Computer Man

Computer Man

Computer Man Pt1

I was standing in my arsehole of a boss’s office, smiling at the dickhead. He likes to order people about as if he owns the place, but one day he will work for me. I left and drove off in my van.

Climbing into the back I started all the monitors.

When I heard that our company was putting in a bid to wire and maintain all forty houses on each of the one million pound houses on a new estate. I was the only person to see the potential.

I am a graduate electrician and in my spare time I taught myself up to MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) standard to enable me to put my plan into action. I only did the exam just to see if I could do it; it was a walk in the park.

Now I sit in my van reaping in the benefits.

When I designed and drew up the plans for each house I put in a few touches that the owners and my bosses did not know about but paid for, I have installed into each smoke alarm and behind each mirror a camera and microphone. Nothing goes in these houses that I don’t know about.

Today I was about to reap just one of the fringe benefits.

I like to park up and using the sophisticated bank of monitors in my van I can watch the images from all the houses. I have just been watching Jayne Taylor sitting on her bed, frigging herself and moaning that she was never going to get laid.

I have been watching this girl for months; she had a routine when she knew that she had the house to herself. On waking she would put on a robe. First check the house to see if her Mum and Dad were in. Then she would walk around the house naked. She would spray some of her father’s aftershave onto herself. Then return to her bedroom.

She would brush her long blond hair, sitting in front of her mirror naked as the day she was born. She ran her hands over her tits, paying particular attention to her nipples. Pushing her tits together. Her little moans of pure pleasure would get you so hard.

She would lean back on her makeup chair, running her fingers into her pussy, slapping, tickling nibbling at herself. Her fingers would move in a blur as she fingered herself.

Moving onto the bed, she would continue playing with herself; sometimes she would insert a household object into her cunt. A candle, a hair brush handle and more recently an ornate but long thin perfume bottle.

In each attic I had placed a laptop computer that recorded and transmitted everything directly to my van.
Getting the systems to work was child’s play; all the cameras and microphones were linked to a movement sensor, on sensing any movement or sound, all images and sound was recorded by the computer.

The Taylor’s were the first customers to move into their brand new house and as such were the first people that I was able to study.

I pulled up outside the Taylor’s house, I checked the pictures coming from Jayne’s bedroom, she had on a very small bathrobe, which barely covered her shapely arse. At sixteen she was a little young, but get them hooked on your cock young and you can teach them so much.

Her father a banker, left early every morning. Her mother would be playing golf, with her golf pro boyfriend before going back to his flat and fucking his brains out. The blackmail potential alone was worth a ton of money. But money was not my only reason Mrs Taylor was hot with a capital H.

I had hours alone with their daughter. The rich do that leave their children to amuse themselves for hour after hour, with no thought as to what or who she may be doing.

I watched her for a few minutes to just let her approach her orgasm and I rang the bell.

Checking the image on my laptop, she was cursing and cursing as she pulled the robe closed and headed for the back door.

Opening the door Jayne looked me up and down and only saw the tradesman that I was. I stood there in my work uniform of a white t-shirt with the company crest, blue shorts and a baseball cap.

I keep myself in shape by running and a weight program that I follow for two hours every day. I cannot be described as handsome, but I do have a very muscular physique which always attracts looks.

I smiled my very best smile at her; she finished looking me up and down and swung the door open.

“Hi miss I am with the maintenance company that look after your house” I handed her my ID card, names Toby.

“Yea I have seen you around” she muttered as she turned and walked back into her kitchen.

“We are showing an indication that your smoke alarm system is not functioning, I have been sent to check it” I closed the door behind me. “We don’t want your new house catching fire now do we?”

“Just get on with it then” she said walking away from me. “I am busy”

“This will only take a few minutes, why don’t I start in the room that you are in that way, I will only disturb you for a few minutes” I told her.

“I was in my bedroom” she said leading the way.

I picked up my tool bag, laptop and set of steps and followed quickly after her, watching her shapely arse wiggle as she walked up those stairs, was starting to get me hot, the anticipation of what I was planning to do had my heart racing.

On reaching her bedroom she pointed up at the corner of her ceiling, telling me that the smoke detector was there.

I put my ladder up. Climbed the steps in such a way that my crutch was facing directly towards her. Now this is the trick, you want her directly under the ladder.

“Miss would you mind passing me up that screw driver that’s just sitting on top of my bag” I asked her.

She grudgingly got up from her bed and came across, passing me the screw driver, making her look up. With the wide legs of these shorts and the fact that I wear not underpants, all she could see is a very fat cock, just what a sixteen year old has been wishing for only a few moments ago..

