“And stay out!” I was thrown out of the one place I call home.

This time, I probably won’t come crawling back to Rebecca. I know full well that I fucked up choosing her, and there is no coming back from it.

“Can I at least get my clothes?” I called from the sidewalk, but the only answer I got was a slammed door. She was probably going to sell them anyways.

“Damn.” I jostled with my jacket pockets, trying to find the keys to my sports car. Finding my keys in my left pants pocket, I started the car and began to leave. I didn’t want to know, or care to know, where I was going.

As I pulled away from the curb that has been mine for almost three years, I decided it would be cool to be alone again, that I may just be ok. Ok until a new car pulled up and took my space on the curb.

“Fuck my life!” I slammed my steering wheel as Becca opened the door, only to make out with the new guy who strode to the doorway.

Deciding to forget and forgive, I finally turned the corner and left my old life behind, and was ready to start a new one

“Hello?” The car speakers sounded as I turned around Fifth and Johnson, probably the fortieth random turn I've made that night.

“Hey, its Max,” I was hoping for a good response, as I hadn’t seen him since Becca decided our friendship was a bad influence on me.

“Yo!” He trailed into a laugh. “I haven’t seen you in forever, man!” I noticed some music playing in the background of the call.

“Hey Jayce! It’s been a while man.” I stopped at a light. “Still throwing parties man?”

“Aww man, you know it!” Jayce seemed happy to talk to an old buddy, hopefully.

I decided to be impulsive. After all, who could tell me no? “Where’s it at man? You know you can’t throw a party and not hit a brother up.”

“No thanks brother,” Jayce seemed extra cautious “I ain’t having Rebby Rotten up in my shit, man.” Rebby Rotten was the name Jayce, and most of my other friends, called Rebecca, alluding to a childhood TV show’s antagonist.

“Naw bro, we chill. I aint seeing that-” there was a short pause, “fucking whore ever again.”

“Aww man!” Jayce practically yelled in my ear. “It’s on Fifth and Turner.” That wasn’t too far from where I was. I turned on my right blinker.

“Cool. Be there in five.” I said, about to end the call.

Yelling beyond his phone, Jayce was a little over the top in my eyes. “Y’all remember my homeboy Max? He’ll be here in five!” I could hear the uproar from Jayce’s microphone. I chuckled a bit, then ended the call, and the light turned green.

I opened my modded BRZ doors and was blasted from music that sounded far away, but was loud enough to be coming from my car. I began walking towards a street corner. Looking up, I could see the sign that read “TURNER ROAD” and smiled. A smile I hadn’t worn in about two years.

Just as I turned the corner. I saw the only house on the street. A fucking mansion, and it, was blasting the music.

“Jay must be living pretty good,” I sighed as I approached the large metal fence surrounding a massive property. Tapping the buzzer I breathed my name into the peculiar looking box, and the gate opened up.

I began walking up the hill to a bachelor’s paradise. An almost perfect yard, with tons of stunning women filling a slightly over-the-top swimming pool, an especially large hot tub, though it is completely free, an enormous patio, and best of all, as I approached, Jayce’s barbecuing.

“Yo!” I called out to my best friend.

“What’s poppin’ bro?” Jayce turned around and gave me a hug. Jayce was a pretty big guy. Standing at around six foot two inches, and weighing almost 220 pounds of almost pure muscle, he was a force to be reckoned with, though a sweet guy at heart. I met Jayce at my old gym, where he was the only African American personal trainer, but was an “aspiring” personal trainer.

“Not much, to be honest,” I said, trying to spare Jayce the theatrics of explaining my past hour. “Seems like your PT career is kickin off man.”

“Yeah man. I got my own TV show now.” I wouldn’t know, as I hadn’t really had the spare time to watch TV. “It’s its own little thing, but it pays the bills.”

“A little more than ‘paying the bills’,” I gestured around.

“True that.” Jayce commented. “Wanna burger or two? Down for ribs?”

“Hell yeah bro!” I was a little apprehensive, due to the fact that I thought Jayce could read my mind. “Just about to ask too.”

“Why don’t you go hang out with some ladies while you wait? Or you can hit the tables, get yourself a buck or two.” Now this, I thought as I turned around, is creepy, but the—

“Ladies are waitin’ for you bro” I raised an eyebrow.

“It’s almost like you can read my mind,” I said wearily.

“It’s not that hard” Jayce mumbled.

That’s weird, thought I, but I guess I’ll ask him after the party. Putting aside this awkward ending to a long needed welcoming, I strode from the patio, to the party around him. A small man, compared to my build, walked past. Since the man was wearing a suit, obviously overdressed, I asked if the man could hold onto my jacket. The man obliged, lending his arm to rest my coat on. I also asked the man if I could enter the house.

To which the man replied “Im sorry sir, only VIP guests are allowed inside.”

“I’m pretty sure that I can be inside. My name is Max, if that helps?” The man pulled a radio out of his pocket and muttered into it, got a response after a couple of seconds, then nodded.

“Boss said you’re clear to enter. Allow me to escort you.” Me and the man, whose name was Larry, began walking unbothered, until a beautiful woman grabbed my arm.


