The Woodsman and the Fairy

The Woodsman and the Fairy

Sweat built up along his brow like a crowd on black Friday. His ax screamed as it cut the air. Piece after piece of gnarled wood ripped apart with each mighty swing. The ax penetrated the logs fibrous core with strength and practiced ease. The woodsman plowed on. Mostly unaware of his beautiful surrounds. Trees towered over him in an almost perfect circle. Their waxy leaves cast deep, long shadows across the forest floor. All around him the cycle of decay, renewal and life was obvious. Large bulbous mushrooms with heads engorged slid out through the dirt into the humid air. Little furry creatures fought, fucked and searched for food. The trees canopy protecting them from the ravenous eyes above. The woodsman was in a glade. A perfect circle of grass and flowers. Butterflies and other bugs scattered themselves throughout, prancing from flower to flower probing each one deeply and drinking long and hard from the sweet nectar.

Two eyes, as blue and as dark as the dusk sky spied out from the lower branches of a thick tree. Foliage hid the creature. It’s gaze was centered on the back of the woodsman. Each time his ax went up muscles on his back and arms twisted and arched creating large mounds and valleys in his skin. They snapped together like the thick braided ropes of the ships in the royal fleet. The eyes watched the diamonds of labor run down his back cooling his skin. They saw his faded yellow pants, ripped and torn at the bottom fill out with thick bonded thigh muscle on every down stroke. They watched his legs, planted firmly in the ground much like the behemoths surrounding him. They watched his soft lips suckling on the water skin every time he needed a break. They watched his fingers run through his soaked hair every time he thought to re position. They watched his face and chest when he turned around and walked to the edge of the forest. They could not tear themselves away when he pulled his cock out and relieved himself close to their tree. They watched for hours.

The sun was well on its descent towards the earth before the creature stirred. The hot noon air had began to turn towards the cool evening respite. The birds in the trees were more cheerful and the furry creatures more active. The creature began to unwrap itself from its hiding spot, first one delicate shapely leg, muscled but lithe, followed by another of equal elegance. A modest dress made with the hues of the spring forest, various shades of green leaves cut into long strips were woven together intertwined by beautiful multicolored flowers. Spots of white, red, yellow and purple polka dotted around the cool green. A circlet of bright red vines is wrapped around the middle of the dress a sign that this creature is a fairy. She almost floats down to the forest floor, without even disturbing the dead leaves on the floor she almost seems to spring up from the earth rather than down onto it. One palm firmly in the dirt she keeps her body low to the ground. Legs spreadeagled like a warrior in hiding ready to spring their ambush.

The sunlight ignites her hair, the dancing blonde streaks catch the light and play with it. Spinning it around and mixing with it in such a way that her face, with its soft curves and stunning eyes, becomes just another patch of dazzling brightness, no matter where she is. Her small lips are pushed together apprehensively. She has never seen a human. She stalks closer almost breaking the line of the trees. All the while she watches never once glancing away from the man and his strong back. Each stroke from the ax softens her anxiety and calcifies her curiosity. She stands up near a tree, now more intrigued than afraid. Still watching. She would have been quite content just watching. The man, sensing the presence of another, span around quick as a tax collector smelling a hidden grain storage. Ten minutes, ten hours, ten seconds. They stared at each other.

After some time the fairy smiled: happy with the way things were and filled with the joy and grace that only the most beautiful beings on earth could feel. She opened her red lips and from it flowed an awkward cheery giggle. The giggle of someone who was having a rest and suddenly began to be tickled. The laughter rang through the forest long after it stopped, but the smile remained. The woodsman stood like the victim of a basilisk. The haft of his ax halfway lifted in front of his chest and face protectively. His center of gravity was slightly behind his feet almost as if his body had begun to run away but his feet were busy picking their nose. He lifted the haft further as she stepped forwards. She didn’t sway seductively, or float. She half stumbled and clambered over small objects. She bounced from rock to rock. Looking down to see where her feet went with every step. Looking up to smile at the man after every step. The mans face began to soften the haft lowered and his back unbend as she came closer. Instead of Darwinian fear awe began to creep across his sun stained cheeks. His eyes became bigger and rounder as the adrenaline neutralized and his body returned from simultaneous flight and fight, which is mostly stand still and get trampled by the horses, to rapt awe.

