Dance With A Concubine Part One

Dance With A Concubine Part One

There was a time when magic and witches were of the norm, when enigmas of the mystical terrorized the earth. I once regarded them as fables, tales to be told to rock children to sleep, however as it turns out it was far from it.

My story begins on a day like any other; I woke up to the sound of my phone alarm screaming away the words to my favorite song, ‘Feeding the undead’ by Bloodbath. I am a metal head, go figure. I hit the snooze button and dozed off for like 15 minutes before I realized I was late for work. I work as an archaeologist specializing in Inca symbols and trinkets. My team got called in to a town by the ‘New York Historic Society’ called Livingstone to investigate a cave found by some local potheads These stoners unknowingly found a shrine of sorts and we were to gather any relics and return it for further study.

I jumped into the shower and shuddered when the cold water hit me. Goddamn motel! My nipples were slowly hardening as the icy water swept across my tits; it felt really good, maybe too good. I shoved such thoughts aside and grabbed the shower gel, emptied a dollop into my loofah and hurriedly lathered it across my body. Five minutes in and i was out and rinsing myself off. I then went in front of the mirror for my daily ritual. Every girl needs a pick me up and mine was a short conversation with myself before i started the day.

I looked myself square in the eyes and said, "You are Lissa Hamilton. You are hot, sexy and smart like Lara Croft but sadly less British. Your mouth might definitely be full of toothpaste at the moment but you are definitely kissable."

I then really took a minute to check out my naked self. My dad was from Norway but my mom from upstate, they met at a Norwegian death metal show which my dad was playing at. It was love at first guitar riff. Thanks to my dad I have natural beach blonde hair which i always keep tied up in a ponytail and emerald green eyes. My mom gave me perky C cup tits and an impeccable ass. Unfortunately also thanks to her i was kind of on the shorter side and boys had to bend over in high school to make out with me.

I picked out a plain white shirt with some old ratty jeans and headed out. I had rented out a rundown Toyota for the duration for my stay. It was cheap, okay? I had to drive out to the edge of town and meet up with Brian, a member of our dig team. We had altogether four people which included Brian who specialized in roman culture, Nancy in that of Egyptian heritage and Stuart our ever balding benevolent leader.

As i arrived near the meet up spot, i saw Stuart’s RV and parked up next to it. Brian greeted me with a smile as i got out. Brian is sort of like the cute nerdy guy you would meet in college reciting prose from Dante Alighieri in the original Latin. Which sounds douchey and it is but he is a total sweetheart. He wore his hair short and to the side and wore large frames which spoke to the true hipster in him.

"Dude, you are so late." He said as handed me a hot cuppa joe, "Nancy already headed in but me being the perfect gentleman wanted to wait for you. Plus Stuart wanted to see you."

"Oh great, what a perfect way to start the morning, If the coffee doesn’t kick start me his rampant yelling will."

"Don’t you just love work?" Brian replied ever so sarcastically.

I went over to the RV and was going to knock when i noticed the door was open so i crept in. I looked in and saw Stuart standing there naked with his hand at his hips.

"Hey beautiful" he said winking, "Papa bear needs some love."

"Stuart, what the literal fuck!" I yelled, "This is the fifth time this month, some lame pickup from some television show is not gonna get you laid with me."

"But the guy said two out of three times." He said grabbing some pants, "two out of three my ass."

Stuart was in his late 40s, his head ever devout of hair. He was the human equivalent of a pot-bellied pig. That is to say he is short, hairy and made snarky noises. So why was i working with a boss who tries to bang me every chance he gets? Well he believe it or not is one of the greatest minds of our century, a genius in every field with a brain that rivals Stephen Hawking himself. He used to look quite handsome too but after a bitter divorce and rigorous drinking shit happens. I went to one of his lectures in college and he recruited me for his team. All things considered it was nice; besides the constant sexual advances i was building quite a resume and gaining so much knowledge at the same time.

"So boss, is there something you have to say before we begin work." I said with a sharp tone in my voice.

"Sorry for the sexual harassment." He said kicking the floor, "I should probably hide the glow in the dark condoms then, unless?"

"Yeah, that would be advised." I said as i walked out.