You could see in her eyes when she clocked it. They got huge, almost bulging out of her head.

Part one of my plan was working.

I reached up and opened the smoke alarm cover; it only took a moment to disconnect a wire. “I think that I found the problem. I said looking down at her, she was still under the ladder looking at my cock. It was very hard keeping control of myself, I did not want a raging hard on this moment.

I came down the ladder slowly; I held a piece of wire in my hand. “Would you mind just looking inside that cover for me please miss, it would make my job so much easier if I said that the house owner, saw the work that I carried out”

“Yea sure mister” she said. She just wanted to get rid of me, so she could finish bringing herself off.

She climbed the ladder slowly looking up at the alarm.

“I will hold the ladder just in case you fall” I moved to hold the ladder, but the real reason was it brought me closer to her pussy and I could smell her while looking directly up her robe..

“Can you see the broken wire miss, it’s the red one” I was looking directly up her robe at her beautiful little pussy, it was still moist from when she and been playing with herself, it was glistening and looked so inviting.

“You have got the most beautiful body of any women I have ever seen miss, I am sorry, but you really are just amazing, you should be a model when you grow up”

“Do you really think so” she said looking down at me.

I think that a little flattery said at the right moment, can unlock doors. Today it was not doors I was after it was thighs.

Standing at the top of the ladder looking down at me, with her legs apart was a little goddess. I was looking at her eyes, but moments before I had been staring at her womanhood, a slight tuft of blond hair covered her pubis, her lips slightly parted.

“Do you really think that I could be a model” she said

Part two of my plan was also working.

“If there was any justice in this world you should be on the cover of Vogue”

As she came down the ladder I gave the ladder a slight nudge with my thigh, she started to fall, I caught her and lay her on her bed. Her robe was fully open now exposing her wonderful tits, they were not huge, but firm small buds, her nipples were very erect.

“I am so sorry miss” as she scrambled to pull the robe together “You have the type of pussy that a man can suck on for ages, it just looks so beautiful and inviting”

“I have heard of men doing such things”

I know for a fact that she has dreamed, and screamed while frigging herself of a man sucking on her pussy. It’s what she calls out most times when she has an orgasm. “Suck my clit baby” Her favourite words as she made herself come. Inside knowledge is invaluable.

“Would you like me to show you” I reached across and ran my tongue along her slit, again and again until I could hear her panting, shortly after she started to shake. Part three of the plan was running smoothly. I increased the pressure of my tongue each few minutes I would flick her clit.

I was waiting for those words and when they came so did she “Suck on my clit baby” she was gushing into my mouth, the sweet nectar of a women coming and coming hard. I gave her a few moments and moved up the bed, lying on top of her. I started sucking on those budding nipples.

No one I think had ever sucked on her nipples, everything was new. Her senses must have been in overload at this point. I had unbuckled my shorts, and pushed them down my thighs; I positioned my raging cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed it in.

She raised her knees giving me greater access; I pushed a little harder and slipped past her hymen. She moaned only slightly, which was the only sign from her that she was a virgin. I increased my tempo to a steady pace gentle strokes, designed to get her used to being filled.

I moved up and kissed her full on the lips, she opened her mouth and I put my tongue deep inside. She was moaning into my mouth. “Oh my God, Oh my God” We were joined in a rhythm, increasing our pace as one I could feel her shaking and her whole body was trembling. She was coming in waves. I was stroking into her with more and more powerful thrusts, until I shot load after load of come deep into her.

Her eyes were closed I do not know in joy or terror at loosing her virginity to a complete stranger. I was not done I wanted all of her. Withdrawing my cock, I shuffled up the bed almost sitting on her chest I placed cock on her lips, a few drips of our joint come was on her lips, she flipped her tongue across her lips, allowing me to push my cock further into her mouth.

“That’s it baby, you need to clean a mans cock after he has fucked you”

She had warmed to her task and grasped the base of my cock. Her eyes were wide open now, pulling at my cock with such an inexperienced grip, proved to me that she had before today never touched another mans cock.

She had a lot to learn but I had only just begun. I had plenty of time to teach her.
Part four of my plan complete.

All I needed to make her my bitch was to bring her to orgasm another couple of times.

My cock in response to her sucking and stroking was starting to get hard again, the anticipation of fucking this girl could make you hard, but having her sucking on your cock was doing just that.

“Turn over baby, onto your knees that’s it” I got her on her knees and started fucking her doggie style., I read in a women’s magazine one time that seven out of ten women preferred being fucked from behind.

I was enjoying this so much, Jayne had her face pushed into a pillow, her very shapely arse was sticking up in the air. I was fucking her very hard this time, and she loved every inch of me.

