The Ballad of Ms Jones

The Ballad of Ms Jones

You're waiting for a train. A train that'll take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you. But you can't know for sure. Yet it doesn't matter. Now, tell me why?............ Dominic Cobb July 8 2010.

Chapter one Just ask me nicely
To Ms. Jones' annoyance, Vito raised his hand when she asked the class if anyone had forgotten their gym strip.

"Again, Vito?" The rest of the class snickered. Red faced, Vito nodded as big blond Trent Larson acted the spaz, flopping his muscular arm over his desk, provoking hooting from his cronies.

"Quiet!" Ms. Jones, in six-inch heels, clacked over to Trent's desk, a ruler in her hand. Trent continued thumping his arm and making remarks to his brutish friends. Trent was the sleek and muscular type - a shark amongst walruses. The shark yelped as Ms. Jones smacked his fin.

"Sorry Ma'am," Trent muttered, running his eyes up her slender legs, across her black mini-skirt and coming to a rest on her large breasts, held snugly in a red velvet tank top that made her pale white skin seem almost alabaster. Ms. Jones dressed with an eye to keeping her male students' attentions.

"Off you go to Coach Bulzwaker," she said, pushing the thick black frame of her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose. The class rose nearly as one. Trent held his hand to his crotch (not from pain) his eyes blazing. Vito rose as well, hauling his baggy pants over his hips as he did.

"Not you, Vito," Ms. Jones said briskly. The class snickered. They knew what that meant.

"Bend over my desk, Vito," Ms. Jones said once the door was shut and they were alone. She took her riding strap down from its holder over the blackboard. Her strap was talked about in hushed tones of fear and reverence.

"But--but--" Vito stammered. "The other boys, especially Trent-- I can't go into the locker room!" He couldn't look her in the eye, instead he stared at her chest.

"So you admit purposely forgetting your gym clothes," said Ms. Jones, trying to sound stern. "We'll talk about bullying in a moment, but first--" She took a breath. "Your punishment."

Vito opened his mouth, but seeing the look in Ms. Jones' eyes and the way she smacked the strap into her other hand, he bent over the desk, pulling up his jeans so she would have a better target. She always required a good target when caning boys.

"You should know better than to lie to me, Vito. A senior should be stooping to such nonsense!" The strap smacked across Vito's perky bottom and made the young man gasp. "You are hurting yourself you know. You should be exercising, making your body even more beautiful!" The strap whistled through the air and whacked his cheeks again. Both of their faces were red. Ms. Jones struck yet again and again. Vito could feel the dreadful stinging radiating all over his poor bottom. He tried to fight the sensation, but failed. Oh, he was twisted in knots, his crotch pressed against Ms. Jones' solid oak table. It--it felt so good!

Ms. Jones stood with her feet wide apart, swinging the cane hard and fast, positively lashing the boy. Vito's ass was full and round under those silly baggy pants and the cane raised a most delicious THWACK! as she swung. She was in control, full of lusty energy, hot and able to do anything she pleased. Vito could only obey her. He was a horny teenage boy, totally under his beautiful teacher's sway.

"That's--" THWACK! "That is enough," she said regretfully, patting Vito's stinging bottom with just enough force to elicit another moan from the bent over eighteen year old.

He stood up, making sure his jeans slid back down to their usual baggy position. His knees were trembling and his bottom felt like it was crisscrossed with a hundred cattle brands. But he didn't feel the pain. He could only stare, breathing heavily, at Ms. Jones' heaving bosom. He was sure he could see erect nipples. He glanced up at her red lips, parted as she panted for air. Sweat ran down the side of her flushed cheek.

"Now Vito," she said, slumping into the large chair behind her desk. "Come and sit with me and talk about this bullying." Vito's face flushed even redder and he turned awkwardly to pull a chair up to the teacher's desk.

"No." Ms. Jones grinned. "Come sit here." She patted her lap, uncrossing her slender legs.

Vito's eyes widened and for a panicked moment he thought of refusing. But if he did say no there would be more caning and then the stirring could be impossible to contain.