We took out our gear and headed into the forest to catch up with Nancy. I could feel Stuart staring at my ass as we ventured through. That dude needs to get laid but then again so did I. i have been on a dry spell for two years since i broke up with my last boyfriend. If you think about it Stuart did have a nice cock. It was thick and throbbing and would feel so good in mouth. Stop! What the fuck was I thinking? This is fucking Stuart we are talking about! I shook my head and went on.

"Hey guys something weird is going on." Brian exclaimed, "My phone battery was totally full before i came in here and then it suddenly switched off."

"Hey mine too." Stuart said.

I took my phone out of my pocket and mine was turned off too. "Yeah, that is weird. But we should find Nancy and get this job over with."
They nodded in agreement and Brian led us to the cave entrance. The cave entrance was seemingly narrow and hollow for miles. There were signs and symbols everywhere but it seemed unfamiliar. There were torches lighting up the way throughout the cave which were left by Nancy probably.

"Nancy should be exploring the inner regions by now," Stuart said, "So why don’t you guys head in and join up with her."

"Sure boss." Brian said, "Come on, Lissa."

He took my hand and dragged me inside. It was then i felt a strange tugging sensation at my stomach. Brian was kind of hot i thought to myself. I bet he has a nice cock, long and hard. He can pound away at me all night long Lionel Ritchie style.

"Whoa!" He exclaimed jolting me from my perverted haze. Something was making me extra frisky and I did not know what. I shook out of it only to drop my draw further to the floor.

The inner cave was massive like as large as a football stadium. There were stalactites which were red in colour on the top of the cave illuminating it in a bright red light. Around us were shrines, to deities i did not recognize. Their statues carved in the same red mineral. In front of us however was a massive one many feet tall depicting a winged woman with fangs? Well that was weird.

I was literally awe struck, "This is....."

"Beautiful?" boomed a feminine voice through the cave, "Amazing? Unbelievable?"

A figure crept out from behind the giant statue. It was Nancy, but she looked different. Her bright auburn hair was longer and at level with her navel. Her facial features seem more highlighted than before. Even her jugs were bigger almost two cups in size to a D. Her clothes were tattered and ripped and she seemed to glow in the same red as the mineral. She came forward and then stumbled out.

"Hey, Nancy are you alright." Brian caught her and knelt beside her, "What happened?"

Without any warning she reached forward and kissed Brian. Wrapping her arms around him in a bear like hug she drew him closer. It went on for a minute for which i just stood there dumbstruck. Then he fell backwards and started writhing. His tanned skin started turning pale and he was foaming around the mouth. Nancy was now dancing about merrily as if she was on some drug.

With difficulty Brian looked at me and mouthed the word run. I turned around to run only to find myself face to face with Nancy.

"You aren’t going to ruin the party are you, Lissa?" She said in a smile showing off her dimpled cheeks, "It is only just starting."

With a flick of her wrist vines came out from the under the ground and constricted me. I tried to move out but failed as it held me in a vice like grip.

"I always liked you Lissa." She said stroking my face, "You are like the hottest person I have ever met, besides me of course. As you can see I sort of got an upgrade.

"How? What happened to you? What are you?"

"Hmm, that is the magic question isn't it?" She smirked and began undressing. "While you and Brian were busy doing whatever I was here working and I found this magic talisman. As I touched it out slithered a shadow of the woman you see on that statue right there. She was a witch and in exchange for immortality and power i was to offer my body as a vessel. She resides in me granting me power."

As she said that horned tipped wings sprouted from behind her and she snarled to reveal fangs. My mind was flooded with thoughts not to save Brian but to achieve ecstasy with the goddess like creature before me.

"You are horny aren’t you." She said and reached her fingers into my pants sliding it over my pussy, “You want to fuck, and you want to get fucked. It is the result of my powers; you have been feeling it for some time, haven’t you? You want me to want you, but you have to work for it."

With that her fingers dived into my pussy. With magic like reflexes she was massaging my clit with her thumb while using two fingers to frig my pussy. It took me but a moment to cum, the vines loosening as I achieved climax. I dropped to the floor with a thud. I was breathing heavily and felt hot. That was unreal I thought.

"I guess you just aren't ready for someone like me," she said very disappointed, "but i am feeling horny myself and need release."

Within the blink of an eye I found myself surrounded by five large bulky men of similar size. They wore masks on their faces and large black robes.

"Rip her to shred boys!" She said smirking and went off toward the direction of Brian.

