Karen and Michelle_(1)

Karen and Michelle_(1)

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 10
By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 10, Karen’s Home Town Humiliation Continues at Keplar’s Meats

Karen’s mind was reeling from all that happened as she left Marta’s and walked down half a block and across the street to Keplar’s Meats. As she walked, tears streamed down her cheeks. The tears were from the humiliation she suffered, the loss of her good reputation to people who knew her, the loss of her dignity and most importantly the loss of her freedom. Her thoughts flitted back and forth between obsessing over her rape after prom, to her night at Mistress Lynn’s, to the porn shop, the bar, the restaurant the night before and finally what just happened at Marta’s Bakery. She was in such a daze that she didn’t even remember entering Keplar’s Meats.

She thought she heard something and shook her head as if to shake the cobwebs out and said, “Sorry, what did you say?”

Wayne Keplar was ringing up a purchase for a customer as he said for the second time, “I said that I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Karen went up to the counter and waited for Wayne Keplar to finish up with the customer. When he finished and the customer left, he turned to Karen and greeted her and asked, “Now Karen, what can I help you with today.”

Knowing that she would have to do something disgusting, Karen answered hesitantly, “G…G…Good morning Mr. Keplar. I have an order to confirm with you for tomorrow. Darrell Mitchell and I were married Monday and the Mitchell’s are having a get together at their house. They asked me to come by and make sure you have the final numbers for the party. Here’s a list of everything they need to be delivered and ready by noon tomorrow.”

Mr. Keplar took the list and looked at it. He then asked, “Yes, I should be able to handle that easily. Will you be paying with cash, check or charge?”

Karen again stammered out, “I…I…I d…d…don’t have anything to pay with? I…I…Is there anything else I can do to pay for it? I really need that order filled. I’ll do anything, anything at all in order to pay for it all.” Karen was openly crying at having to barter herself for the deli meats.

Wayne Keplar looked at Karen and said, “Now Karen. I can’t give you over $1500 dollars worth of meat and delicacies without some type of payment. Some of them are over $70 dollars a pound. You’ll have to find someone else to fill the order.”

Karen again begged while starting to cry, “Please, Please, I beg you. There must be something I can do for you to pay for them. I really will do anything, anything at all. Please don’t refuse to fill the order. Do what you will with me please.”

Wayne turned to go to the back processing room saying, “I can’t afford to Karen.”

Karen rushed through the entrance to the left of the counter which was directly opposite the door to the back processing room and just as Wayne turned to go through the door, Karen fell to her knees and grabbed his leg and begged while sobbing uncontrollably, “P…P…Please Mr. Keplar, sob…sob…please. I…I…I can be sob…sob…sob what ever you want. Sob…sob…sob… I…I…I’ll do anything for you.” She paused and continued to sob and almost in a whisper he could barely hear and in a voice that was not only filled with desperation but also hopelessness, “Please help me.”

It wasn’t a plea for him to use her to fill the order. At that point in time, Karen was truthfully asking for help to get out of her situation, but of course that wasn’t going to happen. Wayne had already discussed with John Mitchell what he was going to do with Karen. He wanted to see how much he could make her beg. He stopped, turned and looked down at her and said, “Karen, I just don’t see how I could possibly help……….” It sounded like he was going to say something else but he paused. ”Wait a minute. You did say you would do anything right?”

Karen answered “yes”.

Wayne asked, “Anything at all, with no limits correct?”

Karen began to worry a bit but answered still sniffing and sobbing, “As long as I am not permanently harmed in the process, yes that is correct.”

Wayne thought for a minute and asked, “Could I have you for a couple of days next week or the week after. I have something in mind. I won’t go into the details now. We’ll just save that for when I get to have you. Karen asked, “What about next Wednesday and Thursday. Those are the only days next week I have free right now.” She sobbed. “O… O… Or it could be anytime the next week.”

Wayne said gleefully, “Next week will be fine. You be here first thing in the morning at 6:00 am. We have some traveling to do to get where we need to go and it’ll take a while.”

“Now, I’ve got some boys outside the back door that need taking care of. You might want to take those nice clothes off first though or they’ll get ruined. You can put your clothes on the chair just inside that door. Now get to it.”

