Two broken thumbs_(1)

Two broken thumbs_(1)

Two Broken Thumbs

I broke both of my thumbs in a car accident, on my 19th birthday no less, The investigating cop said if I’d had my hands at 10 & 2 like they taught in Driver’s Ed, the airbag would have pushed them up and away from the steering wheel. Since I like to drive with them at 5 & 7, the exploding airbag stopped the momentum of everything except my hands. So here I was with plaster up both arms to mid-level and thumbs locked outward.

At least I had the use of my fingers as the casts stopped at knuckle level, but it is almost impossible to pick stuff up this way. And wiping my butt was barely possible if I held the tissue between 2 fingers. Usually I just hopped in the shower and rinsed my buns off in the stream. Anyway, the worst of all my issues was that I was finding it literally impossible to masturbate with just use of finger tips I tried putting the Vaseline jar between my mattress and box springs but then cum dribbled all over the carpet. I got no relief humping my pillows. So, after a whole week I was going insane.

My 14 year-old sister, Lynn, was helping me make a bowl of cereal one morning and noticed my huge erection pushing out the front of my pajama bottoms, which by then was a pretty constant event. She
has long blond hair down almost to her waist and a great looking butt right below it. She’s skinny but not emaciated and carries a nice set of 34 C tits that seemed to have grown a bit this year.

She made a joke about my ‘problem’ which opened the topic to discussion.

I blushed but then honestly told her that I hadn’t been able to jack off for a week and that I had never previously gone more than a day without an orgasm. I explained how I was finding it difficult to think about anything else. I was cumming in my sleep and messing the sheets at least once every night. Mom was wondering why I took a sudden interest in doing chores around the hous, especially doing the laundry.

Then I got bold and asked her for help. Please, just a quick hand job in the bathroom and I’d do anything for her once I was able. At first she refused, but later that day she noticed the tent pole sticking straight out again and shyly asked if I really wanted some help with it.

“Really?” I asked. “You’d be willing to help me?”

“I was thinking about doing it for you. In fact, it’s crazy but thinking about it made me wet. I like to rub myself off at night to get to sleep. If I couldn’t feel that little wave of pleasure I’d probably go crazy too,” she said. “Here’s a little secret since we’re being so truthful with each other. I discovered my little slit and nubby when I was 6 but since I hit puberty and grew my muff hair, the climaxes are so much more intense.”

“So, yeah, I’ll help you out with your dilemma,” she said. “You just have to show me the right way. I’ve never done it before,” she admitted, somewhat shyly.

“Plus I have almost no experience. I’ve only seen a few photos of guys shooting out a load. Patty, my bff’s father had a movie that she found in his sock drawer and showed at one of our sleep overs. It had a bunch of guys jerking themselves off on the beach. One friend called it a ‘circle jerk’. When they climaxed, there was not much to see since the camera was a ways off. But their legs started to shake and they got happy expressions on their faces. We giggled at the sight anyway.

“I enjoy teen slumber parties way more now that I did when I was younger. Once the lights go out, we all get busy in our jammies and soon most of us are moaning. Once at Gloria’s, we even left the lights on. You should sneak over sometime to watch a bunch of girls masturbate; it’s really fun in a group when we know no one is going to blab later at school.

“I shave a little bit on the sides for my bikini but several of the girls in our group have bald twats. I don’t see the benefit. I like to rub in my curly hair with one hand as I circle my little clit with the other.”

“So I know how to do me,” she continued, “But on you I don’t know where to rub or stroke, how hard to pull or what tempo to use.”

“Oh sis, that won’t be a problem at all,” I said as we went into the bathroom and I pulled down the front of my pants and released my erect cock and balls. Just thinking about my sis giving me that sweet relief made my pole quiver and jump with anticipation.

“Wow, you have a huge one,” she giggled. “Look at it jump. Ok, so what do I do first?”

“Well, squirt some lotion in your hand and then rub it on my penis.” I told her, nervously. I was so eager to cum that I used the medical term since I didn’t want to chance scaring her off by calling it something crude. I sat down on the toilet while she applied a dollop of lotion to her right palm.

“Ok, hold my penis at the base with your left hand and rub the lotion on the shaft like you’re applying it to your wrist or something.”

She approached me and gently put her left hand around the base and started applying the lotion to the shaft. “Ok, now move your hand slowly up over the head,” I told her.

Her touch was almost imperceptibly light as she carefully and slowly moved her hand up the shaft and then over the tip. “Squeeze the base a little harder and just spread the lotion around,” I instructed.
She gripped it more confidently and twisted her hand around to get my cock covered completely in lubricating lotion. “OK, now just stroke it up and down over the part right there where the shaft and head come together.”

