Dawn's enslavement.

Dawn's enslavement.

This is my first attempt to write erotic stories so feedback would be welcome. Let me know if you want to here more of this story.

I opened my own law firm about a year ago. Two months ago I had more work than I could handle so I hired Dawn she was a law student and she seemed to be working out well. Dawn was young and beautiful! She has 34D tits, long platinum blond hair, she stands about 5 foot nothing and weighs about 120lbs with an ass to die for, and if that wasn’t enough she has sea green eyes and an air of purity about her.
Dawn and I were working late one Saturday afternoon when a call came through on Dawns cell phone. She excused herself and went out into the hall to answer it. I never thought anything about it. While she was on the phone I took a breather and went to get us something to drink and to use the restroom. Dawn was still on the phone but it sounded like she was upset. I decided not to say anything or to listen so I went to the restroom on the other end of the hall. I had just closed the stall door when I heard Dawn come into the restroom with me. I thought she was talking to me when I heard her mention the name of our latest client. I started to respond when she said “please don’t make me do this” I was confused at first but then I realized she was still talking on the phone. She was giving out the details of our case. At first I was so pissed I was ready to fire her on the spot, but I needed to know who she was talking to. So I waited and listened to what she had to say. Then I heard her mention the name of the Defendant and I had her dead to rights. I could fire her and probably have her arrested.

Dawn hung up the phone and looked in the mirror and asked her reflection what she was going to do? I stepped out of the stall and said how long have you been telling Jay about this case? She started to stammer and cry saying she had no choice. I told her I would have to fire her and call the police, as I have no choice because my clients were more important than her. She started to tell me a sob story about how her brother had got into some trouble and that Jay Ricos the defendant in my current case found out about it and was blackmailing her. He would go to the police and have her brother convicted of Murder if she didn’t tell Jay everything she knew about the case. She said Jay had proof that her brother killed a drug dealer but in reality it was Jay that killed the drug dealer in front of her brother. I told Dawn she was going to have to get me the info we needed to nail him and then her brother would be safe.

That is when she made me a proposal that I could not refuse. She told me she would do anything to keep her job. I ask her what she had in mind and she told me ANYTHING!!! No matter what it was she would make it up to me and be a faithful employee from now on. I told her if she would help me put Jay behind bars I would consider keeping her but that she would have to pay for what she had done I couldn’t let her get away scot free.

It took Dawn three months of recording every conversation with Jay before he bragged about what he had done. Dawn and I called the police and gave them the info and had Jay arrested. He is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

I went straight to Dawns office and closed the door and told her to come to my house tonight and we would talk about her keeping her job or going to jail. She started to shake and cry but said she would be there.

Chapter 1:

Dawn showed up at 7pm and I could tell she was nervous, but she came straight to the point and ask how she could keep her job. I ask her when she would graduate law school. She said in 3 years time. I told her you know what you did with our client was illegal right? She said yes she knew it was but she didn’t have a choice she had to protect her brother as he was her only family.

Well here is the point where we have to come up with a plan to punish you for what you did without involving the police. Do you have any suggestions? She said that just to be caught by me was punishment. I ask her how that was punishment, she told me she has never done anything like this before and was so ashamed by what she had allowed herself to get into that of course she would never do anything like this again. How do I know that you will never do this again?

No, the plan is the punishment must fit the crime. You could have lost me my law firm and in the process we both could have been arrested by the actions you chose to take so that being said here is what I propose. For a period of one year or until I say you have been punished enough you will become my sex slave. I know this is unorthodox but it is the only way I will get recompense for what you put me through for the last three months. I will give you ten minutes to think about what you want to do then we will get started or you can say goodbye to your career because I will make sure you don’t work in this field ever again.

There are some things you need to know, you will do what you are told the first time or any and all punishments will be increased significantly. You will move in here and stay until you finish your year of servitude or until I get tired of having you underfoot. You will only work for me. You will go to school then work then come straight here. You will buy clothes and wear what I say. You will not communicate with any of your classmates unless I give you permission. No boyfriends. Do you have any questions? Yes, I mean no, I have something to tell you, I’m a virgin. I said that’s good. I don’t want to catch anything from you. Just so you know I’ve never been with another woman but I’ve always been curious and I’ve always wanted a female slave. You have five minutes remaining so I will go upstairs and let you think about what all this entails. If you are going to comply remove your clothes and go to the basement, don’t ever look me in the eyes when we are here. From now on you will call me Miss.