Karen stripped off her skirt and top, folded them neatly and replaced the chain on her tits and clit. She then picked up the clothes and went through the door. When she was through the door, she saw a huge room with several tables with saws and knives. On six of the tables, there were large hunks of beef or pork that were being cut down into steaks and roasts or ground into hamburger or sausage. There were six huge men in the room. All of them dressed in blue jeans and t-shirt with a bloody white apron covering them from the neck down. They also wore plastic gloves over their hands that were also covered in blood and remnants of meat. When Karen came through the door, the closest guy to the door stopped cutting the beef slab that he was working on and said very loudly, “Will you look at that. It must be our lucky day.”

Karen had stopped when she had entered the big room to look around. She had spotted the door in the back of the room and realized that she would have to walk through the men to get there. She started to slowly take step after step towards the door. With each step she took closer to the closest of the men, the vibrator in her ass would vibrate a little more intensely. When she was next to him, the vibrator felt like it was at its highest setting and was causing her to become excited and wet. When she had taken a couple of steps past him she felt a mild shock. She took a couple of more steps and with each one the shock got a bit worse and was becoming painful. She stopped and turned around and stared at him, not wanting to do what she knew was expected. She obviously waited too long because she soon felt an even stronger shock which caused her to get a little shaky and moan in pain, The men thought she was moaning in excitement. She took the three steps back to the man she passed and got down on her knees in front of him. She begged, “P… p… please m… m… may I suck your cock sir?” The guy was surprised by this turn of events and eagerly shook his head yes.

Karen ducked under the bloody apron and unzipped his pants. She reached in and grabbed his cock which was getting harder by the second. She winched at the smell of him. It smelled like he hadn’t taken a bath for a month. She tentatively took his cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. While she was sucking on it, she felt something slimy on each side of her ass grip her and lift her ass up higher. She realized that one of the others was getting ready to fuck her. The next instant she felt a cock being sunk in to the hilt in her cunt. She felt something slimy now grabbing her tits and squeezing them and pinching them. The vibrator in her ass was going full tilt and she was soon in the throws of an orgasm. The vibration in her ass also sent the guy fucking her into his orgasm and she felt the warmth of his cum spreading inside her. As soon as he withdrew, he was replaced by another cock that started fucking her. Shortly after the new guy started fucking her, the guy she was sucking started cumming down her throat. Karen couldn’t quite swallow all of it and had some cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth. As soon as he pulled out of her mouth, he was replaced by someone else. For the next 40 minutes she fucked and sucked each of them. She was also fucked by Wayne Keplar but she didn’t know because her head was under the apron of one of the other workers. Just as she was finishing sucking the first guy for the second time, she heard a loud booming voice angrily say, “What the hell is going on here?”

Everything came to a grinding halt. All of the guys quickly went back to their tables and didn’t say a thing. Karen looked up from her all fours position and looked at the angry face of Wayne. What she didn’t know was that it was all an act. Everything that had happened so far had been precisely the way he had planned it. Looking down at Karen, he saw that she was now covered in blood and bits of ground beef and pork from head to toe. Cum was also dripping from the corners of her mouth and down her leg from her cunt. Wayne yelled at her in an angry voice, “Karen, I sent you back here to take care of my boys out back and feed and water them. And what do you do? You decide to screw every one of my employees. Do you know how far behind you have put them. I don’t know if I’ll even be able to get to your order now.”

Karen started to really panic now and immediately fell to her knees and grabbed him around his legs and sobbing uncontrollably looked up at him and begged with every ounce of energy she could muster and said, “Please, I beg of you. Please, you have to help me. I need your help, please fill the order. I already agreed with doing anything you wanted, what else do you want from me?”

Wayne grabbed Karen by the hair and yanked her up hard enough for her to let go of his legs and grab at her hair and his hand to try and relieve the pain. He then threw her down and grabbed a leg bone that had been cleaned of its meat to make hamburger and pushed it up her cunt with the knee joint going in first. Karen screamed from the pain caused by the over 4 inch wide joint at the end of the bone entering her cunt. Wayne grabbed Karen by the hair again and started walking toward the back door dragging Karen by her hair. Karen struggled to crawl as fast as she could but she just couldn’t keep up. Once Wayne opened the door, he pulled Karen through and threw her onto the ground. Wayne kicked Karen in the stomach and told her, “Bitch, if you want me to fill that order tomorrow, you better make sure that every one of my boys here gets well taken care of.” He was pointing at 6 German shepherd dogs that were laying or sitting at various places around the back door. Wayne continued, “You will let them do anything and everything they want to you. Don’t even think of stopping for any reason, even if you gain an audience. As a matter of fact, if you have anyone watching you when my boys get done with you then you will offer to do anything for them as well. If you refuse anything of anyone until I release you, then I will not fill the order for tomorrow. Do you understand me bitch?”