She began to stroke, clumsily at first, but I guided her with some well timed ass thrusts and talked her through it.

Once she caught her stride, I could feel my orgasm approaching. The tingle was much more intense than when I jerked myself off and her clumsy inconsistency seemed to repeatedly bring me to the edge and then just as suddenly take me back down. I watched her staring at my cock intently as the head would disappear into her clenched fist with each upward stroke, then burst back through on the downward stroke. She had this dreamy look on her face and a slight smile. I realized she was enjoying the sight of my throbbing cock and the squishy sound of the lotion as she jerked up and down over and over. Then her tongue came out a bit between smiling lips.

That was all it took and in just a few seconds I could feel the jizz gathering and I groaned, “Here it comes! I’m cumming!”

She continued to stroke as what felt like the strongest orgasm I’d ever had ripped through my balls and a geyser of semen shot into the air, coming straight back down to coat both my cock and her hand.

“Whoa!” she chirped and jerked, pointing my prick toward my front and away from herself. Another gush of cum shot out, this time landing on my chest and stomach, followed by a much longer third eruption that just rolled down my shaft to puddle in my pubic hair. I moaned again and slumped back onto the toilet.

“Oh, blessed relief,” I cried!

“Stroke it really lightly a few times until the sperm stops coming out,” I finally panted. Very daintily she squeezed and pulled a few more times as a bit more semen dribbled from the tip.

“Are you all done cumming?” she asked me, still gripping my cock.

“Yeah, I’m just kind of recovering,” I told her with my body trembling. “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

She looked surprised and then smiled proudly at her accomplishment. “I didn’t know so much stuff would come out!” she exclaimed.

She grabbed a wad of tissue to clean me off, taking special care to clean up my pubic hair which necessitated her continued handling of my still gently spasiiming cock. She glanced up at me as she ran her finger on the top of the head to grab the final drop of cum and then licked her finger! Wow, was I surprised.

“Tastes a little funky and weird but not bad, not bad at all,” she smiled as she smacked her lips.

Now that the dam had broken, I knew all I wanted was more of her sweet stroking hand. As if my dick had a mind of its own, it began to stiffen. She looked at it grow in her hand and began to squeeze gently and stroke slightly.

“Again?” she asked, licking her lips.

Soon I was at full mast and throbbing, planning on a second load to ease my tension. But just then we heard the garage door go up and I had to scramble back down stairs to plop in front of the TV as mom came in the garage door. Lynn dashed into her bathroom to wash her cummy and gooey hands.

“Hey, kids,” mom called, “Come help me with the groceries.” She looked at me sitting uncomfortably with my legs clamped tightly together to keep my boner from sticking out. “What is up with you?” she asked. “You look like you are in pain. Are your thumbs bothering you right now?”

“Not much mom,” I replied. “I’ll be right out to help you.” Thankfully, she turned to go back into the garage so I could adjust my throbbing dick in my pants and finally stand up without her noticing my raging hard on.

After dinner was over and we’d cleaned up, mom and dad settled in the front room to watch TV, I got Lynn alone in the kitchen and whispered, “Would you want to help me with that thing again?”

Her face lit up and she nodded her head with a smile. Then she reached down and pressed gently on her crotch through her short shorts. I couldn’t believe my own sister was a horny little cunt, getting excited at the mere thought of jerking me off again.

“Go to your bedroom and wait for me,” I instructed.

She disappeared and I messed around in the kitchen for a few minutes, then followed her, past the TV room and up the stairs.

“I guess I’ll get to some homework in my room”, I mentioned as I passed by them. No worry, they were glued to the show on TV. I banged the door to my room closed to make sure they heard it and then quietly went into hers, gently closing the door behind me. She was sitting on her bed with a bottle of lotion and a box of tissue all ready.

“Lie down on my bed,” she instructed.

I lay down and she unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my thighs. As if an expert now, she applied the lotion to her hand and then positioned her other hand at the base, covering my balls. Next she took my erect cock into her lotion covered hand and started to stroke, requiring no instruction this time.

I suddenly noticed that she had changed into a tight shirt with no bra, and a very short skirt. She had let her hair down and was wearing some light makeup. She certainly didn’t look like this at dinner. I could see the form of her perky breasts through her shirt with her nipples plainly visible. As she began the slow stroke up and down I could see her nipples clearly stiffen and poke through the shirt material. Was she enjoying this more than I had thought she would? I was almost in heaven, knowing my little sis was getting excited as she jerked my dick.