She reached only to his chin. Now within range she threw her arms around him. Pressing her face to his sweaty, hairy chest. Her arms were a third the size of his, but just as defined. She barely managed to wrap herself all the way around his ample chest and arms. The woodsman dropped the ax. Now with her arms cocooning him he felt less trepidation. Preferring not to close his eyes, he looked down into her sky blue emeralds as she looked up into his keen brown eyes.

“I’ve never met a human before” she noted, cheerily.

“I’ve never met a fairy before” he replied.

She let him go and took a few steps back so that she could see his entire body. At the same time they inspected each other soaking up the bodies of the other. Although both species are very similar in terms of topography but there are subtle differences in bone structure and skin texture. The fairies have no need for pores, their skin is a malleable porcelain. The fairy noticed how unlike the male fairies the male human’s muscles are large and bonded, a healthy layer of fat softens his bearish chest. She is aware of how much of his skin she can see, so she releases the spell holding her woven dress together. Bits of leaf and flower drop to the floor of the glade. The man’s eyes also drop, but they stop once on her breasts, pert, bulbous and inviting. Little pink nipples peak warm mounds of flesh. His eyes drop once more to the space between her legs where he can just spy the top of what he assumes is her vagina. She had no body hair other than the golden cascade on her head. His pants inflate outwards near his crotch as his penis begins to swell. She is intrigued with the motion, confused by what causes it. She induces the same magic that unraveled her dress on his trousers. They loosen rather than dismantle but the effect is the same and they slip off him to the leaves. His cock juts out like a pine tree in an apple orchard.

They both spend ample time admiring each others features. Eyes ranging without guilt all over the others body. The woodsman steps forward and takes the fairy by her hand.

“They call me Griz” he says, his voice deep and cool like the roar of a waterfall that is on the other side of a hill.

She beams into his large face “I have no name, but I am the fairy of the color Yellow” she explains.

Her voice is more cheerful and lusty, more like the sporadic patter of a cold spring shower on the tin roof of a wood shed.

He reaches down and picks a buttercup off its stem, holding it out to her. She takes it into her hand, a smile breaks across her face like the rising sun.

“You can call me Buttercup” She admits.

“Buttercup, will you please show me your magic?” he asks.

She nods, shaking her mane, splaying reflected light across the forest. Griz feels the breeze pick up and lick the back of his neck, without warning thousands of butterflies that had seemingly been hidden in the ankle length grass burst into the air their tiny wings throwing puffs of pollen and seed into the air. Their wings were white or yellow, with beautiful green patterns. They flew up into the air jumbling together and around, a torrid chaotic spiral of beauty. Like a comet shooting through the day sky upwards they went above the trees and then down out of sight. Griz barely noticed that buttercup had been pulling him way from the glade, firmly towards the trees. Only realising once the last of the butterflies were out of sight. He looked down at his step and saw that the red, purple and orange flowers remained but the yellow flowers and white flowers were all gone.

Once beyond the treeline they crashed clumsily along the forest floor until Buttercup stopped in front of a small sapling. The sky above it was clear and blue, one day this would be another behemoth of the forest. It grew in the gap where a large oak tree once stood, but the gnarled trunk lay parallel to the earth. Already home to multitudes of creepy-crawly creatures and microbial cities. She put her hands down by the saplings stem and closed her eyes, slowly at first with a whine the stem began to swell, where there was once one or two leaves now there were ten. The top of the sapling shot upwards reaching for the sky. It defied gravity fiercely, supporting its own weight by widening it’s trunk. Bark crackled its surface, protecting the fleshy bark, fortifying the now tree’s strength. Buttercup did not stop until the tree was absolutely colossal. Easily the most massive tree in the forest. She cupped a hand against the base of the tree, whispering into its core. The tree shuddered dropping a small shower of leaves as it did.