Karen, while still holding her stomach in pain from his kick, nodded her head and answered in a quiet gasp, “Yes, I understand.”

Karen had gotten back on all fours by this time and Wayne put his foot on her ass and pushed as hard as he could, pushing her head first into one of the dogs which yelped and leapt away from her in surprise. He said, “Well get to it then. You don’t have all day.”

The dog Karen had fallen into growled and snapped at her, nipping her arm hard. Fortunately he didn’t draw blood on Karen, but he got a taste of the blood and meat remnants that covered her and started licking and nipping her to get it all. The other dogs were soon joining in and Karen felt six rough tongues licking every part of her body. Soon both of her breasts were being licked and she felt her excitement building. She wondered how she could possibly get sexually excited when she was being forced to have sex with animals.

All of a sudden Karen felt the big bone being pulled. She looked back and one of the dogs had grabbed it in its teeth and was trying to pull it out. It was not coming out very easily because the end was so big. The dog was getting frustrated that it wouldn’t come free easily and he started shaking his head back and forth while trying to pull it out. Karen’s lower body was now being yanked back and forth like a rag doll by the bone in her cunt. It hurt terribly as it started to move out more rapidly. She screamed and howled from the pain as the bone ripped and tore parts of her cunt on the inside.

In the middle of her scream, one of the dogs at her head leapt up and grabbed her around her back, gripping around her underarms. This put his long extended cock at her mouth. She didn’t do anything at first because of the pain from the bone being yanked back and forth. When she felt the severe shock in her ass, it increased the pain exponentially and her eyes shot open. She took notice of the cock in her face. She knew what was expected and took the cock in her mouth.

The dog started thrusting in and out, driving the cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Karen was becoming used to having cocks pushed down her throat and didn’t gag like she used to. The dog that was wrestling with the bone in her cunt finally got it to come out with a loud popping sound. Her cunt was sore and bleeding now from the tears caused by the bone being yanked back and forth. Another of the dogs came up and started licking the blood up that was trickling out of her tender gash. She felt the dog’s tongue extend deep into her, trying to get the blood and little bits of meat that were left behind. He soon started tasting the mixed juices of the men’s cum and her juices. She was getting more and more excited from the dog’s licking her tits, the dog fucking her throat and the dog tonguing her cunt.

Karen didn’t think it could get any worse when she felt the vibrator start up at a high setting. It quickly started to propel her toward an orgasm. The dog that was licking her cunt was finally ready and decided the Karen’s cunt would be a nice place to stick his cock. He leapt up and after a few thrusts, sunk his cock in. He started plunging in and out of her cunt, pushing in deeper with each inward thrust. When his cock had gone in far enough for his knot to start banging into her cunt lips and her clit, she launched into an intense orgasm and screamed around the cock in her mouth.

There were a group of 10 young teens ranging from age 13 to 16 that were a block away in an open field playing a game of pickup baseball. There were 7 boys and 3 girls. When they heard the first screams that Karen made, they decided to go through the woods that separated the field they were playing on from the large yard at the back of Wayne’s store to check things out. As they got about half way through the woods, the screams became muffled and then stopped. But there was still quite a bit of barking coming from the general area of Keplar’s Meats so they continued to go to investigate the noise. As they came into the large yard they saw Wayne’s six dogs surrounding something.

One of the older boys noticed that two of the dogs were moving as if they were fucking something and told the group. They didn’t believe him at first, but as they got closer they realized that not only were they fucking, they were fucking some girl. All of a sudden they heard one of the dogs howl and shortly thereafter got off and walked away to lie down. That’s when one of the older girls said, “That’s Karen Peterson. She’s the one that fingered herself to orgasm practically in front of the whole town last night at the restaurant. You should have heard my old lady going on about what she and a bunch of ladies that had dinner with the reverend saw her doing in the restaurant. She apparently spent the whole time on her knees under the table sucking off everyone at her table. OH God, there goes another dog fucking her mouth. Wait until I tell mom and her friends about this. This is so cool.” All of the other kids just stood there with their mouths open in surprise and enjoying the show. All of the guys reached down and started rubbing their cocks in their pants. The girls took a little longer, but they too eventually had their hands down their pants and fingering their clits. They had never seen anything like this before.