I was so horny that I could barely walk. I couldn’t wait to take a belt and beat her beautiful ass. I went upstairs and changed into a teddy and a house coat then went to see if she was going to stay. I went to the basement and there she stood with her head bowed and her hands behind her back. It was the perfect stance. I ask her if she had any questions and she ask if I was going to hurt her. Yes. What do you think I’m going to do, talk to you as a punishment? When I give an order you will obey the first time no arguments or there will be extra punishment do you understand? Yes, I slapped her across the face and said yes what? Yes miss? Better! Now bend over the back of that chair. She started crying and shaking her head no. I walked over to her and grabbed her by the hair and told her I was only going to give you twenty-five but you just earned another twenty-five to go with that. She very quickly leaned over the back of the low chair. I ask if I would have to tie her down and she said no she would stay in place. I told her this time she didn’t have to count but it would be a good idea not to move because I might have to start over.

I walked up to her and rubbed my hand over her ass and between her legs. She was very nervous and jumped when I touched her. I told her to spread her legs and take a good hold of the arms of the chair and what ever happens don’t move. I picked up my belt, pulled my arm back and brought the first of the vicious lashing down on her near perfect ass. She jumped but held her stance and I heard a little hiccup and sob. I ask her if she had ever had a spanking before and she said yes from her parents but it had been awhile, I ask her what she had been punished for and she said because she had skipped school. I started counting the spanks for her. By the tenth stroke she was crying, by the twentieth she was openly sobbing. I was damn near Cumming just from beating her.

When I hit her the twenty-fifth time she screamed. I decided her ass and thighs had had enough. I told her to stand up and turn around. She was rubbing her ass and sobbing, I told her she could take the last twenty-five on her tits or pussy what will it be? She was begging me not to hit her anymore but I was way into what I was getting out of this it was almost like a high. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to “I so didn’t want to”. I raised the belt up and brought it down across both of her breasts she screamed and dropped to her knees wrapped her arms around my legs and begged and pleaded for me to stop. I told her I would after twenty-four more strokes. I will let you pick the area and the instrument that will finish your punishment. Here is what is on offer. I walked to the wardrobe and opened the doors and I was proud of the assortment of whips, belts, paddles and torture devices that I had accumulated since I decided to punish her in this manner. I told her to crawl over to the cabinet and choose something that I could finish this faze of her punishment with and to hurry.

She crawled over and chose a whip that was pretty light weight. I was impressed. I ask her where the next twenty-four spanks would be. She asks if I could divide them between her pussy and her breasts. I told her to stand up spread her legs and raise her arms over her head and told her if she moved I would double her punishment again. When I started hitting her tits she moaned a little I don’t know if it was pain or relief that she was feeling but I let her have it as hard as I could. When I got done with her first spanking she dropped to her knees and thanked me and said that she deserved that. I was almost in shock at what I had done. I had always fantasized about having a slave but the reality was far greater. Now all I had to do was think up things to keep her on her toes. I ask her if she had ever thought about making it with another woman and she said no the thought had never crossed her mind.

I told her to put her mouth on my pussy. She just knelt there looking at me and started crying harder, I slapped her across the face and asked her if she had not got enough of the belt? She pressed her mouth to my crotch outside of my clothes and I cum just from that first contact. It was very erotic to see her kneeling there with tears on her face and her mouth pressed to my pussy outside my clothes.

I took off my house coat and teddy and stood there naked for the first time in front of her. I told her that was nice but now to really get her face in there and start licking. She had no clue what to do but I was still so horny that I really only needed to be touched to start Cumming again. I held off and grabbed her by the hair and started rocking back and forth on her face then I pushed her to the floor on her back and sat down on her nose and mouth. I was on cloud nine. I told her to stick her tongue up my ass and really get to work. After I had cum again it had taken the edge off a little so I stood up and told her to get to her feet. She was a little shaky and breathing hard her face was wet with my pussy juices it was a very arousing site.