I was about to scream no when i was muffled by a humongous dick courtesy of one of the large men. It was about eight inches long and three inches thick. I wanted to get away but he held me down with a stronger force than the vines did. He could only fit about four inches inside my mouth before i started gagging. This got him angry I believe because then he started fucking my face with no mercy. But to my surprise each time it went deeper and deeper and soon my chin was slapping against his balls.

He kept fucking my mouth faster and faster until he reached a point where the only air i inhaled was from my nose. I started to love the sensation and felt hot throughout my body. Then his dick started throbbing, my throat along with it. He pulled me in and held me there. I knew what was coming, he was.

He came deep in my throat. His cock throbbing more with ever spurt. He then took his cock out of my mouth keeping the head inside my mouth for a while for me to savor the taste. I sucked on it like it was my last meal swallowing every drop. With that he stepped back and disappeared into the shadows. The other four towered above me each with huge cocks similar to the first. They tore at me ripping off my clothes until I was completely naked. With no effort at all one of the goons grabbed me and sat me on his cock as he stood. My legs didn’t touch the floor so I was in the air my only recourse to let gravity guide me further on his cock.

I could feel myself slowly envelope his cock as he impaled me on it. My vagina was throbbing and I was convulsing on it having multiple orgasms just from insertion. Within seconds however he found his rhythm and he started fucking me. The others were jacking off near us and I knew then to them I was just a hole and I was okay with that.

"Fuck me big boy." I moaned, "I want you to fuck me hard!"

We fucked for a while in pure ecstasy me jumping up and down his cock until I felt something in place where nobody has ever been. One of the goons was jamming his fingers up there. At first it was uncomfortable but then the pleasure kicked in and I started to love it.

"Deeper I want it deeper!" I screamed to the goon thrusting me with his cock.

The goon fingering myself got the wrong idea and I felt his cock hit the entrance of my tight asshole. "Don't you there go there, no!"

And then it happened he went in for the kill. I could feel his cock inching closer and closer and my asshole was stretching over his cock giving him passage. It hurt like a motherfucker. I started to cry, be it from pain or pleasure I didn’t know. He took out his dick to give me momentarily relief before going back in. He did this a few times and then resumed to fuck me hard. Soon both goons were fucking me from both sides; i could feel their cocks touching each other inside me. The other two goons who were jacking off grabbed at my breasts and played with my nipples, flicking the tip with their tongues .The pain receded and all that remained was pleasure.

With quick darting glimpses i saw Nancy jumping up and down on Brian’s dick. There was something flopping about between Nancy’s legs. It was big, it was long and oh my god it was a cock. Nancy had a cock! And it was huge!

It went on like this for a good fifteen minutes with the goons reciprocating their duties as all of them wanted a piece of me. Then they released me to the ground and one goon held me by the hair as the others started to jack off. I knew what was coming and I craved it.

"Cum on me, please, please cum on me. I am your whore so treat me like it!" I moaned as if suddenly I was a different person.

They came simultaneously, each drop of splooge landing on me. Within minutes my face, tits and hair was covered. As soon as they were done i collapsed to the ground and they disappeared to the shadows as the first one did. I laid there covered in sperm, taking handfuls and scooping it into my mouth. It tasted heavenly and i wanted more.

"You are a slutty one aren't you?" Nancy stood before me her proud cock standing out, I went to grab it but she pushed me away, "just because you can please a few henchmen do not think you can tassel with me, bitch."

Suddenly the cave started rumbling and Nancy jolted up.

"Shit, I have to go now." She said anxiously, "I don’t think I will see you again since you will be dead, i do mean that literally so bye bye."

With that she too vanished. I felt the cave rumble and I could see some stalactites falling and the statues crumbling. I sat there delirious and scared with no strength left in me. I closed my eyes and drifted off to my happy place.

Then the rumbling stopped, I opened my eyes to find myself in a strange place. The strange place being, my freaking motel room! I looked down to find myself in a bathrobe and cleaned up.

"You are awake," Stuart came out holding a plate of pancakes and bacon, "eat and rest, you will need your strength back."

"How did you save me?" I said tearing up, "It was horrible, Nancy was... Brian was...."

"Well he didn't" said a voice from across the room. A beautiful gorgeous woman came out with silky white hair. She was for lack of a word, perfect. She looked as if she were a...

"Angel?" She said as if she read my thoughts, "You should rest up; we have a lot of work ahead of us."


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