Karen was oblivious to the audience she had accumulated. All she could do was focus on the dogs and what they were doing along with the incessant buzzing of the vibrator in her ass. She soon felt her third orgasm since the dogs started fucking her. She ended up sucking twice as many dog cocks as she did fucking them. This was because of the time it took for the dogs knot to go down enough for it to pull out of her cunt.

After the last dog tied with her for the second time and turned around ass end to ass end with her, Karen finally looked in the direction where the kids were watching her. She groaned out a long laborious “no…o…o…o.” She tried to ignore them, but Darrell had seen them with the small camera in her collar when she looked up. He turned the shocking feature of the dildo on at its lowest setting and started gradually turning it up. Karen held out through the fifth setting and finally groaned from the pain caused by the sixth setting. She looked up at the group of kids and said, “W…W…Would a…a…any o…o…of you like me to suck you? I…I…I’ll do whatever you want me to. Please let me!” She said in desperation to the group.

The group just stood there dumb struck. The first one to make a move was a 14 year old girl named Brittany. She was the bully of her class in the all girls
Catholic school she went to in town. She had forced several of her classmates and some of the younger girls into eating her out. She wasn’t about to miss this opportunity to get her cunt licked and humiliate a girl even further than she already was. She could tell from looking at Karen that she was dying from the humiliation of having been caught by so many kids around her own age. She walked up to Karen and stripped out of her pants. She grabbed Karen by the hair and stepped up to her, pulling her nose into her funky smelling pussy that hadn’t been washed for several days. She commanded out loud for everyone to hear, “Drink my piss bitch. Then I’ll think about letting you eat my cunt and ass. I might even let you suck my friends here if you do a good enough job.”

Karen almost passed out from the stench, it smelled so bad. But she opened her mouth and covered Brittany’s piss hole just in time. A flood of bitter piss began flooding her mouth immediately after she put it there. She couldn’t keep up with the flow however and some started to leak out of her mouth.

Brittany noticed this and slapped her hard across the face saying, “What a worthless slut you are. You can’t even drink a little piss without screwing up. No wonder you fuck dogs. No one else would find you worth putting up with.”

Brittany pulled Karen’s head back and spit in her face with venom and commanded, “I want to hear you beg me to let you suck my cunt and ass. You had better convince me that you will do me and all of my friends in any way we want or else they will all get switches and start whipping you.”

Karen already tormented beyond hope proceeded to beg, “Oh god, please let me suck your cunt. I’ll suck your cunt, suck their dick, I’ll do everything you want. Please let me serve you mistress.”

Karen continued to beg and cry for Brittany to let her suck her cunt and ass. That she really would do anything they wanted her to. She begged her desperately to please not whip her.

After a few minutes, Brittany pushed Karen’s face back into her cunt and Karen started licking and sucking like her life depended on it. It didn’t take long for Brittany to achieve her first orgasm, but she wanted more. She stepped away and bent over and ordered, “Pull my ass cheeks apart and suck my asshole bitch.”

Karen was repelled by the putrid stench of Brittany’s ass. It looked like she didn’t know how to clean herself properly after taking a shit. There were old crusts of shit still clinging around her asshole.

Karen initially pulled back and began to refuse to do what Brittany wanted. All of a sudden she felt a very hard shock in her ass which caused her to scream. The dog tied in her cunt yelped in pain as well and pulled hard, causing his knot to yank out of her cunt before it had gone down enough. This caused her scream to be louder and longer than it would have been otherwise. Everyone thought that the cause of the scream was from the dog pulling out. Only Karen knew what the real cause was and she also knew that she had no choice but to do what Brittany wanted.

Karen tentatively moved her face up and started to lick and suck Brittany’s ass clean. Brittany ordered, “Stick your tongue in as far as you can and ream my ass out good.”

Karen did as she was told and pushed her tongue into her asshole. Brittany ordered, “Fuck me with your fingers now.” Karen complied immediately.

Brittany started feeling a good cum building and knew exactly what would speed its progression. She started pushing and suddenly Karen found a piece of shit coming out of Brittany’s ass. Brittany pushed her ass back against Karen and ordered, “You better eat all of my shit or I’ll have my friends go get a bunch of switches.”

