and his ex-girlfriend would use on each other during sex games. He snapped the cuffs on to her wrists behind her back and made her turn around to face him. She was terrified.

“Get down on your knees.” He needed to help her down on her knees so she wouldn’t fall over.

“Oh, so you are going to sexually abuse me. Does that make you feel like a big man?” she spat at him.

“I guess it is still all about you. I am sure you always get to dominate your boyfriends because you look like a supermodel.”

“You really think I am that pretty? I used to do some modeling, but I am not all about my looks. I am smart too, but guys just think I am dumb because I do stupid things.”

Ted pulled down his pajama bottoms and stood in front of her. “I am not judging you. You just need to understand that there are consequences for bad actions. Now open your mouth and take your punishment so I don’t have to hear you explaining yourself anymore.”

She looked up at this towering hulk of a man and then at his fully engorged penis and suddenly didn’t care if he looked at her as just a sex object. She wanted to suck him off quickly to get out of this situation but was also afraid she might enjoy it too.

“Okay, I’ll do it if you promise not to call the sheriff, but I promise you won’t get any satisfaction of me enjoying this. This is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

She tentatively opened her mouth and leaned forward wrapping her lips around his thick cock as it slowly disappeared into her throat. Many times, a boyfriend’s cock felt small in her mouth since she was a big girl, but other times the guy had a cock so big it would gag her. Ted’s cock was a perfect size for her, and she started eagerly and slowly rocking her head back and forth over the thick shaft. Her head was at a perfect height to his crotch, so she didn’t need to look up at him, which was good because she didn’t want him to think she was enjoying it.

He put his hands softly on either side of her head and guided her head back and forth over his cock, which was harder than it had ever been in his life. Sometimes he felt aggressive with a woman he didn’t like that much and wanted to gag her with his cock, but he felt sorry for this woman. She was like a puppy who kept peeing on the floor. How could you get that mad at her for just being guilty of sometimes being foolish?

Also, her mouth was the perfect size for his cock. It felt smooth and inviting like a vagina. He didn’t want to come in her mouth, so he helped her up to her feet. She was so excited by this man being forceful without being violent but didn’t want him to know that. She was hoping he wouldn’t see the wet spot in the crotch of the pajamas. “Is my punishment over?” she asked, hoping he would say no.

“No.” He pushed her back onto the bed with the handcuffs behind her back trapping her arms. He slowly unbuttoned her pajama top, exposing her small but firm breasts and pulled down the pajama bottoms to her ankles.

“So now you are going to rape me, big man? What a coward you are doing this while I am handcuffed.”

“Just be glad you are not wearing real handcuffs in a prison cell.” He pushed her back further until her legs were up over his shoulders, trapping her legs and he entered her in one smooth motion. He couldn’t believe how wet she was and how his cock slid in easily but fit in her pussy so snugly. He started thrusting in and out and got more and more turned on. He reached up and started gently pulling and twisting her nipples. He looked down and her eyes were closed but he could tell she was excited but didn’t want to show it.

She loved how his cock felt in her pussy but didn’t want him to know how good it felt. “The handcuffs are hurting me. Can you please take them off? I promise I’ll be good. I won’t run away.”

He stopped thrusting and said, “there is nowhere to run, way out here, and I don’t think you want to run away anyway.” He gently took off the handcuffs and took off her pajama bottom and top. He entered her again and it felt even better this time than before. She started to meet his thrusts but tried to act like she didn’t like it, but she soon wrapped her long spider like legs around his waist and grabbed his ass cheeks as he slowly brought her to orgasm. He shot into her like a bullet, but she tried to hide her orgasm like you hold in a sneeze, so no one hears it. She was not fooling him though.

After they recovered, they laid in bed facing each other. He then did something he never did before. He moved his head down to her pussy and licked his cum out of it and held it in his mouth. He brought his mouth up to hers and kissed her, sharing his cum with her and they both swallowed it.

Marigold was in shock. This stranger had just basically raped her in revenge for her breaking and entering and vandalizing his home, but she actually enjoyed it. She realized that he had broken her willfulness, as that was the best sex she ever had. She wasn’t sure what tomorrow would bring. They fell asleep in each other’s arm, with passion still smoldering in them as they slept.

When she woke up, he was cooking breakfast, and she got the strange thought that this guy was a very considerate rapist and psychopath.

“When do you think you can drive me back to try to find my car?”

“We are not going anywhere. I value my time here, which you so rudely interrupted. Since I have decided to not have you arrested, and you don’t seem like a bad person, I am going to let you stay the weekend and we will find your car Sunday on the way back to the city. I don’t want to waste half the day getting you to your car and coming back here.”

“So, are you going to rape me all weekend? That was terrible what you did to me last night.” She was hoping he would say yes.