I was far from satisfied I went over to the wardrobe and started pulling things from it. I got a set of hand cuffs, a spreader bar out and a dildo. I wanted to take her cherries and I really wanted it to be painful. I guess I’m sadistic. I put her on her back on a kitchen like table and told her to put her arms over her head. I had attached eye hooks on the table all around the edges. I put the handcuffs on her and attached them to the eye hook at the top of the table, then I put the spreader bar between her legs and fastened it to her ankles then I raised her legs up in the air and attached the bar to a chain hung from a beam in the ceiling. That put her ass and pussy right at the edge of the table. I put a bright red ball gag in her mouth and a blind fold on her eyes and got between her legs so I could see if she was wet and to my surprise she was damp. I started to stroke her pussy with my fingers and she moaned a little but shook her head no.

That pissed me off so I rammed two fingers up her pussy and twisted and turned them till she started to cry again. I smiled to myself and thought this is supposed to be painful. Her pussy was tight on my fingers so I knew this dildo was going to hurt her. I barely put some lube on the tip and strapped it on my waist then walked to the edge of the table and started to rub the fake dick up and down her pussy slit. The dildo was 8 inches long and about as big around as her wrist. I pushed it in a little till I met her cherry then I pulled out and walked around to the other end of the table and leaned over her head and bit her nipples and slapped her breasts, I whispered to her that I was going to pop her cherry and I hope it hurt like hell.
She started crying harder and mumbling through the gag. I just laughed and went back to work on her pussy. This time I put my hands on her hips and put the dildo at the opening of her pussy and just shoved it in to the hilt. She let out a scream through the gag although it was a little muffled it was music to my ears. I roughly pushed in and out of her pussy for about five or so minutes then pulled out and walked up to her head again and removed the gag and put the blood speckled dildo in her mouth and told her to clean it up, she washed it with her tongue and when it was clean I leaned down again and whispered to her that she only had one virgin hole left and could she guess where my dick is going next, before she could say anything I popped the gag back into her mouth and buckled it tight.

I wanted her in a humiliating position. So I released her from her bondage and told her to bend over the end of the chair I ran a rope under the chair from her cuffs to her spreader bar and attached them together then I took off her blind fold and stood in front of her stroking the big dildo and telling her how bad this was going to hurt. I ask her when the last time she shit was. She mumbled something I couldn’t understand so I removed the gag. She was sobbing and begging me not to rape her ass but that is what I intended to do. I slapped her across the face and told her to quit blubbering and tell me what I wanted to know. She was red as a tomato when she told me it had been yesterday. I told her I’m so sorry but I can’t fuck your ass right now you will have to have an enema first as I don’t like to have shit on me.

I left her there tied to the chair and went upstairs to see if I had an enema but I didn’t have one so I decided to wait till the next day to deflower her virgin ass.

I couldn’t wait to find something humiliating for her to do and I wanted her to look stunning at work tomorrow so I went downstairs and untied her and told her we were going shopping. I told her to put her silk blouse on without her bra and throw her panties away that she wouldn’t need them anymore.
We left the house with her beet red and me so horny I could barely walk. I took her to the next town from where I lived and took her to the mall to get something interesting for her to wear. I told her to buy some mini skirts and some halter style tops and some silk blouses for work. Then we went to the lingerie store where we found her some beautiful half bras and some silk crotch-less panties and some garters and sheer silk hose. We talked about some of duties as we were shopping and I told her some of what she could expect while she was my slave. The clerk kept giving us weird looks and I told Dawn to flash her tits at the woman so she would have something to talk about with her girlfriends. Dawn went scarlet and started to say no then I guess she thought better of it and turned around and pulled her shirt open so the woman could see her beautiful tits. The woman smiled at me then walked over to us and ask if Dawn was my daughter or my lover I told her neither she is my slave for the next year.

Dawn gasped and looked down at the floor and didn’t say a word. The woman looked surprised to here this and ask where she could get one. I ask her if she was serious about it and she said yes very. I gave her my address and told her to come by the house tomorrow and we would talk about Dawn being her slave for a weekend, It was up to me to teach Dawn a lesson that she wouldn’t forget.

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