Karen started crying silently from this degradation in front of all of these kids. As she was struggling to chew and swallow the shit as rapidly as she could without gagging, she heard Brittany yell, “Hey guys, come on over and give it to her. She won’t mind, especially after taking it from those dogs. You guys will be a step up for her.”

The oldest boy wasn’t going to wait any longer. He knew Karen and had gone to elementary school with her until she was moved to more advance classes. He had always had a crush on Karen and never thought he would ever get an opportunity like this. He walked up behind her, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He got down on his knees behind her, lined up his cock with her cunt and slammed it home to the hilt. He was in heaven. He was a virgin and he was reveling in his first time. And more importantly, he was losing his virginity to his dream girl. It was a shame she had gotten herself knocked up and married to that idiot Darrell. He would never let her go out and disgrace herself like this. These were the thoughts that he had as he let go a massive load of cum to mix with the dogs cum in her juicy cunt. He pulled out and stepped to the side of Karen and wiped his cock clean in her hair. He turned to the rest of the group and said, “Come on guys. You won’t believe how good that was. She’ll do every one of you if you want.”

The rest of the guys came up to Karen and one stuck his cock up her cunt and started pumping as fast as he could. It only took a couple of minutes before he was coming in her. The other two girls had stepped up on either side of her and started pinching her tits and pulling and twisting her nipple rings. Brittany finally finished shitting in Karen’s mouth at the same time she was hit with a massive orgasm. She collapsed to the ground from the powerful orgasm and exclaimed, “That was fantastic bitch. I could have you do that all the time. Why don’t you have your hubby call me so I can have you on a regular basis? You tell him that I’ve got a whole bevy of young catholic schoolgirls that I can give to him any time he wants a little variety.” With that she pulled a pen out of the pocket of her pants that were on the ground and wrote her phone number across her forehead. She then looked at the other two girls and ordered, “What are you two bitches waiting for? I want one of you over here now with her cunt in this bitches face and I want you to piss and shit in her face like I just did or I’ll make you suck all these guys instead of her.”

Brittany grabbed the closest girl to her and pulled her in front of Karen and ordered her to strip. The girl immediately complied without argument. It was obvious that this girl was one of Brittany’s play toys. Brittany then ordered the other girl, “Start sucking the boys that haven’t got any from Karen yet, but don’t let them cum until they stick there cocks in Karen. I want them to cum in Karen without letting her get any pleasure out of it. If any of them cum before they get in Karen I’ll switch you or if they take more than two or three strokes to cum in her I’ll switch you. Now get busy bitch.”

The girl had a look of terror on her face as she immediately got down on her knees at the nearest boy and started sucking him. She figured that no matter what she did, she was going to get switched. She had tears running down her cheeks just as Karen did hers. She too was being forced to do these things against her will. When she got the boy hard and ready to cum, she moved on to the next boy and repeated the process.

Karen immediately put her mouth up to the girl’s cunt that was in front of her. The girl started pissing in her mouth almost immediately and Karen drank it all. When the girl was done pissing she then started licking and sucking on the girl’s cunt lips and clit. While Karen was eating the girl out, Brittany put on her pants and went to the woods they had come through and found herself a nice switch. She went up to the girl that was being eaten by Karen and looked at the group of boys surrounding the other girl waiting their turns. She yelled at them, “Hey guys, you’ve got an unused hole over here that needs a cock. Why don’t half of you come over here and let this cunt suck you hard and get you ready for Karen’s sloppy ass.”

Three of the guys came over to the girl and she hesitated to suck their cocks until Brittany started switching her ass as she ordered her to get sucking. She quickly began sucking the nearest boy to her to get Brittany to stop. Brittany then moved her attentions to the other girl and gave her about 10 swats on the ass with the switch and reminded her, “You better not let them cum or you will get 50 swats with this switch on your cunt and tits.”

Brittany went back over to Karen’s side and started switching her sides, back and especially her tits. Karen was screaming from the pain but the sound was muffled by the girl’s cunt. The girl suddenly went into an orgasm and moaned loudly around the cock that was in her mouth. Brittany went up to the girl and bent down to her ear and whispered, “Now get that asshole of yours to her mouth and take a shit. If you don’t shit soon enough for me, I’ll switch your cunt and tits until their bloody and then have the boys fuck you over and over again.”

