Phsychological warfare

Phsychological warfare

The voice came through the door. "Aversion therapy is where you make someone stop an undesirable social behaviour by making them associate it with something negative..." i knocked on the door interrupting. For example. David has just arrived late. talk amongst yourselves for a moment." there was a pause and she opened the door, stepping into the hallway. I looked her up and down. she was a very attractive woman. She was slim, but not skinny, and definitely not fat. Her body was well proportioned, with at least C cup tits, and a nice ass. She was maybe 5ft 6 to my 5 ft 10. I looked to her face. She had a girlish charm to her, despite being 33, with sharp features, an upturned and slightly pointed button nose, slim pink lips and black hair to her shoulders. if i was honest, i had a huge crush on her.

She also had her hands on her hips looking stern. "I am sick and tired of this, David! Every lesson you come in late! i know it isn't the bus, because i know you drive! so what's the reason? couldn't be bothered getting out of bed? just don't think Psychology is important?"

"It's 10 minutes." i told her in disbelief.

"It's always 10 minutes! and that's if you even bother showing up! You're 18 for gods sake! it's pathetic!" she hissed. "Get out of here, and don't bother coming back!" she turned and re-entered the class room and i stood there for a moment, in a rage. I was tempted to rush in there, but suddenly i got a better idea. I smirked and turned, heading back to my car.

I walked slowly, and when I reached it I slipped in. It was a TVR Tuscan which my parents had bought before they died. My family extremely well off, and my inheritance easily covered all the costs. it was a good thing too, since I lived on my own. I gunned the engine and shot off down the street, skidding onto the main road and home.

When i got there i stepped calmly out of my car and waved to my neighbour, Sel. "Hey David. How are you?" he asked. I grinned.

"I'm great, thanks. You?" i asked. He smiled back.

"Can't complain." he turned and headed into his house, and i mine. It was a nice 2 story at the end of a cul-de-sac, with a loft conversion. There was a large kitchen/dining room/back room, a study, the front room, bathroom and a hallway on the 1st floor. the 2nd had 5 spare rooms and 2 bathrooms, and the entire loft was one big master bedroom.

I headed straight through the kitchen and out the back, towards a tool shed in the large, Tuscany style garden. Once there i grabbed some duct tape, some zip ties, and a bit of rope before heading into the house. I practised my knots on the handle of a brush, making sure they were tight. After 2 hours i went in for my second lesson.

The rest of the day passed quick. there were 3 lessons a day, 2 lasting 240 minutes and one lasting between 50 minutes and 1 and a half hours. Today college let out at 3:45. When it was over i got in my car and brought it to the car park, parking just outside my psychology teachers classroom and waited. I hid whenever a teacher left, but apart from the few moments of ducking under the dashboard no one saw me. Finally i knew it was just my target there. The car park was empty, it was pitch black outside, and the only light i could see on in the college was her room. I started the car and turned my lights on. She looked up as i got right outside the window and started flashing my lights.

As soon as i did she started having a fit and i quickly turned off the engine and ran into her room, tying her up and putting tape over her mouth before dragging her back out to my car. I opened the boot and threw her in, shutting the lid and driving back home as calmly as i could. I was extremely excited and had a bit of adrenalin pumping through me. I made sure no one was looking when i opened my boot and lifted her out. i headed straight inside, accidentally hitting her head on the door frame and knocking her out. I was relieved as she stopped moving and writhing in my arms, and the squealing stopped, but disappointed id have to wait to have my fun. i wanted her to be awake for it.

I took her into the loft and on the bed, untying her hands and quickly attaching them to the four corners with zip ties. When i had finished i went down stairs. i held the other one in my hand and went into the kitchen to grab a couple of beers and a bottle of Vodka and headed back up, just sitting there playing with i knife i had placed on the night stand earlier. I turned on the TV and waited.

It was 7 when she had finally woke up. She had been unconscious for half an hour. She opened her eyes groggily, and after a moment they widened in fear and she started tugging her hands and feet. i grinned as the zip ties tightened. "Hello, Emma." i greeted, rolling the tip of the knife on the tip of my finger. "So nice of you to wake up." she mumbled, and i tore off the tape.

"Let me go, Now!" she screamed.