“What did you tell it” Griz asked.

“I gave it a name” she explained “I told it it would be known as Griz’s cock”

She took his hand once more, laughing as she did, and whisked him away to find something else to show off. They trekked through the forest, not saying much, but enjoying each others presence. It is possible that the fairy could read his mind, and allowed him to read hers, so they could get to know each other quickly. Or perhaps they just didn’t feel the need to talk. Buttercup led Griz to a small stream, ambling its way through the trunks of the tall trees. Its origins were probably some small spring in a mountain, or a glacier ever melting. The stream carried twigs and leaves from one place to another, the lush dampness on its sides home to worms and frogs and small squirmy creatures. The stream flowed along small stones tumbling them, smoothing them out into igneous eggs. Buttercup and Griz knelt down together and drank from its icy refreshing waters. Savoring the freshness as they slurped thirstily. When she had drunk her fill she began to play with the water, making it arch upwards in little spouts squirting Griz in the eye, or the nostril. Playfully he pushed her into the waters and she splashed down into the mud. Her legs splayed open and she threw back her head, laughing happily. Griz laughed too but also took the time to look at her pubic mound, seeing her wet slit, slightly open and pink. He could see clearly that it looked much like a humans and that filled him with a feeling of joy mixed with lust.

She jumped up from the water, wishing the mud and dampness off of her, it fell like a muddy rain. With surprising grace she jumped into the low boughs of a nearby tree, climbing effectively swinging from branch to branch, tree to tree. The sun had already set and Griz ran to keep up with her as she pelted on in the low canopy. Sometimes he had to rely on the sound of her brushing the leaves, or her laughter to know where to run. He was exhausted by the time he burst through a treeline and into the glade they started in. He ran heavily into the grass and tripped up, falling first onto his back then tumbling over into a sitting position. His face was level with her stomach. She cackled in sheer joy at the amusing scene crouching down in front of him. Several times she stopped laughing, attempting to feign a straight face and several times she failed, bursting out again. Eventually she got herself under control, his bemused expression did not change in the slightest.

“Before I show you my gift, do you have any magic, Griz?” she asked cocking her head to the side.

He looked at her impassively then he pulled her forwards and around so that her back was in front of his chest, in between his muscular legs. The grass tickled his asshole, making his proud penis stick out a little, poking her in the lower back. He placed one hand on her soft back, gathering her hair in his other and wrapping it up and over her shoulder. Admiring the moonlight playing along her curls as they slid down and over her chest. He placed his other hand back on her shoulder and began to search for muscles with his thumbs. Her back was fairly similar to a human’s back. He could feel the tendons and the muscles tense and loosen under his powerful fingers. Her magical blood stimulated by the pressure, restoring springiness and relaxation to the muscles striped across her back. Her head dipped down in pleasure. Eyes closed. His thumbs explored her milky flesh, finding the knots and relieving them. Deep and hard his fingers pried. He pulled her over onto her side then onto her stomach. Down the lower back his fingers roamed. Her breath was distant. Total embodiment of relaxation. He reached her buttocks. Firm, round and warm. He spent extra time working the muscles there, pulling them away from each other and together. Enjoying the feeling in his hands and watching her gorgeous asshole and pussy lips open up, then disappear from sight. After a while, not wanting to overstay his welcome. He moved his hands down her legs, grazing the inside of her thigh with his thumb. He was rewarded with a little shudder. He coaxed the outside of her thighs with a strong grip, willing them to be healed from whatever stress they were under. Her strong calves were given the same treatment on the outside. Her feet were explored in totally, every toe every muscle and every tendon was given a firm, gentle caress. He worked his way back up the legs giving the muscles on the inside of her legs a thorough look over. Upwards he went, ankle, calf, knee, thigh and finally crotch.