As I lay there with her hand pumping up and down, I day-dreamed about her sweet pussy lurking just under the bottom of her short skirt, snug in some tight cotton underwear, and clearly getting wet. Maybe her cunt was also clenching with anticipation. Whoa! That was all it took as suddenly ropey jets shot into the air with each wave of my orgasm. “Oh, I am cumming,” I moaned too late. I looked up at her to see a satisfied and confident grin on her face.

“No kidding! That was even more that this afternoon. Let me clean you up,” she said.

My body was trembling as I gradually regained control of myself. She pulled a bunch of tissues out from a box she had stuck under the bed in anticipation of my load. She wiped up my stomach and belly button, then moved my cock back and forth to get to my pubic hair and upper thighs. As she fumbled with my cock head, jolts of electric sensation shot through my body and I almost cried out.

“Are you OK? Was that too much?” she asked.

“No, I’m fine. It’s just very sensitive afterward,” I told her, “especially the head.’

“Oh, I’m like that too. I can barely stand to even have my legs together right after I cum.” she stated. “It takes several minutes for my legs to stop trembling and my juices to stop flowing. Last overnight party at Gloria’s, we took turns to see who could cum first. “It wasn’t me,” she added. ”I like to take a long time and then relax afterward to let my legs recover.”

“You’d better get out of here before we get caught,” she advised me.

I was still day-dreaming about her wet pussy and whether she also would be masturbating once I left her room. Why she would get dressed up just to jerk me off? But I couldn’t figure out how to bring the topic up, so I nodded, kissed her on the cheek and whispered. “Thanks, you’re the best sis a brother could hope for,” and pulled my pants up on my way out.

Lying in bed later that night, I couldn't stop thinking about my sister. What if she’d wanted me to help her cum but, because our changed relationship was so new, she just couldn't bring herself to ask for it.
What if she was in her room, pounding her pussy right now, thinking about me?

My cock sprang to rock hard life as I lay there imagining what it would be like to put my tongue in her sweet little slit and flick her clit back and forth untill she's cumming repeatedly with her legs clamped around my head.

I desperately needed to cum again, whether she'd let me go down on her or not.

So once I was sure everyone in the house was sleeping, I crept quietly down the hall and into her room. There was a small night light by her bed that showed her in silhouette and I could see movement under the covers, her hand gently stroking.

“You don’t look like you’re sleeping,” I whispered. So I knelt down and thanked her again for giving me the best 2 orgasms I had ever had. But this time, I offered an exchange. I'd do something for her.

She grinned at me and said, “I was hoping you’d come back tonight and get around to offering to reciprocate. I know just the ‘something’ I need right now. But, you cum first. I can’t believe how much a wave of pleasure races through me when you cum. Why, oh why, have we never messed around like this before?”

So I sat on the end of her bed and spread my legs on either side of her. She put her hand out from the covers and I could see it was already sticky wet. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and began stroking with only the lubricant from her juicy pussy. It took a little longer in this position for her rhythm to become regular, but soon I was panting and floating along.

I began hearing the muffled movements of her hand in her panties under the covers. She was keeping time stroking my dick with pushing her fingers in and out of her snatch. The sounds and the smells were incredible. Watching and hearing her fingering herself immediately brought new tension to my cock and I quietly erupted ropes and ropes of gooey cum that sprayed on her covers, arms and face. A big gob actually landed in her bangs.

Then after squirting all over her and her bed, I told her to take off her panties and hang her ass over the edge of the bed. I dropped to the floor and positioned myself between her legs. I spread her pussy lips with my fingertips and began gently blowing in her wet cunt and then licked along the inner folds. She began to squirm with this treatment so I quickly shoved my tongue as far into her pussy as I could go.
She bucked hard upward trying to get me even deeper into her canal. “Oh yes,” she squealed. “Deeper!”

“You smell and taste wonderful,” I whispered. Her mound was covered with soft silky blond hair and I just had to run my fingers through it. “Don’t ever shave this beautiful muff,” I said. “You can trim the sides for your bikini bottoms, but keep the mound hairy like this so your big brother can minister to it.”

She moaned, “Oh please, don’t stop. That feels so great.”

Hah, I had no intention of stopping until I fulfilled my part of the bargain, and then maybe not ever. This was a teenager’s fantasy come to life and I was in heaven.

She had almost completely slid off the bed so I asked her to put her legs over my shoulders for support.

“Like this,” she asked?

Wow, now I had her completely supported and could lick and suck to my heart’s content. She was panting and, I swear, mewing like a little kitten.

“Shh,” I warned. “Don’t make so much noise.”

I tried to cup her ass cheeks with both hands but my immobile thumbs got in the way. So I managed to support her with one hand on her lower back and I slid the fingers of my free hand in toward her hole while still licking and sucking away. Gently I used my index finger to circle closer and closer, then I pressed lightly directly on her tiny rear rosebud.