"So fiesty." i said, crawling over the end of the bed and towards her. I licked her cheek and stopped next to her ear. "But that will change. I never wanted to hurt you, you know, but i had no choice. You hurt me today. deeply. Humiliated me." i told her. i sat back and stroked her face and she kept screaming for help. "Oh, no one will hear you. My parents, god rest their souls, had my room fitted with the best soundproofing money can buy. apparently they hated that i played my guitar so loud." she started sobbing in defeat.

"Please, don't do this..." she begged.

"I would say i dont want to, but that would be lying." i once again leant close to her ear. "I am going to make love to you." i nibbled on her earlobe slightly. "Until you beg me for more." i finished. Her sobs increased in volume. I sat on her waist and looked down at her, into her eyes. They were a beautiful blue. "Such beautiful eyes. Who knows, i may even come to love you." i told her. I brushed my hands up her sides slowly, just thinking to myself that this was now all mine.

After a few minutes of stroking her sides i took the knife and held it to her clothes. I applied gentle pressure and it started tearing through her blouse and jumper, revealing a white lace bra. I smiled sweetly down at her as i tore the sleeves and pulled the tops out from under her. "You have a wonderful body, emma. You shouldn't hide it so much." i told her. apparently it was the clothes making her look slightly more chubby than she was. She had the faintest outline of a four pack. I pulled the label out of her bra and saw they were 36C. I tugged at the front clasp, fumbling a bit until it came off. I cut the straps and again tossed it to the side.

She struggled, obviously trying to cover up as she begged me to stop. I lent down and started kissing her jaw, moving slowly down her neck and chest. He skin was wonderfully smooth and had no blemishes. She had a thin layer of sweat from her struggling, and her breasts were wobbling about. finally, i kissed the top of her breast. I stopped and looked up into her face. she was looking down at me with tears falling down her cheeks. i slowly poked my tongue out of my mouth and lowered it ever so gently onto her breast. I was extremely aroused at how she still had her work trousers on, as i licked the entire surface of her left breast before taking her nipple into my mouth.

It was maybe one and a half times the size of my thumbnail. I rolled my tongue around it as it stiffened in my mouth, and sucked gently. I took as much of her breast into my mouth and sucked until there was just her nipple, which i would brush my teeth again before repeating. I was gently squeezing the other one as i sucked. I kept doing this for quite a while, until she stopped struggling. I looked up with her breast still in my mouth and she was laying with her head back, propped up by the pillows and her eyes closed crying silent tears. She had cried her throat raw.

I reached down with my left hand and slipped it through the waist of her pants. I felt around on top of her underwear for a moment, just sliding a finger up and down the crotch and feeling a wetness. My eyes widened and i took my mouth off, grinning at her. "Someone is enjoying themselves. I am glad." i picked up the knife again and slid down to cut off her trousers. she tried weakly to close her legs, but i ignored the attempt. When the trousers came off she was left in a matching white lace pair of panties. Poking through the sides was a bush of black hair so thick it was pushing the panties up slightly. I grinned up at her. "Someone really should start shaving." i told her. I cut the sides of the panties off of her beautiful full hips, revealing the bush for all to see.

I knelt between her legs and stroked her from her knees to her thighs. i leant down and slowly licked the top layer of her bush, getting a shudder. "Somebody is Definitely enjoying themselves." i lowered my head again, and pushed my tongue out so it was stiff. i pushed and it entered her slit, parting the lips. I licked the pink folds from top to bottom. she smelt a bit funny, and had a strong taste to her. I sat back up. "When was the last time you properly cleaned down here?" i asked. She closed her mouth tightly and looked at me in defiance. "I said, ANSWER ME!" i grabbed her face in one hand and raised her head.

"Eat me." she shot at me. I threw her head back into the pillow and grinned.

"Oh, i will. this just puts a temporary delay on the process." i stood and went to an en-suite bathroom. I grabbed the empty bin and poured some water in, just rinsing it and refilling it. I then grabbed a bottle of shower gel and a wash cloth and stepped back in. she looked over and glared at me. I put the bin down and slipped off my own clothes until i was standing there naked. She gasped as i stood proudly before her. I grabbed my 9 inch dick in my hand and couldn't close my fist fully around it. i held it in front of her mockingly. "This is what i am going to use to show i love you. to show you that from now on, you are mine, and mine alone." i stepped back and picked up the bucket, heading down to her waist.