I was playing with her clit and she was going wild. This is the start of a great relationship I was feeling.

I pumped a few times and then withdrew. Bending forward I was licking from her little brown arse to her clit, I don’t know what she liked the most the fucking or the licking, but she was getting off on it all. I have never seen someone come so much.

I did a test run on her arse. I spat on her arse hole and inserted a finger, boy was it tight, but not for today. As soon as I had pushed just the tip of my finger in she pulled forward violently and said “That is disgusting” I pulled her back roughly and jabbed my cock hard into her cunt. I pumped hard into her for a few more strokes till I could hold out no more. I blew my load into her again, it was not a lot but, the rush was awesome.

Who would have thought that at forty. I would be fucking a beautiful sixteen year old girl. The last time I fucked a sixteen year old, I was only seventeen myself.

I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back.

“That was fantastic; I never dreamed that fucking a guy would be so fantastic. I don’t even know your name” She said breathlessly.

“The names Toby and I thought that was fantastic too.” I reached over and gave her a gentle kiss.

“We will be doing that again soon, won’t we” She said pulling her legs together again.

I was reaching for my shorts, pulling them up and told her “We can do that as often as you want, but I don’t want you to start telling any one what we have done. It will be our secret”

“Oh I can keep a secret, I want to do again now, but my best friend Kylie will be arriving soon and I want to keep you to myself”

I rushed back up the ladder, secured the wires back together and headed for the door.

I could make out a car in the distance heading this way “I think that your mate Kylie will be here soon, you need to jump into the shower before she arrives and wonders what the strong scent of sex on you is”

Jayne blushed and asked for my number. I gave her a business card and headed for my van.

“We can do that again soon” she shouted at my retreating back.

I drove off quickly, parking up I could not wait to see the video of me fucking this girl. On inspection the tape was superb, the angles had been just right. And I could listen to those cries and screams as she came and came for ever.

The contractor had forty houses to build, fourteen were occupied and I had just fucked my first victim.

The Taylor’s house was working out to be the best. I had tapes of Mrs Taylor telephoning her golf pro boyfriend and telling him exactly what she wanted him to do to her. She likes to be dominated from what I could gather. The scope with her was endless.

Mr Taylor was the reason that I could afford to do almost anything I wanted, the position of his computer directly under my smoke alarm gave me full access to all his personal bank accounts and investments. I was even able to open a bank account in a false name and pay myself a regular income, from one of his accounts which was not a lot to him, but a huge amount to me. He already paid for a gardener from my company; it was in his maintenance contract, but he never queried it, just paid me each month without fail.

The best dividend came when he bought shares. He must have had insider knowledge of company floatation. When he bought in, I also bought in using his own money. Ironic really they took off like a rocket and I have been following his trading ever since.

I now have a very tidy sum put away and my portfolio grows larger every day. My plan to own one of these houses gets closer every day.

I have time to climb into the back and get a nap, before I have to go and confront the Filipino maid, who works for the Palmers. She is very foxy and has a great arse which I cannot wait to get my hands on. I plan to confront her about a series of thefts that I have recorded, she does not steal much but I don’t think the thought of doing time and being sent home in disgrace will appeal to her.

I expect that she will have to spread those legs to stop me going to the police.

I slept for about three hours, then put my camp bed away and had a look at the Palmer household. The Palmers I expected to be at work. I was looking for their maid Rosanna.

I found her in the kitchen, preparing vegetables. Good she was alone, time to make my play.

First I had to change to t-shirt and baseball cap, equipped now with a t-shirt with security on the front and a baseball cap, I was ready to put my plan into operation.

I drove around to the Palmers house, no cars parked outside. A good sign. I parked up retrieved my briefcase and walked to the back door. After ringing the bell, Miss Laguman opened the door. “Can I help you” was all she said.

“Yes Mam I am from the security company that looks after this house and I would like to talk with you” Showing her my card, I headed inside. Any one can produce their own business card these days.

You could see that she was on the verge of panic, she looked all around her and beads of sweat had broken out on her top lip.

I walked into the kitchen and took a seat at the breakfast table. “This won’t take long miss I expect that it is only a small miss understanding”

She followed me into the kitchen but had not sat down.

I opened my briefcase and bought out a note pad and a manila envelope with the words evidence photo’s that I had printed on the front.

“Just to put you at your ease, I will just confirm your details” I already new the answers to every question that I was about to ask. I wanted to check if she would start to lie to me from the start.

“Your Full name is Rosanna Laguman”

“Yes that is correct” she stated in her soft almost whispering voice. She was staring at the envelope on the table.