He was now fully aroused, her eyes were still closed and he decided to risk a look. So he used his hands to split her delightful ass cheeks. He lowered his face down for a better view. He saw a soft brown asshole, pulsing a little as his hands pulled it open but the muscles tried to keep it closed. It was almost winking at him. A little further down he could see her labia, now quite wet, some clear liquid had leaked out and dripped onto the grass below, half attached to her half on the grass. He saw her readiness, her lips were glistening in the moonlight as the little drops of love dew refracted the pale light. She made a soft sigh and he looked up, locking eyes with her as she now had her head raised looking at him over her shoulder. Without breaking contact, he stalked over to her on all fours, and she span her body round so her chest was under his. They locked lips. Her tongue darted into his mouth and his danced around hers as she sought to explore his teeth and tongue. He lowered himself onto her so they were in a deeper more intimate embrace. Their legs were intertwined with his right leg between her two legs, rubbing against her mound and her right leg trapping his very aroused cock against his stomach. Heat seemed to build up in the cool night air. Their slow movements became more speedy, less controlled, more primal. His hands ran along her body up to her breasts. She sucked on his tongue viciously, wrapping her arms around his back and grabbing his ass. Their legs began to squirm as they ground against each other. Her hand roamed his back scratching gently across the mountainous muscles. The other hand clasped his ass cheeks squeezing and releasing.
He began to kiss her face, then her neck. Fairly aggressively, his tongue very wet. He was basically licking his way down her chest as his hand found her nipple and began to tweak it. As he moved past her collarbone his butt became too far away for her to play with so she moved her hand around and took the head of his penis playing with it between her index finger and thumb. He latched onto her nipple with his lips, spinning his tongue around it, playing with it. He could feel the heat as the blood rushed into the nipple making it more and more erect. He arched his back into her hand, trying to force the fingers further down. He stopped for a second, letting out a low growl that resonated deep within his chest. With obscene ease he bodily lifted her into the air, dropping her face down at his crotch. He forced her one leg over his shoulder and looked up at her soaking cunt. Greedily he forced his face into it slurping up the copious juice that dripped from her sopping lips.

She grabbed hold of his very engorged penis, popping the head into her mouth. She rolled her top lip over her teeth and stuck her tongue out a little. The head nestled between her lips and her tongue. Suckling gently, she drew the precum out of him and into her throat. Adding saliva her head started to bow up and down, worshiping his manhood. Her mouth was hot and wet and tight. Perfect for a penis to find a home. Up and down she went, her nose almost touching his saggy testicles. His tongue was spelunking, deep inside of her. Tasting the tart juices that hid deep within the pink walls. His chin and face was soaked, a mixture of his saliva and mostly her wetness. He would lick up past the hole to her asshole, dipping his tongue into there then lick all the way back down to her clit. He took the clit between his lips and sucked on it. Choosing not to move, just suckling. Eventually she started to grind her hips rhythmically against his face, essentially jacking herself off as her tiny clit rested between his lips. He took his hands and wrapped them around her legs, his left index finger in her sopping cunt he began to tease her asshole. Two of his right fingers went side by side into her pussy trying to find the soft spongy wall of her g-spot. Her gyrating hips ground against his fingers, every stroke brought his index finger deeper into her anus. Every time she moved his double fingers stimulated the spot within her that feels so good. Her clit still nestled in his mouth. She had to breathe heavily so she removed her mouth from around his tool. Resting her head on his thigh as she ground back and forwards harder and harder.