Korranah had been watching this guy she called cute for a while. She hasn’t had a feast in a while now, and she was waiting to catch him alone. He seemed that he wouldn’t leave Jayce alone. She didn’t want Jayce, as he lacked the motive to capitalize when she gifted him her powers.

The minute he left Jayce’s side, She began walking towards him. She most definitely scored a meal, but she may have scored a new partner while she was at it.

“Hey cutie, how’d you get here?” She could feel the lust deriving from him. She created a switch in his mind between “horny” and “bored”. His switch was just barely above “bored” but slowly ticking up towards “horny”.

“I’m not looking for a one night stand, sorry.” he jumped towards horny. This confused her. Most people, at this point, would take her into the bushes for a quick fuck. So she decided to read his mind. Oh, my god. Korranah thought, He’s not only testing me, seeing whether or not I’m worth his time, but using me as a deterrent for other girls while he’s at it. He’s thoughtful, I’ll give him that.

“Honestly, Me neither.” Being an unsigned demon princess had its perks, she couldn’t get tired of the sex, but she wanted someone to love her for who she is, not her title. She slightly adjusted herself, pushing his arm in the crack between her boobs

“Then why are you at this party, and hanging on to my arm?” –pressing your tits into my arm like a slut, She read off of him. His switch was three-quarters of the way to horny.


“Because I’m trying to find a man worthy of me,” I couldn’t read her. She was acting like she wanted to fuck my brains out, but was tired of one night stands, and is in an extremely fragile state while she’s at it.

Her breasts were driving him wild. I had a thing for breasts, preferably big ones. And she seemed to be taking advantage of that. She was about five-four, had beautiful wavy red hair, blue eyes that I could get lost in, DD breasts, and an ass that wouldn’t quit, all wrapped up in a scarlet and black dress that seemed to complement her more than it should. I wasn’t one for a one-night-stand and hadn’t done one since high school, and I plan to keep it that way

“I’ll get right to the point,” I stopped walking right as I approached a beautiful glass front door of the mansion, “I just broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years today, and I thought I could bounce back, seeing all of these beautiful girls at this party. But I can’t.

“I'm just going to wallow in my sadness inside the mansion,” I gestured toward the large house, “drinking all of Jay’s vodka ‘till I pass out on the floor. You’re a beautiful girl, and I hope you have a nice life. I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

“Fine. Completely understandable.” She let go of my arm. “But can we at least share a drink?”

“That sounds good to me,” I breathed, glad that she didn’t make a huge scene like Rebecca would have.

“So your name is Korranah. How’d you meet Jayce?” I handed back her ID.

“I go by Korra though. Pretty much I lend him perks if he’ll let me stay and fuck him whenever I feel like it.”

“Good deal. And what perks are those?” I questioned.

Korra just raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t even wanna know anymore.” We both cracked up laughing.

“So where are you from?”

“Heaven or Hell, depending on which one you’d prefer.”

“Good deflection. I’m from Washington, but I moved down her to live with my Ex.”

“Tell me more about her.” Her face went red. “If it’s not too painful”

“Nah, I got more than a couple drinks in me.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Things were going great for about two years. Then when she got her new job, she had to move down here to California, and I had to quit my job to be with her.

“When we first moved down here, we bought a pretty decent sized home. Since she was working all of the time, it was just me, the house, and the nearby gym. That's where I met Jayce.

“So me being bored, I decided to play videogames and record them, and upload it to the internet. After a year, my ex started getting more controlling and growing distant, as in less sex and more screaming, so I decided to put more effort into my videos. And as they say, time is money, and I started earning some. Enough to buy a new computer, and the latest games.

“Soon, after about a year, she noticed that I was earning quite the sum, and she used all the extra money used for our dates, on herself. I didn’t mind it at first, since I already told her I was putting the non-extras into a bank account under my name.

“Recently, I’ve saved enough money to go on tour with my fans, and when I told her about it, she made one condition. She gets access to the account too. I thought nothing of this request, and I trusted her with my whole heart and such, stupid things like that.

“So when I opened the account the next morning, All of my money was gone. I confronted her about it and she just said that she ‘moved it to the joint account’ which was bullshit. I already knew she moved it to her personal account, but gave her the benefit of the doubt anyway.

“That night, well, tonight, I decided to open up her phone and go through her messages, only to learn that she’s been cheating on me for years and only used me for the money. I confronted her this morning and decided to end my online career before any drama could spread. We were arguing the whole day, until she kicked me out of the house today, and there’s nothing I can do, since it is technically under her name.”

“What a bitch!” Korranah shook her head.

“Oh I know. What’s your story?”

“The usual. Abusive father wanted me to marry an abusive man, so I ran away, and have been running ever since.” She looked up and saw my saddened face. “Don’t worry, I got more than a couple of drinks in me!”

After a while of talking, and getting to know her, I decided to make a move on her.

“Hey Korri?” she glanced up at me curiously

“Yeah, whats up Max?”

“I don’t normally do this, but I want to take you a hotel, but I have one condition: You stay for breakfast at least.” I added that final condition so it wouldn’t be a one night stand, in my eyes.