I lifted her hips and sat between her legs, resting her ass on my thighs. I took the wash cloth and started brushing her. she gasped at the cold water, and when i pulled the cloth away i saw she was seeping her fluids. I put a finger under the flow, getting a fair amount covering it and brought it to my face, putting it in my mouth and savouring the sweet taste. I applied a thin layer of the gel as her juices seeped onto my lap. my cock was hard as steel when i felt this, and was poking hard into the small of her back.

I wiped away the gel, making sure it was all off before leaning down and licking her experimentally. She tasted wonderful now. I put the bucket, gel and cloth down next to the bed and went back to licking her slit. I lapped up her flowing juices and after a minute found her clit. I started rolling it between 2 fingers and shoved my tongue into her slit, making sure my mouth was covering it all. After a few moments she started bucking and a strong stream of her cum shot right into my mouth. I swallowed as it flowed into my mouth, and when it stopped i kept a mouthful and slid up her body to her face. She was looking to the side, ashamed. I put a finger on her chin and turned her to face me. she put up no resistance.

I kissed her, and she gasped. As soon as she did i opened my mouth, releasing the fluids in, and didn't move it until she swallowed. I gently nudged my tongue into her mouth and once more she didnt resist, almost accepting. I pulled back and stroked her cheek. "All i want is to bring us both pleasure. And i love the taste of your cum, so i thought i'd share." i told her. I kissed her again and positioned myself at her centre. I pushed forwards and her soaked cunt seemed to almost suck me in. It was so tight as well! it fit me better than a glove. I held it in there and fumbled around in a drawer beside my bed until i found a bottle that rattled when it moved.

I held myself balls deep inside her and shook out 2 pills. "You aren't already on the pill, are you?" i asked her. She glared but shook her head. I placed the two on her mouth and she reluctantly swallowed. I leant down and kissed her again as i slowly slid out of her. I loved the feeling of her walls putting a constant, hot pressure on my stiff dick. I sat up a bit and looked down to see she looked very stretched. As i pushed in again she couldn't help the moan that escaped. I kissed her again, slowly building into a rhythm. every time i pushed in i savoured the feeling of her muscles stretching to accommodate me, and her moans. when i pulled out i loved the stroking feeling i got. I took my time, which seemed to be helping me last. After 20 minutes of slow, steady fucking i leant to her ear.

"So you teach me psychology, and now you get to teach me how to have sex. Who knew my teacher would be who i lost my virginity to? and all because she couldn't keep her cool." i pulled back until i was about 2 inches from her face. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning under her breath, gasping. she seemed to be biting back her words and i looked sadly down as i kept thrusting. "I never did want to hurt you. You just gave me no choice. Maybe now you'll learn it doesn't do to disobey me." i told her. I increased the pace and she moaned loudly.

"Fuck!" she moaned and i smiled again.

"I knew you were enjoying yourself." i panted huskily. I increased the pace again and she started writhing and bucking her hips up against my body. I kept increasing the pace until the point where she was thrashing about in the throes of an orgasm. as she writhed i felt my balls tighten and get that warm feeling. I kissed her harshly and shot my load right into her. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 spurts, filling her. I collapsed on top of her for a second and rolled to the side. I panted and tried to regain my breath. When i looked down i saw my cum seeping slowly out of her and i started getting hard again. I grinned, but stood as my stomach rumbled. "Something to eat my love?" i asked, leaning down and stroking her cheek. She just looked at me with sad eyes.

"Why?" she asked simply.

"Because i wanted you." i replied, turning and walking out the room, not bothering to put on some clothes. I headed downstairs and went around, closing the curtains. My neighbour blushed when she saw me, and i waved cheekily before closing the curtains. The door was already locked. I went to the kitchen and pulled the mince out the fridge, quickly making spaghetti bolognaise. I made enough for the both of us, and took it upstairs. When i got there she looked up at me with her sad eyes. I got an erection when i saw her naked form again, but restrained myself. I sat, and propped her up with some more pillows under her head, and fed her.