“No, I think you have learned your lesson. I think you enjoyed it as much as I did though, but we are even now. That was the best sex I ever had with someone even though it happened due to unfortunate circumstances. You would be a great catch for anyone if you could just get your act together.”

“You really think I am good in bed?” she replied, with her head looking down at the floor. “What were you planning to do today?”

“I was planning to go to the pond across the meadows and do some fishing. I have an extra pole that my late father got me for my birthday. You have to be careful with it though. It means a lot to me.” They packed a picnic lunch and she put on a pair of his ex-girlfriend’s jeans and a top and headed to the pond. They enjoyed fishing and talking about their friends and family, but he again avoided all talk about work, as he didn’t want her to know who he was.

While they were talking, Marigold’s pole bent, and he told her to gently reel in the fish but let the fish go if the pole bent too much so it wouldn’t break. But soon a large fish got on the hook, bending the pole sharply and she got impatient and pulled hard on the pole, losing her balance, and she fell forward into the water and landed on the pole, breaking it in half.

Ted became angry and sad at the same time that she broke this sentimental keepsake. He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out of the water. He marched her over to where the picnic basket was at the edge of the woods. Her jeans and top were soaked, and he could see her pointy nipples through the thin material.

“Take off your top and turn around.”

“Why? You’re scaring me. I didn’t mean to break your fishing pole.”

“You never mean to do any of the thoughtless things you do. Now take off your top and turn around and stand against that tree.”

She slowly pulled the top over her head and his mouth started watering. He had never wanted a woman as much as he wanted this one this weekend. He really liked her as a person, but she needed another lesson in personal responsibility.

He got a length of rope from his fishing gear and tied it to one of her wrists, then looped it around the tree and tied it to the other wrist. He unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her knees.

“What are you doing?” she asked with concern in her voice.

“What your parents should have done to you growing up when you did thoughtless things.” She heard a whooshing sound as he struck her ass with a half of the broken fishing pole.

“Oow, that hurts” she screamed. “Please don’t hit me again.”

He didn’t listen and hit her again and again with the pole, painting her ass with red and purple stripes, as she whimpered and cried.

“Please. I’m sorry I broke the fishing pole. Please stop. Is there any other way you can punish me?”

He put down the fishing pole and went to the picnic basket and got out some butter, as she waited nervously. He came over to her and slowly rubbed the butter into her asshole.

“Please don’t fuck me up the ass. I’m begging you. I don’t like anal sex. It hurts me. My asshole is too small.”

“Well I am going to stretch it out for you.” She heard the sound of his zipper and felt his fingers gently opening up her anal cavity. He entered her and she thought she would scream out, but he popped his cock quickly in and it was a strange but good feeling. He also loved the feeling of her tight cavity milking his cock. Her ass was also a perfect fit for his penis and as he stroked in and out of her, her tight ass milked him until his balls couldn’t take it anymore. She again did not want to admit to him how good it felt and had a shuddering but silent orgasm as his cum flooded her bowels. After he untied her from the tree, he said with a cold voice, “now pull your pants up and let’s go back to the cabin.”

He felt bad that he took her ass against her will, but she needed a lesson. He made them both dinner and they ate quietly. She asked if she could take a shower, and he lit a fire in the large fireplace while she bathed and rinsed his cum out of her ass.

She came out of the bathroom completely naked. “I am so sorry about your fishing pole. I don’t know why I am so careless. I loved our talk and I really like you. I don’t need to be forced to do anything you want. I want to give myself to you completely.”

She walked over to the rug in front of the fireplace and got on her hands and knees. “Please take me. I want you to want me as much as I want you.”

Ted took off his clothes and got down behind her and started licking her pussy, eventually working his way up to lick her tiny rosebud. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her slit and gently pushed in. He knew he was starting to fall for this innocent but willful woman. He reached under her and massaged her small breasts as he rocked back and forth. He quickly rolled her over and looked in her eyes. “I want to see your face when you cum. Don’t hide your pleasure from me anymore. I think you are a wonderful person. I know you don’t mean any harm.” He pushed into her and kissed her with a passion he never felt with anyone before, as they both came.

After they recovered, they made love again and then fell asleep in front of the fire. As the sun rose, she woke up and whispered in his ear, “what do you have planned for me today?”

“Well my plan was to go hunting for deer. We need to have a quick breakfast and get going.”

“Hunting for deer? Doesn’t sound very romantic. But I was the one who intruded on your weekend, so it only fair that I do what you want to do. What outfit should I wear?”

He handed her camouflage pants and a jacket, as she looked at him strangely. She was hoping if she didn’t screw up today, he would give her some more good loving tonight before they headed back to the city early Monday morning.