“Would you like a seat” I wanted her to relax

“No I will Stand” she said

“Your date of birth is 23 June 1988 and you will be 20 on your next birthday”

“Yes sir that is correct”

I reeled off a whole load of questions like, you were born in Manila, you have been employed by the Palmer’s since you entered the country two months ago.

She said yes to all my questions until I came to the crunch question.

I just want to clarify that you have permission from your employer to remove money from their wallets and purses, with their permission.

I opened the envelope and withdrew my photo’s showing Miss Laguman, with her hand inside Mr Palmer’s wallet withdrawing cash, and many more pictures of her doing then same to Mrs Palmer’s purse.

A look of panic was drawn across her face; she looked like a rabbit caught in a car headlights. No where to run and you know you are going to be hit.

She started to cry, “I will go to prison and bring shame on my family, we having nothing after the hurricane” she was crying huge tears were running down her face.

“I have to take it that you did not have their permission Miss, is that correct?” I had picked up my pad and was writing guilty on the bottom. “English prisons are not so bad miss, after five or six years you will be deported back to Manila and you can start a new life” She was sobbing now, with snot running from her nose, tears streaming from her dark brown eyes. She was coming apart.

I got up and guided her to a chair. I fetched her a glass of water and handed her my hankie. “Can you think of anything that you may be able to use to keep you out of jail miss, a pretty little thing like you will be well used as a sex toy by most of the inmates, before you get released So think carefully before you answer” I urged.

She looked up at me with those huge brown eyes. “I have nothing sir she sobbed”

“I maybe able to offer you a trade that will keep you out of prison” I offered.

She looked at me with a little hope in her face.

“If I don’t show this file to my boss, we maybe able to come to some sort of agreement just between me and you” I suggested.

“I have nothing” she said “I send nearly all my money home to my parent’s sir”
I stood up and walked over to her, I helped raise her to her feet, I took a hand in each of mine. She was wearing a black dress, with a white collar and two pockets in the front. A simple dress that is popular as a domestic uniform in the UK. It was not flattering in any way.

Her hair was done up in a bun, I reached across and pulled out the clips, her hair tumbled down. I already new that it would reach to just beyond her peachy little bottom. “You’re a bit skinny, but I think that if you look after me, you will see that I can keep you out of prison and look after you”.

A light had come on in her eyes and she was just beginning to understand. “I have never been with a man” she said starting to tremble. I was still holding her hands and I could feel her shaking.

Two virgins in one day. This was going to be bliss. “Miss Laguman so that we understand each other, I will enjoy you sexually and in return I will keep you out of prison, do we understand each other” I sat back down on the chair.

She was nodding her head and eventually said “yes” in her very soft voice with the wonderful foreign accent. I have never fucked a foreign girl before; I was going to enjoy this.

“First things first miss I will call you Rosanna and you can keep calling me sir”

She continued nodding her head and said “Yes sir”

“I want you to unzip that dress and let it fall to the floor” She was trembling still as she complied with my instructions. Standing 5’ 2” in stocking feet she could only weigh about eight stone (105 l. Under the uniform she only had on a pair of big white panties and a white bra, small breasts maybe a 29B. She still had a wonderful light brown colour, she was trying to hide behind her hands but they would be no good now.

“Rosanna I want you to get on your knees and crawl across to me” I stood up and dropped my shorts and sat back down again. I held my rock hard cock, steady in my hand, as she grew closer “I want you to suck on my cock”

Watching her arse wiggle from side to side as she crawled over to me was heavenly, she had such a peachy little bottom; those panties would have to go. I hate panties at the best of times but those huge white things that reminded me of school gym knickers were awful.

On reaching me she just sat back on her heels looking at me, I took her hand and placed it on my cock, “That’s it baby be gentle with it, now come forward and start with kissing the top” You could see the revulsion written all over her face, but she did what she was told. The fear of prison was still in her eyes.

Her first taste of cock would still have mine and Jayne Taylor’s come all over it.

“Now open your mouth, that’s it start sucking my cock into your mouth, be careful of your teeth” She was bobbing up and down on my cock now and every now and again I would grasp the back of her head and force a bit more into her mouth, she had started to gag as my cock was being forced into her throat. But still I kept pushing till her lips were touching my pubic hair.

For such a small girl, it was remarkable that she had managed to get all my cock into her mouth and throat. The tightness and heat from her mouth and throat had me jerking and pumping my seed into her stomach. She tried to pull away as I was coming, but I held her tight. Eventually releasing her, she rocked back onto her heels again and started gulping huge lung fills of air, my come ran dribbling down her chin, I reached across and ran my finger over it, I pushed it into her open mouth. Waste not want not. I always say.