“Oh, yes, that feels so good” she panted.

She didn’t move at all against my finger for a brief moment, then she firmly pushed down. My finger slid in to the second knuckle as she bit her hand to keep from screaming out in pleasure. I could feel her sphincter spasming on my hand.

“Oh, my God, that is so fantastic!” she moaned. “No one has ever done that. I never thought that I could successfully finger my ass as I rubbed my clitty.” If you stop now, Ray, I’ll never beat you off again,” she warned.

“Stop? Not a chance, sweetie, I have just begun,” I told her.

With my finger stuck firmly in her ass, I began to lick gradually upwards, first thrusting deep into her channel then out along the lips. Over and over I repeated the pattern, gradually moving upward towards her hooded wonder until she was thrashing back and forth on the bed. Finding her clit with my tongue, I sucked it into my mouth and rapidly flicked it side to side, bringing her to a violent orgasm within moments. Her pussy spasmed and squirted a few drops of gooey juice that I lapped up.

“You taste so sweet,” was my whispered comment.

“Ah..ah..ah, soooo goooood!” she cried out. “Stop for a minute while I catch my breath.”

“OK, I’ll give your snatch a rest,” I said as I gently pulled my finger out of her ass.

I lifted her legs higher in the air and folded them back on her chest. Now I was looking directly at her little button. I first lapped at her ass cheeks with my tongue, drawing ever closer to the center. Then I gently flicked the tip of my tongue over her hole. She gasped at the new sensation, so I pushed my tongue into her butt and she had another climax right then.

"Aaaahh, god what a feeling!" she moaned

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face and head even tighter into her ass as I flicked my tongue in and out of her asshole. She kept shaking and moaning as her pussy now squirted out a huge gusher of delicious nectar that I sucked up and swallowed in delight.

“You squirted a lot of cum that time,” I said.

“That’s never happened to me before but, then, I’ve never been eaten out like that and never had my ass reamed by a tongue,” she laughed. “It is a wonderful feeling. I’m still tingling.”

Speaking of wonderful feelings, my rod began to harden as I ate her and now was sticking straight up.
She looked over and said, “Oh my, we have another problem”.

I stood up and walked toward her as she reached out to cup my balls, she spoke, “Let me return the favor. I want to know what your whole load of sperm tastes like.”

She licked the tip as she slid her hand up and down the shaft several times. Then she put the whole thing in her mouth and began bobbing up and down. I know all 8” went down her throat with each stroke, but she never gagged at all.

She pumped me in and out of her mouth until I felt the boiling sensation deep in my nuts that comes before I erupt. “I’m going to shoot in about 2 seconds,” I warned her.

She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and sighed, “I’m soready...shoot away.”

And I did! There was too much for her to swallow all of, even though this was number 4 for the day, and some dribbled down her chin. She gulped down the creamy load and licked her lips. Then she rubbed 2 fingers up her chin to capture the last bit.

She winked at me as she stuck her fingers in her mouth. “Yum! It tastes great!” she said. “And these fingers are the ones I had stuck in my cunt while I was beating you off, so our juices taste great together.”

“Here have a taste,” she added as she pulled her fingers out and put them to my lips. I inhaled her scent and then sucked her fingers into my mouth. She was right—the taste was fabulous. But so was her snatch and her asshole.

That made 4 huge loads so far today. Not my record for climaxes. I jacked off 5 times in one day when I saw my next door neighbor sunning naked by her pool. I even opened my window for the last three loads so I could stick my dick out and shoot my load of cum down on the bushes between our houses. She had on sunglasses but when she rolled over on her back and opened her legs, then began to rub her pussy, I think she knew I was there. Anyway, that’s a story for another time.

These 4 today were so immense that my legs were shaking and I was about to fall down. Plus my nut sack was totally drained from her magical sucking and tongue action.

“I’m glad I asked you to help me out a little today,” I said.

“I was nervous at first but I am especially glad now that I agreed to. This has been the best day of my much better than masturbating myself to sleep,” she sighed deeply.

Then she added, “No one could be as good as you at eating me out. I’ll need to have a repeat of this tomorrow night and the night after that and the one after that. In fact, I’ll Jack and suck you off and you can eat me out like this until your thumbs heal.”

“Oh Lynn, I ‘m afraid there will be several complications to the healing…might take years for me to be able to stroke my meat properly, what with rehab and everything,” I responded. “Guess you’ll be my port in the storm until then. That is unless you’re too busy.”

“Not busy,” she said with a wink, “Not busy at all.”

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