She reluctantly ate when i gave her tit a painful squeeze after she spat it back out at me. i gave her a stern look and kept feeding her until she was done, and ate mine. It was now 11, and i had college again the next morning. I had another quick fuck from her, finishing at 11:45, and lay down with my arms around her waist, my hand gently squeezing her tit and my other resting on her thigh. She had closed her eyes and was breathing lightly. she moved around slightly as if in a nightmare. "No, please Dave! let me go! Please!" she begged under her breath. "If you loved me you wouldn't be doing this!" there was another pause. "Please, just let me go!" i grinned to myself. Maybe she'd be broken before i thought. With that, i went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning at 7:30. i stood and showered, not bothering to untie Emma, and 15 minutes later i was washed and clean, fully clothed in some blue jeans and a tight black dress shirt. I got my laptop from downstairs and went to the school website with the e-mail. I put in Emma's e-mail address and made her type in her password. When she did i took it back and sent an e-mail saying she was sick and wouldn't be in for a few days, possibly a week or two. i asked someone to leave a note on the board to inform the classes and get them to write their name down to show they had arrived. When that was done i groped and kissed her for a short while before leaving.

I arrived on time and finished my morning lesson at 11:40. luckily for me, on a Tuesday I only had the morning period and then i was off all day. It could have been my imagination, but i could also swear that a number of girls were looking at me whenever i walked into a room, or when i was leant over painting.

I headed back home and stopped on the way to grab a couple of burgers from McDonald's, and some chocolate spread squirty cream, and a 20 pack of cigarettes from sainsburys. i got home 5 minutes later and headed straight to the loft, having once more locked the door.

When i walked in emma looked up at me with a hopeless look in my eyes. "If i untie your hands do you promise not to try anything?" i asked her. She nodded, her eyes shinning a little bit brighter. I put the McDonald's down and got my knife, slowly slicing the zip tie off. She just put it to her side. I cut the other one. She rubbed her wrists, which had red lines on them from her struggling. Just as i was moving she tried to grab me. I was quicker though, and grabbed her hands. i looked at her sadly. "Why must you test me?" i asked her. i shook my head and grabbed another zip tie from the drawer, tying her hands behind her back and helping her sit up. "McChicken sandwich, big mac, or quarter pounder?" i asked her. She looked at me with those sad, sad eyes.

"the McChicken sandwich, please." she asked tiredly. I nodded and picked up the box, opening it slowly and holding it to her mouth. she took a bite and i watched as she closed her eyes and her stomach rumbled while she chewed. She wolfed it down and i fed her the fries, and helped her sip at the diet coke. I didn't want her getting fat, after all. I ate the quarter pounder and the big mac, having not bought fries for myself. I then drank some of my coke. i then took my clothes off and sat next to her naked. she leaned on me, tiredly. obviously it was an effort for her to sit up with her hands behind her back. I moved so i was behind her and she was between my legs, taking one of the cigarettes and a lighter. I asked if she wanted one and she shook her head in the negative.

I shrugged and lit up, taking a deep drag. I wrapped my arms around her waist, resting them on her stomach, and lay back slightly so i was at 45 degrees to the headboard. I stroked her body as i had my cigarette, loving the feel of her breasts and the coarse feeling of her bush. I briefly toyed with the idea of shaving it, but decided to leave that choice to her. i stroked her lips and pushed a finger inside, just gently rocking it in and out until she was wriggling against me. I finally finished my cigarette and i cut the zip tie, before quickly pulling her arms round front and tying them again. I slid myself between her arms and chest, so they were wrapped around me and pushed her back so she was lying down again.

I leant forward and captured her lips, letting my fingers bring her to the point of orgasm. I felt her just starting to shudder and knew another second of my fingers and she'd cum. I grinned and pushed my cock in harshly. As soon as it passed her lips she screamed loudly. "Oh!!!" she yelled, and i felt her cum splashing against my crotch. I looked at her, propping myself up until her arms were around my neck.

"I love it when you come." i told her, before kissing her again. I went at a decent pace and just kept enjoying the feel of her inner muscles sliding and squeezing the length of my cock. I took her breast in my mouth and starting licking and nibbling her nipple. she came after only 5 minutes and pushed my head into her chest, panting and moaning louder and louder. She started bucking her hips towards me in rhythm, obviously not in control of herself, as she moaned and flexed her hands on my back with her eyes closed and a frown on her face. I just kept pumping and enjoying the feel.

I had my hands either side of her chest on the bed with my head buried between her beautiful mounds as i felt my balls welling up and that tight feeling starting. I looked at her and she opened her eyes, looking at me. "I love you." i gasped as i came in her, and she started crying again. I lay in her arms and held her as she cried.