The girl was humiliated by the order, but she wasn’t about to take a switching to her most sensitive parts if she could help it. She moved her ass down until she felt Karen’s tongue start to lick it. She started pushing with all of her might and was finally able to overcome her embarrassment enough to relax her asshole for a log of shit to start coming out. Brittany started switching Karen again and ordered her to eat the shit and not waste any. The boy that had been fucking her came and pulled out. Brittany started immediately bringing the switch down along her ass crack so that the end wrapped around and hit her cunt lips.

Brittany noticed that the other girl that was on her knees sucking the waiting boy’s cocks and keeping them hard had a dog coming up behind her. When the dog stuck his nose down between the girl’s legs and tried to get at her cunt, she swung her hand back to try to scare him away. Brittany stopped switching Karen’s ass and pussy and went over to the girl and switched her ass and ordered, “Don’t you dare try and stop him or I’ll switch your cunt until it’s bloody and then I’ll let him fuck you. Now get on your hands and knees so he can get proper access to which ever hole he wants.”

The 13 year old girl, Diane, looked at Brittany with tears in her eyes and begged, “Please don’t let him fuck me. I’m still a virgin. I don’t want a dog to be my first.”

Brittany just got an evil grin and asked, “When we were at school and I took care of your little problem with your room mate, what did you promise me?”

Diane looked at Brittany and said, “That I would be your slave and do anything and everything that you told me no matter what.”

Brittany then asked her, “And what did I do for you to make you agree to do this for me?”

Diane answered, “You made my room mate and her friends stop beating me up every day.”

Brittany asked her, “And did they stop ganging up on you and beating you up for the rest of the school year and wasn’t that worth what you promised me?”

Diane lowered her head in defeat and answered, “Yes Brittany”.

Brittany finally asked, “And have I ever made you do anything that you didn’t end up enjoying before it was over with?”

Diane answered, “No Brittany.”

Brittany then said, “Then do what I say or I’ll start switching and won’t stop until I am tired.”

Diane sobbed as she got onto her hands and knees and resumed sucking the boy’s cocks. One of them had gone over to Karen and started fucking her mouth since the other girl had finished. It didn’t take but a minute before he was cumming down her throat and the guy that had been fucking her came at the same time. As soon as they pulled out the last two guys that Diane was sucking came over and one took Karen in the cunt and the other stuck his cock down her throat.

The dog that had shown an interest in Diane had come back and was licking her cunt and driving it in until it reached her hymen. His cock was coming out and getting longer and longer and finally the dog jumped up on his hind paws and gripped her around the waist. He started pumping, trying to get his cock in her cunt and kept missing. Brittany switched Diane’s tits and ordered, “Get your hand back there and help the dog find your hole bitch.”

Diane reached under and guided the dog’s cock to her cunt. On the next lunge, he sank in to her hymen. He pulled out and rammed it in again and it sank in to the hilt of the young girl, tearing through her cherry. She screamed in pain and yelled, “Take it out. Please take it out. It hurts so bad, please take it out.”

No one moved to help her. The dog began pumping in earnest and his knot started slamming into her cunt lips. Another dog came up to her face and mounted her and started trying to stick his cock in her mouth. Diane closed her mouth and turned her head away. Brittany lashed her with an underhanded stroke to her tits and ordered, “Suck that cock bitch.”

Diane immediately opened her mouth and took the dog’s cock into her mouth. She started sucking hard, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. The boys had finished with Karen and were standing back watching Diane being fucked at both ends by two dogs. Brittany however had other ideas. She ordered Karen, “Get on your knees cunt.” She turned to the boys and yelled, “Hey guys, come on over here and line up. This bitch wants to drink your piss. I wouldn’t want her to be disappointed now, do you?”

Karen got up on her knees and sat back on her heels. She put her hands behind her back and then tilted her head up and opened her mouth. She was totally humiliated at what this girl was making happen. It was bad enough that Darrell was making her do these things but to have a school girl not only abuse her but other girls as well. What kind of world is this, she wondered.

The boys stepped up and one at a time, stuck their limp cocks in Karen’s mouth and took a piss. When the last one was pissing down her throat, they heard a dog start howling. They looked over and noticed that the dog fucking Diane’s cunt was howling and apparently cumming. The guy finished pissing and ordered Karen, “Suck me off cunt.”

Karen complied immediately.