They went out to the woods and he gave her a rifle so he could show her how to hunt. She listened intently but was afraid of being trusted with a loaded weapon. They crouched behind a large fallen tree log. He had a few shots he could take at a couple of deer, but they were a little too far away. He told her to not take any shots since she was inexperienced. But she got excited when she saw a deer walk by very close and before he could stop her, she raised the rifle and fired, but it kicked back and the shot grazed the arm of his jacket, putting a hole in his favorite jacket and almost putting a hole in his arm.

“You’re a stupid woman!” he screamed. You could have killed me and killed yourself. Is there never any end to your foolishness?”

“I’m sorry, please don’t beat and fuck my ass again. I try to not be so impulsive. I can’t help it. Please forgive me.”

Ted wasn’t hearing any more excuses. “Get your pants down now and lean over this log right now.”

She reluctantly unzipped the camouflage pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She leaned over the large fallen tree log and waited for whatever he was going to do. She was scared, not wet between her legs like she was during past punishments.

She heard the sound of his zipper and heard him spit on his hand. He rubbed the spit on his cock and said, “this is going to hurt me to do have to do this more than it is going to hurt you.” He drove into from behind in one thrust, spearing her pussy with his cock like a hot poker.

She cried out, “it hurts, it hurts, please take it out.”

He wouldn’t though and just kept hate fucking her pussy as it got red and sore. He finally emptied into her in a businesslike manner as she sobbed.

“Now pull your pants up and let’s go home.”

She walked back to the cabin with him, thinking that he now hated her forever. He felt he could never teach her how to not be a screw up. When they got to the cabin, he felt a little remorseful again. She could be so smart and mature then suddenly act like a reckless child. They had dinner and she again apologized and changed into her pajamas.

They went on the porch. He had changed into blue jeans and a flannel shirt and she couldn’t believe how great he looked and how much she was falling for him, even with the punishments, and how much she hated screwing up all the time.

They sat in the matching rocking chairs he had made himself and she had fun rocking back and forth. He got nervous though. “Please don’t rock back too far, you could break the chair.” She didn’t listen though and rocked faster and faster until the chair hit the wall of the house and one of the rocker legs cracked.

“You ridiculous woman. I don’t know how else to make you be more careful.”

She glared at him and lost control and screamed, “I shot the rifle on purpose to make you mad, because I like when you force me to have sex. It makes me feel like you are attracted to me. I broke your rocker on purpose too.”

“You are crazy woman. Don’t you know how much I want to be with you after this weekend? There is so much good about you. I can forgive you for being a little irresponsible at times. You are truly an intellectual who sometimes does not have common sense. But I am falling in love with you. You don’t need to misbehave for me to want me to have sex with you.

She smiled at him sweetly. “So, you are not going to punish me?”

“I didn’t say that. You ruined my chance to bag a buck larger than I have ever gotten before. You almost killed me playing your game to provoke me to dominate you. You broke one of rocking chairs.

He grabbed her arm and led her towards the barn next to the house. “Hey, where are you taking me?”

“I’m taking you to the barn where I hang and dress the deer that I hunt.”

“Are you a serial killer? Is this where they are going to find me disemboweled on a meat hook?” she pleaded with him with a terrified look.

“No, I am not a serial killer. Just a man with the girl of his dreams, trying to teach her to not be a nightmare.”

As they went in the barn, she saw the meat hook hanging from the rafters and was afraid this was the end for her.

“Please don’t do this.”

“Take off the pajamas.”

She slowly took off the pajamas but pleaded with him, “let me go and I will never tell anyone what you did to me this weekend.”

“What I did to you? It is more like what you did to me.”

He got rope and tied her wrist together and hung her on the meat hook. He hoisted her arms up slowly with a chain and pulley until her toes were barely touching the ground and her arms started aching.

“Are you going to kill me now?”

“If you mean kill you with pleasure, yes.”

He started sucking on her nipples, alternating between the two and then kissed his way down her flat stomach to her bald pussy and slowly licked it. She started moaning with pleasure and didn’t care if he noticed.

“Please, please let me down. I can’t feel my arms anymore.”

He took off his clothes and stood in front of her. He picked her legs up to wrap them around his waist and he pushed into her hard as she screamed in ecstasy. She was the perfect height for her to bounce up and down on his cock as he impaled her, and she held onto him for dear life.

“I am not going to let you cum until you make me some promises. Are you going to stop breaking my shit?”

“Yes, please let me cum.”

“Are you going to stop being self-centered?”

“Yes, please let me cum.”

“Are you going to stop being impulsive and reckless?”

“Yes, please let me cum.”

“Are you going to stay with me after this weekend forever?

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried as she came in convulsions, with her long legs wrapped around his waist, as he emptied his seed deep into her womb.

“Well now that we got that straight, let’s go and have a drink by the fire. We are going back to the city in the morning.