I got up at 1:30 and cut the ties on her legs. She stood in front of me with her head down, seemingly ashamed, but accepting that she couldn't escape. I smiled and brushed the sides of her stomach until she looked at me. I then pulled her onto my lap and kissed her. she reluctantly started kissing back, and her tongue brushed against my own tentatively. i smiled into the kiss and pulled back, sucking her tongue until the last minute, and stood. I led her over to the bathroom and started running the jacuzzi bath for her. I made sure it was warm. She sat in the tub as it filled just looking at me.

I kept trying to talk to her, but she wouldn't respond, which i accepted with a sigh. I told her everything there was about myself while it filled, and after it had. She lay in the water while i talked, and after a short time i started soaping her up. I spent extra time on her breasts and cunt as i brushed the large globes and gently massaged them. she was moaning again, and her hands seemed to be near her cunt under the bubbles, but i couldn't tell. I massaged her breasts for 10 minutes before stopping and rinsing them. I then had her stand up. She did and the water dripped from her body as i took another glob of shower gel on my fingers and massaged it into her hairy cunt. She moaned and her legs wobbled a bit as i did. i pushed a few fingers in and lathered up her insides.

I had her sit in the water and i washed the gel off with my fingers. I had her stand again to check my handiwork, and i pushed a finger into her again. She was somehow still tight. I grabbed a towel and lifted her out of the tub, drying her with buckets full of care and attention. When she was dry i led her back to the bed.

"Kneel." i ordered, and she did. i grabbed my cock and held it close to her lips. without a thought she leant forward and started sucking on it. At first it was almost like she was just going through the motions, but after naught but a minute she had me step through her arms so she could pull me deeper into her. it was obviously awkward, but she was getting more and more passionate as it went on. She started stroking me with her rough tongue, licking the head and pressing it against the tip. At one point she tried to push me into her throat, but choked. She did it a couple of more times, but couldn't seem to get the hang of it and thanks to the sex i managed to hold on for and hour. i held her head between my hands. "I'm cumming love!" i gasped, and she started sucking harder and harder. Finally i busted my load right into her throat with a moan, and she lapped it up.

I stepped out from her arms when i had finished and stood back. She stood and smiled at me sexily, stepping forwards. "Emma?" i asked, a bit confused. the light was back in her eyes and she almost looked delighted, as if she was seeing me for the first time and it was love at first sight. I was very confused. i never thought it would happen this quickly!

"yes, my love?"

"What are you doing?" she lifted her heads up around my neck and pressed her body against mine, looking up innocently.

"Nothing, love." she kissed me deeply, pulling me down to meet her mouth, and jumped up, wrapping her legs around me, just above my waist. I groaned and grabbed her arse in both hands to hold her up. I loved the feel of her arse! it was full but not fat. I was getting hard again as she kept kissing me, and i stumbled into the wall with a thud. I was soon hard as steel. She pulled back and smiled at me with love as she lowered herself down onto my cock. She gasped as she slid down my body, and used her legs to push her up and down as i stood. I was happy that she seemed to be sincere, and turned so her back was against the wall. I pushed her hard against it and kissed her passionately, her hands roaming my back, and mine kneading her ass cheeks. I pushed a finger into her tight little ring and she moaned loudly into my mouth.

I fucked her faster and harder than i ever had before and she moaned and screamed. There was a warm friction in her cunt that i was loving. i pounded her like a jack-hammer against the wall, shaking off all the pictures and paintings hung on it, even my acoustic. It dropped with a clang, but i didn't care as i pounded away at my screaming teacher. She pushed herself tightly to me as she came over and over, leaving a puddle beneath me on the floor. I slipped painfully onto my back and she pulled her hands from behind me, placing them on my chest and riding me like a horse. She was screaming in pleasure as her tits bounced with wild abandon i finally came, but only a few spurts this time, and i tied emma's feet together before taking her to the bed and lying her down.

We slowly drifted to sleep with her telling me how much she loved me.

It's now a month later. i had let Emma go back to work on the monday after her change. Every day she would have me have lunch in her classroom, and in lessons she was always winking and blowing kisses to me. The girl next to me, a very attractive and athletic girl with B-cup breasts looked rather shocked and impressed the first time, and now kept eyeing me up curiously in lesson. However, Emma was now mine. After college she would shoot straight to mine and jump my bones as soon as we were through the door and often before. I was now considering who could be my next target...

I love Stockholm syndrome...

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