She moaned heavily, lusty breaths seeped from her chest like rabbits running from the hounds. Her fingers grasped his thighs holding way too tightly, turning white at the knuckles. The nails dug into his skin, drawing blood. Without warning she sprang up, dropping her knees immediately to the ground next to his pelvis. Without even aiming she sinks herself entirely on his gorgeous cock. And begins pounding up and down. Her buttocks slamming against his tummy. The ass cheeks clap together as they rise up off of his stomach, revealing her asshole just before they close up again. She is slamming into him with more weight than she seems to have. He closes his eyes, lying back to enjoy the fuck. Her head is held high, her hands are placed back on his chest so her breasts are facing the sky. The moon is a voyeur to the sordid fucking that takes place in the peaceful hole in the forest.

Her stomach begins to quiver and he can feel her muscles tighten and loosen in spasmodic rhythm. Her pussy lips clench his cock. She tries desperately to ride the pleasure train, but she loses the feeling and starts to slow down. Not satisfied with the way things are, Griz pulls himself out and forces her back downwards so her ass is in the air expose to the moon. He grips his cock and stuffs it back inside. He begins pounding her savagely, trying to push himself deeper and deeper into her chest. Her face is pressed towards the dirt, but no complaints leave her mouth. She is grinning, enjoying the feeling of getting well and truly fucked for the first time in her life. Griz feels like hes been pounding away for a really long time and wonders why he has not yet come. He becomes distracted for long enough to remember a story he heard in his virile teen years about the forest fairies who were given all the same gifts as the mountain and river fairies with the additional magical gift of being the best fuck that any human male or female will ever have. Their vaginal juices deaden the nerves on the penis in such a way that the urge to ejaculate is repressed but the feeling of pleasure is heightened. Their saliva on the other hand forces more and more blood to flow in a vagina, bringing intense oral pleasure to any clit they suck on.

Satisfied that this is the answer to why he will not come Griz decides to slow down and enjoy his time. He pulls out once again, flipping buttercup over onto her back. He enters her, and guides his face down to her. Once again exploring her mouth with his tongue, but in a much more reserved manner. Their hands roam each others bodies, tracing patterns along their skin with their finger tips. One of her hands makes its way back down to his buttocks. She splits his cheeks and starts to play with his hole. She feels his cock rise up inside of her, paying a compliment to the feeling. Subtly she slips it inside. Massaging the inside of his sphincter she rolls the finger around. New to the sensation, he stops fucking her for a while. Just enjoying the feeling of something in his ass for the first time. She begins to grind herself into him while at the same time fucking him with her finger, almost like shes simultaneously riding his cock and fucking him with hers. She is massively turned on by the sensation and can feel herself flooded, his cock is soaked with juice. Even his jungle of pubes looks like a rainstorm passed through.

After some time he grabs her hands and lifts them high above her head, holding them there. He leans out a little and raises her knees towards her chest so that her pelvis rotates upwards. Using his free hand he takes his head out and rests it gently against her asshole. Her asshole is very lubricated from the liquid oozing out of her hot wet cunt. Slowly he pushes in, her eyes screw up in pain. At first its just the head. Not going all the way in it seems impossibly painful. Then it pops in followed shortly by a centimeter of his shaft. Impatiently he pushes the rest inside of her, causing her to call out in pain. He catches himself and stops, ashamed. He waits, not sure what to do. He watches as her face relaxes. Her knees start to rock up and down and he feels that she is minutely fucking herself against him. His penis feels absolutely heavenly. He uses one hand to gather moisture from her pussy and coats his cock with it. That helps a lot the more lube there is the less it hurts her. She begins to go faster and faster until her range of motion is totally limited so he takes his cue to begin to fuck her. Deep inside her ass he thrusts. She loves the feeling of his dick pushing against his insides. It’s so intimate and intense. The feeling is mixed, it hurts but not as much, more of a strange discomfort as her sphincter tries to close but can’t. He releases her hands so he can plant his firmly on either side of her for better leverage. She walks one delicate hand down her body to her clit and begins to rub it. Enjoying the multiple stimulation. She slips a few fingers inside. Pulling them out she watches as the wetness clings to them forming strings as she opens and closes her fingers. She brings her hand up to her face and stares him in the eye as she pops each finger into her mouth and licks them clean. Her other hand is still in the position it was, but no longer restrained, she closes her eyes and leans her face on her arm. The hand goes back down to her clit and begins to rub furiously.