I stood up and reached down, helping her to her feet. “Now I can get a closer look at you” I unclipped her bra, and tugged down her panties. “Mr and Mrs Palmer will be home soon” she said trying to cover her pussy with her hand. “They will not be home for at least three hours” I informed her.

I stepped back to get a better look at her, she had dark brown areola, with an even darker brown nipples. Budding breasts is the best way to describe her small not fully developed yet. Glancing down she had a veritable forest between her legs. That would definitely have to go. She must be a late developer, or maybe she was mal nourished as a child. For a woman of twenty she could have passed for a fifteen year old English girl.

No time like the present, I took her by the hand and half dragged her to her own bathroom. I started to run the bath and instructed her to get in.

While she was sitting in the bath I got every thing ready to get rid of that forest. Her razor and foam, which she obviously used on her legs. I instructed her to sit on the edge of the bath and got to work, it was a struggle at first. I have never shaved a women’s pussy before, I should have got a pair of scissors to start, but I will know for next time.

Fresh and smooth her pussy looked so inviting, running my finger over her labia I felt that she had at least enjoyed some of the experience as I detected that not all the liquid on my hand was bath water. I lifted her out of the bath and towelled her dry.
I carried her to her bed, almost like a small child after bath night. Lying her down. I instructed her to spread her legs. I placed a hand on each thigh and pushed her legs wide apart. I started lapping at her pussy, parting her labia making her all wet with my saliva. She was certainly starting to produce her own liquid; you could taste it on the walls of her cunt

I moved to her clit, just ever so lightly flicking my tongue over it as I pulled back the hood with my finger. I looked up at her face and you could see that she was about to come, for the first time with a man. She gave me a pleading look that told me not to stop. I went back to her clit. Her bottom started to come up in quick jerks, then she came all over my face.

This was my signal to lower my shorts again freeing my throbbing cock, I have been waiting for this moment from the minute I set eyes on her. No time for being gentle now, all I wanted to do was fuck this little girl. Taking hold of my cock, I placed it at her cunt and pushed in hard. She gasped and tried to push me away, I was much to strong and I went into the hilt, busting her hymen in one hard shove, she screamed, but my lust was up. I had already started into a hard and steady rhythm. I withdrew almost the whole of my cock came out and slammed back in hard, so that our pubis met. She was moaning and screaming thrashing under me, after about ten minutes at this pace I felt her legs come around me and join at the ankle.

I looked at her face and she was in rapture, I had been feeling her coming and coming, until I came to the point that I could hold out no more. I just had to empty my load, I felt my balls tighten and spew my load into her. I fell forward onto her exhausted.

When I withdrew she was crying again. I asked her if she was on the pill and if it was possible she cried even more.

I will get her the morning after pill in the morning and one for Jayne. I wonder if I should start buying in bulk. What will the chemist think when I ask for them. Who really gives a shit?

I got up and wiped my cock on her quilt and pulled up my shorts. “I will be back in the morning” I said as I walked out the door.

I jumped into my van and selected the Palmer residence, quickly moving to Rosanna’s bathroom, I could see her in the shower. She was probably trying to wash away as much of my spunk as possible, I would not wonder.

I checked the video footage and that was perfect, zooming in I was able to look more at her face as I had been fucking her. She hated me at first but after a few solid strokes of my cock deep into her, she had begun to relax and enjoyed it. Her head thrashing from side to side and the little cries in a language that I will never understand had me hard again.

In the past I would have had to whip out my cock and relieve myself, but not now I will wait until the morning and fuck them both again.

1800 was my normal knock off time, but before I left for today I had one more task. I dialled the number from the pay phone “Hello may I speak with Dave Tanner please” “Speaking” “Mr Tanner I am your local travel agent, I have been instructed to look after you by Mr Taylor. His instructions are simple he suggests that you move very far away, if he sees or hears of you contacting his wife again. I am instructed to kill you. Thank you for your co-operation” I then hung up.

Tanner was the golf pro that has been fucking Mrs Taylor. She was one of the hottest women I have ever seen. Depriving her of her daily length of cock would make her ripe for my cock.


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Catherine- Part one._(1)

Slowly, Catherine awakes from her bed feeling the cold air of California flooding her room. She arises from the bed only to feel the cold tiles on the ground. Walking away from her bed, she prepares for school. Walking into the bathroom, she recalled last night when she had first touch herself. It was an odd experience, she had heard talks and rumors regarding masturbation but she had never done it herself, or rather, to herself. Looking in the mirror Catherine saw a girl with brown haired and brown eyes, a somewhat developed chest that seems a little bit unusual for...


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