The dog that had just cum in Diane’s no longer virgin cunt had turned around and he was now stuck ass to ass. Karen kept sucking the guy’s cock, but the combination of piss and shit was not sitting well on her stomach. She was desperately struggling to keep from throwing it all up and was loosing the battle fast. When the guy started cumming, he slammed his cock all the way down and shot his cum down her throat. This was all Karen could take and as he pulled his cock out, she threw up the piss and shit all over the guy’s crotch. She fell down on her hands and knees and continued to wretch until she was having dry heaves. While she was puking her guts out, the dog that was fucking Diane’s mouth started cumming and pumping his cum down her throat. This was the first time anyone or in this case anything had ever rammed a cock down her throat and cum. And dog’s cum a whole lot more than humans so it seemed to her that the dog would never stop. The good news for her was that she had been smart enough to keep the dog’s knot from going into her mouth. When the dog pulled out, she joined Karen in puking out the dog’s cum.

It was about this time that the dog locked in her cunt pulled out and went over by the back door, curled up and began licking its cock clean. When their attention was drawn to the back door, they all noticed that there were seven men there watching every thing and one of them had a video camera. They all began applauding and saying, “Good show!” This calmed the kids down as they were all stumbling around trying to find their pants to get dressed and get out of there. Wayne Keplar stepped forward and said, “Brittany, I have Karen’s husband on the phone here and he would like to talk to you. I think you impressed him.”

Brittany tentatively came up to Wayne and took the phone from him and said quietly, “Hello.”

Darrell answered, “Hi Brittany, I must say that you really did a great job with Karen and your two other bitches. I am having a little party for Karen tomorrow at my house starting at noon and would like to invite you and everyone there to join us for the festivities, which is sure to provide some wonderful opportunities to humiliate Karen even more. I was also wondering how many more girls like those two you have there could you bring with you. You don’t have to answer now, but I would like you to come over now so that we can discuss some activities for tomorrow.”

Brittany answered up quickly with no hesitation whatsoever, “Darrell, I’ll tell you now that I would love to come to your party. If you’ll hold on, I’ll ask the guys.”

Brittany turned to the girls and ordered, “You bitches get dressed. We are going over to someone’s house to discuss a little party tomorrow for our new friend here”

She then told the guys, “Hey guys, there’s a party tomorrow at Darrell Mitchell’s that will involve our new friend here. He wants to know if you would like to attend.”

The boys all knew the reputation that the Mitchell’s had for throwing great parties and wouldn’t have given up the chance to attend a party that would involve senior high school students.

Brittany put the phone back to her ear and told Darrell, “All seven guys said that they will attend tomorrow. As for the girls here, well let me just say that they will come over with me this afternoon and we can discuss their role in the party tomorrow. And for your question about how many girls I control. I have four more, making six in total between the ages of 13 and 15 that will do anything I tell them to. If you want them to attend, then I will make sure they are there for your party.”

Darrell told her, “That would be great. Go ahead and bring those two little cunts on over this afternoon so we can do some planning for tomorrow. Who knows, we may just enjoy ourselves this afternoon.”

Brittany hung up the phone and handed it to Wayne and thanked him. She turned to the other two girls and told them, “All right you two bitches. Come with me. We’re going to Darrell Mitchell’s house now.” She told the boys. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the Mitchell’s.

Wayne grabbed a hose that was hooked to the outside water faucet and turned the cold water on Karen and started spraying her body. He washed all of the cum, piss, shit and vomit off of her. When she was clean on the outside, he stuck the nozzle in her cunt and sprayed her cunt until all of the cum was washed out of it. He turned off the water and told her, “You sure took good care of my boys. I think that you earned the right to have the deli meats and cheeses delivered tomorrow. Now come back inside and get dressed.”

Karen crawled inside and went to the chair where her clothes were. She took off her nipple and clit chain off to put her clothes on and then replaced the chain. She went out the door to the deli at the front of the store and looked at Wayne and asked, “So you will fill the order for us now?”

Wayne told her, “I’ll definitely be providing not only what was requested, but because you gave us such a good show, I’m going to throw in some extra special meats that I just got in. Thank you for your little show. Now you better hurry or you will be late for your next stop.”

End of Part 10

Please e-mail comments and let me know what you think of my story. I am always looking for ideas and invite suggestions. If you are reading this on Storiesonline or BDSM and like the story please vote and comment.

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