They snuggled on the couch next to the fireplace, drinking his finest bourbon, which she didn’t need to steal this time, and stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

He looked at her slyly and said, “I didn’t want you to know my name and what I did for work, since I kind of kidnapped you and raped you all weekend.”

“Well, I didn’t want to tell you my name or where I worked either, since I had committed several felonies against you and thought you might want to forget about me any way after all the bad things I did to you.”

“I could never forget someone like you,” he said slightly sarcastically. You are so smart, beautiful and sweet.”

She blushed at him. “Really?”

“Yes, but you do have some bad habits we need to work on.”

“I know.”

“By the way, what do you do for a living?”

“I am a book editor.”

He looked at her with shock. “Really? I am an author. I write many technical and historical books, but occasionally romance novels.”

“What a coincidence. What are the titles of some of the romance novels?”

“I just got one published called A Perfect Match.”

She looked back at him in shock. “You’re kidding? I was the editor on that novel. They wouldn’t let me talk to the author because he was using a pen name, so the public doesn’t get confused with his more serious work. I thought Rod Steele sounded kind of made up and corny for an author name. The novel was very good though. The character had a lot of passion.”

“That was the passion in me that existed just in my fiction novels before I met you. “Well now that we can let each other know who we really are, what is your name?” Steve asked.

“Marigold Locks.”

“That is a very unusual name.”

“It was kind of an inside joke between my parents because when they saw the look in my eyes when I was born, they thought I might grow up to be a mischievous girl.”

“Why would that name be an inside joke?”

Marigold looked at him hesitantly and replied, “because when I would be bad, they would use a nickname for me about my light blonde hair color.”

“What was the nickname?”

“Goldie Locks.”

“Your parents have a warped sense of humor, but great insight. You certainly like to break people’s stuff and you don’t show much impulse control.” She looked at him shyly. He now knew why she behaves the way she does sometime and wasn’t mad anymore. She was just born this way.

“What is your name?” Marigold asked.

“Well, my parents could tell by my height and weight when I was born that I would be a tall Norwegian man.”

“They also named me so they could have an inside joke between them whenever I would get mad, which was quite often. My name is Ted Bear.”

“Let me guess, your nickname is Teddy Bear?”

“You got it,” he replied with a loud laugh.

“Teddy, from this point forward I will never be a Goldie Locks, so you don’t turn into an angry Teddy Bear.”

“Can you guarantee that?”


“Well you know if you pull Goldie Locks behavior on me you will be severely punished.”

“You promise?” she winked at him.

“Marigold, I never found anyone I fit with so well before.”

“Everything about you fits me perfect too Ted. Your chairs, your bed, and your cock in my cunt and my ass.”

“It seems like you also liked the porridge you cooked on my stove, from the amount that it looks like you ate.”

“Yes, it was just the right temperature. Not too hot or cold, and your cum tastes just right for me too. Not too salty or watery, nice and sticky and sweet.

He knew that he had found his dream girl and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Maybe she would not be a Goldie Locks after all.

“Teddy, I have a confession to make. I actually did another stupid Goldie Locks thing this week.”

He looked at Marigold incredulously and nervously and replied, “how could you have done any more stupid things than the things you did already that I know about?”

She looked at him with a frightened little girl face and said, “I forgot to take my birth control pills this week and I am very fertile this week.” She was afraid he would be angry, and she would be getting her ass reddened with a broken fishing pole the rest of the night.

“That’s great news Goldie, I can’t wait to have a baby with you!”

“So, you’re not mad?”

“Of course not. But there are two conditions on me not being angry with you.”

“What is that?”

“You are changing your name to Marigold Bear, so no one figures out the Goldie Locks nickname.”

“What is the other condition?”

“If we have a son, we are not naming him Baby Bear,” he smiled.

So, Ted and Marigold Bear lived happily ever after with their son, Ted Bear Jr., who was eventually joined by his sister, Mary Bear. They expanded the cabin and spent weekends there, while continuing to live in the city during the week. They worked together on romance novels, with him as author and her as editor, but the novels got much more explicit than they used to be before Ted met Marigold.

Occasionally Marigold would get that mischievous Goldie Locks look on her face, get up on a chair and smash her foot right through the seat of the chair. She would then jump off the broken chair, look at Teddy with a sly grin and tease him with the words, “so what are you going to do to me for breaking the chair Teddy Bear?”

In the children’s story, Goldie Locks jumped out of the cabin window and ran off into the woods, never to be seen again. In this story, when Marigold would get Teddy angry, she would just run into the bedroom, pull down her pajama bottoms and lay across the bed, anxiously awaiting Teddy Bear’s punishment for being naughty. Teddy would never let her escape his love and discipline, and she surely didn’t want to.

The End.

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