She slid closer to me “Change of plans, I live here, so why don’t we,” She paused for a minute, putting her hand on my rising cock, “head downstairs?”

She grabbed my hand and ran through hallways and down a flight of stairs, into this almost apartment-like floor. As soon as she closed the door, it was like a stereotypical rom-com.

“Wait…” I broke the kiss, “I didn’t bring any protection,” I was not in the mood for a baby, “and you said you haven’t been on the pill in months.”

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart.” She brought her lips slowly to mine, barely touching. “Fair warning,” she was barely whispering, “I’m going to spill your beans.”

“Oh, you better.” I hooked around my arm around her waist and kissed her like I’d never see her again. She moaned through my lips and gently licked them, asking for entry to take this to the next step. I didn’t like this idea per-say. Rotating her around and tossing her on the couch, I elicited a moan from her

“Mmmm, but I don’t like the couch very much. I prefer the bed.” Gently pushing on my chest, she silently asked me to move. Grabbing her luscious breasts, I wasn’t having it.

“Please, if you don’t stop soon, I won’t be able to hold myself back.” I for one, liked that idea.

“Where is your bedroom then?”

“Down the hall and to the left. Why do--” I didn’t let her finish as I carried her princess style, rotating kissing her, and looking where I was going.

“Damn.” She had a big-ass bed and it looked comfortable as hell. Never mind the bed, I have a beautiful girl in my arms. Looking at her closer, I started to fall in love with her. She was more than everything I wanted, and was way out of my league. Compared to Becca, I fucking scored.

“Quit staring at me like a dumbass and make love to me!” My heart lit up. Instead of thinking of this like a quick fuck, she actually held value to this.

“Nu-uh-uh.” I loved this part a little too much. I set her down on the bed, and began to massage her.

“I don’t want to be fondled, I want your dick.” And then she gasped. I lifted up her dress and was kissing her beautiful pussy.

“You weren’t even wearing panties. How slutty of you!” I barely lifted my face from her throbbing clit to whisper those words.

“Mmmmm-fuck you,” her voice was extremely shaky. I stopped her from climaxing.

“Ah, quick cummer I see,”

“No, you’re just an asshole.” She was legitimately pouting.

After a pause, I admitted defeat. “Fine” I stuck my tongue deep in per pussy, pushing her over the edge.

“Mmmmuuuhhhhh!!” She moaned at the top of her lungs, squirming and spasming in pure ecstasy. She continued to convulse for another thirty seconds, slowly coming down from her insane high.

“Now, here is the crazy part,” She said. After getting up to kneel on the bed, she questioned, “You sure you want this?” She looked up at me, like a little child who just broke their mother's favorite vase. “Like I said, I’m going to spill your beans.”

“I'm sure, though you are scaring me a bit.” I was a little apprehensive.

She slowly stripped off her clothing to reveal a laced scarlet bra, scooted back, and collapsed on the bed. Patting the bed behind her, she said “I wanna start with laying down first,”

I layed down behind her, wrapped one hand around her, and under her luscious breasts. Using my other hand, I guided my raging boner into her perfect pussy and saw stars. For about half a second, I felt the most heavenly feeling in the world. It was like having an angel blessing this moment. But it was only a moment, as I passed out not a second later.


“But daddy, I don’t want to marry him!” A little girl, not past six, kneeling on a palace floor, staring at a statue crying. I was wondering who she was talking to, until I heard it.

“MY DAUGHTER SHOULD DO AS I SAY, WHEN I SAY IT!” A booming voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere spat. “OR-”

“Please!” The little girl swung up, bawling even more than she did a second ago. “Please not that!”

“THEN DO AS I SAY!” The voice was clearly angry.

“But-” She didn’t even finish what she was saying, as she was smited by lightning bolt by blinding bolt. Screaming through it all, each one hitting as fast as a machine gun, it lasted a solid five seconds. Then she collapsed, her whole body blackened, severely burned, and in some parts, burning.

Raising a hand slowly, she whispered “plea-” and was struck by a final bolt that shook the palace, and her body went limp. I was filled with rage. He just fucking killed her!

“ALENA. HAVE OUR DAUGHTER TAKEN TO PRISON.” It boomed out, seemingly nonchalant about sending his daughter to prison, infuriating me even more.

“I understand,” a voice above me said. “Angels?”

A bunch of angels flocked over from seemingly nowhere, took the little girl, and dragged her towards the door. Right as she exited the door, she coughed out more blood than I would have liked. At least I was wrong about her being dead, but I felt a turning in my stomach, I was about to throw up.


I coughed, excruciatingly hard. And then my vision cleared up. She was fucking my dick cowgirl, but slew down as soon as I opened my eyes.

“Was that?” I worredly rasped.

“Yes,” she sat all the way down my 10 inch boner. She noticeably paused, her facial expression morphed into sadness

“That was me”


Hey, Lacuna here, I'm sorry there wasn't too much sex, as this is my first story written, and my first publication of said story. So bear with me please. I wholeheartedly welcome critique and constructive criticism, as that's the quickest way that I'll grow. Thanks, Lacuna

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