The shudder hits her body like an earthquake, she feels her stomach muscles twist and convulse. Her anal sphincter squeezes down and her legs tweak spastically. This time she rides it out. The stimulation of the cold night air on her nipples, her hand on her clit, a shallow emptiness where his cock once was in her vagina and the uncomfortable bliss of the shaft in her ass is enough to send her into shock. Her body shakes and quivers little spurts of ejaculate flow from her vagina like a fountain. She soaks his chest and face with it. He grasps onto her hips trying to hold onto the rodeo show. Her hands are pushing down on her cunt desperate to fuck herself harder trying to press the pleasure more and more. Gradually she comes down, a small shudder here and there every couple of seconds. She pulls him out of her with a soft plop. She crawls out from under him and spins around. Eyes still closed she magically gathers a big ball of dew from the surrounding leaves, she breathes into it and lets it nuzzle in her hands like a basin. She reaches down and gently washes the juice and invisible fecal matter off of his penis before bending down to suck on it again.

She looks up into his eyes as she forces the whole thing in and out of her throat. After a while she pushes his chest backwards so that he lies down on his back in the grass. She climbs on top of him and slides his still hard prick into her slick cavern. She begins to bounce up and down. Eyes closed. He reaches up and grasps a hold of her tits, playing with them and massaging them. Every once in a while she will stop and shudder as an aftershock hits her. She starts to breathe heavy again, and begins to fuck him harder. Her hands on his shoulders for support, she batters his penis deep into her folds. Bucking and grinding like a cat being held down against their will. He’s in nirvana, his one hand is wrapped around her ass with one finger in her asshole. Every time she goes up, it goes out, every time she comes down it goes in. Suddenly he pulls her down so her face is next to his, he wraps his arms around her pulling her chest close. Her movement is restricted so shes forced to be at his mercy. He pounds in and out of her with reckless abandon. Between the two of them they become extremely sweaty, their bodies pressed to each other a breeding ground for wetness. The slick surface makes it easier for her to begin to slide horizontally adding an extra dimension to the vertical fucking. His sporadic thrusting lets her know the he is close, she knows instinctively that she should prepare for his load of cum.

She pulls herself up and off of him, kissing down his chest to his stomach and then finally his prick. She kisses the head then down the back of it. She caresses the space where the foreskin meets the shaft with the tip of her tongue, sending shivers down his spine. She kisses down to his balls, taking each one into her mouth suckling softly. She continues downwards, cleaning his taint with her tongue and finally reaching his asshole. She plays with it softly, probing and taunting it, pushing herself a little deeper each time. Her hand reaches up and strokes his shaft softly. He raises his knees up above her head and widens them so she has better access. After a while she kisses her way back up and replaces her tongue with a finger. Her tongue goes to his cock and takes it all inside her mouth. The finger probes around the anal cavity walking along the upper wall searching for the walnut sized bulb she knows is there. She finds his prostate and begins to milk it. Her fervent mouth continues its ministrations. Sucking and slurping on his penis like an icicle on a mid summer day. He begins fucking up into her, trying to stick his penis into her skull.

Faster and faster he goes until finally he explodes. There is not enough room in her head for all the cum. It spurts out on either side of his cock, erupting down over his stomach and balls. She continues to suck and suck, swallowing all that she can, licking up the rest appreciatively. Totally spent he can do nothing but enjoy the feeling of the soft tongue as it licks around draining the last of his sperm. Sated, she crawls up the side of his body and rests her head on his chest. She looks down and sees that his penis is still rock hard.

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