"Yes, Ms. Jones." He slid meekly onto her lap. Her hand slipped casually under his t-shirt as he perched himself. She could feel the vibrations of his tensed muscles. He felt the hardness of a nipple pressing into his side.

Chapter two Deceived and tricked like a dog chasing cars

"Now tell me," she said, running her hand over his muscular back. "Tell me all about the bullying in the boys locker room."

"I-- I can't!" Vito was blushing furiously, loving how Ms. Jones' cool hand stroked his back. "It's in the shower they--" He broke off.

"They do what, honey?" Ms. Jones purred. "You and the other boys are naked, your muscles sore from playing. You're probably all soapy and everyone is sneaking peeks at every else." Vito started. "All very natural." She smiled dazzlingly at him. "I'd like to see that--to get insight into the teenage male's mind."

"But it's not natural!" Vito protested. "That's why they hold me to the wall and pull on me and laugh. They told the girls and now they laugh at me too! Suzie Meyers jumped into my lap on a dare, but she got hers!"

"Oh Vito!" Ms. Jones squeezed his leg. She was startled how his muscles twitched! "It isn't the size that matters," she lied. "It is how you use it."

"Trent said no one would ever want me." Vito cast his eyes down, letting them dwell on the valley of Ms. Jones' cleavage.

"Well, if you don't believe me," Ms. Jones said, snatching hold of his zipper, "you'll have to show me!"

"No, Ms. Jones!" Vito leapt to his feet, the zipper still firmly in her hand, and his pants fell to the floor. As he tried vainly to cover himself, Ms. Jones tried to smother a giggle. What had the poor boy done to himself?

He had on the tightest little briefs, but beneath it was coiled the most ridiculously large outline.

'He's gone and stuffed his pants to boost his poor ego,' thought Ms. Jones. 'I must help myself...I mean him!'

She slipped onto her knees and pressed Vito against the table.

"You don't have to try and impress me," she said, running her hands over his firm round ass.

"I'm not trying." He tried to pull away. "Please, I'm so ashamed."

"You sit still and I'll judge if you have anything to be ashamed of." She fixed a smile on her face -- no telling how small he was -- and yanked down his underwear, expecting a pair or two of sports socks to drop into her lap.

But no socks dropped only her jaw.

Instead, a twelve-inch schlong unfurled out like a great giraffe and peered down at her eagerly with its one great eye.

Ms. Jones goggled. Pay dirt!

"I know," said Vito sadly. "It's too big."

Ms. Jones reach up and stroked the sides of him, pulsing veins rose to the surface easily. She ran her hand up and down, spell bound. This was a magic staff!

"Oh, Ms. Jones," he moaned. "Please don't tease me! It feels too good."

"I don't tease," said Ms. Jones, getting a hold of herself. "I teach." Slowly and deliberately she licked his swollen head.

Vito sobbed, the knuckles of his hands going white, gripping the table's edge.

"You need to relax," Ms. Jones said, slipping off her top and letting her large boobs gently smack his cock. "This is going to be pleasant."

"Your tits, they're so --" Vito's cock grew thicker and longer with each longing glance. "So big and beautiful!"

"I've seen you ogle them when I pick up the chalk." Ms. Jones pushed her boobs together, sandwiching Vito's dong. She made a point of bending over every class.

"Yes, I do look!" grunted Vito, his cock head bobbing up and down between her boobs. "Your class is the worst. I get so big I can hardly walk. And then it's time for gym!"

"You poor boy," said Ms. Jones, lowering her chin so she could lick the precum oozing from Vito's cock. "You get so big from slutty old me and then Trent gets his hands on you in the locker-room." She slipped her hands around the base of his cock shaft and squeezed tightly. She didn't want any explosions, just yet.

"Trent especially! He gets me in the shower alone and pulls and pulls, until--oh fuck, your boobs!" Vito was fucking Ms. Jones tits hard. She could feel the pressure building at the base.

"You've never fucked a woman, have you, Vito?" She stood up and leaned over him. His cock left a trail of cum all over the front of her min-skirt.

"No. No, Ma'am." He almost looked scared.

"Well," she said, unzipping the skirt and letting it fall to the ground. "Today is your lucky day. I'm tired of being the world's best cock-tease. I'm ready for the country's biggest cock." She grabbed his dong and pulled him off the table. She rubbed the head all over the front of her red thong, letting the cotton soak up all the clear liquid that bubbled up as she squeeze him. Turning, she rubbed her bottom up and down, letting him slide up between her cheeks, allowing his hands to squeeze her tits hard. His hands were almost large enough to cup them! As he gasped and swore, she pulled away from him and climbed up on the table, spreading her legs wide.

"Fuck my moist, horny, CUNT!" she barked gleefully.

Vito growled and ripped her panties off her round full ass.

Chapter three Push a man too far, he'll go along with it

"I'm gonna fuck your snatch, Ms. Jones," he whispered huskily.

"Come on," Ms. Jones urged, spreading and closing her legs like a fan. "Here is what you want." The dark trVitogle was a humid delta that Vito lusted to penetrate.

Hefting his cock in one hand Vito pushed between her legs, and shoved his cock into her juicy pussy. His hands grabbed her titties and she could smell the testosterone rise from his olive skin.

"Oh, God!" cried Ms. Jones, as her pussy stretched to swallow his hard-on helmet. It was like one of those aircraft carrier shells!

"I'm sorry!" Vito started pulling back. His voice had changed back to a timid geek. "Is it too much?"

"No, no!" Ms. Jones grabbed her ruler and began smacking Vito's already sore ass. "Fuck me, you hung horse!" She shoved herself onto him, wrapped her legs around his, clawed his back with one hand and continued spanking him with the other. The spanking unleashed the fuck-monster in Vito.

He plowed deep into Ms. Jones snatch and she cried out like a startled virgin. She never expected to feel this way again, not after all those nights spread on the pool table at Mike's Bike Bar. She had made "stroking the velvet" an erotic password for the members of at least two biker gangs.

She pushed Vito's head between her boobs as his cock spread her wider and wider. She was babbling now, crazy with the pleasure, stroking the velvet back of his neck, watching his buttocks contract and release as his tree- trunk cock tickled every inch of her.

She could feel him tremble and shudder and at that instant his enormous cock pressed some hidden button deep inside of her. Unbidden screams burst forth, and she moved her full hips with and against him, until the force of his fucking was so overwhelming that she was half begging for him to stop while the rest of her was begging to be fucked to death. Her juices ran down her legs. She was swimming in rivers of his cum, his cock was a canoe carrying her to ecstasy. With one final scream and explosion of pleasure she swooned, but only for a moment.

"Oh, oh!!" she gasped, as he pulled his still twitching cock of her gapping pussy. "You get an A!"

"Trent likes this," said Vito. Using both hands he stroked himself until, even though he had already cum bucks, he groaned again and his dick gushed shots of white stickiness all over her boobs and face.

"A plus, A plus!" Ms Jones laughed, rubbing the sticky mess all over her curvy body.

In the wash room, as Vito carefully toweled Ms. Jones after a quick shower, she announced the next lesson plan.

"You and your big boy," she said, jerking the towel from around his waist. "Your very big boy, who loves it when I stroke him like this. Oh yes! a very perky boy! You are excused from gym for the rest of the year."

"Mmmmm...." Ms. Jones arched her back and allowed Vito to suckle on her teats. "We'll make Trent miss gym too. I think you've been having naughty fun with him."

"Some more punishment?" Vito asked, only taking his lips from Ms. Jones' large brown nipples long enough to ask the question.

"Lots of punishment for both my students," said Ms. Jones, wrapping both hands round Vito's cock. "Let's hurry now, class starts in ten minutes. We'll have to be very neat." She dropped to her knees and looked up. She seemed much younger than twenty-seven without her glasses. "Don't worry, I'll swallow every drop."

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